25 Best AI Art Generators Free & Paid to Increase Creativity

ai art generator

Have you ever heard of AI Art Generator? These innovative tools use artificial intelligence algorithms to create stunning pieces of artwork.

Demand for AI is increasing day by day, whether you create furry art or even generate AI landing pages.

AI art generators can produce a wide range of styles and genres, such as abstract compositions, lifelike portraits etc.

What Is the AI Art Generator?

So, what exactly are AI art generator? This amazing technology uses artificial intelligence algorithms to create unique pieces of art.

Essentially, it’s like having your very own digital artist that can produce stunning visuals in minutes. And the best part is that you don’t need any artistic skills to use it! Just feed the AI with instructions, and watch it work its magic. 

best ai art generator

It’s worth checking out if you’re interested in exploring the intersection of art and technology.

We have selected some websites which come with some free and some paid plans. These websites’ pros, cons, prices and features have also been listed for you. So that you know which site is better for you. Let’s start with DALL-E 2.

How Does an AI Art Generator Work?

AI art generators create new artwork based on text prompts using advanced models trained on millions of images and their descriptions. The process involves four key steps:

  1. Data Collection: The AI is trained on a vast collection of digital art, including paintings, photos, and illustrations, to learn different styles and techniques.
  2. Prompt Processing: When a user gives a text prompt (e.g., “a pink garden gnome”), the AI breaks it down into key elements like the subject (garden gnome), color (pink), and setting (garden).
  3. Generation: The AI uses its understanding of the prompt to create a new image, drawing on patterns and relationships it learned from the training data.
  4. Refinement: The AI tweaks the initial image, making small adjustments until it closely matches the original text prompt.

So, without further ado, let’s dive into our top 25 picks for the best AI art generators on the market today.

List of Top 25 AI Art Generators Sites

Here is a list of the top 25 AI art generator websites.

  1. DALL-E 2
  2. NightCafe
  3. Illustration Generator by Icons8
  4. MagicShot AI
  5. Images.ai
  6. Dream by WOMBO
  7. Midjourney
  8. Craiyon
  9. Fotor
  10. MyHeritage
  11. Photosonic
  12. Pixray
  13. Adobe Firefly
  14. Microsoft Bing
  15. Stable Diffusion
  16. Jasper Art
  17. StarryAI 
  18. Shutterstock
  19. DreamStudio
  20. Runway
  21. CF Spark
  22. DeepDream
  23. Getimg
  24. Artbreeder
  25. Leonardo ai
  26. Canva

Best AI Art Generators Free & Paid Online In 2024

After weeks of studying, trying, and using many art generators, we’ve picked the 25 best AI art generators for you! Let’s see what they offer!

1. DALL-E 2

It’s the latest version of an incredible AI system developed by OpenAI that can generate stunning images from textual descriptions.

dall-e 2 ai art generator

How Does it Work

To use DALLE 2, you give DALL-E 2 a textual prompt, like “a green teapot with a picture of a frog on it,” and it generates an image that matches that description. But that’s just the beginning. DALL-E 2 can also create surreal and imaginative images that you might never have thought of, like “a snail made of harp strings” or “a pumpkin wearing a top hat.”

Highly imaginativePossible unethical use
Versatile applicationImperfect output
Efficient image generation


  • Free (unless you choose to buy more credits)


  • Generates highly detailed and imaginative images
  • Create images with highly detailed textures, shading, and lighting
  • Generate multiple images based on a single textual prompt
  • Offers a glimpse into the future potential of AI technology

If you believe that the DALL-E does not meet your requirements or preferences, there are several alternative tools available that you can explore. These alternatives offer similar functionalities and may better suit your specific needs. You can also llok for few noteworthy free DALL-E alternative tools.

2. NightCafe

One of the best Online AI Art Generators is NightCafe. It is famous for offering more choices and algorithms than others. Also, it is extremely simple for beginners to understand.

nightcafe ai art generator

Although NightCafe is focused on a credit option. Let me explain to you.

How Does it Work

Once you visit the website, you will have 5 credits. More credits will be required to generate multiple images simultaneously.

