30 Best Quillbot Alternatives for Paraphrasing and Writing

quillbot alternatives

Quillbot AI offers lots of helpful services for writing.🖋️ It can change words around to make things sound different (that’s called paraphrasing), and it can also check if sentences are correct or if someone copied from somewhere else.

The Quillbot tool is a favorite tool for writers. It helps them make unique content and avoid copying others. A fluent and well-structured essay is generated by Quillbot using AI.

Here are 30 paid and free Quillbot alternatives for writing assistance and paraphrasing.

What Is a Quillbot Used For

Using AI, the writing outsourcing site Quillbot can create articles for you. The majority of people use Quillbot to rephrase previous content with Quillbot. Using their site is free, and you don’t even need to sign up:

The biggest disadvantage of Quillbot AI is that, at the moment, it can only produce English copies. According to their website, they have goals to support numerous other languages in future.

Their standout tool is the paraphrasing tool. It allows you to use someone else’s article or post and create a new and one-of-a-kind piece of writing using the exact words but arranged in a different way.

How Much Is Quillbot Premium Cost?

The premium cost of Quillbot is:


Cons of Quillbot

Even though Quillbot is popular, it has some drawbacks that might make writers look for other online tools. Here are a couple of Quillbot’s limitations:

  1. The Quillbot free plan lets you change 700 characters for paraphrasing, which is about 125 words.
  2. Paraphrasing can sometimes seem strange, so you may need to edit and proofread it.
  3. Also, you can’t put up several articles together.

What Should You Look For in Quillbot Alternatives?

The best Quillbot alternatives will help you save time, be affordable, and come with a strong grammar checker, all powered by a robust natural language processing tool. 

However, before you dive in, it’s important to understand what qualities Quillbot alternatives should have to assist you in creating content you can be proud of.

  • Language Processing: Quillbot alternatives should be able to make long articles that read smoothly. In simple terms, your AI tool should be good at playing with words and not just spitting out random ones.
  • Modification: Choose a writing tool that changes to fit your needs, not one where you have to change how you write. Find options that let you pick how your content sounds and how complicated it is.
  • Easy UI: User-friendly and intuitive writing tools are essential.
  • Reliable editing: Making your content better is as important as creating it in the first place. The perfect tool should give you strong editing options, from checking for basic grammar mistakes to providing helpful suggestions.

What are Best Quillbot Alternatives?

Here is a list of best Quillbot alternatives to use.

  1. Copy AI
  2. Word AI
  3. Jasper AI
  4. Pre-post SEO
  5. Grammarly
  6. Copysmith
  7. Instatext
  8. SpinnerChief
  9. CleverSpinner
  10. Anyword
  11. Copy Shark
  12. Chimp Rewriter
  13. Spinbot
  14. Speedwrite
  15. Wordtune
  16. Semrush
  17. Hypotenuse AI
  18. ProWritingAid
  19. Paraphrasing tool
  20. SEOToolsCentre
  21. Paraphraser.io
  22. DupliChecker
  23. ClickUp
  24. Frase
  25. Writesonic
  26. Paraphrase Online
  27. Rewriter Tools
  28. Article Rewriter Tool
  29. PlagiarismDetector.net
  30. My Assignment Help

30 Best Quillbot Alternatives for Paraphrasing and Writing

30 Best Quillbot Alternatives or Website Like Quillbot for AI Writing in 2024:

1. Copy AI – AI Writer

copy ai - quillbot alternatives
copy ai

Copy AI is a helpful tool that uses AI to assist you in writing. With its special templates and technology, it can improve your writing, create more content, and generate effective sales copy. 

Copy AI is a strong tool that helps businesses create interesting and top-notch content that’s designed to work well on search engines.

Using Copy AI, every one can effortlessly make wonderful content—just use your creativity and provide a clear content guide.

You can observe that there are several mistakes. Also, Brian Dean is the founder of Quillbot or that he founded Moz is not true. So, for this to work well, you need a clear content plan and someone to make sure everything looks good.

However, it’s a really great tool that makes your content creation process faster. You can look for Copy AI alternatives for a similar experience.

Good Features

  • ✅Style and tone
  • ✅Templates
  • ✅Workflows and workspaces
  • ✅Plagiarism checker


  • ❌Lag


Free Plan7 days
Pro$36/month (billed annually)$49/month (billed monthly)


  • G2: 4.7/5 (177 votes)

2. Word AI – AI Text Rewriter

word ai - quillbot alternatives

WordAI is a tool that uses language processing to create lots of different, easy-to-read, and really good content.

This AI tool uses computer technology to recognize what the text means and then change it to sound like something a person would say.

WordAI isn’t just useful for changing how content is written; it actually makes writing better by creating it more interesting and easier for people to read.

