AI Image Extender

AI Image Extender To Expand Your Photos with AI

With Generative AI, seamless expand your photos and create newer parts of it. Go beyond the boundaries of images, mockups, and product shoots and let AI Image Extender add contextual details and create an stunning image.

How to expand image background with AI Outpainting?

AI Outpainting uses the existing parts of the image (context-aware AI) to generate new parts and extend it vertically or horizontally. Simply upload your images or choose Mockups from Mockey into AI Image Extender, choose which side you wants to expand, and let AI do its magic.

 remove background
ai remove background
remove background ai

AI Image Extender For Every Use Case

AI image extender is the perfect AI image editing to bring surprising creativity to your mockups, photos, ads, and social media creatives. Ecommerce product photography, real-estate, car photography, designing etc. benefit greatly with the use cases and creative outputs from generative AI.

Photography and Product Shoot

Outpaint Images with AI

Be it photography and image editing or adding the element of surprise to your creatives for Ads and Social Media. Be it a client’s portfolio or the need to expand images to add newer context. AI Image Extender can get it all done seamlessly.

Graphic Design

Effortlessly Expand Mockups with AI

Use Mockey App to generate unique and high quality mockups.With AI Image Expander, take your mockups to the next level by adding AI generated context in the mockup images. Transform your mockups into professional looking photoshoot with AI.


AI Image Extender To Expand Product Photos

Be it apparel product photoshoot or accessories or cars or real estate, you are no more limited by the background and your physically limited canvas. Let generative AI expand your product photography into AI product photography.

Mockup Creation

AI Image Extender for Graphic Designing

Let generative AI expand the horizon of your creativity. Use AI image extender to uncrop and discover new context aware parts of your design for inspiration and surprise.

What you can do with Mockey AI Image Extender?

Mockey is an AI mockup generator with versatile AI features such as AI background remover, AI Background Generator, AI Image Extender, AI Influencers (AI mockups with same models), etc. These features together offer a seamless workflow automation that helps creators, designers, and marketers 10X the productivity and get high quality outputs.

Remove background from image with Mockey

Take AI Mockups to Next Level

Background remover For Marketing Teams

Expand Your Marketing Ideas

Background remover For eCommerce Brands

AI Photography Goes Limitless

Background remover For Design Agencies

Design With AI

AI Image Extender – Workflow in Action

Uncrop images in seconds, extend images horizontally or vertically, or remove background and re-imagine context with AI text to image generator.

Automatic AI Background Remover
Automatic AI Background Remover svg

5k+ Unique AI Mockup Templates

Choose from 5000+ unique ai mockup templates, upload your design or logos, and instantly generate stunning mockups with AI.

Speed Up Your Image Editing Workflow
Speed Up Your Image Editing Workflow svg

Automatic AI Background Remover

Manually finding edges and creating images with transparent background is time taking. With AI, you can speed up your image editing workflow by using AI background remover. 

Remove Background With High Quality and Accuracy
Remove Background With High Quality and Accuracy svg

Replace Background with AI Generated Images

Upload custom background, choose from pro backgrounds, set to solid background color, or generate custom background with AI text to image generator.

Change Photo Background, Color, and Beyond
Change Photo Background, Color, and Beyond svg

Expand Photos with AI Outpainting

Once ready with your mockup, use AI image extender to uncrop and expand image vertically and horizontally to generate context aware new parts of the image.

Change Photo Background, Color, and Beyond
Change Photo Background, Color, and Beyond svg

Reimagine With AI Product Photography

Upload your own product images and let AI product photography generate context aware background based on templates or text prompts. Generate professional quality photoshoot results within seconds.


How to ai extend an image on Mockey AI?

To extend an image using Mockey AI, follow these steps:
1. Login on Mockey AI: Go to AI Tools and AI Image Extender.
2. Upload Your Image: Click on the upload button or drag and drop your image into the designated area on the site.
3. Select AI Image Extender: Look for an option that allows you to extend or outpaint the image.
3. Adjust Settings: Choose from options to adjust the extension parameters, such as the direction (left, right, top, bottom) and the size of the extension. Configure these settings according to your preference.
4, Generate Extended Image: Click on the “Generate” button to extended image. This process might take a few moments as the AI processes the request.
5. Download the Extended Image: After the AI completes the outpainting, you will see a preview of the extended image. If you’re satisfied with the result, download the image to your device in high-quality.

What is AI Outpainting in Image Editing?

AI outpainting, also known as image outpainting or image extrapolation, is a technique in image editing where artificial intelligence (AI) extends an image beyond its original borders. This is typically achieved by generating new content that seamlessly blends with the existing image, maintaining the style, color, and context.

Is AI Image Extender free?

Upgrade to Mockey Pro (Mockey Pricing) to get 200 AI Credits for using AI Image Extender, AI Background Remover, AI Scene Generator, and other upcoming AI features.

Can I extend any image using AI?

Yes, the Mockey AI Image Extender can be used on selfies, photos, mockups, etc. You can upload any kind of ai in different file formats to extend them with AI outpainting. You can also use our free Image Converters to convert images to your preferred format.

Can I use Mockey AI on mobile phones?

Yes, you can use Mockey AI on mobile phone or try our Mockey Android App. Enjoy the flexibility by using Mockey in your browser on any device like iPhone, Android, tablet, or laptops.

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