AI Product Photography for E-Commerce

Create product photos with AI – Generate professional quality product photos by uploading transparent product photos and writing prompts to get desired results.

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Generate pro quality photos apparels and accessories

Create AI Product Photography

In 3 easy steps, by using your product’s image as a reference or seed image, you can generate products photos as per your brand requirements in seconds. Replace your product shoots with AI Photography and save the time, money, and effort spent on manual product photography.


Upload your photos

Upload your product photos of apparels, accessories, home decor, toys, food, electronic products, etc. to create product photos with AI.

Upload your product photos
Choose from existing library

Write prompts


Choose from existing library of prompts or write your prompts. Describe your vision in the prompts for desired outcome from AI Photoshoot.


Generate & Download

Start receiving AI generated product images with professional quality within seconds. Download and start using them on e-commerce, social media, Ads, or anywhere!

Generate & download

Free 3D Mockups For Every Use Case

E-Commerce and D2C Brands

3D Apparel Mockups

D2C brands and sellers on E-commerce marketplaces or Shopify stores can save thousands of dollars on professional photoshoot.

free mockup generator for ecommerce

Creators and Designers

3D Logo Mockup

Bring your vision to reality with Mockey AI powered product photo generator. Create briefs, test your photoshoot ideas, and finish hours of work within minutes with the power of Generative AI.

free mockup generator designers and creators

Social Media

3D Packaging Mockup

Bring your vision of perfect social media content to life within seconds with AI generated product photos. Weather you need your product on a beach or on a super model, generate AI photos instantly.

free mockup generator for social media

AI in Photography

3D Models

Do you ship your products to influencers, photo studios, and freelancer? With AI Photography, you can now turn your vision of professional and realistic lifestyle product photography into reality within seconds.

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What is Generative AI?

Generative AI allows you to utilise the power of machine learning to bring your creative vision to reality. Using existing product photos and reference shots, you can create new, original images that are tailored to your brand’s vision and specific needs. Mockey AI can bring your creative ideas to life. Unleash your creativity!

MidJourney and Stable Diffusion are examples of applications of Generative AI. We are using a combination various technologies to generate ai product photos for e-commerce.

How to create AI Product Photos?

To use the product photography ai by Mockey, you will need to upload some sample photos of your product. Professional shots are not required but we recommend uploading photos without background for best results. You can also click photos using your phone on a solid color background. Upload them along with text prompt describing what you’d like to generate, and Mockey will do its magic. You can also try out AI photo generators like Midjourney, Dall-E, etc. to create AI photos.

Are Mockey AI images delivered ready for use?

Yes! Mockey AI generates high-resolution images that are ready for use on your website, e-commerce marketplace, social media or in marketing materials. Our goal is to help you generate stunning ecommerce ai photographs.

What’s the pricing for Ai Generated Product Photography by Mockey?

Currently Mockey AI product photography generator is in Private Beta. You can request an invite by submitting your email above or writing to us at [email protected]. In the private beta, we are providing Mockey for free but limited use. The pricing will be revealed after the beta launch and early customers will be eligible for discounts.

Why should I use AI to generate product photos instead of hiring a product photographer?

Think of Mockey.AI as your personal professional photographer; someone who’ understands your company and products deeply, knows your brand guidelines, and never sleeps! And the best part is that AI generated professional photos can save you time, money, and efforts. We belive that the AI generated product photography is the future and it’ll help creators experiment with far more creative ideas in E-commerce product photography.

Can I generate mockups using AI?

You can use Mockey – Mockup Generator to create product mockups for free. Mockey Free mockup generator provides 1000+ professional quality mockups to choose from.

Can I use AI for product photography?

Yes, there are a ton a AI Photography tools coming up on the Internet that help e-commerce companies, D2C brands, etc. to create realistic and professional quality photoshoot using AI. Some of the new tools in this space are: Booth AI, Zeg AI, Midjourney, PixelCut Ai, Zeg, Ai, etc.