Good Features

  • ✅API
  • ✅Bulk Spinning
  • ✅Turing Spinner
  • ✅Spelling and Grammar


  • ❌Not for professional purposes


Standard$28.90/month (billed annually)$49.95/month (billed monthly)
Turing$74.75/month (billed annually)$99.95/month (billed monthly)


  • Gartner: 4.6/5 (27 votes)

3. Jasper AI – AI Paraphrasing Tool

jasper ai - quillbot alternatives free
jasper ai

Jasper AI stands out as one of the largest copywriting tools available. Personally, it’s also the one we like the most. This tool employs GPT-3 to assist you in creating various types of content. You can improve your writing with the tool by analyzing it using AI.

It also has a paraphrasing option that helps you turn your content into shorter bits, like LinkedIn posts and Tweets.

Jasper comes with lots of different features and templates that you can use.

We think it is one of the great Quillbot alternatives, especially because they’re really good at handling longer content. They also provide pre-made templates for different platforms like headlines, emails, ads, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, and Facebook.

Good Features

  • ✅Image and text AI generation
  • ✅Grammarly integration
  • ✅Auto-save
  • ✅Revision history
  • ✅Multi-user login
  • ✅Voice customization
  • ✅Plagiarism checker
  • ✅Document sharing


  • ❌Inaccurate


Creator$39/month (billed annually)$49/month (billed monthly)
Teams$99/month (billed annually)$125/month (billed monthly)


  • G2: 4.7/5 (1,237 votes)

4. Pre-post SEO – Free Article Spinner

pre-post seo - quillbot alternatives
pre-post seo

Pre-Post SEO is one of the Quillbot alternatives. It modifies sentence and word structure in the paraphrased text to differentiate it from the actual, all while keeping the sentence meanings intact.

Good Features

  • ✅Article rewriter
  • ✅Plagiarism checker
  • ✅Grammar checker
  • ✅Website management tools
  • ✅DA checker


  • ❌Limited options for free users




  • G2: 5/5 (1 vote)

5. Grammarly – Free AI Writing Assistance

grammarly - quillbot free alternative

Grammarly isn’t a tool for changing words around, but it can help you make better sentences using its auto-suggestion part. In addition to offering tone suggestions, it also includes a rewrite choice, making it a more useful grammar checker than Quillbot.

Simply input your text, and it will highlight any problems. Move your cursor over the highlighted areas to view suggestions, and if you like a suggestion, just click to use it.

Although Grammarly isn’t strictly a tool for paraphrasing, its feature helps in creating better sentences.

Good Features

  • ✅Clarity
  • ✅Correctness
  • ✅Engagement
  • ✅Plagiarism
  • ✅Generative AI


  • ❌No offline editing


  • Premium: $12


  • G2: 4.7/5 (5,756 votes)

6. Copysmith – AI Content Generator

It makes it comfortable to write high-quality, unique content with Copysmith, a copywriting software for ecommerce retailers and agencies.

Copysmith is similar to Quillbot in certain ways, but they have some differences in important areas. 

It is great for making many brief pieces of writing like meta tags and product descriptions. On the other hand, Quillbot is more suitable at crafting longer content, like sales pages or blog posts.

Good Features

  • ✅AI generation
  • ✅Chrome extension
  • ✅Multi-user login
  • ✅Plagiarism checker


  • ❌Irrelevant content




  • G2: 4.3/5 (12 votes)

7. Instatext – AI-Powered Writing Assistant

instatext - quillbot alternatives free

Instatext is another Quillbot alternatives tool that uses AI to assist you in making your writing better by rephrasing it. It’s a great option instead of Quillbot because it helps improve your text, making it easier to read and giving it a unique touch.

It doesn’t just make the text easier to understand but also fixes the sentences, corrects grammar, and makes your writing better. The way it works is easy for users, so you can use it without feeling worried about how things function.

Good Features

  • ✅Clarity
  • ✅Correctness
  • ✅Engagement
  • ✅Generative AI
  • ✅Plagiarism


  • ❌Limited words


Free trial14 days
ProRS599/month (billed annually)RS1499/month (billed monthly)


  • Product Hunt: 4.6/5 (29 votes)

8. Spinnerchief – Article Rewriter Tool

spinner chief - free quillbot alternative
spinner chief

By adopting advanced algorithms, SpinnerChief ensures that each sentence is unique, resulting in natural-sounding content that reaches human writing.

It can be used in over 20 languages and is accessible as both a web version and a desktop.

Among the features offered by this version are the creation, management, and inclusion of multiple accounts for members on various computers.

Good Features

  • ✅Spelling and Grammar
  • ✅API
  • ✅Turing Spinner


  • ❌Limited features are available in the free version
  • ❌The price is a little high


Starter$6/month (billed annually)
Business$9/month (billed annually)


  • Trustpilot: 4.2/5 (12 votes)

9. CleverSpinner – Article Spinner Tool

cleverspinner - best quillbot alternative

Using advanced networks, CleverSpinner paraphrases your text and creates high-quality content. 

