12 Best AI Image Upscaler to Enhance Image In 2024

best ai image upscaler

The recent technological revolution of AI has caused tremendous developments and innovation in images and eventually has affected our digital life. Midjourney and AI Generative Fill in Photoshop can be exploited to produce awesome AI art and novel ways of manipulating photos. In addition, advanced AI techniques can upscale existing images to 4K or 8K resolutions which permits correcting focus deficiencies, restoring details, and improving blurred images among other capacities. These developments now act as a backdrop; therefore, let’s examine the 12 best AI image upscaler without wasting time.

What is an AI Image Upscaler 

What is an AI Image Upscaler 

AI image upscaler is a software that utilizes artificial intelligence to enhance digital image resolution, create additional details, and make rough photos more clear and smooth. The algorithm allows low- and high-resolution versions of the same image to be taught through machine-learning algorithms from huge datasets of image pairs.

The upscaler examines the low-resolution input image and predicts how the high-resolution output should look. Because of this, AI can extract the missing details and texture in the process of the reconstruction that leads finally to the image with sharper lines, smaller dots, and less discontinuity than the original low-resolution image. The main advantages of AI are that it can be employed to improve image resolution, enhance low-quality photos, and bring to life old pixel‐based images. Technology develops very fast, and power is being produced every day.

12 Best AI Image Upscaler Tools

Here’s the list of the 12 best AI image upscaler that will help you to enhance your photos in 2024.

  1. Visme
  2. HitPaw Photo Enhancer
  3. Luminar Neo
  4. Icons8 Smart Upscaler
  5. DeepImage Al
  6. Media.io
  7. Zyro Al
  8. VanceAl
  9. Gigapixel Al
  10. Let’s Enhance
  11. SuperImage
  12. Remini

1. Visme

Visme - best ai image upscaler

Visme is a cloud-based service that lets you make eye-catching visuals in the form of infographics, presentations, and interactive charts. The platform has a drag-and-drop editor and a wide range of templates that can be customized to suit the needs of the users so that they can produce their content quickly and easily which makes Visme among the best AI image upscaler. Visme has also a free and paid option. The advanced features and collaboration tools are included in the paid version. also you can edit the photos with Canva you can read Visme vs Canva


  • The drag-and-drop interface is so user-friendly that makes Visme one of the best AI image upscaler tools.
  • Ongoing addition of graphic templates and presentations via photos.
  • Integrates with Google Drive for fast loading and direct access to images to upscale.


  • The saturation of image upscaling ais is possible, while more specialized AI image upscaling gadgets can be in short supply.
  • Mainly utilized for a picture instead of an infographic.
  • 2x maximum upscale.

2. HitPaw Photo Enhance

Hitpaw Photo Enhancer is one of the widely used online photo editing software that lets users enhance and improve their pictures. It includes several tools like image editing, color improvisation, retouching photos, and so on. The software is user-friendly and you don’t need to be an expert or a beginner to use it. It comes with a try-first feature and a subscription model for regular use.


  • AI-powered image upscaler that specialises in processing and magnifying photographs using customized algorithms which makes it the ultimate choice among the best AI image upscaler.
  • Balancing noise reduction with enhancement of details when upscaling, unable to deliver a natural appearance.
  • Upto 4x upscale factor. 


  • It is mainly about getting high-quality photos through the elimination of fewer editing features as a major concern.
  • The user interface needs more convenience for the users.
  • Poor batch processing options could be improved.

3. Luminar Neo

Luminar Neo is an AI-powered photo processing software that assists in improving and bettering your photos. It has a bundle of technical functions which include the intelligence template, complexity AI, and one-click edits. The application can make the templates and you save your templates. With this, you can customize your pictures. This app is available on Windows as well as Mac and its version can be run both on regular systems as well as on mobile devices. There are a couple of important advantages of Luminar Neo including portrait, landscape, and urban photography, Which makes the Luminar Neo the best ai image upscaler


  • The upscaling delivers the optimum quality of enhancements while maintaining the natural skin tones and textures.
  • A range of technologies in addition to image resolution upgrade.
  • Smooth collaboration with better-known creator’s software.


  • Included in more expensive methods for going beyond free.
  • Except for the sky replacement which looks ambiguous with some random outcomes.
  • Upscaling takes place using a general AI model that is not specialized for the unique demands of photographic images.

4. Icons8 Smart Upscaler

Icons8 Smart Upscaler is a software that allows upscaling images without losing quality It uses optimized algorithms to evaluate the image’s structure and content simultaneously for accurate measurement of the scaled version which is only as good or better than the original and makes it among the best ai image upscaler. This tool is suitable for most people because it allows them to generate professional-looking images and also saves time and resources that they would have had to spend on creating them.


  • Combing deep learning algorithms with the capability to produce highly qualified upscaling images.
  • Retains fine textures and details efficiently when upscaled.
  • A simple and user-friendly web interface, which provides output sizes in multiple formats.


