20 Best AI Paraphrasing Tool Without AI Detection (Most Accurate)

best ai paraphrasing tool

Best AI paraphrasing tools help writers a lot. Now, save time and struggle to create original content.

Why Is Content Writing Important in Digital Marketing?

Content is crucial nowadays and greatly impacts many fields, especially in digital marketing. Regardless of their goals, content writers must produce and deliver many articles daily.📝

Good content is key for boosting brands in digital marketing. Good content is key to solving customer product issues.

Students must complete many written tasks before deadlines, ensuring their work is plagiarism-free each time.

Bloggers aim to share valuable content with their audience. Business owners often hire writers to promote their services effectively. For fields like digital marketing, the best AI paraphrasing tool is crucial.

What Happens if I Accidentally Plagiarize?

Copying directly from the internet or other sources like blogs, research papers, or journals to create a paper would be challenging. 

A content writer can get in trouble using someone else’s work. Both businesses and their customers would suffer consequences, including penalties for consumers and exclusion from AI search engines for websites.

Every content writer needs to create their own text each time to avoid plagiarism.

What Is the Best Solution for Plagiarism?

Content writing involves paraphrasing and rewriting existing information to create new articles.📰

Best AI tools for paraphrasing ensure 100% reliable and independent creation of original articles, free from plagiarism accusations.

How Do I Choose the Best AI Paraphrasing Tool?

There is no “perfect” AI paraphrase software. To choose the best AI tool for paraphrasing:

  • Diversity: The way AI paraphrasing works is that it rewrites your content in a different way than the original text. That’s why it’s important to pick a paraphrase tool that can create original content without changing the meaning of the original text.
  • User-friendly: You must make sure that the best AI paraphrasing tool is easy to use, intuitive, and easy to understand. It should also be quick so that you don’t need to spend a lot of time rewording large chunks of text.
  • Pricing: The type of paraphraser you use will rely on how much you can afford. Many of the best free paraphrasing AI tools are capable of handling the above-mentioned types of paraphrases, but they have fewer capabilities.

Is There a Free Paraphrasing Tool for AI?

There are ten best free AI paraphrasing tools to avoid plagiarism.

  1. Quillbot
  2. Editpad
  3. Paraphrasing tool
  4. Semrush
  5. Paraphraser.io
  6. Prepostseo
  7. WordAI
  8. Chimp Rewriter
  9. Spinner Chief
  10. Jasper AI

What Is the Best Premium AI Tool for Paraphrasing?

There are ten premium AI paraphrasing tools without AI detection.

  1. CopyAI
  2. ShortlyAI
  3. CopySmith
  4. Rytr
  5. Writesonic
  6. ContentShake
  7. Scalenut
  8. HIX.AI
  9. Wordtune
  10. AISEO

20 Undetectable Best AI Paraphrasing Tools Rank Wise

Having said that, let’s take a look at these twenty best AI paraphrasing tools to help you beat plagiarism tools or Turnitin as far as ranking order.

#1. Quillbot

QuillBot is an AI-driven writing tool. Its goal is to simplify the process of writing. Its powerful paraphrasing and grammatical grammar-checking capabilities have become the most popular AI paraphrasing tools.

quillbot - best ai paraphrasing tool

The ability to rephrase sentences while keeping their actual meaning helps avoid plagiarism and improve readability. Not only does this make writing easier, but it also makes it more efficient. If you’re someone who loves precision in your writing, you’re going to love QuillBot.

QuillBot also has a built-in grammar checker, which can detect grammatical mistakes and provide useful correction suggestions.💡

With its easy-to-use interface, QuillBot promises a smooth user experience.

#2. Editpad

EditPad, also known as the best AI Paraphrase Tool, is a tool for rewriting sentences. This tool is mainly designed for students to rewrite the long and short text.

In order to properly communicate with the users, this AI supports over 17 languages and accepts only text input.

In addition to the above, EditPad also comes with various transition tools. You can download the rephrased outputs in txt and in doc format.

