15 Copy AI Alternatives and Competitors for Content Writing

copy ai alternatives

Copy AI helps content teams create more effective content. Like many Copy AI alternative tools, they’re relatively new but have quickly gained recognition.

Users adore Copy AI for effortlessly creating company taglines, streamlining cold emails, and drafting SEO articles. Its standout features include idea-generation features that quickly help you outline fresh content ideas and beat writer’s block.

The chart below shows why people have used generative AI since last year!

types of generative ai users

Copy AI is helpful but not great for inputting large amounts of information. Its limited input features make it less suitable for in-depth research and thought leadership posts.

Explore other options! This guide covers Copy.ai alternatives, highlighting their features, prices, and reviews. Find the perfect fit for the team.🔁

What Is Copy.ai?

Copy AI has more than 90 content tools and templates, which is comparable to most other writing tools.

It makes sales pitches, online ads, and product descriptions.

Plus, Copy AI is the best AI tool for students as it helps with homework and math problems.

Drawbacks of Copy AI

Look at the drawbacks or limitations of Copy AI, for which users are looking for alternatives.

  • The Copy AI tool is slow in generating results, and we often feel frustrated with irrelevant content and numerous errors.
  • A writer, on average, might have trouble justifying such a large investment.
  • Sometimes, it creates wrong or strange text.
  • It’s brand new, so it’s unfair to criticize it negatively.

Why Should You Consider Copy AI Alternatives?

Picking AI tools for content creation can boost productivity, but finding the right fit for your team can be tricky. Balancing features and budget adds complexity.

  • Is the free plan enough for my needs, or should I upgrade and consider the impact on my budget?
  • Will everyone in the company use writing tools, or just specific departments or team members?
  • How will the tool be used to generate content, and do you require Integrations with different essential apps?
  • Make sure the tool has features aligned with the content goals.

Discovering the right Copy.ai alternatives depends on your needs, usage, and budget.🌐 Explore these top paid and free alternatives to Copy.ai for a quicker decision!🚀

Top Copy.ai Alternatives and Competitors

Here are 15 Copy.ai alternatives to consider.

  1. Copysmith
  2. ProWritingAid
  3. Simplified
  4. TextCortex
  5. Quillbot
  6. Hypotenuse AI
  7. ClickUp
  8. Jasper
  9. Writesonic
  10. Nichesss
  11. Anyword
  12. Dashword
  13. Rytr
  14. Frase
  15. Peppertype

15 Best Copy AI Alternatives in 2024 (Brief Discussion)

A list of the 15 best free and paid Copy AI alternatives in 2024.

1. Copysmith

copysmith copy.ai alternative

Copysmith is a Copy AI alternative tool that uses AI to create top-notch content for your e-commerce business, from SEO blogs to marketing emails, helping increase sales.

Copysmith helps you express your company’s identity effortlessly. With some clicks, create content in your brand’s style. Customize it further by instructing the AI to generate content tailored to your audience’s location, engagement rate, and interests.

Key Features of Copysmith

  • Copysmith works seamlessly with popular tools like Amazon, Magento, Zapier, and Shopify.
  • Use their API to create custom tools and boost productivity for your business.
  • They specialize in e-commerce writing, making it quick for company owners to generate lots of FAQs, product descriptions, and briefs in just minutes.
  • Boost your product sales on your Shopify or Amazon site using your brand voice and SEO tools.

Copysmith Pricing

  • No free plan
  • Paid plan: Starts from $19/month (yearly basis)

2. ProWritingAid

prowritingaid copy.ai alternative

ProWritingAid is a versatile AI writing tool for business professionals, creative writers, students, and teachers. The tool provides over 25 writing reports to improve your writing, including sentence structure, transitions, overused words, spelling, grammar, punctuation, and dialogue suggestions.

The Pro license comes with Sparks, an advanced AI tool. It offers more choices than another Copy.ai alternative. Sparks help enhance writing by summarizing text, improving fluency, adding details, expanding from notes, and more.