  • Slab-free tier only allowed to have 2x.
  • Batch processing is not free, it requires a paid subscription.
  • Certain artifacts are expected in very high-upscaled images.

5. DeepImage Al

Deepimage AI - best ai image upscalers

DeepImage AI, which is an AI-enabled image editing software, can be used for image enhancement and manipulation purposes. It utilizes machine learning algorithms to analyze and turn images into different formats and has a variety of tools and features that assist users in producing the intended results. DeepImage AI is designed to be easy to use and to reach as many users as possible with both desktop and mobile support. With Deep Image, you can also generate AI Headshots which makes Deep Image the best AI image upscaler


  • AI model tailored precisely for image restoration and resolution enhancement.
  • The eloquence with which noise reduction and detail reconstruction are balanced.
  • Free basic version to try.


  • The advanced functions are provided at a price even though they are free initially.
  • The web interface is somewhat obsolete.
  • Nevertheless, they were often inconsistent for difficult images.

6. Media.io

Media.io is a platform for a digital content creator that allows you to create, distribute, and monetize digital media, such as music, videos, and podcasts making it among one of the best AI image upscaler. Using Media.io, users get a lot of options in terms of tools and services to produce, celebrate, track analytics, and finally relate to the audience. Media.io offers some of the features of streaming music, hosting videos, hosting podcasts, and branding tools. Media.io also helps users with AI Selfie Generator


  • An impressive number of AI-powered media enhancement tools are not only limited to AI photo upscalers.
  • Flexible integrations and API capabilities are offered.
  • Character images in anime/manga style have superb upscaling.


  • The results from automatic processing need manual checking sometimes and the interface is user-unfriendly.
  • High compression is used at the item export stage to shrink the file sizes.
  • Limited free user limit if you don’t upgrade to paid.

7. Zyro Al

Zyro AI is an online platform that utilizes the most recent artificial intelligence to uplift images while retaining important details is called Zyro Al. Zyro Al can zoom in on standard definition images and refine them intelligently as much as you like to get ultra HD versions up to 4K resolution. It adopts the AI models that are bred to intensify and rehabilitate images devoid of distortion, malformation, and artifact introduction. The notable features include 4x up-scaling, smarter noise reduction, batch processing, and custom size outputs. The automatic procedure brings professional-quality image enhancements within seconds of processing and eliminates the need for producing photos and any design skills and makes it the best ai image upscaler.


  • AI models for photo upscaling and improvement will modernize the software.
  • Suitable for correcting skin tones to more natural ones during 4K production.
  • The interface of the internet is intuitive and easy to use.


  • A very limited pallet of choices when it comes to foreign trade on the e-commerce platform.
  • Maximum of 50% enlarges unless the client needs a special order.
  • Batch processing is paid!

8. VanceAl

VanceAI is a photo optimizer that applies modern algorithms to optimize your photographs. The software can automatically fix both overexposure and underexposure, replace poor light conditions, and other factors that can influence the overall appearance of an image making it among one of the best AI image upscaler. Moreover, the devices will have adjustable settings including brightness, contrast, color temperature, and so on to allow the personalization of the effects of the device to each user’s preference. Humanize these words. VanceAI supports different kinds of images, including JPEG, PNG, and TIFF. It also helps users in AI Graphic Design.


  • AI powers tools to upscale images while adding artistic styles.
  • Many style options are sketches and painted with oil.
  • Test capability can be tested by free tier.


  • Emphasis is driven by styling more than the exact replication of the scale.
  • Resolution export limit in the free tier.
  • Effects vary in terms of the content of the images.

9. Gigapixel Al

Gigapixel AI - best ai image upscalers

Gigapixel AI is the newest technology of artificial intelligence being used for enlarging and enhancing images. It leverages machine learning algorithms to process, learn from, and apply the processing iteratively on a scale that has never been surpassed before. This technology finds its use to the maximum extent in such situations where the images are bad and require an additional level of resolution. Gigapixel AI has a wide range of applications including medicine where high-resolution images are important for diagnoses and treatment or in video games (sports) where clear images are critical for gameplay and player analysis. However, using Gigapixel AI allows enlarging images without losing their quality, and making it the best ai image upscaler


  • Tailored face-upping algorithms as well.
  • Important noise reduction while maintaining nice details.
  • Well, compliments with Topaz editing suite.


  • Costlier than existing ones competing to lead in the best AI image upscaler space.
  • Even though, it is necessary to overcome a learning curve to fully grasp all its features.
  • The tech is bound to videos only and doesn’t support upscaling video.

