10 Free AI Celebrity Voice Generators in 2024

Ai celebrity voice generator

You can get creative with voice cloning and AI technology using an AI celebrity voice generator.

Famous voices from this era are known for their unique tones representing honesty, authority, and amazement. They can take listeners to different worlds, stir powerful feelings, and make lasting memories. They’ve elevated storytelling in documentaries, ads, and beyond to unprecedented levels.

Not everyone agrees on those names, but some voices immediately grab attention. This blog helps you choose from these top ten free AI voice celebrity generators.

What Is an AI Celebrity Voice Generator?

An AI celebrity voice generator turns text into spoken voice, like a celebrity. They use advanced APIs and deep learning to identify terms and read them out with voices that sound just like real humans, including celebrities.

Why Do You Need an AI Celebrity Voice Generator?

Why use a famous person’s voice to read your text? Is it only for copying voices and pranks? It’s fun to use a recognized voice-over for creating funny online content.

Gift your friend a celebrity AI voice generator with a Kylie Jenner impersonation to brighten their day. Alternatively, it’s useful for making deepfake audio and videos to share on social platforms.

The second option can be quite questionable. While entertaining, deepfakes can harm those portrayed in the audio clips, GIFs, and videos. Deepfake videos made with advanced technology can look very real, causing misinformation and spreading fake stories.

A List of Free AI Celebrity Voice Generators

The following is a list of free AI celebrity voice generators presented in the form of a table.

GeneratorsHighlight Key Features
PlayHTLarge voice library
SpeechifyAI dubbing
FakeYouRealistic and natural
VidnozExcellent voice cloning
CleVoiceVoice effects
Media.ioOutstanding voice recorder
MusicfyExtensive library
LOVO AIFaster output
Murf AIUser-friendly
VoxBoxHigh-quality voice effects

10 Best and Most Free AI Celebrity Voice Generators in 2024

A list of the top 10 celebrity voice AI generators that you can use in 2024 and beyond.

1. PlayHT – AI Voice Cloning

PlayHT is a platform with AI that makes celebrity voices with celebrity voice generator online free tool.

Playht - ai celebrity voice generator

It lets you copy any famous voice for speech using instant AI text-to-speech and voice cloning. It helps businesses keep their brand voice consistent and personalized.

How Do You Generate a Celebrity Voice Using PlayHT?

To use PlayHT for celebrity voice generation, follow these steps:

  1. Open the PlayHT Online Celebrity Voice Generator.
  2. Sign in and select “Voice Cloning.”
  3. Describe the voice you want and click “Create Clone.”
  4. Utilize PlayHT’s voice cloning feature to customize AI voices.
  5. Upload your original and target voice files.
  6. PlayHT’s AI will quickly generate the celebrity voice.
  7. Download the voice in MP3 or WAV format for your needs.

Pros & Cons

✅ 900+ AI voices with 142 languages.❌ Limited free plan
✅ Natural voices
✅ Emotion adjustment
✅ User-friendly


  • Free

2. Speechify

Speechify AI Voice Generator uses advanced technology to turn text into lifelike human speech, making it the top choice among AI celebrity voice generators.

This website is superior to even similar websites like Speechify.

How Do You Generate a Celebrity Voice Using Speechify?

To use Speechify for a celebrity voice:

  1. Sign up.
  2. Pick a celeb voice.
  3. Customize pitch, speed, etc.
  4. Record your voiceover.
  5. Download the audio.
  6. Add it to your project.
  7. Share with your audience.

Pros & Cons

✅ Excellent customization❌ Limited free version
✅ Time-saving
✅ Cost effective


  • Free

3. FakeYou – Generate Voices of Famous Actors & Actresses

FakeYou, a free AI celebrity voice generator, and best AI text to speech technology to generate realistic celebrity voices.

Fakeyou - ai celebrity voice generator

It’s loved for mimicking accents and speech patterns. It offers voice-to-voice and AI text to speech celebrity voices features. People use it for personalized greetings, video voiceovers, and educational content creation.

How Do You Generate a Celebrity Voice Using FakeYou?

Generate a celebrity voice with FakeYou:

  1. Pick a celeb voice.
  2. Record yours & add the filter.
  3. Enhance with noise reduction & effects.
  4. Customize options may vary.
  5. Explore premium plans for more features.
  6. Use for creative projects.
  7. Be mindful of ethical and legal issues when using celebrity voices to avoid harm to their reputation and privacy.

Pros & Cons

✅ Wide variety of AI voices❌ Limited customization
✅ Easy-to-use


  • Free

4. Vidnoz – AI Voice Character Generator

Vidnoz is an AI voice generator free celebrity text-to-speech software to mimic celebrity voices or any voice you want. Free AI-generated voice cloning—quick and easy!

vidnoz - ai celebrity voice generator

Pick from various AI celebrity voices, including Obama’s, to add realism to your content. Vidnoz stands out because it supports multiple languages and is entirely free.