Key Features of ProWritingAid

  • Over 25 writing reports
  • Grammar correction
  • Multiple integrations
  • The Premium plan offers ten times more AI features

ProWritingAid Pricing

  • Free (500 words)

3. Simplified

simplified copy ai alternative

Simplified AI, a free Copy.ai alternative, is a design platform with easy-to-use copywriting tools. It quickly creates persuasive, AI-generated copy, perfect for teams and businesses with collaborative features.

Simplified, the best part? It’s a free writer tool! That means even teams on a tight budget can access the Copy.ai feature for free, regardless of their size.

Use Simplified to collaborate easily with real-time comments and shared workspaces. No more endless email threads! Invite as many teammates as you want, even if they speak various languages or are in diverse time zones. You can even use Simplified alternatives.

Key Features of Simplified

  • Mobile friendly
  • 70+ templates
  • Plagiarism checker
  • Doc editor
  • Team collaboration
  • SEO friendly
  • Long and short-form writer
  • Grammarly Integration

Simplified Pricing

  • Free

4. TextCortex

TextCortex is a top-notch alternative to Copy.ai free tool. It’s user-friendly, quick to grasp, and swiftly adopted. The tool offers various templates tailored to your needs, emphasizing high-quality output.

It even has a handy Chrome extension for writing in any online text box. Plus, it’s an AI tool designed to create blog posts three times faster than GPT-3, thanks to its modular approach.

TextCortex AI is the ideal tool for writers who want to effortlessly craft engaging content, prompt action from their audience, and streamline the writing process.

With automated features, it can generate product descriptions, blog posts, social media content, website ads, and email copy in over 70 languages. Save time and maintain content quality by letting TextCortex handle your writing needs effortlessly.

Key Features of TextCortex

  • Sustainable
  • Built-in blog title
  • Expanding the Content-On-Demand
  • SEO improvement feature
  • Budget-friendly
  • Constant updates

TextCortex Pricing

  • Free

5. Quillbot

quillbot alternative to copy.ai

Quillbot, launched in 2017, is an AI tool for rephrasing and summarizing content. It also includes a grammar-checking feature to spot errors in writing. Quillbot offers seven paraphrasing modes:

  • Standard
  • Fluency
  • Formal
  • Simple
  • Creative
  • Expand
  • Shorten

Users can decide the mode that fits their content best. Quillbot offers a free and paid plan. The free one has some limits, but the paid plan has no restrictions. You can even use Quillbot alternatives.

Key Features of Quillbot

  • Specialization and focus
  • Accuracy and quality
  • Third-party Integrations
  • Various language supported
  • Team collaboration
  • Plagiarism checker
  • Free trial
  • Chrome extension
  • Grammarly Integration

Quillbot Pricing

  • Free

6. Hypotenuse AI

hypotenuse ai alternative to copy.ai

Hypotenuse AI creates top-notch blog articles with solid facts backed by sources. The content is engaging, written from different perspectives, and feels like a direct conversation. They also offer various templates, including brainstorming tools and rewriting services.

Copy.ai provides a wider range of content creation options with numerous templates compared to Hypotenuse AI. This includes not only blog articles but also copy for social platform campaigns, product descriptions, and more. Additionally, Copy.ai offers unlimited copies, making it a more economical choice than Hypotenuse AI.

Choosing between Copy AI and Hypotenuse AI depends on your content creation needs. If you prefer a factual approach to writing detailed content, the Hypotenuse AI tool is the better Copy AI alternative. Its Content Detective feature extracts relevant facts from live web content, offering credible evidence to support your posts.

Key Features of Hypotenuse AI

  • Fluent copywriting
  • Content detective feature
  • Great output quality
  • In-built writing editor
  • Plagiarism checker
  • 30+ languages

Hypotenuse AI Pricing

  • Paid plan: Starts from $29/month (yearly basis)

7. ClickUp

We love ClickUp, and so do others! The AI tools are getting attention, with magazines such as Fast Company praising their productivity and functionality benefits.

