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100% Editable, 100% freely downloadable, and High-quality 3D mockup Generator. Create 2D and 3D mockups for free with AI Mockup Templates. No post editing is required.

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Create 3D Mockups in 3 Steps!

Use our Ai Generated Mockup Images to create your own mockups in 3 easy steps. Simply upload your designs or 3D logo files, adjust them on your choice of 3D image from our library, preview in real-time and download for free.


Upload your designs

Upload your designs, photos, Logos, or 3D Logo on Mockey to generate 3D mockups. Choose from the large library of pre-generated 3d images and mockups.

Upload your 3D Mockup designs
Edit 3D Mockups

Edit Mockups


Now you can adjust the positioning of your designs on the mockups, edit colors, edit or replace background, and generate mockup on the go!


Download Mockups For Free

Once your mockup is ready, you can preview it and simply download on your device for free. Mockey provides high-resolution mockups for free!

Download 3D Mockups For Free

Why Use 3D Mockups by Mockey?

customizable mockups

100% Customizable

Unlock endless possibilities with Mockey’s 100% customizable mockups. Adjust textures, colors to background and sizes on Mockup editor.

Create 3D mockups without expensive

Ditch Blender or Photoshop

Say goodbye to the complexities of Blender and Photoshop for your mockup needs. Create 3D mockups without expensive software subscriptions.

Run Wild With Your Imagination

Run Wild With Your Imagination

With the flexibility to experiment and iterate in real-time, you can push the boundaries of traditional design.

Large 3D Mockup Library

Large 3D Mockup Library

Mockey’s extensive library of 3D mockups, features tech gadgets, apparel, home decor, or anything in between. Explore 1000s of mockups.

High Quality & Real Time Editing

High Quality & Real Time Editing

Crisp, photorealistic mockups with ability of real-time editing helps you get high-quality Mockups. Experience efficiency and quality of Mockey 3D Mockups.

Super Fast and Free Downloads

Super Fast and Free Downloads

Mockey offers super fast and free downloads for all your 3D mockup creations. With Mockey, your next masterpiece is just a download away.


What is a 3D Mockup?

A 3D mockup is a digital representation that shows the physical appearance of a product or design in three dimensions. It enables designers, Ecommerce brands, and creators to visualise how products would look in real life.

It doesn’t need you to create a physical prototype or go through the complexity of Blender or Photoshop. Mockup generators have various use cases like fashion apparels, accessories design, manufacturing, and marketing, to showcase the aesthetics and spatial dimensions of designs.

Are 3D Packaging Mockups available on Mockey?

Yes, Mockey offers 3D packaging mockups in its large library of 1000+ 3D mockup assets. Our library includes 3D packaging mockups like Pacdora and many other mockup tools. Along with those, we’ve 3D hoodie mockups, 3D book mockup, 3D shirt mockup, 3D box mockup, etc.

How to make a 3D mockup?

Making a 3D mockup usually involves many steps, it varies depending on the software you are using. Generally, the steps are:

* Choosing a Template or Starting from Scratch: Select a 3D model or template that matches your design vision from a library, or create a new model using 3D modeling software like Blender.
* Customization: Adjust the template or model by modifying its dimensions, textures, colors, and other properties to match your design requirements.
* Applying Designs: Import your design files (such as logos, artwork, or textures) and apply them to the 3D model.
* Adjusting the Scene: Set up the lighting, background, and camera angles to showcase your mockup in the best possible way.
* Rendering: Use the software’s rendering capabilities to create a high-quality, realistic image of your mockup.

Mockey makes this process super simple by offering user-friendly interface and pre-made 3D templates to create 3D mockups within seconds for free.

How do you make a 3D mockup in Figma?

Making a 3D mockup in Figma requires you to use plugins because Figma is primarily a 2D vector graphics editor. Here’s a quick process:

* Install a 3D Plugin: Search for a 3D design plugin compatible with Figma, such as “Vectary 3D Elements”.

* Use the Plugin: Open the plugin within Figma and select or upload a 3D model to use as the basis for your mockup.

* Customize Your 3D Model: Adjust the model’s properties, apply your designs, and tweak settings using the plugin’s interface.

* Integrate Into Your Figma Project: Once your 3D mockup is ready, integrate it into your Figma project as an image or embed.

What is the pricing for 3D Mockup Generator?

Mockey Ai is a free mockup generator and doesn’t cost anything. You can create free mockups and download them for free in high resolution.

Can I generate 3D clothing mockups using Mockey AI?

Yes, Mockey supports the generation of 3D clothing mockups. We’ve extensive libraries and customization options typically include a variety of product categories, including apparel, allowing users to create detailed and realistic representations of clothing items.

Can I use Mockey AI for 3D Logo Mockup creation?

Yes, you can use Mockey AI for 3D logo mockup creation. We offer a large library of mockups, and high-quality rendering capabilities make it well-suited for creating engaging 3D representations of logos.