17 Best AI Business Ideas for Startups In 2024 (Profitable)

ai business ideas

Would you like to become a part of almost 1900 billion dollars by 2030? Is it a lack of AI business ideas or the fear of not lasting long?

Thus, as an investor passionate about innovative technology, this is the ideal moment to start an AI-based company. Let’s check out the AI-based business ideas for financial success.

How Will AI Business Ideas Evolve in 2024?

Entrepreneurs get this chance once in their lifetime. Companies want to use this AI technology to make their work smoother and stay ahead of competitors. Just one clever business idea using AI can get you started. As AI platforms become more accessible, it will be easier to join this sector. 

The market is becoming more competitive. Look at this AI market size and growth.

Market Size of AI

market size of ai

Next MSC” predicts that the AI market will grow significantly in the next ten years. It’s worth almost 100 billion dollars now, and it’s predicted to increase to almost 2 trillion by 2030, twenty times its current value.

AI impacts many industries. Many AI business ideas, like marketing, supply chains, product development, research, and analysis, will incorporate AI in some way. AI image generators, chatbots, and mobile apps are big AI trends that will make AI better soon.

In 2022, ChatGPT 3.0 opened up exciting new possibilities for AI. Watching Google or Instagram AI trends shows a big rise in attraction to generative AI from 2022-2023. Expect continued interest as ChatGPT works on new chatbot versions and more advanced AI software being developed.

Which Business Can I Start With AI?

Here are the best AI business ideas in 2024 and beyond.

  1. AI product mockup business idea
  2. Remote patient monitoring
  3. Launch a logistics application
  4. AI text-to-speech generator
  5. AI placement platform
  6. Personalized E-learning
  7. A health and fitness AI
  8. AI content generator tool
  9. Green energy regulation
  10. AI-based smart agriculture
  11. AI chatbot development
  12. AI robo-advisor
  13. AI content detection company
  14. AI design tool software
  15. Toolkits for AI-powered marketing
  16. Provide AI-based solutions to retailers
  17. Develop AI art generators

Top 17 AI Business Ideas to Start

Here are 17 AI business ideas you can start today.

1. AI Product Mockup Business Idea

mockups for ai business ideas

Why product mockup business ideas? Well, the print-on-demand service or dropshipping business is rapidly growing. Look at this dropshipping business idea graph.

market size for dropshipping

The market size of dropshipping is expected to grow, reaching $301.11 billion (2024) and $372.47 billion (2025).

So, for dropshipping, most people look for product mockup generators. This means it is a preview of how your finished product will appear. Mockups show how a product looks in real life. Product mockups help gather feedback on the product ideas before mass production and for presentations to investors, stakeholders, or administrators.

Ways to Make Money

  • Subscription
  • Customization services

2. Remote Patient Monitoring

remote patient monitoring - business ideas using ai

AI can transform healthcare, changing how we care for health and treat illnesses. What if a wearable gadget that monitors people’s health and predicts possible medical issues before they get serious? Use machine learning to study someone’s genetics, lifestyle and health. Offer a subscription service for early warnings and instant health insights.

Ways to Make Money

  • Data Analytics
  • Sponsorship
  • Subscription
  • E-commerce integration

3. Launch a Logistics Application

launch a logistics application - ai business ideas

Using AI to simplify complex processes can benefit supply chain control and logistics. Using these tools is crucial for accurate data and brings significant advantages to businesses.

Here are some business ideas using AI in these areas:

  • AI-powered tool for improving supply chain vision.
  • Warehouse and inventory tracking tools.
  • Inventory forecasting
  • Predicting disruptions
  • Optimal route calculation tools
  • Tools for equipment maintenance.

Ways to Make Money

  • Automate your sales process.
  • Resources for Sales Enablement.
  • Automate the sales process.
  • Lead capture at trade shows.

4. AI Text-To-Speech Generator

text-to-speech generator - ai business ideas

AI text-to-speech generators are changing how businesses communicate, bringing big benefits to different industries and making the future more efficient and inclusive.

Websites like 15.ai were the popular text-to-speech platform. Right now, platforms like Speechify or Speechify alternatives help businesses make information accessible to everyone, breaking walls for all, no matter their challenges.

Major European publishers like VRT, mediafin, mediahuis, VRM, MOPO, NOZ, and FUNKE use text-to-speech to turn hundreds of reports into audio daily. Book publishers, especially, can reach more readers.

