14 Best AI Professional Headshot Generator Free & Paid Tools

AI Professional Headshot Generator

Create the best AI generated professional headshot with these 14 AI professional headshot generators that look like a professional photographer took them.

ai generated professional headshot
ai generated professional headshot


With these AI professional headshot generator free and premium tools, just upload your photos and see the magic. You can even connect your social site accounts to import selfies easily.

Select the images, and you’ll welcome different poses, styles, and backgrounds to select the perfect image.

They have produced millions of professional photos over the years. You can also read what users are expressing about their unique headshots.

Create premium quality headshots without their premium price. Improve your LinkedIn profile, enhance your job application, or improve your company’s website with customized headshot packages.

Try the AI professional headshot generator, and if you are not 100% satisfied, you can get a refund within 30 days of purchase if you go for premium plans.

So, let’s get started!

What Is an AI Professional Headshot Generator?

The AI professional Headshot Generator free or premium tool uses AI technology to generate headshot photos based on your input, like a description or an existing image. The tools provide a variety of artistic options to meet your different needs and goals.

Is the AI Professional Headshot Generator Safe?

The information you provide to the professional AI headshot generator will never be sold. You can delete the photos you’ve uploaded and the ones created anytime, from anywhere.

What these professional headshot AI generators provide:

  1. Advanced Encryption
  2. Live support

How to Generate Professional Headshots with AI?

To generate professional headshots:

  • Search for “AI generate professional headshots software” in your mobile browser or in your desktop browser. 
  • Then, go to the “AI Headshot Creator” and select your preferred headshot style.
  • Upload different images from different angles. The software helps AI to create more precise headshots that look exactly like you.
  • After confirming the headshot style, let the AI handle the rest. The AI professional headshot generator can take as little as 25-30 minutes.

Examples of Professional Headshot Generator Images

Look at the examples of headshot photos that we have generated through the AI professional headshot generator free tool.

ai generated professional headshot example

What are Free AI Professional Headshot Generators?

Here are 7 free AI professional headshot generators to use.

  1. Human Generator
  2. Picofme
  3. PFPMaker
  4. Artguru
  5. Magickimg
  6. Simplified
  7. Facetune

What are Premium AI Professional Headshot Generators?

Here are 7 premium professional headshot AI generators to use.

  1. Aragon
  2. Alter AI
  3. InstaHeadshot
  4. Fotor
  5. Try It On AI
  6. ProPhotos
  7. HeadshotPro

Discuss 14 Best AI Professional Headshot Generators

Let’s discuss these 14 best AI professional headshot generators briefly. To simplify, let’s start with 7 AI professional headshot generator free tools.

1. Human Generator

Human Generator is a free tool that lets you generate photos of yourself in different styles in a few clicks, including professional headshot photos. This tool isn’t just about giving you a professional-looking image. With all its customization options, it’s about creating a digital you that can fit into any professional scenario you can imagine. With Human Generator, you can change hair color, poses, backgrounds, clothes, and accessories to suit your style and needs.

To generate the headshot image with Human Generator:

1. Go to the Human Generator’s photo generation studio.
2. Click on Human Templates in the top right corner.
3. Select Corporate and choose the gender you need.
4. Pick the template you like.
5. In the top menu of the left toolbar, click Upload face, then upload the photo of your face and click Update Human.
6. In the top menu of the left toolbar, click Describe or Pose and customize the photo as you wish.
7. Download your headshot.

Visit: Human Generator

2. Picofme

picofme.io - ai professional headshot generator

Picofme.io is a user-friendly online tool that makes it easy for anyone to generate attractive profile pictures, even if you’re not good at editing. This tool uses AI to change pictures by adding different outlines, filters, backgrounds, and more, with 40+ different options. You can change the background of your picture to any design you like and then save your changes as a template that you can easily share with others using Picofme.io.

Picofme Pros and Cons

✅ No ads❌ Less avatar styles
✅ Background remover
✅ Layer adjustments

Picofme Pricing

  • free

Visit: Picofme.io

3. PFPMaker

PFPMaker - ai professional headshot generator

Boost your online image using PFPMaker, a headshot software or an AI selfie tool that helps you create a great profile picture to leave a strong impression. If you’re a business person, social media influencer, or just want to show your personality, PFPMaker.com makes it easy to create great profile pictures effortlessly. You can create different types of pictures, such as making an AI anime-style profile picture from your image with the free version.