#3. Paraphrasing Tool

If you need the best AI paraphrasing tool to help rephrase the text and ensure it’s unique and original, you’ll want to look into the plagiarism detector tool.

All you can do is add your text to the view. Then, this AI tool takes care of the rest, rewriting the text in your own words.

In addition to the plagiarism checker, there are several other features of plagiarism detectors that can help you ensure originality in your writing.

The plagiarism checker scans the text and tells you if any elements match different sources.

The reverse photo search feature can assist you in tracing the origin of a photo.📷

Paraphrasing Tool is one of the best AI paraphrasing tools for content writers and students alike. It not only helps you rephrase the text, but it also gives you the assurance that what you are writing is genuine and not plagiarized from another source.

If you are looking for a tool that will help you with paraphrasing, you should definitely check out the plagiarism tool. Not only does it help you paraphrase, but it also helps you with reverse photo searches and other plagiarism-related features.

#4. Semrush

Semrush is the next best AI paraphrasing tool. In fact, it’s the simplest paraphrasing tool you’ve considered when you first started looking into tools.

semrush - best ai paraphrasing tool

Semrush is a web-based paraphrasing platform that provides a simple copy-and-paste editor as well as a variety of other writing software.

We first tried Semrush when we were searching for a feature that didn’t just rephrase but also commented on the readability score and style of your content.

The most impressive feature of the paraphrasing tool is that it’s focused on giving you all the information you need about the readability, the tone, and the length of the content. 

All you have to do is type in your content, tap “Paraphrase”, and Semrush will rewrite your content in a matter of seconds while giving you more information about the content.

#5. Paraphraser.io

One of the best AI paraphrasing and rewriting original content is Paraphraser.io.

It provides the most precise outcomes that assist in preventing plagiarism.

Its quick and precise results are due to its AI that never lets you down.

It is 100% free for beginners.

It does not require any registration or signup, which makes the process faster.

If you are a writer, you can select the mode that suits you best. Basic & fluency modes are available at no cost to you.

If you are looking for different professional modes to write papers in, you can choose creative, standard, or fluency.

For a free plan that is suitable for beginners and students, you can paraphrase 1000 words at a time.

#6. Prepostseo

Unlike all the best AI paraphrasing tools out there, PrepostSEO is 100% free.🆓

This model works well for short and easy sentences because it doesn’t change the sentence structure significantly. The phrases and words are modified in Advanced mode, allowing you to modify your content before it’s finished.

This software is based on AI algorithms, so the most surprising feature is the BETA plan. This reverses the phrases to enhance your content’s professionalism.

PrepostSEO gives you extra features like being able to upload your text instantly from Onedrive or Google Drive on your computer or phone.

#7. WordAI

WordAI is another top-notch one of the best AI paraphrasing tools on our list. It’s an online rewriter tool that uses AI to create better, more original content while preserving its meaning and context.

wordai - best ai paraphrasing tool

Excellent outcomes as it not only reframes phrases or words but functions intelligently rearranges entire paragraphs using AI technology.

Like to upgrade the plan to the premium version?

It costs $49.95 per month, which is equal to $347 per year.

#8. Chimp Rewriter

On the other hand, Chimp Rewriter is another software that uses AI and NLP to make paraphrasing more professional. When you paste some text into the input box, it fully comprehends and analyzes the context before providing results.

This tool’s nice feature is that you can add multi-source videos and images automatically in just a few taps.

You can also post a paraphrased post with just one click across hundreds of sites.

If you’re not sure how to get started with Chimp Rewriter, you can try it out for 14 days. That way, you can get a feel for it and understand it before deciding on a payment plan.

#9. Spinner Chief

If we talk about the digital areas, Spinner Chief is one of the few best AI paraphrasing tools that offers a laptop and a web-based version to its customers.👤

One of the best features of this tool, or what you can call an exceptional feature, is that it allows its customers to purchase all plans of this software at the same time.

Once you start using the AI, you’ll find that you can choose your own custom spinning rules to write your sentences and paragraphs.