  • 1 image (0 credit)
  • 4 images (1 credit)
  • 9 images (2.25 credits)
  • 16 images (4 credits)

Enter your text prompt and create high-quality images. This AI art generator from text prompt produced a stunning abstract piece based on the written description of a dream.

Easy to useLimited access
High-quality images


  • Free. Plans start from $5.99 per month (100 credits)


  • More algorithms
  • Participate in community activities to earn credits
  • Download all of your photos in bulk

3. Illustration Generator by Icons8

Generate a series of unique illustrations in consistent art styles with Icons8’s Illustration Generator, the first AI image generator made by professional artists.

icons8 ai illustration generator

How Does it Work

Simply type a prompt, select one from various styles, and instantly generate your 2D or 3D graphics. If you’re stuck on words, easily upload reference images, photos, or sketches to guide the process. Their AI is trained exclusively on images created by Icons8 illustrators, so there is no stealing from artists.

No ethical and copyright issuesLearning curve
High-quality and consistent outputsOnly predefined styles
High-quality and consistent outputs


  • Free for experimenting with drafts. Enhanced illustrations are available from $19/month.


  • No prompting skills required
  • No AI smell
  • Legally sourced
  • Generate images from text and photo
  • Different aspect ratios

Visit: Illustration Generator

4. MagicShot.ai

MagicShot.ai is a cutting-edge AI photo generator that transforms your ideas into stunning visuals in seconds. Simply describe your desired image using text, select your preferred art style, and let MagicShot’s AI create four unique image variations for you.


How it Works 

MagicShot’s advanced AI technology understands your text prompts and generates corresponding images. Whether you envision a futuristic cityscape or a whimsical fantasy world, MagicShot can bring it to life. Beyond image creation, the app offers a suite of tools to enhance your photos, remove backgrounds, upscale images, and even create 3D models.

Pros and Cons

  • Pros: Fast and easy to use, versatile, advanced editing tools, free trial.
  • Cons: Limited free access, learning curve, image accuracy may vary.

Features MagicShot boasts a wide range of AI-powered features:

  • Text to Image
  • AI Avatar Creator
  • Image Upscale
  • Logo Generator
  • Text to Audio
  • Voice Cover


  • Free: One AI image generation per day with limited features.
  • Pro: 2.99 $ per week – Unlock unlimited generations, access all features, and enjoy a 3-day free trial.

MagicShot.ai is your key to unlocking creativity and turning your imagination into reality. Download the app today and start exploring the endless possibilities of AI-generated art.

5. Images.ai

Images.ai is a fantastic website that offers an impressive library of high-quality AI art images to choose from. They’ve got a nifty search feature that allows you to enter keywords, and then their AI system will scour through their library to find images that match your search criteria. Pretty cool, right?

images ai art generators

But wait, it gets even better! Images.ai also has a handy editor tool that allows you to customize your chosen image to suit your needs.

And the best part? Images.ai is incredibly user-friendly and easy to navigate.

How Does it Work

You can browse the library by entering keywords related to the type of image you’re looking for, such as “business,” “nature,” “food,” or “travel,” among others.

You can then browse the results and choose the image that best suits your needs. After choosing, click on the “Facelift” option. Then type your email Id. After that, the rendered image will be sent directly to your mail. It’s completely safe.

FreeLimited templates
High-quality imagesCan’t create personalized images


  • 100% Free


  • Starts in less than 10 seconds
  • Generate memes from the images
  • Choose from a range of sizes

6. Dream by WOMBO

Dream by WOMBO is the best AI art generator app. The significant success of this app earned it the top spot for best overall tool in the Google Play 2022 awards. With the help of this, you can make art with just a few quick prompts.

dream by wombo ai art generator

The ability to select from various design styles, including comic, realistic, abstract, expressionism, comic, passionate, and more, is an additional benefit of the Dream AI art generator.

It has an easy-to-use, free desktop and mobile version.

How Does it Work

You must create a new account to begin. Then write the prompt. Pick an art style. You can customize your artwork by adjusting the colour, texture, and other settings. Analyze and give your AI art a name. Once you’re happy with your artwork, you can save and share it.