PFPMaker Pros and Cons

✅ Simple interface❌ Less features
✅ Various design options

PFPMaker Pricing

  • Free

Visit: PFPMaker

4. Artguru

artguru ai - professional headshot generator free tool

Artguru is a smart tool that helps people make expressive and realistic portraits and avatars in different styles using AI. People can pick their favorite gender and style, and then they can upload 6 to 30 pictures of themselves. After that, the AI can make almost 100 avatars all at once. This tool is also similar to websites like Midjourney, where you can use text prompts to generate AI images. This tool is easy to use and makes your pictures look better. You can create special avatars in just four simple steps.

Artguru Pros and Cons

✅ User-friendly UI❌ Restricted control to create scenes
✅ Photo enhancer

Artguru Pricing

  • Free

Visit: Artguru

5. Magickimg

Magickimg - ai professional headshot generator

Magickimg is a platform that uses advanced algorithms to make pictures look better. It provides different tools for editing images, like headshot generation, turning faces into cartoons, erasing backgrounds, adding color, and making images larger. The platform offers great outcomes, an easy-to-use interface, and a chance to try it for free. Magickimg AI headshot generator’s goal is to provide high-quality resolution and make sure that your photos are processed safely and dependably.

Magickimg Pros and Cons

✅ Support multiple formats❌ Lack of simple UI
✅ High-quality headshots❌ No preview option
✅ Vast collection of effects❌ No mobile app

Magickimg Pricing

  • Free

Visit: Magickimg

6. Simplified

Simplified - ai professional headshot generator

Simplified is an all-in-one app for making and sharing your marketing content. You can design, write ads, make videos, work together with others, and post on social media, all in one easy place. Simplified is known for some features like an AI GIF generator or text-to-speech website like Speechify. But Simplified assists more than 2,000,000 marketers, businesses, and creators in boosting their marketing efforts, simplifying their tasks, and getting work done with just a few clicks.

Simplified Pros and Cons

✅ Great interface❌ Limited features
✅ Matching background cover

Simplified Pricing

  • Free

Visit: Simplified

7. Facetune

Facetune - ai generated professional headshot

Want to make your photos look better? Try simple editing to make the visual content stand out! Facetune offers simple yet powerful tools that were once only available to professionals. You can use these tools to improve any photo, selfie, or video and make them so captivating that people can’t help but stop and look. You can make sure all the selfies show the very best you, whether it’s for your work profile or just for sharing with friends.

Facetune Pros and Cons

✅ Facial features❌ Unrealistic results
✅ Fingertip brushing effect

Facetune Pricing

  • Free

Visit: Facetune

Here are 7 premium professional headshot AI generators tools.

So, we have covered these best AI generated professional headshot free tools. Now, let’s take a look at the seven best premium professional AI headshot generator software.

1. Aragon

aragon - ai professional headshot generator

Aragon claims to be the best AI Headshot Generator, and they aim to take your selfie skills to the next level. Make your everyday selfies look like polished headshots with the help of Aragon AI technology. Aragon aims to help you appear your very best, creating millions of great headshots. Feedback from the users is incredibly positive, with over 30,000 satisfied customers. People have appreciated the great quality and money-saving benefits of Aragon headshots.

Aragon Pros and Cons

✅ Advanced Encryption❌ Outcomes could have been better
✅ Refund policy
✅ Live Support
✅ Multiple formats
✅ AES256 encryption
✅ Prompt Support

Aragon Pricing

  • Starts from $29/month

Visit: Aragon

2. Alter AI

Alter AI - headshot generator

We found Alter AI to be one of the best and most affordable and realistic AI professional headshot generators.

We tried it and since then, we have used the headshots as our personal profile picture for social media platforms.

This AI is known for its AI-driven improvements and cost savings. The free version has limited features.

This AI professional headshot generator offers an official turnaround time of 45 minutes but we were able to get Headshots within 30 mins.

Provides 40 to 120 Headshots based on your plan (1-time payment).

Alter AI Pricing

  • Starts from $14.99/person

Visit: Alter AI

3. InstaHeadshot

InstaHeadshots professional headshots

Elevate your digital presence with InstaHeadshots, where your photos power a custom AI to craft personalised headshots in diverse styles and attire.

For optimal outcomes, submit varied angles and expressions—details like glasses or facial hair enhance the final product’s authenticity.

The process is swift: post-upload, our AI trains in 45 minutes to 2 hours, readying your professional-grade headshots.

Await an email notification, then download your images to captivate your audience across social platforms. Transform your profile today with InstaHeadshots.