In the event you cannot discover the voice you want, cloning can help. Just upload an audio sample, add text/record, and get a personalized celebrity voice clone.

Vidnoz is also popularly known for various features such as an AI headshot generator, AI face Swapper tool or Deepfake generator, AI text-to-speech tool, etc.

How Do You Generate a Celebrity Voice Using Vidnoz?

Check out the steps:

  1. Create your account.
  2. Pick a celebrity, type your text, and choose the speed and language.
  3. After editing, click the “change voice” button. Download it after waiting a few seconds.

Pros and Cons

✅ No OS or platform restrictions; works on any browser❌ Slow internet connection can delay text-to-speech conversion
✅ Several celebrity voices are available
✅ Totally free
✅ The tool is constantly being updated with new voices


  • Free

5. CleVoice – Best Free Voice Changer

CleVoice, the top AI celebrity voice generator, transforms your voice into famous personalities like Obama, Trump, Biden, and Musk. CleVoice is a free tool that lets you create celebrity voices quickly. CleVoice also offers a free trial to use on a daily basis.

clevoice - ai celebrity voice generator

It offers 400+ voice effects—and 150+ voice memes for a fun experience, including different filters. CleVoice provides a variety of voice filters for free to try out and decide if they’re worth using.

How Do You Generate a Celebrity Voice Using CleVoice?

Check out the steps:

  1. Download CleVoice, install it, and log in with the email.
  2. Then, select the Mic for input and Headphones for output. Head to SoundBoard and pick any voice filter.
  3. Generate your AI celebrity voice by adjusting tone, pitch, and speed.

Pros and Cons

✅ Real-time voice❌ Limited features in the free version
✅ Enough Memes and Voice Effects
✅ Voice filters
✅ User-friendly


  • Free. Obtain 50% OFF on the paid plan to modify your voice with the “CLEVOICE” coupon code.

6. Media.io – AI Voice Character Generator

Make your loved celebrity speak for you using the Media.io realistic celebrity AI voice generator. It’s an AI singing voice generator celebrity text-to-speech software that impresses people by imitating famous voices from anime, cartoons, politicians, singers, and actors.

media io - celebrity ai voice generator

Use the Media.io tool with advanced AI technology to transform the voices of famous personalities like Adele, Drake, Barack Obama, Joe Biden, and Donald Trump.

It’s totally free! Media.io AI celebrity voice generator free tool mimics famous voices flawlessly, so you sound just like the real deal, with no robotic effects. Try it out and discover how effortlessly you can mimic your favorite celebrity’s voice!

How Do You Generate a Celebrity Voice Using Media.io?

Check out the steps:

  1. Open Media.io in your browser, whether on your phone or computer and pick an AI voice.
  2. Then, pick a celebrity voice and upload your audio file.
  3. After you upload the file, Media.io quickly scans it and creates an AI voice within seconds. Listen to the preview and save the audio in FLAC, WAV, or MP3.

Pros and Cons

✅ Simple to use❌ More features in the paid version
✅ Natural voices
✅ Multiple accents and languages
✅ Reliable voice models
✅ Enabled Singing Voices
✅ Instant preview


  • Free

7. Musicfy – Generate Celebrity Voices Using AI

The Musicfy free celebrity voice generator uses AI to turn your text-to-speech that mimics your favorite celebrity’s voice. Pick from well-known voices to turn your words into engaging audio, adding a hint of stardom to your content.

musicfy - celebrity ai voice generator

Whether you create content, market, or just have fun, it’s an AI voice generator celebrity-free tool that adds celebrity charm to your projects.

How Do You Generate a Celebrity Voice Using Musicfy?

Check out the steps:

  1. Visit musicfy.lol/parody
  2. Add Your Sound File
  3. Pick a character
  4. Choose the quality and pitch that is right for you
  5. Then click “Remix.”

Pros and Cons

✅ Customization and variety❌ Voices from celebrities are limited
✅ Text-to-music
✅ AI parody voices
✅ Simple interface
✅ Studio quality sound


  • Free

8. Lovo AI – Generate Celebrity Voices in 100+ Languages

Lovo.ai is a top-notch celebrity AI voice generator free tool with 500+ voices speaking 100+ languages. You can customize the voice by adjusting pauses, pronunciation, emphasis, and pitch, giving you total control for a personalized experience with this famous voice generator AI software.

lovo ai - celebrity voice generator

Lovo.ai can clone voices, accurately capturing and producing unique vocal traits. Quickly record the voice using basic devices like a phone or laptop – no need for fancy equipment!

Add a one-minute voice recording: upload an MP3 or WAV file or record directly in Genny.

How You Can Generate Your Favorite Celeb’s Voice Using Lovo AI?

