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Write text prompts to bring your imagination to life with our free AI Art Generator. Show your creativity and express your thoughts with the magic of AI Generated Art. Generate artwork, designs, and images for marketing, design, and personal use. Just describe your thoughts in text and let the AI do its magic.

AI Image Generator

Turn Text Prompts into Beautiful Art With AI Art Generator

Mockey suite of AI image generator apps ensures that the perfect AI image is always within reach, even if it hasn’t been created yet. These tools enable users to bring their ideas to life, whether it’s visualizing a product, illustrating a creative concept, or exploring the realms of possibility.

Users can choose from a variety of AI image generators, including Magic Media’s Text to Image, DALL·E by OpenAI, or Imagen by Google Cloud, all part of Mockey’s comprehensive AI Tools collection.

Mockey AI Image Generator Apps- write your prompt

Text to Image AI To Brings Your Vision To Reality

Push the boundaries of your imagination with Artificial Art Generators. Imagine yourself in the shoes of an the greatest artists that ever existed, describe your thoughts as text prompts, and see the imagination come to reality with AI.

Be it flying dogs, cute anime characters, ai furry art, or something that the world hasn’t ever seen. Just write down the prompt and let AI do it’s magic of generating the art for you.

Text to Image AI
AI Photo Editor

Combine Art Styles With AI Photo Editor

AI Image Effects and Filters
Choose from pre-set filters and art styles to tarnsform your AI art in single click.

AI Artistry
The precision of AI and advanced AI artistry creates vibrant and stunning visuals from text.

Inpainting and Outpainting
Generate new parts around your existing images or AI art by expanding with outpainting. Or let AI re-imagine parts of image with inpainting.

Create Art From Words With Any AI Image Generator App

DALL-E by OpenAI: Utilizes advanced deep learning techniques to generate complex and diverse images from textual descriptions.

Imagen by Google: A cutting-edge AI system developed by Google, known for creating high-resolution, photorealistic images from text prompts.

Midjourney: An AI tool designed for artistic and creative image generation, often used for generating unique and stylistic visual content.

Stable Diffusion: Focuses on generating detailed and consistent images, excelling in maintaining stability in the visual elements across different prompts.

Character AI: Specializes in creating character-driven imagery, adept at generating detailed and expressive characters from textual descriptions.

AI Image Generator Apps
Generating Images Using AI

Elevate Your Design With AI Art Generators

Tired of creating design assets from scratch? Let AI do the heavy lifting while you write your design requirements in text prompts. AI Art Generator is great for generating placeholder art, social media content, print creatives, etc.

AI Art can make your UI/UX and graphic design process easier, faster, and more creative.

10 Use Cases of AI Art Generator From Text 

AI Image Generators are useful for eCommerce brands, creators and artists, and businesses alike with multiple use cases.

Product Visualization

AI Headshots Generator

Upload your own images and selfies to generate professional linkedin headshots. Generate amazing PFPs for LinkedIn, Discord, or Twitter with AI Headshot generator.

AI Customization

AI Avatar Generator

Create anime inspired AI avatars and images with AI Avatar Generator and filters.


AI Drawing Maker

Businesses can experiment with different styles and concepts quickly and without significant investment, enabling them to find the most effective visual strategies for their brand.

Cost Efficiency

AI Product Photography

Upload photos of products and generate studio quality professional photoshoot outputs with AI Product Photography.

Social Media Engagement

AI Studio Photoshoot

Instead of going through traditional and expensive studio photoshoot for your Ecommerce products, use AI to generate studio quality backdrops, lights, shadows, and details.

Design Creative Projects

AI Art Generators are perfect for solving your creative block in design projects. Be it ideating images for websites, blogs, presentation, events, or Ads. Whenever you face creative block, use AI Art Generators to kick start your designing.

Rapid Prototyping

AI Image Generator

Get access to popular AI image generators via Mockey like Dall-E, Stable Diffusion, OpenJourney, and generate different AI images in one go.

Enhanced Creativity

AI PFP Maker

AI PFP Maker is perfect for generating beautiful and stunning PFP for Discord, LinkedIn, Twitter, or Twitch. Create PFP as per your persona with AI.

Innovative Text Interpretation

AI Art Generator also take liberty and interpret your text prompts in innovative ways. Which leads to happy surprises and creative outputs.

Magic Studio Photos

AI Photography and Generative AI turns your product photos into studio quality photos instantly.

How to make AI Art from Text Prompts?

Step 1

Describe what you want to generate in a Text prompt. Be specific, concise, and yet descriptive.

Start project, choose an AI Image Generator app like Dall-E, Imagen, Stable Diffusion etc

Step 2

Once your prompt is ready, click on “Generate” and the AI Art Generator will get in action.

image generation prompt

Step 3

Choose from various styles and types of image you want to generate and download.

Choose from various style options to make visual edits.