InstaHeadshot Pricing

Starts from $29/ per person

Visit: InstaHeadshot

4. Fotor

fotor - professional headshot ai generator

Yes, the Fotor tool is a premium tool. It’s not free. If you have photos on your computer that you want to turn into artwork for your wall, this is a great photo editor to use. Fotor has lots of filters to make your images look really good. It can handle all the common types of image files, and it can even work with RAW files, which is usually something you’d only find in expensive photo editing software.

This software has AI tools such as AI images, photo enhancers, and even mockups like Placeit.

Fotor Pros and Cons

✅ Fantastic effects❌ Less editing options
✅ Cloud storage
✅ Templates

Fotor Pricing

  • Starts from $8.99/month

Visit: Fotor

5. Try It On AI

tryiton - ai professional headshot generator

Get amazing AI generated professional headshots for your modeling, acting, resume, social media, LinkedIn, portfolios, and more. Just send us your selfies to begin. Amazing customers from all over the world enjoy using Try It on AI to turn selfies into professional-looking headshots. Here’s what they think. Make high-quality AI portraits that work for all your purposes, whether it’s a basic business photo, employer branding, printed materials, or content marketing.

Try It On AI Pros and Cons

✅ Express AI feature option❌ No refund policy
✅ Creative Studio
✅ Great customization

Try It On AI Pricing

  • Starts from $17/month

Visit: Try It On AI

6. ProPhotos

prophotos - best ai professional headshot generator

Enhance your professional look with ProPhotos AI headshot generator improved by AI technology. Wave goodbye to the trouble and cost of old-fashioned photoshoots. Easily create top-notch headshots that show your style and personality, making you look professional and stand out from others. Effortlessly and speedily turn your everyday, natural pictures into refined and expert headshots that are great for CVs, LinkedIn, and other work-related documents.

ProPhotos Pros and Cons

✅ Fantastic output❌ Misleading
✅ Great for LinkedIn profile

ProPhotos Pricing

  • Starts from $25/month

Visit: ProPhotos

7. HeadshotPro

headshotpro - ai professional headshot generator

Easily get great business headshots fast using Headshotpro‘s AI photographer. Just upload your pictures, choose your preferred styles, and get more than 120 headshots in no time. HeadshotPro’s professional AI headshot generator outperforms other options using advanced in-house AI technology. Notice the improvement with the same uploaded photos.

HeadshotPro Pros and Cons

✅ Refund Policy (in 14 days)❌ Glitches
✅ Variety of lighting, angles, and poses❌ No Preview
✅ Studio-quality headshots
✅ High-quality and natural

HeadshotPro Pricing

  • Starts from $29/month

Visit: HeadshotPro

One Bonus professional ai headshot generator

8. Hotpot

hotpot - ai professional headshot generator

Take stunning pictures of yourself using Hotpot AI for your social media, dating apps, LinkedIn, or just to see yourself in a new light. You can have a fun AI photo session right from your own couch, creating professional headshots, stylish glamour shots, and AI selfies.

Hotpot Pros and Cons

✅ Handy tool❌ Outcomes could have been better
✅ Various features
✅ Secure and reliable

Hotpot Pricing

  • Starts from $5/month

Visit: Hotpot


Because technology keeps growing, AI is now doing things we used to think only humans could do. The world of photography, especially when it comes to professional headshots, is also affected.

With various AI tools that can generate headshots, getting a great photo has become easier and more convenient than ever. People don’t have to spend a lot of time and money on professional photoshoots anymore. The digital age has arrived.

These tools provide different choices for various people, from helping businesses to supporting new artists. Mixing old-school photo skills with new AI tech makes pictures look great and keeps the person’s true self in the photo, all smoothly and easily.

In today’s professional world, where being online is really important, having a great headshot can make a big difference in how people see you for the first time. AI-powered headshot tools help us save time and resources while unlocking endless opportunities in digital imaging. This is just the start of an exciting era.


Can AI create a professional headshot?

With AI, you can create a professional headshot by optimizing lighting, adding details, and enhancing your photo to meet standard headshot criteria, making it suitable for a variety of professional uses.

What is the best AI headshot generator?

Picofme, PFPMaker, Artguru, Magickimg, Simplified, Facetune, Fotor, Aragon, Try It On AI, ProPhotos, HeadshotPro, and Hotpot tools are the best professional headshot AI generators.

Is there a free AI headshot generator?

Picofme, PFPMaker, Artguru, Magickimg, Simplified, and Facetune tools are free AI professional headshot generators.

how to use AI to generate professional headshots?

If you want to create professional headshots with AI, choose genders, and styles, upload your photos, and lastly generate.