Ways to Make Money

  • Sell voice-overs
  • Existing platform integration
  • Subscription models

5. AI Placement Platform

ai placement platform business idea

Hiring is costly and takes a lot of time for companies. Create a smart platform that uses AI to reach job candidates with the right employers based on factors like experience, skill, work habits, and cultural fit. 

The AI gets better at placing people in jobs by understanding from its experiences, making hiring more accurate and cutting down on turnover and hiring expenses.

Ways to Make Money

  • Employer subscriptions
  • Job search features
  • HR data insights

6. Personalized E-learning

personalized e-learning - ai business ideas

It’s not suitable for everyone to use standard e-learning platforms. Using algorithms that adjust to how you learn best, at your own speed, and considering your strengths and weaknesses creates a personalized learning experience. Your platform can help students, professionals, and hobbyists learn new skills.

Ways to Make Money

  • Course fee
  • Premium plan fees
  • Institutional partnerships

7. A Health and Fitness AI

a health and fitness ai for business ideas

Next, one of the best AI business ideas is to start an AI fitness course or sell fitness products online. 

Think about making a fitness course online. Use your fitness knowledge to make and sell products like meal guides, workout plans, fitness trackers, motivational ebooks, or recipes.

You can start a membership website as a course. Students can pay fees to get your content continuously. You can add Q&A sessions and workout videos.

Ways to Make Money

  • Fitness course
  • Fitness products
  • Fitness membership platform
  • Online coaching plans
  • Online fitness apparel store

8. AI Content Generator Tool

ai content generation tool business idea

The demand to generate AI content or AI paragraphs for emails, essays, and blogs is commendable right now. ChatGPT and Google Bard tools are popular nowadays. You can start your AI business by creating AI writing tools like ChatGPT. Many websites have started this business. Even the generative AI content tool help users create captions for Instagram, TikTok or Facebook posts.

One thing you must remember is to give better benefits to users. Recently, some users have backed off ChatGPT due to some limits and making mistakes. However, you can bypass ChatGPT without restrictions. So, when you create this type of tool in the future, keep this in mind.

You can start an AI platform similar to a website like Quillbot. It is known for paraphrasing content, grammar correction and plagiarism checks for free.

Ways to Make Money

  • Advanced data analysis
  • Subscription model
  • Social media content packages
  • Paid plans for zero traffic

9. Green Energy Regulation

green energy regulation - ai based business ideas

A green energy regulation startup is a great plan when looking for AI ideas for business. 

Sustainability is a must, not just an AI trend. AI can help save energy more effectively. AI can provide cost-effective and eco-friendly solutions, similar to smart grid adjusting to use practices or a house system managing energy use automatically.

Ways to Make Money

  • Sales of hardware
  • Subscriptions for software
  • Partnerships with energy suppliers
  • Funds from the government for environmentally friendly projects

10. AI-Based Smart Agriculture

ai-based smart agriculture business idea

The world is getting more people, and they need more food. But water and land are limited. AI in smart farming improves crop growth by studying crop health, soil, and weather. Drones with smart technology can scan big farms and give farmers specific advice. Your business can lead to making farming better for the environment and more effective.

Ways to Make Money

  • Software rights
  • Data Analytics
  • Consulting services

11. AI Chatbot Development

ai chatbot development - business ideas using ai

Using AI chatbots is the practical choice for AI business ideas. 

Do you know why Musk bought X? No worries! Visit Character.AI, chat with an AI that talks like Elon Musk, and plan the future of the social site together. Users are going crazy after using this tool. 

You can create this type of tool that has many characters to chat with. Add pre-made responses that offer users a conversational edge, putting you in a competitive environment.

New and established companies seek effective, intelligent, ready-to-use chatbot solutions. So, having a chatbot AI is a great chance.

Note: Be careful about inappropriate content when making a chatbot AI tool. People are constantly looking for Character AI NSFW filters or Character AI alternatives where they can access all these things, which is illegal. So, kindly note it.

Ways to Make Money

  • Subscription plans

12. AI Robo-Advisor

ai robo-advisor - ai business ideas

As more people learn about money, there’s a rising need for financial advice. AI quickly analyzes big data and gives useful advice faster than humans. An AI robo-advisor helps people with personalized investment plans, portfolio management, and risk evaluation, making wealth management easier for them. AI can revolutionize finance, and using an AI advisory service might lead to great wealth.

