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Auto Blur Background Online with AI

Upload images and automatically blur background using AI in seconds with Mockey AI design tools.

How to Automatically Blur Background of Photos?

Upload your photos, Blur Background of Image, and Download Your Image. With Mockey, blur background of your images instantly in a single click. With Mockey AI’s precision, the edges are detected automatically and you can adjust blur of the background easily in one click.

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Automate Blur Background and Design Process with Mockey AI

Blur the background of images in seconds with AI Background blur tool by Mockey.

Automatic AI Background Remover

Automatic AI Image Background Blur

AI helps automatically find fine edges, hair, lighter color shades, and detects the background of an image instantly. With Automated Ai background blur tool, you can turn photos into professional photoshoot.

Speed Up Your Image Editing Workflow

Quality Image Blur and Adjustments

Blur the unwanted elements in your photos and uplift the quality of your images. Turn your photos into high quality images ready for Instagram or other social media or on websites. 

Remove Background With High Quality and Accuracy

AI Smart Focus To Preserve Subject Details

With one click on Mockey AI, the AI Smart Focus detects and sets the subject in focus. Once your subject is in focus the AI magic blurs the background while preserving the subject.

Change Photo Background, Color, and Beyond

Enhance Photos With Mockey Premium

Unlock high quality downloads and AI photo editing tools with Mockey Premium plans. Not only you can blur background of images but also remove background, generate ai images for the background, and more.

Best Blur Background Tool For Everyone

Whether you are a professional photographer, or just want to blur or remove unwanted things from your photos. Or you are a designer or marketer at an ecommerce brand and need high quality product images for the website listing. Be it to blur background of cars, blurring backgrounds of real-estate imges or having some fun with photo editing, Mockey AI Blur background can do it all.

Remove background from image with Mockey

For Ecommerce Stores

Background remover For Marketing Teams

For Creators

Background remover For eCommerce Brands

For ePhotographers

Background remover For Design Agencies

For Design ers

Photo Editing and AI Design Tools by Mockey

Mockey is an AI mockup generator and AI image editor with versatile features such as remove background, AI Image Generator, AI Influencers (AI mockups with same models), etc. Mockey AI Design workflow automation helps designers, marketers, and creators boost their productivity and create high quality designs and photos in seconds.

Photography and Product Shoot

AI Product Photography

Upload photos of products, cars, or models and generate stunning studio quality images with Mockey AI Product Photography. Turn photos clicked on phone into professional quality images instantly with AI.

Graphic Design

AI Background Remover

Use Mockey AI to remove background of your subject by erasing the background. Export in high-res to directly use in your graphic designs. Make transparent versions of design elements to use on Canva, Figma, Fotor, Photoshop, etc.


Free Image Converters

Want to convert PNG to JPG or AVIF to WEBP? Mockey offers 21 free image converters such as PNG to WEBP, WEBP to PNG, JPG to WEBP, and much more.

Mockup Creation

AI Mockup Generator

Get 5000+ premium, unique, and high quality product mockups on Mockey in 20+ categories includes clothing mockups, social media mockups, tech mockups, and much more. Unlock premium AI Mockups with Mockey Pro.


AI Image Generator

Try out our AI Image Generator access multiple AI Image Generators in one place. Explore your creative side by generating AI images for mockup background or image background instantly.

Mockup Creation

3d Mockups and Mockup Bundles

Mockup Bundles give you access to mockups of same AI Influencer in multiple poses and scenes. While 3D mockups unlock lots of AI generated 3d mockup templates in an easy to use editor.


How can I blur background of an image online?

You can blur the background of an image in one click with the auto blur background took by Mockey. Simply upload your images and click on “Blur” button in the Mockey App, the AI will automatically detect the subject and background and subtly blur it. You can download the image in high quality and use it anywhere.

What is Background Blur and how does it work?

Mockey Background Blur uses artificial intelligence to detect background in a photo by preserving the subject in the image (foreground). It then applies blur photo effect (bokeh effect) on the background of the image. In some background blur software, you can vary the amount of blur effect on the background. Once done, you can download the image and use it.

Does Background Blur work with all types of images?

Mockey AI blur background supports all major image file formats like JPG and PNG. You can upload photos clicked on phone, professional camera, or downloaded from the Internet.

Is Background Blur too by Mockey free to use? 

You will need to signin on Mockey to use the background blur tool. It is a premium tool that you can access by upgrading to Mockey Max plan.

Are my images safe and secure?

Yes! we do not store your data or images beyond your active session while you are editing images on Mockey. All your data and images are safe and secure on Mockey.

What AI design tools does Mockey AI has?

Mockey AI has a AI Mockup Generator, AI Product Photography, AI Background Remover, Image Converters, AI Blur Background, AI Image Generator, and a seamless design workflow automation among all these tool to help designers save time.

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