It is designed to change sentences while keeping the main idea of the text. That’s why it’s a great option to the Quillbot alternative.

Good Features

  • ✅Text Humanizer
  • ✅Rewriting
  • ✅Convenient interface
  • ✅Bulk Spinning


  • ❌Lacks Customer Support


Free trial3 days


  • Gartner: 4.2/5 (20 votes)

10. Anyword – Advanced AI Writing Tool

anyword - quillbot alternatives

Anyword uses AI to make your writing even better and easier. It assists in both content creation and boosting your text for boosting sales or improving SEO rankings.

It offers a performance score that allows you to consider whether your content will lead to rankings or sales last to publishing. This eliminates the need to wait for two weeks to see the results after clicking the publish button.

Anyword enables you to define your engaged audience and receive AI-generated text customized to your particular customers.

Social networking posts, website pages, and Blog posts can use this feature for inspiration.

Good Features

  • ✅Content and Plagiarism checker
  • ✅Blog project
  • ✅Style and Tone
  • ✅Original content


  • ❌More features in the paid plan


Data-driven team$49/month


  • G2: 4.8/5 (1,196 votes)

11. Copy Shark – AI Powered Copywriting

Besides Quillbot’s paraphrase, Copy Shark also competes. This one of the Quillbot alternatives serves as a wellspring of inspiration for crafting blog articles, web pages, and even social media content that deeply connects with these specific audiences.

Copy Shark is widely used by numerous individuals to create content for various purposes such as social copies, sales pages, videos, product descriptions, and among others.

Copy Shark generates content in over 20 different languages and sounds natural. The cost of Copy Shark fluctuates periodically.

Good Features

  • ✅100+ languages
  • ✅Quick copy generation
  • ✅Style customization


  • ❌Not for SEO writing


  • Premium: $59


  • Gartner: 4.4/5 (53 votes)

12. Chimp Rewriter – Article Rewriter Tool

chimp rewriter - best alternative to quillbot
chimp rewriter

Chimp Rewriter stands out as a premier rewriter tool accessible online for text paraphrasing purposes.

Seamlessly merging with the Chat GPT API, it swiftly renews articles, granting you time efficiency and earning a reputation among the finest productivity support.

Using NLP, dig into your text, understand its significance, and restructure it also. This tool extends its benefit to various languages and, additionally, helps in refining your content for SEO enhancements.

Good Features

  • ✅Multilingual support
  • ✅30+ tools
  • ✅Smart writing
  • ✅Fast interface
  • ✅API access


  • ❌Absence of a subscription for a lifetime


Pro$99 per year


  • Trustpilot: 3.5/5 (5 votes)

13. Spinbot – Article Spinning Tool

spinbot - free alternative to quillbot

The Spinbot web tool is free and does not have any premium features. Content writers, authors, teachers, and students have become accustomed to using this tool.

SpinBot is an AI-driven content creator that can create unique, readable content. Your writing will be more engaging when you use the SpinBot tool.

Good Features

  • ✅Paraphrasing and summarizing tool
  • ✅Article Spinning
  • ✅Free


  • ❌Quality limitation


  • Free


  • Trustpilot: 3.5/5 (8 votes)

14. Speedwrite – Unique Writing Tool

speedwrite - quillbot alternatives

Speedwrite is an automated tool designed for generating text and rephrasing sentences. Although widely used, we believe it stands as one of the least effective solutions available in the market.

Copy-pasting content into Speedwrite’s interface allows you to paraphrase or rewrite it without wasting time. A number of formats, such as HTML, DOCX, and PDF, can also be uploaded for conversion.

You can use Speedwrite to quickly paraphrase existing texts without worrying about formatting or style if you just need something to generate some paraphrased content.

Good Features

  • ✅User-friendly
  • ✅Plagiarism detection
  • ✅AI writing
  • ✅Creative mode


  • ❌Output precision


Monthly$7.99 per month
Semi-Annual$6.66 per month
Annual$4.99 per month


  • No rating

15. Wordtune – Free AI Writing Assistant

wordtune - quillbot alternative

Rewrite the information you upload on the site with the Wordtune rewriting tool. You can pick between formal and casual tones when writing your text.

In addition, you can shorten or expand the selected text according to your needs.

Additionally, you have the option to elaborate on the chosen text, thereby adjusting the conciseness or detail of your content according to your needs.

Good Features

  • ✅Rewrite
  • ✅Suggestions
  • ✅Word Finder
  • ✅Length Controllers


  • ❌Pricey




  • G2: 4.6/5 (176 votes)

16. Semrush – Free Paraphrasing Tool

semrush - quillbot alternatives

The Semrush tool provides you with keywords, PPC campaigns, and backlink information about your competitors. 