Ways to Make Money

  • Membership prices
  • Technology licensing

13. AI Content Detection Company

ai fraud detection company business idea

AI detection tools are among the best AI for business ideas. ChatGPT has made it easier for digital marketers to automate content writing. Businesses aiming for better Google rankings usually prefer content without too much focus on AI, as it can affect their ranking. So, to find AI content, people need a special detector tool! Enhance the online AI detector by adding more features for increased efficiency.

Ways to Make Money

  • Subscription plans
  • Advanced feature access

14. AI Design Tool Software

ai design tool software business idea

With the various landscapes of AI business ideas, another platform to start is Design software. Design is crucial for marketing. More than half of the 1,000 business experts surveyed use AI graphic design tools to improve communication with their audiences. 

Meanwhile, 67% of businesses not using graphic design would start if it were simpler and more affordable. AI is quickly transforming digital marketing. This type of AI online business ideas can help businesses use AI tools to quickly improve processes and achieve goals.

You can even create online video chat tools like Omegle because the demand for this AI tool is higher.

Ways to Make Money

  • Subscription plans
  • Advanced feature access
  • Data Analytics

15. Toolkits for AI-Powered Marketing

toolkits for ai-powered marketing business ideas

By 2024, successful AI business ideas for marketing will grow quickly as they focus heavily on understanding data, including competitor insights, customer feedback and market trends. 

Users can use sentiment analysis to combine positive and negative product reviews.

Ways to Make Money

  • Subscription plans
  • Integration access plan

16. Provide AI-Based Solutions to Retailers

provide ai-based solutions to retailers business idea

In online shopping, AI can be used in many ways. Think about customized shopping apps. Virtual assistants can recommend products users might like, considering what they’ve bought before. In smart stores, information can be gathered from smart devices and all-in-one systems. To make buying easier and personalized, use Deep Learning and AI together.

Ways to Make Money

  • Membership plan
  • Fraud detection fee
  • Customer analytics

17. Develop AI Art Generators

ai art generators business ideas with ai

The last one of the best AI business ideas is to develop AI art generators. Create software like Midjourney or similar Midjourney alternatives to craft unique and stunning images easily. These creations are ideal for various businesses, including children’s posters and wallpaper designs. You can add the best AI art prompt feature in the generator, similar to Midjourney.

Ways to Make Money

  • Subscription plans
  • Advance prompt access

That’s it. These are the top 17 AI business startup ideas to boost your wealth.

How to Start an AI Business?

We’ll show you how to start an AI business and talk about how successful AI companies got started.

a. Understanding AI

Starting an AI business requires knowing the basics of AI. Business owners need to grasp deep learning, data science, and machine learning to know what AI can do and be conscious of its limits.

b. Create Your Business Strategy

You can organize your efforts through Platform, Product, or Consulting approaches.

c. Create a Powerful Team

Creating a thriving AI startup typically involves teamwork. Using AI is easier now with tools similar to ChatGPT API, but making AI keys for people or businesses still requires a lot of effort.

d. Take Advantage of Infrastructure and AI Technology

Thriving in the industry now requires keeping up with the recent tech and using it to your advantage. The business is rapidly evolving and is set to grow by 27.3% annually until 2030.

After this, you can start your business after having business ideas with AI.


The options are unlimited for AI business ideas. Find a situation where artificial intelligence can crack better than other ways. AI has the power to revolutionize all these ideas. Start investing in your future now with these 17 AI business ideas for unmatched financial success.


What can you use AI for in business?

Here are some ways businesses use AI.
Boosting customer support
Providing suggestions for products
Examining client satisfaction
Recognizing fraud

What is an AI that comes up with business ideas?

Mockey.ai is changing the startup scene by offering more than 1000 templates. It helps entrepreneurs unleash their complete potential and supports their path to success with a product mockup tool. Get high-quality mockups instantly, free of watermarks.

What are AI startups?

What are the best AI niches? In some ways, AI startups make use of AI in their company. They can use AI to make their products better or to analyze data more efficiently.

How to build AI for business?

Build AI for business by creating innovative products, transforming experiences, utilizing productivity, and doing some experiments.

How do AI startups make money?

With AI platforms, professional AI services, a pay-as-you-go model, data monetization, and brand partnerships can help businesses make money.