AI Writing Tools – 15 Best Free AI Content Generators in 2024

ai writing tools

If you want the best AI writing tools that can support you in writing great copy, publishing your blog posts, essay, email, and resume writing faster, and taking slow-paced writing out of your workflow, you’re in the correct place.

What Is an AI Writing Tool and How Does It Work?

  • AI writing is the use of AI tools to generate written content. For example, you can send prompts and have AI write short essays.
  • You can write a script and have AI write it.
  • You can edit the content for grammar errors and further.
  • AI will complete the assignment in minutes instead of hours spent researching and writing from start to finish.
  • The abilities of AI writing rely on the platform used.

How does it work? Did you know your smartphone keyboard has predictive text? Predictive text is a type of AI that analyzes what you type and gives you “educated guesses” about what you could write next based on what you have written in a particular app in the past.

For instance, if you tell someone they’re amazing in the text every day, your predictive text will predict that you’ll say the exact thing again. This is something you’ll see in many applications on your phone.

Instead of comparing your behavior to yourself and predicting what you will express next, AI writing tools will collect data based on what others have written in reply to similar prompts.

How Accurate Is AI Writing Tools?

AI writing tools can suggest ways to improve your sentence structure, making your content even more accurate.

Is It Ethical to Use AI Writing Tools?

One of the biggest worries about AI writing tools is that they might accidentally create content that copies other people’s work, resulting in copyright infringement.

Copyright infringement is when an unauthorized person uses another person’s copyrighted work without their permission. This kind of illegal use of tools harms the reputation of the actual author and may result in legal action.

Is AI Written Content Good for SEO?

You can create high-quality AI content that’s optimized for search engines, improving your site’s ranking in SERPs and reaching a broader audience.

How Do I Use AI for Writing?

The first thing people said when AI writing tools flooded the market was that they would be used by students to write papers, or by professionals to cut down on the writing tasks. Unfortunately, these things will happen.

However, AI tools for writing can also be used in a positive way. AI software can help you with research and then take control to validate information, turn it into thought patterns, and add emotion with storytelling.

Are Best Free AI Content Generators Worth It?

The best free AI content generator saves time and cuts down on staffing expenses. These generators help generate diverse thoughts for your AI content.

Must Have Features for the Best AI Writing Tools

Taking a closer look at the sites, we have evaluated them on the following features:

  1. 📝 Blog Generator: Does it help you in generating blogs for a certain topic?
  2. 📄 Essay Writer: Does it write a well-organized essay?
  3. 📧 Email Writer: Does it compose an email faster?
  4. 💼 Resume Writer: Does it build a professional resume in minutes?
  5. 💳 Pricing Plan: What is the cost of the AI writing tool?

Best Free AI Content Generators Compared

Here’s a quick overview of the best free AI content generators, including their limitations and upgrade costs.

Best Free AI Content Generators Best ForPricing
QuicktoolsBlog generator, Essay and email writerFree, Paid – $55.99 to $74.98/month
AhrefsBlog generator$83/month
WritesonicBlog generator, Essay and email writerFree, Paid – $13/month
GrammarlyBlog generator, Essay, email, and resume writer$12/month
WordtuneBlog generator, Essay, email, and resume writerFree, Paid – $9.99/month
AnywordBlog generator, Essay, email, and resume writer$39/month
JasperBlog generator, Essay, email, and resume writer$59/month
RytrBlog generator, Essay and email writerFree, Paid – $9/month
Copy.aiBlog generator, Essay and email writerFree, Paid – $36/month
QuillBotBlog generatorFree, Paid – $4.17/month

Top 15 Best AI Writing Tools in 2024

What is the best AI writing tool? Is there a free AI writing tool? We have tested and compared all the features and selected 15 best paid and free AI writing tools with features like blog generator, essay writer, email writer, resume writer, and pricing plan.

#1. Quicktools By PicsArt – Best AI Blog Writing Tool

ai writing tools - quicktools by picsart

Quicktools By PicsArt is an excellent tool that can work with text-generating services and its image editor. We tested for our assignment and it produced a report that scored 88/100. It was free of charge and featured a grammatical checker and plagiarism.

Create social site captions, paragraphs, essays, emails and quotes with Quicktools By PicsArt AI blog writing tool.

  • 📝 Blog Generator: Yes
  • 📄 Essay Writer: Yes
  • 📧 Email Writer: Yes
  • 💼 Resume Writer: No
  • 💳 Pricing Plan: Free, Paid – $55.99 to $74.98/month

#2. Ahrefs – Best AI Tool for Content Writing

ai writing tools - ahrefs

Ahrefs’ AI writing tool is an advanced AI designed to support you to write high-quality content effortlessly. Based on your input, this best AI software for writing uses advanced NLP and ML algorithms to create paragraphs or essays that look just like human writing.

You can use it to write blog posts and create marketing copy.