Numerous templatesPer prompt, one picture
Mix up your own photosCost of the subscription for complete access
Mobile app


  • Free ( Limited access ). You can spend $90 annually, $10 monthly, or $170 for a lifetime subscription to advance your use of this app.


  • Desktop and mobile versions
  • Various templates to select from
  • Realistic recreations

So, give it a try and see what amazing artwork you can create with just a few taps!

7. Midjourney

How enjoyable and simple it is to create digital art, we frequently experiment with AI art makers. Despite all of my interactions with various AI makers, we were not very excited about the Midjourney AI art generator.

midjourney ai art generator

But we were wrong. This image’s output was so sharp that it was difficult for me to believe it wasn’t a real photo of the text we entered. Because of how excellent this software is, award-winning artwork has been created using it.

How Does it Work

Follow our specific guide to use Midjourney.

  • Launch Midjourney.com, and choose the “Join the Beta” option. Or you can visit ” Midjourney Discord.” A Discord login is needed.
  • Search for Newbies Channel. This means to choose any newbies-* channel that you can see on the left side.
  • For Midjourney prompts, use a Command on Discord to communicate with the Midjourney Bot. Write “/imagine prompt. After that, give a space and write the text you want to generate.”
  • The Bot generates four choices in about a minute. 
  • Next, read the instructions written in the below image carefully.
upscale and variation instruction on midjourney
  • Lastly, select that image to expand to its full size. Save the image to your device. Also, you can see others’ input & outputs in the chat, which is a really cool feature of the Midjourney app.

You can access free renderings( up to 25).

Extremely good quality resultsSet-up is difficult
Discord communityCost


  • Starts from $8 per month


  • Discord supports
  • High-quality images
  • Generate images for various purposes

8. Craiyon

Craiyon AI art generator, which was initially known as DALL-E mini, is NOT connected to OpenAI or DALL-E 2; but rather is an alternative. 

craiyon ai art generator

Just because it does so with less accurate reproductions, hence its name, DALL-E 2 mini. 

Opposite to DALL-E 2, Craiyon free AI art generator from text produces low-quality outputs. The advantage is that you can modify the prompt endlessly until you achieve the precise result you were hoping for. This AI generator is a powerful choice because the website is easy to use.

How Does it Work

Visit the Craiyon website and the text that you want to generate. No sign-up is required. It will take 1-2 minutes if you use it for free. However, you can choose the premium option.

Then, various images will be shown. Choose the image you want to download. Then save it to your device.

Easy to useHave to take a premium plan for fast results
Unlimited imagesDistorted photos


Free. The premium plan starts from $5 per month (wait less than 45 seconds), $ 20 per month ( wait less than 20 seconds)


  • Absolutely free
  • Simple UI
  • Unlimited ideas

9. Fotor

Fotor is another fantastic AI art generator that generates images very rapidly. The fact that Fotor is easy to use and absolutely free. But you can only download 10 images for free each day. You only need to make an account to get started. 

fotor ai art generator

Fotor requires users to provide specific prompts, just like other generators. The AI can even produce images from designed images. For those looking for a particular size, it offers various ratios for various sizes.

Users can experiment with other options on Fotor, such as ratios, styles, and more, to maximise creation.

How Does it Work

You will automatically sign in with your Gmail when you enter the website. If you are not, then you will have to sign in. Fotor ai art generator from text prompt, you can generate high-quality images.

One thing to consider is that you will generate only 4 images in the free version. However, after generating the image, you can customize it by clicking on edit, and after that, you can easily save it on your device.

Upload your own imageAds
Simple to customize your image4 images to generate in the free version
No restriction on the image prompt


Free ( Limited access )


  • Generate images faster
  • Various customization options
  • Beautiful AI images

10. MyHeritage

Basically, this website uses artificial intelligence to turn your photos into stunning pieces of art. It’s like having your own personal Picasso or Van Gogh. You can upload a photo of yourself, a loved one, or even your pet and watch as the AI transforms it into a work of art in just a few seconds.

myheritage ai art generator

You can choose from various artistic styles, such as Renaissance, Impressionism, or Pop Art, to name a few. So, if you’ve ever wondered what you or your furry friend would look like as a classic painting or a modern piece of art, this website is worth checking out.

