Best AI Tools for Students: The 11 Free Tools We Recommend

best ai tools for students

Best AI tools for students are super important now—they help with writing better and getting instant feedback on students’ presentations.

The best thing? Lots of these are free AI tools for students! That’s great news for nonprofits and folks with tight budgets.

Study the top 11 AI tools of 2024 for academic success, whether it’s writing great essays or improving communication skills.

Which AI Tool is Best for Students?

Here is a list of free AI tools for school, college, and engineering students.

  1. is to solve Math questions
  2. Quizgecko AI is for creating and sharing quizzes
  3. Upword is the best AI for studying and learning
  4. TextToHandwriting converts typed text to handwriting
  5. ChatGPT prompts for students
  6. Tome AI is for creating PPTs easily
  7. Duolingo is to learn languages with fun games
  8. is to transcribe lectures and meetings
  9. to chat with documents
  10. Scholarcy AI summarizes long research articles
  11. is for video explanations of questions

Best AI Tools for School Students

These are the top four best AI tools for students in schools.


Caktus AI turns your text into complete homework answers. With Caktus, students can write essays, solve Math, and code.

caktus ai - one of the best ai tools for students

This chart shows how good Caktus AI is for students.

It gets a rating of 4.2 out of 5. It costs $9.90 per month. It’s user-friendly, with a score of 4.5 out of 5. It has good features, rated 4.2 out of 5. The quality of its output is decent, at 3.8 out of 5. There’s no mobile app. Overall, it’s great for students. is similar to an AI answer generator for students.

Highlight Features

  • Free trial: 5,000 characters.
  • Features: Essay & code generator.
  • Easy to use: Input what you need, it handles the rest.
  • Semi-auto AI: Completes tasks, may need input.
  • History saving: Edit previous work or request new output.


  • ❌ Slow compared to different AI content generators.
  • ❌ No support/contact info is available within the tool.

Caktus AI Pricing

caktus ai pricing

Caktus offers a 5,000-character free trial, equivalent to 500-1,000 words. Their Premium plan costs $9.99/month and allows unlimited word generation.

Final Thoughts

Try out Caktus AI, a cool writing tool powered by AI. It’s the future, so give it a go!

We want to stress that this AI assistant can’t always do your homework alone. It can mess up and even copy content sometimes.

AI can’t think. It’s like a smart calculator, predicting based on what it’s learned online. It doesn’t know right from wrong, just guesses that often happen to be right.

2. Quizgecko AI

Quizgecko is one of the best AI tools for students making creating and sharing quizzes super easy with AI.

quizgecko - one of the best ai tools for students

It’s for teachers and students. It uses smart AI to make questions from any text, saving a lot of time and effort.

Quizgecko makes it easy for teachers to create tests and for businesses to assess their employees’ knowledge.

Highlight Features

  • ✅ Chrome Extension
  • ✅ AI Question Generator
  • ✅ Analytics and Reporting
  • ✅ Flashcards


  • ❌ Free plan is limited
  • ❌ Limited question types

Quizgecko AI Pricing

quizgecko pricing
  • Free
  • Student: $64/year
  • Educator: $89/year

Final Thoughts

Quizgecko stands out because it can turn any text, webpage, or video into quizzes. It pulls out the important details and makes quizzes way easier and faster.

3. Upword AI

Upword AI assistant to make finding information easier. With GPT-4, Upword speeds up learning by 10 times!

upword ai - one of the best ai tools for students

Upword’s AI tools make research easy for students, professionals, and researchers turning the content into useful knowledge.

Highlight Features

  • ✅ Personalized ChatGPT
  • ✅ AI Copilot
  • ✅ Efficient Search
  • ✅ Summarization
  • ✅ Unlimited Storage



Upword AI Pricing

  • 7 days free trial
  • Paid plan: $12.50/month

Final Thoughts

Yes, Upword AI gives accurate summaries by extracting key points, so users get clear and useful information.


The problem is that we’re missing handwritten content nowadays. TextToHandwriting swapped pens for keyboards, making things feel impersonal. It’s time to bring back that personal touch we all love.

texttohandwriting - free ai tool for students

Today, let’s discuss TextToHandwriting—one of the best AI tools for students that transforms your typed text into a handwritten document!

You can add heading text and content text on the page. Pick from 8 handwriting styles and choose sizes for both headings and content. Also, choose ink colors: black, red, or blue.

Picking colors helps you customize content easily.

Once your document’s done, you can save your content as an image. Use it for cool article layouts on your site or send a special birthday note to someone you love.

Highlight Features

  • ✅ Excellent conversion
  • ✅ New fonts
  • ✅ User-friendly



TextToHandwriting Pricing

  • Free

Final Thoughts

This text-to-handwriting tool is fun and worth checking out. It’s an excellent way to generate fresh content for your users. The site is always free to use.

Best AI Tools for College Students

The four best AI tools for college students.

5. ChatGPT Prompts for Students

ChatGPT serves not only as an AI tool for business and marketing but also proves advantageous for students.