Amazing AI Tools by Mockey

Text to Image AI

Get 5000+ premium, unique, and high quality product mockups on Mockey in 20+ categories includes clothing mockups, social media mockups, tech mockups, and much more. Unlock premium AI Mockups with Mockey Pro.

Background Remover

Ideal for e-commerce product listings, portrait photography, and graphic design, this feature uses AI to accurately detect and remove backgrounds, saving hours of manual editing.

Image Enhancer

Upload photos of products, cars, or models and generate stunning studio quality images with Mockey AI Product Photography. Turn photos clicked on phone into professional quality images instantly with AI.

High Resolution Download

Try out our AI Image Generator access multiple AI Image Generators in one place. Explore your creative side by generating AI images for mockup background or image background instantly.

AI Text Generator

Use Mockey AI to remove background of your subject by erasing the background. Export in high-res to directly use in your graphic designs. Make transparent versions of design elements to use on Canva, Figma, Fotor, Photoshop, etc.

Free AI Mockups

Mockup Bundles give you access to mockups of same AI Influencer in multiple poses and scenes. While 3D mockups unlock lots of AI generated 3d mockup templates in an easy to use editor.

Effects and Filters

Generate cool pfp and professional profile pictures from your headshots using AI. Showcase your best photos on LinkedIn, CVs, and resumes. Or creative pictures for discord, instagram, and whatsapp.

Magic Edit

Want to convert PNG to JPG or AVIF to WEBP? Mockey offers 21 free image converters such as PNG to WEBPWEBP to PNG, JPG to WEBP, and much more.

FAQs on AI Art Generator

What is AI Art Generator in Detail?

AI Art Generators are large language models trained on billions of images and capable of generating images from text inputs. The most popular AI Image Generators are DallE by OpenAI, Imagen by Google, Midjourney, Stable Diffusion, etc.

What are the limitations of AI art generator?

AI is awesome but has its own flaws. The limitations include its inability to count based on your prompt, including text into images, generating realistic minute details, and following detailed instructions. If you run the same prompt twice, you might get two very different AI generated images.

What is the pricing of Mockey AI?

You can access Mockey AI tools by upgrading to Mockey Max from our pricing page.

DO Ai art generators learn and create art like humans?

Yes and no.
Take for example how humans learn art. Humans learn from reading, listening to a teacher, practising, and duplicating someone art work. We understand the fundament concepts, take notes, and build our own methods to achieve the tasks. Similar Large Language Models operate by learning from art work and art theory. They do not copy or recreate from existing art, instead they use the principles and learning to create a new piece of art based on the given prompt. It is a statistical model that is trying to associate your text input with shapes, colors, objects, and various element to create a piece of data that can be represented as an image that we interpret as Art.

Is AI going to replace humans in the future?

Artificial Intelligence as a technology is a use case of a bunch of software, hardware, and mathematical discoveries. The AI technology uses specialised computers to perform operations that it learns by getting trained on large data sets with billions of parameters. In its current state, most LLMs (large language models) like ChatGPT, Gemini, or Claude in simple terms are “Next Word Predictors”. The models got trained on tons of data generated by humans on the Internet to form context on what words to club together for certain questions. No doubt that the engineers have done a tremendous work at making it human like, close to accurate, and seamless that it feels like magic. But the true artificial intelligence is far from reality.

No researcher or technologist can comment on the subject of AI replacing humans in the future with confidence. By observing the developments in past few years, we can only extrapolate that AI will become yet another technological advancements that makes work easier, faster, better, and cheaper for humans. AI will enhance human productivity, enhance the pace of scientific research, and generate new opportunities for humans.

Can I use AI Art Generate to create NFTs?

Yes, you can use AI Generated Art to create NFTs. Infact, there are many rising NFT artists that use AI generated art to create NFTs and sell them on opensea.

Do I own the AI art I create?

AI generated art is new to the world and the legal aspects on AI Generated Art is not clear and may vary depending on your country. We strictly prohibit users to generate art material that resembles copyright material or art. We are continuously updating term of use and privacy policy to stay compliant as the policies on it shape up. You do own the art that you generate but in situation of copyright violations and objections, you might need to take the necessary action of taking down your AI generated work from commercial usage.

How long does it take to generate artwork with Picsart’s AI art maker?

It usually takes 5 seconds to 30 seconds for the AI art maker to generate images. But certain factors like internet connection speed, GPUs availability, and load on the server might add a little extra delay.

Is AI Art Generator safe to use?

To help companies use Text to Image AI safely, we’ve put together safety measures and layers in place, that includes auto blocking of NSFW AI keywords and reviews of input prompts for terms that might generate AI NSFW content. If by an error, you come across unsafe content, report us immediately and we’ll address it quickly.

Start Generating AI Images With The Best Free AI Art Generator

Tailor your images to fit your unique vision by selecting the perfect style and aspect ratio that aligns with your concept. Mockey’s AI photo generator app empowers you to transform textual prompts into captivating artwork, offering a range of visual possibilities to enhance your posters or storyboards.