ClickUp is a helpful writing assistant for various departments. Sales teams can draft products, email and engineering team members can use them for test plans, and marketing teams can use case studies for campaigns.

ClickUp’s writing assistant speeds up your work. Instead of brainstorming for 30 minutes, just input some sentences and get instant insights. This saves time for other important tasks.

Key Features of ClickUp

  • Subscribers can use over 100 specialized tools for different company departments. Pick tools for your department, then select a tone to make your desired content.
  • Quickly use the tool by typing /AI to instantly generate ideas on a precise topic.
  • Create to-do list items for assigning tasks to team members and make your content result process smoother, whether long-form or short.
  • Enhance your writing with the AI Toolbar. Just highlight text in ClickUp, and the tool quickly suggests improvements like making it longer or shorter and fixing grammar and spelling.

ClickUp Pricing

  • Free

8. Jasper

jasper copy.ai alternative

The Jasper copywriting tool helps you create content faster, promising an 80% reduction in drafting time—a goal for marketing teams and content creators.

Like other Copy AI alternatives, they’re updating their products. They replaced old plans with three new options, making it easier to find one that fits your budget.

Jasper Copy AI alternative works with Chrome, making content creation fast. Explore the template library with over 50 layouts for various needs, such as long-form content, Google ads copy, email writing, and product descriptions.

Key Features of Jasper

  • The tool lets you choose how you want to sound so you can easily match your brand and style in every content.
  • Enhance your writing effortlessly using the document editor, and the website’s rephrase tool. Connects seamlessly with Grammarly for plagiarism checks and grammar within the same tab as your Jasper-generated content.
  • Content can be easily created with five templates, including photo captions, ad copy, product reviews, and blog posts.
  • Boost your content’s search engine ranking with the SEO keyword tool, monitoring three keywords in your content.

Jasper Pricing

  • Paid plan: Starts from $39/month (yearly basis)

9. Writesonic

writesonic copy.ai alternative

Boost your project speed with Writesonic’s writing! 🚀 GPT-4 powers all premium plans, giving you cutting-edge tech instantly.

Writesonic’s tool streamlines features for writers, marketing teams, entrepreneurs, and e-commerce sites. It boosts efficiency and saves time, whether you’re creating your landing page, promoting a product, or writing a blog post to explain complex ideas.

Key Features of Writesonic

  • GPT-4 comes with over 100 features, like text-to-art, voice commands, and a plagiarism checker.
  • It allows you to write about recent events, something GPT-3 couldn’t do.
  • You can easily use it with Google Chrome and integrate it with LinkedIn and Twitter to share your content.
  • There’s also a big template library for various content types, saving you time with layouts and outlines.

Writesonic Pricing

  • Free trial

10. Nichesss

Nichesss, an alternative to Copy.ai, is a helpful AI writing tool for social platform managers and marketers. With 150 templates, it makes creating blog posts, meta descriptions, content briefs, and Google Ads easy. 

Integrate it into your workflow for faster content production and more time for other projects.

Key Features of Nichesss

  • Use unique reports to stand out. 
  • Find customers and understand your audience. 
  • Browse by industry type to create relevant content. 
  • The editor helps make long blogs quickly.

Nichesss Pricing

  • Paid plan: Starts from $19/month (yearly basis)

11. Anyword

anyword copy ai alternative

Anyword Copy AI alternative is a writing tool for marketers and bloggers, simplifying the creation of marketing content, including PPC campaigns, emails, landing pages, and blogs.

A simpler Copy AI alternative for individuals and small businesses. It’s easy to use, without many extra features, and perfect for generating content to increase conversions and traffic.

Key Features of Anyword

  • Anyword’s tool helps you rate subject lines, paragraphs, product descriptions, and titles to pick the best-performing one. 
  • It offers four modes for flexible content creation. 
  • The user-friendly interface is simple for beginners new to AI writing.

