Free PFP Maker – Create Awesome Profile Picture

Generate cool pfp and professional profile pictures from your headshots using AI. Showcase your best photos on LinkedIn, CVs, and resumes. Or creative pictures for discord, instagram, and whatsapp.

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free pfpmaker

AI Profile Picture Maker

Mockey suite of AI design and AI photo editing tools offers a bunch of apps to help you create stunning images. With our free PFP maker, you can upload a few of your headshots and selfies to generate a professional or cool pictures within seconds with AI. Tweak the color of background, lights, shadows, expression, and more instantly.

ai pfp maker

AI Portrait Editor and Generator

Getting a professional portrait is a must for Linkedin, resume and CVs, and all your professional online social profiles. But hiring a professional photographer, getting photoshoot done, and editing photos will cost a lot of time and money.

With AI portrait editor and headshot generator, all you need to do is upload your old photos and instantly generate a professional portrait.

ai profile picture generator
AI Photo Editor

Personalize your profile picture with AI pfp

Discord profile
Everyone on Discord has a unique pfp that represents their personality and their unique content. Personalize your discord profile picture with AI.

anime profile
Are you a big fan of Anime? Turn your own photos into anime pfp with AI.

Cool profile pics
Bored of plain old profile picture editing apps? try out AI Pfp maker for cool profile pictures.

Generate profile picture that compliments your personal brand

Often the photos we click of ourselves in phone cameras are not exciting and unique enough to reflect our personal brand. If you are a content creator, a unique and artistic profile picture will be ideal for you. For professionals, a high-quality profile picture with studio background and lights will look better. With AI, you cna generate profile pics that suit your personal brand.

AI Image Generator Apps
Generating Images Using AI

Create your unique online profile on discord, whatsapp, and other places…

Discord, WhatsApp, LinkedIn, Facebook, etc. there are so many online profiles where we need to keep our profiles updated. And each platform has its unique requirement. Using same profile on every platform isn’t quite possible. With AI pfpmaker, you can generate many profile pictures with different styles in seconds.

AI pfpmaker for everyone!

AI Image Generators are useful for eCommerce brands, creators and artists, and businesses alike with multiple use cases.

Product Visualization

Anime pfp

Use AI Filters that turn your images into Anime PFP instantly. With 100+ anime pfp ideas you can make your photos look like your favorite anime characters.

AI Customization

Matching pfp

Need matching PFps for couples? Get 500+ matching profile ideas for anime fans. Upload your couple photos, choose from matching pfp ideas, and generate your photos in seconds.


Cool pfp

Businesses can experiment with different styles and concepts quickly and without significant investment, enabling them to find the most effective visual strategies for their brand.

Cost Efficiency

Anime Girl pfp

Create unique pictures of yourself in anime style using our anime image generator templates and filters. Or generate anime girl images from text prompts.

Social Media Engagement

Black pfp

Need black profile pictures with an element of surprise or a unique design. Create it with our AI image generator from your text prompts.

Cute pfp

Create cute profile pictures from your own headshots or by writing text prompts and generating new photos. AI image generator can design cute images that you can use on your profile.

Rapid Prototyping

Discord pfp

For gamers, streamers, discord admins, having a custom and unique profile picture is essential. Create your discord profile pic with AI today.

Enhanced Creativity

Aesthetic pfp

Generate Aesthetic profile pictures for yourself with text promtps.

Cat pfp

generate cat photos with AI and Download to use the cute cat photos in your profile picture.

Funny pfp

Design funny profile pictures by bringing your imagination to reality. Describe what kind of funny image you need for your profile and ai will generate it quickly.

How to make profile picture with AI

Step 1

Upload 5-8 clear photos of yourself in which your face is clearly visible.

Start project, choose an AI Image Generator app like Dall-E, Imagen, Stable Diffusion etc

Step 2

Choose from AI filters to edit your profile picture or write a text prompt to make changes in it.

image generation prompt

Step 3

Click on generate and you’ll receive a few AI generate image options to choose from.

Choose from various style options to make visual edits.

Step 4

You can download the one that you like for your new profile picture.

AI Image Generation by adding effects, filters, elements, AI text etc.

Step 5

If you want to make more changes, start from scratch and generate more profile pictures till you find what you were looking for!

AI-generated image

AI Design Tools by Mockey

Get 5000+ premium, unique, and high quality product mockups on Mockey in 20+ categories includes clothing mockups, social media mockups, tech mockups, and much more. Unlock premium AI Mockups with Mockey Pro.

Background Remover

Ideal for e-commerce product listings, portrait photography, and graphic design, this feature uses AI to accurately detect and remove backgrounds, saving hours of manual editing.

Mockup Bundles give you access to mockups of same AI Influencer in multiple poses and scenes. While 3D mockups unlock lots of AI generated 3d mockup templates in an easy to use editor.

Try out our AI Image Generator access multiple AI Image Generators in one place. Explore your creative side by generating AI images for mockup background or image background instantly.

Use Mockey AI to remove background of your subject by erasing the background. Export in high-res to directly use in your graphic designs. Make transparent versions of design elements to use on Canva, Figma, Fotor, Photoshop, etc.

Upload photos of products, cars, or models and generate stunning studio quality images with Mockey AI Product Photography. Turn photos clicked on phone into professional quality images instantly with AI.

Want to convert PNG to JPG or AVIF to WEBP? Mockey offers 21 free image converters such as PNG to WEBPWEBP to PNG, JPG to WEBP, and much more.

Magic Edit

Generate AI Art using Mockey AI from text prompts. Create stunning art for your social media, design, and marketing. You can also use it as AI pattern generator.

FAQs on pfp maker

Can I remove background from my profile picture?

Yes, using Mockey AI background remover you can remove background from your profile pictures. It help you create a transparent image of your photos and removes the unwanted noise in the background. You can then generate a custom background for your image.

Where can I use AI generated profile picture?

Once you generate and download the image, you are free to use it anywhere on your public or private profiles on the Internet.

What image formats are supported in pfpmaker?

Mockey AI supports major image formats like JPG and PNG for editing images.

What kind of profile pictures can I generate with PFP Maker?

You can generate anime profile pictures, cartoon profile pictures, professional headshots, cool profile pictures, etc. using Mockey AI PFPmaker.

Improve your profile pictures with free pfpmaker

Tailor your images to fit your unique vision by selecting the perfect style and aspect ratio that aligns with your concept. Mockey’s AI photo generator app empowers you to transform textual prompts into captivating artwork, offering a range of visual possibilities to enhance your posters or storyboards.