Semrush proves to be a valuable instrument for identifying the keywords used by your rivals within their content. Also, you can check their keyword rankings and the ad wording they employ to attract visitors to their website.

Semrush can also suggest other search words that are similar to those your competitor is getting search results for! You can modify your sentences or make other writing improvements with the help of the writing aid.

Use it for both long blog posts and short pieces of text. All you need is access through the Semrush platform or Google Docs add-on.

Good Features

  • ✅Free to use
  • ✅Restructuring feature
  • ✅Improve tone


  • ❌Less unique


The assistance with writing is free.


  • G2: 4.5/5 (1,892 votes)

17. Hypotenuse AI – AI Writing Assistant & Text Generator

hypotenuse ai - quillbot alternatives
hypotenuse ai

Those in retail or e-commerce might find Hypotenuse AI more useful than Quillbot. Their AI copywriting tool is perfect for rewriting and generating new copy for product descriptions.

The complete AI writing helper creates blog articles, product explanations, and sales text. It’s an effective tool for both rephrasing and rewriting information.

Good Features

  • ✅Consistent Style and Tone
  • ✅AI content
  • ✅User-friendly


  • ❌Output quality has to be improved




  • G2: 4.4/5 (14 votes)

18. ProWritingAid – AI Writing Assistant Software

prowritingaid - quillbot alternatives

As well as checking grammar, ProWritingAid detects plagiarism and analyzes sentence structure. The ProWritingAid Chrome extension is free. If you’re seeking more than grammar checking, this software is perfect.

Good Features

  • ✅Conformity Writing Style
  • ✅Rephrase feature
  • ✅Grammar checker
  • ✅Detail reports


  • ❌Free plan is limited
  • ❌No App


Premiumbilled yearly ₹6600


  • G2: 4.5/5 (42 votes)

12 Other Website Like Quillbot

Here are 12 other Quillbot alternatives to consider.

  1. Paraphrasing tool
  2. SEOToolsCentre
  3. Paraphraser.io
  4. DupliChecker
  5. ClickUp
  6. Frase
  7. Writesonic
  8. Paraphrase Online
  9. Rewriter Tools
  10. Article Rewriter Tool
  11. PlagiarismDetector.net
  12. My Assignment Help

That’s it. We have discussed all 30 Quillbot alternatives. Now you can explore this alternative to Quillbot according to your budget.

Premium Choices vs. Quillbot Alternatives

If you don’t want to spend money, you can use Quillbot alternatives such as Copy AI, ParaphrasingTool, and Copy Smith for basic paraphrasing. These tools are good choices if you have limited funds.

However, if you want extra features, you can try tools like Anyword, which have short free trials. They give you more abilities and are still affordable.

Capabilities and Features

When looking for Quillbot alternatives, make sure to focus on the abilities and advanced features. When you’re checking out other choices, think about:

  • Paraphrasing accuracy
  • Additional tools


When you look for Quillbot alternatives, make sure the tools are easy to use with a simple interface so you can learn and use them quickly.

Making the Right Choice

To make a smart choice, think about things like how much it costs each month, if there’s a free trial, what it can do, and any downsides. This way, you can easily figure out the good and bad things about each option and pick one that suits what you need.

Conclusion: Explore these Quillbot Alternatives

Ultimately, Quillbot alternatives offer an array of possibilities for writers seeking enhanced support. With the diverse landscape of Quillbot alternatives, writers can fine-tune their sentences, improve their vocabulary usage, or enhance their overall communication with greater clarity. 

Quillbot alternatives can keep on innovating and improving, allowing writers to excel to the fullest extent possible, taking advantage of the advancing technology. However, we have covered 30 Quillbot alternatives for the best AI paraphrasing or rewriting tools.


Is there a free alternative to Quillbot?

Copy AI, Word AI, Jasper AI, Pre-Post SEO, and Grammarly are free alternatives to Quillbot.

Is there a better alternative to Quillbot?

Jasper AI is the best alternative to Quillbot. It rewrites text with clarity, creativity and style.

Which is better Spinbot or Quillbot?

Because Quillbot offers more features, like summarizing, freezing, and analytics, it is better than Spinbot.

Is QuillBot an alternative to ChatGPT?

Quillbot helps with writing, while ChatGPT AI is a versatile tool for various language tasks. If you need assistance with creative projects and essays, Quillbot is a great choice.

Is there a free version of Quillbot?

Certainly! Quillbot is free for users, but the same limits on input length apply as with other free products. Premium users enjoy the same benefits without these limitations.

Which paraphrasing tool is best?

Spinner Chief and Jasper’s paraphrasing tools are best.

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