One of the best AI tools for students is ChatGPT using specific prompts. Let’s sort these prompts by topic to make them clear for every community.

A. ChatGPT Prompts for High School Students

If you want to write an essay with a specific topic, just type – Write a friendly essay about [topic] in 500 words and provide it in the correct format.

chatgpt prompt for student for specific topic - best ai tools for students

If you need project ideas, just ask ChatGPT by typing – Suggest some ideas on science projects and get started!

chatgpt prompt related to science project

If you struggle with Math and need help understanding a concept, just ask ChatGPT! Say – Explain [idea_name] with an example in Mathematics.

chatgpt prompt for math students

If you need help with a problem, just ask ChatGPT! Ask questions like – Can you show us how to crack a Geometry problem? and give space and write the question.

chatgpt geometry problem ask prompt

B. ChatGPT Prompts for Engineering and College Students

If you’re new to development and want to make a web app, just ask ChatGPT. Just type – Create an easy web app with JavaScript.

chatgpt engineering prompt related to java script

If you need to discover bugs in some code, just ask ChatGPT using the prompt – Process to see the bug in our sample code.

chatgpt prompt for debugging in the sample code

If you need help adding a feature like a button or icon to your project, just ask ChatGPT! Instead of searching multiple websites, ChatGPT can give you code ideas directly. Just give the prompt, like – Create a button using JavaScript.

chatgpt prompt to add button using javascript

You can make a web app RESTAPI with Express and Node.js. Just type – Create the RESTAPI endpoint with Express and Nodejs.

chatgpt prompt to create restapi endpoint

6. Tome AI

Tome AI makes creating PPTs easy. It improves presentations, making them better looking and more impactful, whether for showcasing products, sharing research, or impressing clients.

tome ai - one of the best ai tools for students

You can pick templates or create your own to match your brand. It helps make one-pagers or mood boards swiftly, conveying your idea elegantly.

Highlight Features

  • ✅ Create presentations faster
  • ✅ Excellent customization
  • ✅ Collaboration
  • ✅ Tiles
  • AI image generator


  • ❌ The free version restricts presentation sharing to PDFs. 
  • ❌ The tool only supports 4 languages.

Tome AI Pricing pricing
  • Free
  • Professional: $16/month

Final Thoughts

This software is different from other best AI tools for students. Its user-friendly interface guides you smoothly. AI offers refined presentation tips. Easily drag and drop tiles and templates.

7. Duolingo

Duolingo is the top education app, making learning languages a fun game.

duolingo - ai tool for students

Playing games makes learning languages more enjoyable and keeps motivation high.

Every day, 5 million people use Duolingo. It’s a huge part of the app world, with more than 500 million downloads worldwide. 

It is free on Android and iOS, and there’s a website too, bringing in 5.5 million users/month.

Highlight Features

  • The Shop: The Shop lets you spend extra gems.
  • Refill Health: In Duolingo’s free plan, you get five hearts as your “health.” Lose one heart for each query you miss.
  • Leagues: Duolingo boosts motivation and competition with its weekly leagues, where users compete against 30 players.
  • Speaks: When you travel and wish to learn about new cultures, being able to chat is key.
  • Listen: Something useful for people learning languages through audio.
  • Daily Quest: In addition to reaching your daily goal, you’ll also have daily quests to finish.


  • ❌ Encourages brief instructions to maintain the trend
  • ❌ Speech Practices Are Not Working

Duolingo Pricing

  • Free

Final Thoughts

We liked how fun it was to learn with games. It helped us pick up new words without feeling like we were studying. 

Some language applications can be really serious, which is okay sometimes. But Duolingo’s streaks kept us interested. 

Watching our streak grow every day felt exciting. And competing with friends made it even more fun (most of the time). 

But when we lost our streak, we lost our motivation too. Later on, we used Duolingo to practice Spanish alongside other methods.


In today’s busy educational world, where classes and discussions happen quickly, having an AI tool for students to record and understand spoken words is super useful. - one of the best ai tools for students

That’s where comes in. It’s a high-tech service that uses AI to transcribe speech, making life easier for lots of students.

Highlight Features

  • ✅ Transcribes lectures and meetings
  • ✅ Speaker identification
  • ✅ Searchable content
  • ✅ Platform integration
  • ✅ Custom Vocabulary


  • ❌ isn’t perfect.
  • ❌ Real-time needs a stable internet.
  • ❌ The free version has limits. Pricing pricing
  • Free
  • Pro: $10/month/user

Final Thoughts is another one of the best AI tools for students, helping with lectures, and group work, and never missing a word spoken. It’s a must-have for any student!

Best AI Tools for Engineering Students

Here are the three best AI tools for Engineering students.

9. is an excellent AI tool for students to chat with documents. People use it for study and work.

You can request the document queries to learn more without reading it. chats

This is one of the best AI tools for students when learning new things like skills, projects, theories, and more.

Highlight Features

  • ✅ User-friendly
  • ✅ Accurate and fast
  • ✅ Saving chats


  • ❌ No ChatGPT integration
  • ❌ Price plan Pricing pricing - best ai tools for students costs $10/user/month. Unlimited access begins at $20, and there’s also a free plan with some restrictions.

