What Is Google Gemini AI and How to Use It? – Guide 2024

google gemini ai

Google Gemini AI will be the game changer in the field of AI. Do you know how?

Every new technology evolution is a chance to boost science, speed up progress, and make lives better. AI can open up new possibilities for everyone, from daily life to amazing experiences.

Many people are using generative AI to discover answers to tough questions and collaborate with new tools.

Google Gemini AI comes in to play a better role in this field. Let’s understand what Gemini AI is and how to use it.

When Is Google Gemini Coming Out?

The Google Gemini AI release date will be December 13.

What is Google Gemini AI?

Gemini AI was created by teams at Google. It was designed to handle various information like text, images, audio, video, and code smoothly, making it versatile and adaptable.

This Gemini Google AI is running smoothly on data centers and mobile devices. Its advanced features will greatly improve how developers and businesses use AI to build and grow.

What Are the 3 Types of Gemini?

Gemini 1.0 has three different options:

  1. Ultra: The best model for tough jobs.
  2. Pro: Ideal for handling many different tasks efficiently.
  3. Nano: The best model for tasks on your device.

Can I Use Gemini AI Now?

You can now use Gemini AI on Pixel 8 Pro. This brings improved features like Smart Reply in Gboard and summarization in the Recorder app, first introduced in WhatsApp.

How to Access Google Gemini AI?

To use Google Gemini, just go to the website and login to use Gemini within Bard. You must create a Google account. Google Workspace users might have to use personal email.

This is basically a test for now, so your chatbot might have some software issues. Bard works well with different Google services, but there are occasional issues. Tag @Gmail for daily message summaries or use @YouTube to explore topics with videos.

The Performance of Google Gemini

Gemini Ultra outperforms existing models in 30 out of 32 common criteria used in LLM research, spanning natural image, video, audio understanding, and mathematical reasoning.

Gemini Ultra scored 90.0%, surpassing humans in a test covering 57 subjects like medicines, law, physics, history, and math, making it the first model to do so.

The updated method helps Google AI Gemini think more thoroughly before answering tough questions with better results.

Gemini Ultra scores an impressive 59.4% on the challenging MMMU benchmark, showcasing its excellence in handling diverse tasks that demand careful reasoning across various domains.

Look at this technical report for more details.

Features of AI Gemini

Before, people typically made multimodal models by training separate parts for different types of information and then combining them to imitate certain functions. The features are:

1. Advanced Reasoning

Gemini 1.0 can understand and analyze both visual information and text in a smart way. It’s really good at finding hard-to-spot information.

advanced reasoning in google gemini ai

Its impressive skill to analyze vast amounts of documents quickly and gain valuable insights will drive innovation rapidly across various fields, from finance to science.

2. Audio, Images, and Text Understanding

Gemini 1.0 is trained to capture audio, images, text and more simultaneously, enhancing its ability to comprehend complex information and respond to questions on intricate subjects.

text audio image understanding in google gemini ai

It’s great at clarifying complicated topics, such as physics and math.

3. Sophisticated Coding

Gemini’s first version excels at explaining and crafting top-notch code in programming languages such as C++, Java, and Python.

sophisticated coding in gemini ai

Gemini Ultra performs exceptionally well in coding tests, such as HumanEval and our internal Natural2Code dataset. Gemini can power more sophisticated coding systems, too.

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Safety and Responsibility

At Google, they are dedicated to pushing forward ethical and impactful AI. Google is enhancing safety measures for Gemini by adding extra protections building on their existing safety policies and AI principles. They are looking out for risks at every step and taking steps to test them.

Gemini is the safest AI model yet, with safety evaluations for toxicity and bias. They researched new areas of risk, such as cyber threats and autonomy. Using Google Research’s advanced testing methods, they proactively identified critical safety issues before deploying Gemini.

How Do They Identify Blindspots?

They are teaming up with external experts to find weaknesses in how they evaluate things internally by testing their models on various issues.

They use benchmarks like Real Toxicity Prompts to make sure Gemini produces safe content according to its rules. These are 100,000 prompts from the internet with different levels of toxicity, developed by Allen Institute.

They created special safety tools to spot and handle content with violence or harmful stereotypes to reduce harm. With strong filters, Gemini is made safer for everyone. Also, they are working on solving issues like accuracy and support.

Summing Up

Try the new Google Gemini AI for free! Gemini Pro is now part of the Google Bard chatbot. Anyone can now use Gemini in AI text replies on WhatsApp and soon on Gboard, too.

Gemini has limited features now, but upcoming versions will have a chatbot that can understand and respond to various types of input in various ways. Only the text version is now in Bard.

Gemini is currently in English only, but Google will soon add support for different languages. Gemini, like previous Google AI updates, is not currently accessible in the European Union.

Although it sounds fancy, the update of Gemini Pro for Google Bard is actually free. You can use older models with ChatGPT for free, but to access the GPT-4, you need a monthly plan.

Future goals for Gemini are unclear. Google hinted that a better version called Gemini Ultra might come in 2024. It could first be in an improved chatbot named Bard Advanced.

No premium plan has been revealed yet, but a monthly ChatGPT Plus subscription with GPT-4 is priced at $20.


Is Gemini better than ChatGPT?

We tried the Pro version, and it works. The improved version will be released, but it will take some time. The model is called Gemini 1.0, hinting that there will be upgraded versions.

Is Google Bard AI free?

Google Bard is free, but you need to sign up for an account to use the chatbot.

What can Google Gemini do?

Gemini effortlessly understands and processes code, audio, video, images, and text.

What is Google Gemini vs Bard?

Gemini Pro is free in Bard, giving users a chance to try its advanced text features. Connecting Gemini with the Bard chatbot makes user interaction much better.

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