10. Let’s Enhance

Let’s Enhance is an AI-operated online photo enlarger that uses the deep learning system to upscale the low-resolution pictures. In a few words, Let’s Enhance exploits neural networks to enlarge images up to 4 times their original size while keeping and enhancing the fine details and textures. The model is very efficient in magnifying the human face in a picture while keeping the unnatural skin tones. User-friendly interface speeds up a process uploading images and downloading enhanced high resolution versions making it the best ai image upscaler.


  • AI model aimed at enhancing individual face images in particular.
  • The visage in close-up has excellent skin tone and detail.
  • Intuitive user interface with various output alternatives.


  • Furthermore, it is more stymied in the successful scaling of non-facial parts of the images.
  • Every custom service available for the upscale factor is the maximum 4x.
  • Subscription of paid version is needed to batch process.

11. SuperImage

superimage - best ai image upscale

Superimage is an AI-driven image enhancer that can vastly increase resolution and image quality. It uses its patented technology of deep learning and computational algorithms to drastically and multiply images by 8 with the least degradation in quality and makes it best ai image upscaler. Notable features include the sharpening of blurred aspects, removal of artifacts due to compression, restoration of missing details, and fabrication of synthetic texture patterns where required. The final version is a very high-resolution work of art that still looks natural and authentic to preserve the integrity of the original image. ai can be employed to enhance and safeguard the image collections.


  • AI algorithm that is the core model with an independent detail synthesis process.
  • Preserves natural and unimproved look of an image after increasing its quality.
  • 14 days free trial can be tested to view its capabilities.


  • The results of these contests are inconsistent for some difficult pictures.
  • The area doesn’t support the limited file format on the free tier
  • The main draw are the features which are only available for payment.

12. Remini

Remini is a photo scanner and restorer app that enables you to improve original photos and restore image quality. It applies AI, turning photos into enhanced with various styling effects. With Remini, you can turn faded colors back to life, clear fuzzy images, and remove wrinkles, blemishes, and defects. The app allows you to change the brightness and contrast, sharpen the focus and contrast, and attach different filters and effects to your photos makes it best ai image upscaler. There are other remini alternatives that helps you in same for photo editing and others features also.


  • A photo enhancer AI specializes in face-upscaling most efficient at all.
  • Captivating increase of image definition and sharpness.
  • Free app also has a premium upgrade available as well.


  • Impressively suited for facial and person recognition.
  • One of the limitations here is that the desktop experience misses some mobile facilities.
  • An aggressive level of skin smoothing makes the edit seem fake and non-natural.


In summary, the progressive development of AI image upscaling technology is bringing a new way to process and upgrade our visual information. While the quality of upscaling (or downscaling) improves, such tools can handle everything from a simple 2× upscaling or downscaling to an 8K ultra-HD transformation. When going for the best ai image upscaler with the AI model, you should check if the ranges of upscaling factors suit you, if the interface is simple and user-friendly, if you have additional editing capabilities, and if there is the option of batch processing. Yet, the service is scheduled to expand the range of solutions even further.4

Presently, the most successful products like HitPaw, Gigapixel, and Remini apply deep learning to push the frontiers of picture quality and manipulation, which is based on specific training. Through the usage of deep learning algorithms, we can create the best high-resolution images that are free of low resolutions or artifacts to deliver memories or build the next gen of masterpieces.

FAQs on Best AI image upscaler

What is an AI image upscaler?

A helping hand of an AI image upscaler gives AI algorithms the ability to increase and embellish digitized pictures going unsisted beyond normal software limits.

What do upscaler AI generators can enlarge an image?

Upscaling factors vary from 2x to 8x depending on the AI tool used.

What makes an AI image upscaler better than traditional resizing?

Supporting common file formats such as JPG, PNG, and TIFF but differences may occur between tools. Nowadays, RAW photo formats are not supported in our country.

What makes an AI image upscaler better than traditional resizing?

AI upscalers add on the details and texture that are missing by using a pixel-stretching method rather than just learning from image pairs.

Do upscaled images lose quality?

The ideal AI upscalers apply a delicate constitution processing to prevent quality loss but some artifacts may still happen at the very extreme enlargements.

Are AI photo upscalers quite simple and convenient to use?

Firstly, user-centered interfaces and seamlessly automated processes would support the designers irrespective of their expertise.

Can AI upscalers exceed just resolving size while editing images?

Most programs offer many extra adjustment options e.g. highlight coloring, shadow reduction, sharpening, etc.

How long does AI image upscaling take?

Time processing of this ranges from seconds for 2x scaling to a few minutes for 8K upscaling.

Are there free AI photo upscalers who took photos?

Some basic versions are available but advanced features usually require a subscription fee.

What more could AI do when it comes to image upscaling in the future?

Special AI models with more speculation, greater augmentation, video / GIF scalation, and real-time format.

What are some other best ai image upscaler tools?

There more other best ai image upscaler such asTopaz Labs Gigapixel AI, Sharpen AI, PhotoZoom Pro 8 ,BenVista and Waifu2x