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How to convert PNG to JPG format?

3 simple steps to use Free PNG to JPG Converter

PNG to JPG - Upload

Upload Image

Upload the PNG images that you want to convert.

PNG to JPG Converter

Select Format

Select the format in which you want to convert from PNG to JPG, SVG, etc.

PNG to JPG Download

Convert & Download

Click on “convert” and wait for a second, your converted image is ready for download

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Why Use Mockey To Convert PNG to JPG Format?

Our Free PNG to JPG Converter is crafted to cater to all your image converter.

Optimise Images for Internet

Optimise Images for Internet

Compared to PNG, JPG images are smaller in file size. It makes JPG a great choice for social media or blog posts. Convert images from PNG to JPG to follow image upload requirements for any website.

Free Unlimited Downloads

Free Unlimited Downloads

You can convert images from any image format to any other image format instantly for free. Get unlimited downloads for your converted images in high resolution.

Do More With Images

Do More With Images

Need to convert PNG into JPG to use for some project? Convert images for free with suit of Mockey image converters. 

Optimise Image For Websites

Optimise Image For Websites

Quickly resize images. Convert your photos into JPG to optimise image for websites, blogs, and online platforms.

Bulk Convert Images

Bulk Convert Images

With bulk image conversion, you can upload and convert multiple images in one go. Mockey supports PNG, JPG, GIF, WEBP, HEIC, RAW conversions, and more.

Share Online Instantly

Share Online Instantly

Download your converted images on your laptop or phone. Share your JPG converted images with family, friends, or online.

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FAQs on PNG to JPEG Converter

PNG to JPEG Converter

How to convert PNG to JPG for Free?

Upload your images on Mockey PNG to JPEG converter and select your choice of format in which you want to convert it. You can upload and convert instantly by clicking a single button. You can drag and drop images to instantly convert from PNG to JPG.

What is PNG to JPG Conversion?

PNG and JPG are different image formats with different pros and cons. JPEGs or JPG are compressed images that carry less data and hence are smaller in size. Both image format contacts data such as photograph,EXIF (date & time of image creation), and camera settings. But each has different identity. PNG file has text data along with image such as image description of copyright notice, etc.

PNG files are specially designed to send over internet without losing data. But PNG files are not right file format for printing. PNG files are great for viewing on monitors or phones but not in physical print.

For different use cases, you can compress PNG to JPG (JPEG) for using PNG converters.

Why should I convert PNG to JPG?

PNG files lack CMYK color information, rendering them unsuitable for professional printing. They also feature transparency spaces, potentially leading to unexpected results when printed or uploaded online. Converting PNGs to JPGs eliminates transparency and ensures accurate representation, as JPGs support CMYK colors and do not allow transparency.

Is Mockey safe for converting PNGs to JPGs?

Your images are safe and secure with out png to jpeg converter, as we never retain copied files beyond an hour. Additionally, all images uploaded on Mockey for image conversion are automatically deleted after conversion.

What are JPG files?

JPG (JPEG) files are widely recognized raster images, compatible with virtually any platform. They boast small file sizes, facilitating swift transfer and online viewing.