Final Thoughts

PDF AI helps frequent users think smarter with PDFs.

This AI tool will be liked by students, lawyers, and professionals who want to save effort and time reading long documents and learn faster.

If you’re not excited about ChatGPT, try for all your PDF needs.

10. Scholarcy AI

QuillBot or Quillbot alternative tools help with short articles, and Scholarcy tackles long papers. It’s simple: upload, link, or paste text, and get a quick summary.

scholarcy ai - one of the best ai tools for students

The Scholarcy article summarizer quickly scans long research papers to pick out important details like facts, formations, and references. It then makes a summary card that you can easily save in Word or PowerPoint.

Highlight Features

  • ✅ Extensive library
  • ✅ Rob-Highlighter
  • ✅ Reference Summary
  • ✅ Input and Export methods


  • ❌ No mobile app for Scholarcy.
  • ❌ Additional fees for Scholarcy Library access.
  • ❌ Generated output may lack important info at times.

Scholarcy AI Pricing

scholarcy ai pricing
  • Free
  • Plus: $4.99/month

Final Thoughts

The Scholarcy summarizer makes summaries of research papers, articles, or reports. It saves you time by condensing important information for you, so you can get things done faster without having to read everything yourself.


Stuck? Socratic helps! This Google AI learning app helps with university studies and high school.

socratic ai

You can ask Socratic your questions, and you’ll find great online resources to help you learn school subjects.

Socratic App Topics

  • Science: Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Earth Science, Environmental Science
  • Math: Algebra, Geometry, Trigonometry, Precalculus, Calculus
  • English/Language Arts: Fiction, Non-fiction, Drama, Poetry
  • History: US History, World History

Highlight Features

  • Useful Results: Utilize camera or voice for online resource connection.
  • All-in-One Learning Hub: Access videos, step-by-step guides, and more for self-paced learning.
  • Expert Study Guides: Visual explanations created by experts and teachers for comprehensive understanding.
  • Multi-Subject Support: Covers Algebra and more.


  • ❌ Web version is not available. Pricing

  • Free (iOS and Android)

Final Thoughts

The Socratic application is great with VoiceOver. We could do voice and text searches easily and get results that VoiceOver could read well. Equations are read aloud, but they missed a negative symbol once. We found the missing information elsewhere in the iOS and Android app easily.

Benefits of Using These Best AI Tools for Students

  • Personalized education
  • Immediate response
  • Increases in productivity
  • Engaging education
  • Insights based on data
  • Inclusivity and Accessibility

To Conclude

Your mission is to check out these top 11 AI tools!

The Main Takeaways from this Article:

  • AI in education targets teaching to students’ needs, making learning easier and personalized.
  • If you are in school, use to solve Math and essays for your homework, let Quizgecko AI help with creating and sharing quizzes, try Upword AI for studying and learning, and consider TextToHandwriting to upgrade your handwriting.
  • For college students, the ultimate AI tools include Tome AI for presentations, ChatGPT for writing help, Duolingo for language learning fun, and for transcribing lectures.
  • For engineering students, top AI tools like offer document chat capabilities, Scholarcy AI summarizes lengthy research articles, and provides video explanations for questions.

When choosing the best AI tools for students remember to focus on compatibility, effectiveness, reliability, and understanding limitations. These factors are key to making the right decision for your school or institution.

Don’t forget to consider these best AI tools for students in 2024.


Which AI is best for students?

The right AI tool depends on what you need. Upword helps with writing, is great for Math, and Duolingo is for learning languages.

Is there a free AI app for students?

Quizgecko is the top free AI app for students, famous for making and sharing quizzes, and lets you chat with documents.

What is the best AI tool for student assignment writing?

Upword AI is the best AI tool for student assignment writing in education. It’s designed to make research and writing easier for academics and students.

How can students use AI?

Teachers can assign Math problems for students to solve using a tool like After the AI answers, school and college students can work together in teams to make their own using the Math skills they’ve learned.

What type of AI can be used in education?

Different AI tools for education:

Adaptive learning
Attention, empathy, and emotion measurement tools
Virtual chatbots
Automatic writing evaluation tools
Personalized educational resources
Apps for smart language learning
Platforms for personalizing content

What is the best GPT for students?

Upword AI and Scholarcy AI are the best GPTs for students. They summarize files and extract text. Plus, Upword AI can answer your questions. Great study partners!

What is the AI writing tool for college students?

Upword AI is the best AI writing tool for college students. It automates writing and research for students and academics.

Is AI a good tool for students?

AI in education boosts student performance by giving more feedback. It evaluates progress, offers targeted advice, and spots areas needing improvement.

What is the best AI for engineering students?, Scholarcy AI, and are the best AI tools for engineering students.

What software do AI engineers use?

Common AI software includes, Scholarcy AI, and

What is AI used for in engineering?

Engineers are using AI in engineering for things like robots, materials, and designing with text. They see how valuable it is.