How Does it Work

Using it is incredibly simple. All you have to do is upload your photo, select your preferred style, and voila! You’ll have a beautiful piece of art that you can save and share with your friends and family.

Several optionsWait ( 30-90 minutes) for the result
High-quality renditionsUnlimited access for Paid users
Create excellent profile images


  • Free. The premium plan starts from $12


  • Artistic styles
  • Affordable premium edition
  • Accurate output

11. Photosonic

While it’s possible that most people haven’t heard of this AI art generator, it does a decent job of turning text into art. PhotoSonic is a website that handles the extra effort for you.

photosonic ai art generator

You can instruct the AI to draw almost anything because it takes complex lengthy prompts. Therefore, you can command it to sketch pretty much anything.

How Does it Work

You receive 10 credits after Signing up. Credits start at 100 images for a monthly fee of $10, but this AI art generator free website offers a free trial period. Enter text and click on generate. 

Using this tool, you can select the output dimension from horizontal, Square, and vertical choices based on your requirements. The pictures are then available for download in an easy zip format.

Recognises differences in text instructionsLimited credits
Fast image creationSometimes you may face technical difficulties
Free trialSometimes generate blurry images


  • Free (10 credits access). The monthly fee is $10 for 100 credits.


  • Easy to use
  • Good collection of AI images

12. Pixray

Pixray is another simple AI image generator that can be used on your desktop. However, Pixray takes much longer than other AIs to produce a result.

pixray ai generator

Pixray needs about six minutes to produce a single picture instead of services like Images ai and DALL-E 2, which can output an image in less than a minute. It’s almost free, but not completely.

Apart from having the option to download the picture, you don’t get many options.

How Does it Work

You can input text prompts by visiting the website. However, it takes a lot of time to generate the image. When the image appears, you can change a lot by clicking the “Tweak it” option. It takes a lot of time for those changes too.

You can use this software if you have patience. That’s why we have put it on the bottom list. By the way, this website is free and produces good images.

Simple to useCreating an image requires a lot of time
Nice output of imagesLacks options for customization


  • Free


  • Customize through text prompt

13. Adobe Firefly

Adobe Firefly is a set of AI tools integrated into Adobe’s Creative Cloud apps like Photoshop, Illustrator, and Lightroom. It uses machine learning to automate repetitive tasks, generate new ideas, and create content such as images, text, and 3D objects based on user prompts.

How Does it Work

Users provide a prompt describing what they want, like an image or text. Adobe Firefly’s AI analyzes the prompt and generates unique content matching the desired style and tone. The AI improves over time with user feedback.

Time-savingLimited customization
Ease of useNo auto-save


  • Adobe Firefly is free for Creative Cloud subscribers.


Key features include:

  • Text-to-image generation: Create images from text descriptions.
  • Text effects: Apply AI-generated text styles and treatments.
  • Vector graphics: Generate and edit vector illustrations.
  • 3D content creation: Create, texture, and render 3D objects and scenes.

14. Microsoft Bing

Microsoft’s AI Image Generator, part of the Designer tool in Bing Copilot, lets users create custom images from text descriptions.

bing ai art generator

How Does it Work

The AI Image Generator uses advanced language models trained on large datasets of image-text pairs to understand the link between text descriptions and visual concepts. When a user enters a text prompt, the model creates an image by combining relevant visual elements and styles.

User-friendly for all skill levelsQuality and accuracy depend on the user’s prompt
Produces unique, copyright-free images for different usesMay not always perfectly match the user’s vision due to current AI limitations


  • The AI Image Generator is currently free to use as part of Microsoft Designer and Bing Copilot. However, Microsoft may introduce pricing tiers or limits in the future as the technology evolves and demand increases.


  • Free to use with a Microsoft account
  • Generates images in seconds from text prompts
  • Supports various styles, including realism, abstract, comic book, and anime
  • Allows customization of generated images by adding more details to the prompt
  • Integrated into Bing Copilot for search, content creation, and information summarization

15. Stable Diffusion

Stable Diffusion is a sophisticated AI model that turns text prompts into high-quality images. It works by first compressing an image into a simpler form, then adding noise to it. The model is trained to remove this noise and recreate the original image from the noisy version.