Content Bomb is another unique feature that enables you to crawl content, videos, and images to generate a unique post that you can post or save in any custom format for your WordPress blog.

#10. Jasper AI

Jasper AI is an innovative AI-based software that can rewrite, summarize, and plagiarize content. We have tried this software extensively to get a clear idea of what it does and how it works.

jasper ai - best ai paraphrasing tool

Jasper AI uses GPT-4 to create convincing, engaging content that stands out.

In addition to the ability to reword text, there are a variety of choices available. However, a great feature of this software is the Ability Improvement.

This feature allows you to customize your writing by choosing a reading level to optimize your readability scores.

This means that you don’t need to manually edit your copy – all you have to do is click the “Improve” option, and the copy will automatically be updated to the reader’s understanding level you have chosen.

Another great feature of Jasper AI is the “Text Summarizer.” This feature compresses information into short, easy-to-read bullet points while retaining essential information.

Jasper AI’s NLP allows it to quickly identify concepts in your text.

#11. CopyAI

CopyAI is one of the best AI paraphrasing tools to help content writers streamline their workflow. We were impressed by the platform’s powerful rewriting capabilities.

If you’re looking to rephrase a sentence, all you have to do is hit “Create Copy”, and you’ll have fresh, rewritten text to work with.

In addition, you can also use CopyAI to generate articles, create social site post content, and create product descriptions.

We tried CopyAI and were impressed by how comfortable it is to generate high-quality, longer-form articles.

The only downside we noticed was that the AI-generated text didn’t always have as much detail as we would like.

#12. ShortlyAI

The goal of ShortlyAI is to support writers in getting out of their writer’s block. Its features, like “Write for me”, make writing easier and more creative.

With endless credits, you won’t have to stress about getting charged after you run out of credits.💰

We tested “Write for Me” and found that it delivers high-quality results and great copy. It keeps the grade of your work intact, whether you’re writing a blog, article, or report.

The best thing about ShortlyAI is that it combines human-like comprehension and machine learning of text. It takes into account context data so you never miss out on content innovation projects.

#13. CopySmith

The Copysmith AI content generation tool was created by award-winning copywriters and AI specialists for ecommerce companies. We found it user-friendly and delivered great results.

The best way to use Copysmith AI was to copy existing descriptions with the help of Describely, a machine-learning program from Copysmith that can create product descriptions, images and videos using SEO optimization.

If you’re looking to promote any product on social sites, we recommend using Instagram Caption Improver. These features allow you to create catchy headlines and Instagram captions for girls and boys that grab people’s attention.

#14. Rytr

As one of the leading and best AI paraphrasing tools, Rytr is capable of rephrasing, shortening, and rewriting text with high accuracy. We have tested this software and found it to be one of the best in the market.

rytr - best ai paraphrasing tool

With Rytr’s text editor, you can produce high-quality content with ease and save time. Creating content in every language is now easier than ever before, with over 30 languages. 

Rytr can quickly rephrase your text in languages, which is great if the audience is dispersed all over the world.

#15. Writesonic

Create SEO-friendly content like articles, blogs, or essays with WriteSonic. We can say with confidence that it performs almost effortlessly to produce high-quality, SEO-friendly content in a matter of seconds.

WriteSonic is a game-changer for SEO. It drives the process much easier than stuffing keyword-rich text into paragraph after paragraph manually.

With WriteSonic, you can also change and customize the style of your text for various projects.

You can create completely amazing content in seconds – whether you begin with a short sentence or rewrite paragraphs.

#16. ContentShake

ContentShake is an easy-to-use tool that helps content creators save time on writing. We had hoped for this software since this AI was created by SEMRush, but it didn’t disappoint.

With features like Sentence Simplification and Content Expander, as well as WordPress integration, ContentShake will give you a head start on your next writing project – no matter what it is!

With ContentShake, you can get helpful writing tips on readability, voice, and copy length.

Sentence Simplification allows you to quickly and easily restructure and shorten a sentence while keeping its meaning intact.