Check out the steps:

  1. Head to the “Voice Cloning” option.
  2. Then, click on “Create a Voice Clone.”

Pros and Cons

✅ 14-day free plan❌ Paid plans are expensive
✅ Accurate voices❌ Customer Support is not available in the free version
✅ Emotional voices
✅ Multiple languages
✅ User-friendly


  • Free trial for 14 days. Paid plan starts from $4.

9. Murf AI – Generate Voice of Any Fictional Celebrity

Meet Murf AI, your all-in-one tool for crafting professional-sounding voice overs in your video and audio projects. This AI celebrity voice generator provides 120+ realistic voices in over 20 languages.

murf ai - celebrity voice generator

Some languages even have different accents! We carefully check and adjust voices to sound as realistic as possible, just like a real human voice.

You can achieve the perfect result without the high cost of studio tools or hiring professional actors.

This AI celebrity voice generator offers a free sound collection and a Google Slides extension. Use Canva to incorporate Murf AI voice overs into your projects easily.

How Do You Generate a Celebrity Voice Using Murf AI?

Check out the steps:

  1. Enter the text.
  2. Pick your preferred AI voice, accent, and language, then fine-tune it perfectly. 

Pros and Cons

✅ Natural voices❌ Time-consuming
✅ Unlimited Customization
✅ Easy to use
✅ Canva Add-on
✅ Free audio library
✅ African American voices


  • Get voice generation and transcription for 10 minutes for free!

10. VoxBox – Free AI Celebrity Voice Generator

With VoxBox celebrity voice AI generator, experience advanced speech synthesis with VoxBox! Create your own celebrity-like voice in videos without using low-quality voice effects found in different voice changers.

voxbox - celebrity ai voice generator

Just tweak your voice pitch and speed or add effects like echo or dryness – all easily done now.

VoxBox is meant solely for making and enjoying parodies. Everything in VoxBox is unique, with no use of celebrity names, voices, or recordings. VoxBox uses user content to develop both the progress and user voices.

VoxBox isn’t supported or associated with celebrities or individuals parodied in the content for AI generated celebrity voices. They use trade names or trademarks just to identify and refer to products without suggesting any connection to the actual trademark holder.

How to Generate any Celebrity Voice Using VoxBox?

Check out the steps:

  1. Make sure you’re connected to the Internet to use the VoxBox app.
  2. VoxBox instantly transforms your voice into any celebrity with a simple tap and talk into your microphone. It can hear automatically.
  3. Now, you can quickly turn any English text into a video with your altered voice. Once you save, share your video with the altered voice.

Pros and Cons

✅ Make funny videos❌ 3 days free trial
✅ 20+ celebrity voices
✅ Simple interface


  • Free for 3 days.

Does Speechify Have Celebrity Voices?

Speechify halves your reading time as text-to-speech celebrities are on the rise. Listen to read faster. Professionals and 25M+ students trust this AI. However, Speechify offers a free trial, and paid plans are quite expensive. You can look at these Speechify alternatives for better options.


Creating famous voices is a mix of science and art. It could change how we make and enjoy content. It helps make interesting content, adds humor to projects, and enables creative expression.

Use this technology ethically and responsibly. Always ask for approval before using a celebrity’s voice to be responsible in your public or commercial projects.

Use AI generated voice celebrities tools responsibly, without misleading.


Where can I find the best AI celebrity voice generator?

Choose Vidnoz Voice Changer for free online AI celebrity voices with advanced cloning technology.

How to make celebrity AI voice generator?

To generate celebrity voice AI, get a recording of the celeb talking or find a voice clip that matches your character’s desired sound. Use the best AI generator for voice cloning to upload your audio clip. Lastly, transform the voice of the celebrity into a TTS speech.

What is the AI that makes celebrities sing?

Musicfy, an AI-driven music platform, now lets celebrities sing using its technology. It lets you hear your favorite songs from present and past stars whenever you want.

Which AI voice generator is free?

Vidnoz, CleVoice, Media.io, Musicfy, Lovo AI, Murf AI, and VoxBox AI voice generators are free.

How do you get the AI voice of a celebrity?

Listen to the singer before downloading to make sure it’s what you want. Make brief or extended audio content. Save famous voices as a WAV file.

How to make AI sound like celebrities?

You can use AI celebrity voice generators to make AI sound like famous people. These tools use advanced tech to mimic the voices of celebs when you type text, giving it their accent and tone.

Which is the best AI voice generator?

PlayHT and Speechify are the two best AI voice generators.

Is there a free voice generator for famous people?

Transform the voices of famous people like Adele, Drake, Obama, Biden, and Trump for free using Media.io’s AI celebrity voice generator.

Is Famous voice changer free?

Famous Voice Changer is totally free and lets you sound like Elon Musk, Beyoncé, Taylor Swift  and others.

What is the most popular AI voice generator?

PlayHT and LOVO AI are the most popular AI voice generators.

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