  • 📝 Blog Generator: Yes
  • 📄 Essay Writer: No
  • 📧 Email Writer: No
  • 💼 Resume Writer: No
  • 💳 Pricing Plan: $83/month

#3. Writesonic – Best Free AI Content Generator

ai writing tools - writesonic

What is Writesonic? The Writesonic best free AI content generator is designed to help you with the content generation process. With the help of AI, you can create blog posts, landing pages, and more.

Writesonic’s AI writing tools are especially useful for those struggling with content writer’s block. With over 60 built-in AI writing tools, you’ll be able to brainstorm visions and create content for yourself.

  • 📝 Blog Generator: Yes
  • 📄 Essay Writer: Yes
  • 📧 Email Writer: Yes
  • 💼 Resume Writer: No
  • 💳 Pricing Plan: Free, Paid – $13/month

#4. Grammarly – Best for Academic Writing

ai writing tools - grammarly

If you’ve ever heard of an AI writing tool, you’ve probably heard of Grammarly.

Grammarly is one of the most popular AI writing tools in businesses and schools. And for the right reason.

With Grammarly, your work is guaranteed to be grammatically correct and free from errors.

From spell-checking to grammar, Grammarly makes sure you always get the job done. It also has a plagiarism feature to make sure you’re working on original content.

A free Grammarly version can support you in using the standard grammar and spelling tools. However, the paid version gives you the ability to use advanced options to enhance your writing.

  • 📝 Blog Generator: Yes
  • 📄 Essay Writer: Yes
  • 📧 Email Writer: Yes
  • 💼 Resume Writer: Yes
  • 💳 Pricing Plan: $12/month

#5. Wordtune – Best AI Rewriting Tool

ai writing tools - wordtune

If you’re looking for one of the best AI writing tools that can support you to catch grammatical errors and improve your writing, you’ve come to the right place. Wordtune isn’t just good at catching grammatical errors, it’s also great at helping you create engaging content.

Wordtune makes sure that the text is legible so that it always reads as if it were written by a human writer and not a piece of AI software. Wordtune is 100% cloud-native, has a real-time thesaurus, and is easy to integrate with social media and different business applications.

  • 📝 Blog Generator: Yes
  • 📄 Essay Writer: Yes
  • 📧 Email Writer: Yes
  • 💼 Resume Writer: Yes
  • 💳 Pricing Plan: Free, Paid – $9.99/month

#6. Anyword – Best AI Software for Writing

ai writing tools - anyword

What is Anyword? Anyword is an AI copywriting software for sales and marketing. While some copywriting software creates automated copy that reads as if it was written by a robot, with Anyword AI it will read as if it were written by a human.

You can write blog posts, advertisements, articles, and much more that can be used across multiple marketing channels.

  • 📝 Blog Generator: Yes
  • 📄 Essay Writer: Yes
  • 📧 Email Writer: Yes
  • 💼 Resume Writer: Yes
  • 💳 Pricing Plan: $39/month

#7. Jasper – Best AI Tool for Resume Writing

ai writing tools - jasper

Jasper is an AI writing tool that allows you to write high-quality content in a fraction of the time. With more than 50 templates with 25+ languages support, you can customize to fit your business needs.

Jasper allows you to create custom AI-generated content for your audience. It will also help you catch grammatical errors to make sure you’re doing your best work.

  • 📝 Blog Generator: Yes
  • 📄 Essay Writer: Yes
  • 📧 Email Writer: Yes
  • 💼 Resume Writer: Yes
  • 💳 Pricing Plan: $59/month

#8. Rytr – Best AI Essay Writer

ai writing tools - rytr

Rytr is a writing assistant that uses AI to create content on a variety of topics. It supports 40 different use cases, such as:

  • Blog ideas
  • Email writing
  • Blog section writing
  • Job descriptions

You can train Rytr to create your own use cases. Custom use cases can only be created by premium plan users.

  • 📝 Blog Generator: Yes
  • 📄 Essay Writer: Yes
  • 📧 Email Writer: Yes
  • 💼 Resume Writer: No
  • 💳 Pricing Plan: Free, Paid – $9/month

#9. – Best Copywriting AI

ai writing tools - Writing Tool is for copywriters, business owners, marketers, freelance writers, Instagram captions, landing pages, and more.

By generating content that matches the brand voice, this best free AI content generator can create copy that matches your company’s personality. Even alternatives can’t reach the level of copywriting features like

  • 📝 Blog Generator: Yes
  • 📄 Essay Writer: Yes
  • 📧 Email Writer: Yes
  • 💼 Resume Writer: No
  • 💳 Pricing Plan: Free, Paid – $36/month

#10. QuillBot – Best AI Paraphrasing Tool

ai writing tools - quillbot

QuillBot AI is a writing assistant that uses AI to help you paraphrase, summarize, translate, and generate citations.