Anyword Pricing

  • Paid plan: Starts from $24/month (yearly basis)

12. Dashword

dashword copy.ai alternative

Dashword Copy AI alternative is an AI tool for easy content creation, optimization, and success tracking in one spot.

It’s great for teams working on blogs and SEO content, with an easy dashboard and no unnecessary extras for bloggers and freelancers.

Key Features of Dashword

  • Use Dashword Content Brief Builder to see what competitors are doing and get ideas for your content. 
  • It helps you optimize quickly by providing instant feedback on content quality and SEO keywords. 
  • Also, track how well your posts are doing and monitor keyword ranks with the Content Monitoring feature.

Dashword Pricing

  • Paid plan: Starts from $99/month (yearly basis)

13. Rytr

rytr copy.ai alternative

Say goodbye to writer’s block! Instantly create engaging, original content for blogs, emails, and ads in popular tones and languages with Rytr, a Copy.ai alternative. 

Just choose a template, provide some details, and your copy is ready in seconds!

Key Features of Rytr

  • Grammar check
  • Plagiarism check
  • Sentence formatting and tone check
  • Content generation

Rytr Pricing

  • Free
  • Rytr Saver: $9/month
  • Rytr Unlimited: $29/month

14. Frase

frase copy.ai alternative

Frase enables you to generate high-quality SEO content efficiently.

More than 200,000 content creators, agencies, and SEOs use this Copy AI alternative to research, write, and optimize top-notch content in minutes.

Key Features of Frase

  • SEO auditing and monitoring
  • Content generation and idea recommendation
  • SERP rank tracking
  • Competitor analysis

Frase Pricing

  • Paid plan starts from $19.99/month

15. Peppertype

Peppertype‘s AI writing assistant is great for small writing teams, but larger teams use it too. This tool is useful for overcoming writer’s block and generating new ideas. 

You can use the Peppertype Copy AI alternative to create content for blogs, social media posts, and product descriptions.

Key Features of Peppertype

  • Easily create quality content with plagiarism check and editor.
  • Boost engagement with automated audits.
  • WordPress integration.
  • Track ROI and KPIs.

Peppertype Pricing

  • Premium: $399/month (3 users included), $49/month per extra user.

Some Other Alternatives to Copy.ai

There are other alternatives to Copy.ai as well.

  1. Closerscopy
  2. Article Forge
  3. GrowthBar
  4. Grammarly
  5. ContentBot 
  6. Wordtune
  7. GravityWrite
  8. Word.ai
  9. Article Forge
  10. Pepper Content
  11. TextWizard

Copy AI Alternatives Save You Time

Create awesome content effortlessly with an AI copywriting program. These tools help you write more and faster, expanding the reach and boosting conversions on the site. Choose a Copy AI alternative with productivity-boosting features. Try these best twelve Copy AI alternatives free and paid tools, now for top-notch content in less time.⏰


Which is the best AI copywriting tool?

Copysmith, ProWritingAid, Simplified, and TextCortex are the best AI copywriting tools.

Is AI replacing copywriting?

No, these AI tools can’t fully replace copywriters because they lack flexibility, scope, and creativity.

Can Copy.ai be detected?

Use specialized tools to find plagiarism and AI language.

Can I Use Copy AI for Free?

Copy.ai is now free forever! You can use a 7-day trial to explore and create.

What does Copy.ai do?

Copy.ai assists businesses in creating advertisements and different types of marketing materials. Many solo business owners and entrepreneurs rely on Copy.ai to generate a variety of marketing content and expand their businesses.

Is Chat GPT better than Copy AI?

Although ChatGPT is impressive, Copy.ai wins this round. With its advanced feature, Copy.ai automatically enhances your prompts without you having to do anything.

Is Copy AI totally free?

The email generator from Copy.ai helps you quickly write better marketing emails. It’s a free tool that creates whole paragraphs based on your instructions.

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