With machine learning, you can rewrite your copy with originality and regularity while providing a natural-sounding copy to an English audience.

#17. Scalenut

Scalenut has been used by millions to boost organic traffic.🌐

scalenut - best ai paraphrasing tool

One of Scalenut’s most popular features is its complementary rewording tool. This tool helps you create great content by rewording paragraphs and sentences. We’ve tested this feature and found it to be very useful for generating fresh ideas in your copywriting.

Scalenut also offers a complimentary paraphrasing tool. This feature can help you generate compelling content by providing both re-phrased and original text. It also recommends alternative word options before overwriting the actual text.

Cruise Mode is another great feature of Scalenut. This feature contains unlimited tones.

#18. HIX.AI

Paraphrasing is one of the most important features of HIX.AI. HIX.AI offers a Google Chrome extension that allows you to paraphrase text while browsing. To paraphrase the text, simply select it to paraphrase and click on Rewrite. The Quick Lookup bar will pop up.

In addition to paraphrasing, HIX.AI can help you with translation, summarization, proofreading, brainstorming, and more.

If you like to create your own long-form articles rather than rephrase existing content, you can use HIX.AI ArticleGPT.

#19. Wordtune

Wordtune utilizes sophisticated AI features and linguistic models to paraphrase your text in a way that is clear, convincing, and authentic.

The integration with Microsoft Word allows you to rewrite your sentences instantly in your Word document.

Wordtune allows you to create your text in a formal way. It also allows you to shorten or expand your text in a matter of clicks. Also, there are websites like Wordtune that you can check out.

#20. AISEO

AISEO is one of the best AI paraphrasing tools with a wide range of options. It allows you to add your text to your web app and rephrase your content.

AISEO has some decent features, such as fine-tuning your text, changing your tone, ramping up your uniqueness level, etc.

What sets AISEO apart from others is the ability to “Import text from URL.” This is one of the most popular features that AISEO offers.

How Does AI Paraphrase Work?

Best AI paraphrasing tools are capable of accurately and quickly rephrasing complex ideas in a clear and comprehensible language without compromising on quality. 

While they differ from product to product, the vast majority of AI paraphrasing tools are simple and easy to use.

Type your text and click submit, and the program will automatically generate an alternate of your text using more straightforward language optimized for readability.

Why Should I Use the Best AI Paraphrasing Tools?

Many companies and content writers utilize these programs to reuse existing content.

These best AI paraphrasing tools are frequently built into AI writing tools.

For example, a user can easily develop variations on the generated text before improving and refining it further.

Even before Google Translate (GPT) was widely adopted, there were the best AI paraphrasing tools available that enabled you to express your ideas in different ways.

Today’s world can benefit greatly from the use of AI rewriter tools.

Important Notes

Your writing can be improved by using the best AI paraphrasing tool. Most of these tools are free to use, but there are a few that need you to select a paid subscription plan to begin rewriting. QuillBot and Wordtune, for example, are excellent free AI paraphrase tools, while Jasper AI is an excellent long-format content creator.


Thanks to the best AI paraphrasing tools, rewriting for writers is now easier. Every writer aims to create original, plagiarism-free content. Best paraphrasing AI tools are a big help for writers.

Now, save time by creating original content. These 20 best AI tools for paraphrasing meet top standards for generating precise, easy-to-read, and original content.


Can AI detect paraphrasing tools?

As AI content detectors become more advanced, they can now detect paraphrased content created by AI with high levels of accuracy.

Can paraphrasing by ChatGPT be detected?

Yes, you can be detected for plagiarism even if you copy content from ChatGPT or another source.

Is QuillBot AI cheating?

Trained to pick up on certain patterns. QuillBot’s AI detection feature will detect the presence of AI-generated blogs in your content. The AI-generated blog is likely to contain repeating words, poor grammar, and a choppy, unnatural flow. When QuillBot’s AI detection feature detects these elements, it will flag your text for additional analysis.

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