If you’re looking for a high-quality and best AI paraphrasing tool, we highly recommend QuillBot. It’s especially useful for content marketers. However, students and academics might not like QuillBot because its results don’t always pass detection tools. They can look for free QuillBot alternatives.

  • 📝 Blog Generator: Yes
  • 📄 Essay Writer: No
  • 📧 Email Writer: No
  • 💼 Resume Writer: No
  • 💳 Pricing Plan: Free, Paid – $4.17/month

5 Other AI Writing Tools

There are 5 other AI writing tools that you might find useful for blog posts, essays, emails, resumes, and coding.

  1. Resumai – Free Resume Builder
  2. Google AI – Free AI Writing Tool
  3. Actipro Software – Best AI Tool for Code Writing
  4. – Best SEO Writing Tools
  5. Hemingway Editor – Best for Readability

Our AI Writing Tool Evaluation

We divided the best AI tools into five categories. Each of these has its own sub-category – which allows us to assess and compare AI writing tools.

  • Price – 20%: Each AI tool came with various pricing plans. We looked at how much each tool costs per month or per year and whether there were any hidden fees or additional costs.
  • Set of features – 30%: Each tool was rated based on its ability to improve spelling and grammar, rephrase sentences, and generate content.
  • User-friendly – 10%: We were looking for the best free AI content generators that are easy to use, and easy to navigate.
  • Output quality – 25%: Each tool was scored based on the consistency and accuracy of the content it generated. Tools that were able to create clear, structured, and fault-free content earned higher scores.
  • Customer support – 15%: We looked at the speed of support channels like email, phone calls, or live chat. Customer support is important for people who might have problems or need help with the AI tool.

User Experience In These Best Free AI Content Generators

This personalized approach boosts user engagement by providing relevant content instantly. Using AI cuts down on the time and effort needed for content creation, making the process easier by automating text, images, and other media.

How Many Types of AI Tools Are There?

There are many AI writing tools available to support you in creating content more efficiently and accurately, regardless of the type of software you need. Examples are:

  • Bloggers can also use AI writing tools to save effort and time when setting up a calendar and when editing blogs. 
  • Small enterprises can write a monthly blog, write marketing emails, and create social site posts, and can rely on the best AI writing tools to generate content. However, it’s important to note that someone should always check quality and accuracy.
  • YouTubers can ask for an online AI tool for writing to create a script. Best AI writing software is available in various sizes, features, and price ranges.

Benefits of Using AI Writing Tools

There are many benefits to using AI tools when it comes to writing.

  • Boosts writing: AI writing tools can improve the quality of your writing by identifying and predicting mistakes, as well as making grammatical and word-choice recommendations.
  • Improve practices: The biggest benefit of using AI writing tools is their ability to save time and effort by accelerating the innovative process. Writing fascinating content can be time-consuming, but automated writing can help streamline your workflow and free up your time to focus on more important work.
  • Make your web page search-friendly: AI can also help you improve your content’s ranking in search engines. The best free AI writing tools can look at the data and structure on top pages and see where your page needs improvement.
  • Create ideas: Companies need to be clever when it comes to their marketing to stand out from competitors. It definitely takes a while to come up with new and actual ideas. However, if you’re searching for a new take on a subject, AI writing tools can provide you with ideas to jumpstart creativity by helping you come up with exciting content ideas.
  • Several languages: AI tools for writing can create content in hundreds of languages, making it possible to create content in multiple languages.

What are the Content Generation Techniques?

Make your content actionable by:

  1. Teach readers how to do things.
  2. Include examples from your work and research.
  3. Use visuals like screenshots and videos.
  4. Provide extra resources.

Look for Content Personalization

Personalized content after using the best free AI content generators benefits customers by giving them what they want, making them feel understood and valued by the brand, and improving their overall experience.

Can AI Really Replace Writers?

No, AI won’t replace genuine writers. AI content writing tools are still limited in the ability to tell stories. Humans are storytellers by nature.

AI bots, on the other hand, AI tools are to collect data and create informed decisions.

As a Final Observation

We’ve reviewed the top AI writing tools that can help you with your writing requirements. The ones we’ve listed above are top-notch for now, but keep checking back – this AI market is always evolving.

It’s also important to note that while these AI writing tools are powerful, they don’t necessarily work for everyone. In the end, the best writing results come from an experienced human writer working with an AI writing tool, and that’s unlikely to change in the near future.


Is there a free AI writing tool?

Quicktools By PicsArt, Writesonic, and Wordtune are free AI tools for content writing.

What is the best AI script writer?

Synthesia is the best AI scriptwriter.

What is the best free AI writing tool?

Rytr,, and QuillBot are the best free AI writing tools.

Why is the best AI writing tool?

Auto-generated content is the key to the success of Its innovative technology uses AI algorithms to automatically curate and create high-quality content. With its customizable features and user-friendly interface, auto-generated content is easy to use for all levels of expertise.