How Does it Work

Trained on a vast collection of images and text from the internet, Stable Diffusion understands the link between words and visuals. When given a text prompt, it generates an image by repeatedly refining a noisy version until it matches the description.

Creates high-quality, realistic images from textImage quality can vary with complex prompts
Can produce images in various styles, like oil paintings or sketchesPotential for misuse in generating harmful content


  • Free


  • Generates images from text with style, lighting, and emotion controls
  • Supports inpainting to add or replace parts of an imageE
  • nables outpainting to extend the size of an image
  • User-friendly web interface for easy image creation
  • Offers a library of pre-trained models for different styles and uses

16. Jasper Art

Jasper Art is a powerful AI tool that transforms text into images in seconds. Ideal for bloggers, marketers, and creators, it offers a wide range of features, regular updates, and flexible pricing.

jasper art generator

How Does it Work

Write a prompt describing the image you want. Add details like the medium, artist, and mood. Jasper’s AI generates four images based on your prompt in seconds. Save, share, and use the images freely for personal or commercial use.

Creates unique, eye-catching images quicklySubscription plans might be pricey for infrequent users
Saves time with easy image creationSome users desire more responsive customer support


  • Free 7-day trial available
  • Paid plans start at $59/month for unlimited 2K resolution images without watermarks
  • Included in the Pro plan, starting at $59/month


  • Preset visual styles and moods for easy image creation
  • Option to use up to 9 keywords for fine-tuning
  • Dashboard to access all past prompts and images
  • Regular updates with new features and templates
  • Extensive training resources available on YouTube

17. StarryAI

Starryai is a powerful and user-friendly AI art creation that makes it easy for anyone to create unique, professional-looking visuals. Despite some limitations and legal uncertainties, its free tier and powerful features make it a top choice for exploring AI-generated art.

How Does it Work

Starryai is an easy-to-use AI art generator that helps you create unique, high-quality images in just a few steps:

  1. Enter a text prompt describing the artwork you want.
  2. Choose an artistic style (e.g., cyberpunk, portraits).
  3. Adjust settings like aspect ratio and generation time.
  4. Generate your image in seconds.

Starryai uses advanced machine learning algorithms trained on large datasets of visual art to understand and replicate different styles and techniques, blending neural style transfer with other methods to create contemporary AI art.

Simple interface for both beginners and professionals.Sometimes images may have inconsistencies or flaws.
Produces high-quality, unique images quickly.Paid subscription needed for unlimited generations and larger canvas sizes.


  • Free tier: 25 daily image generations, no watermarks
  • Pro subscription: Unlimited generations, larger canvas sizes, priority rendering, and more


  • Uses neural style transfer and machine learning for high-quality art.
  • Prompt-based generation with an optional Prompt Builder.
  • Diverse library of artistic styles and themes.
  • Customizable aspect ratios for different mediums.
  • Retouch tool for editing generated images.
  • Ownership rights for commercial use of creations.

18. Shutterstock

Shutterstock has launched an AI-powered image generator for creators, offering over 100 artistic styles and support for more than 20 languages. Users can create images by entering a text prompt, which the AI then turns into an image.

shutterstock ai art generator

How Does it Work

The AI image generator uses advanced machine learning to analyze the text prompt and create a matching image. It’s trained on a large dataset of images and captions, understanding the connection between visuals and text. When a user inputs a prompt, the AI generates a unique image based on the description, with styles ranging from realistic to abstract, including specific elements like objects, characters, or scenes.

Quickly generates images from text descriptionsImage quality may not always match professional artwork
Offers a wide variety of artistic styles and customization optionsAI may have difficulty with very specific or complex prompts


  • Shutterstock provides the AI image generator through its API, which supports over 10,000 integrations for businesses and developers. Pricing varies based on usage and required features.


  • Image generation from text prompts
  • Over 100 artistic styles and support for 20+ languages
  • Enhanced prompts for detailed and accurate results
  • Safe AI mode to prevent inappropriate or offensive content

19. DreamStudio

DreamStudio is an AI-powered platform for creating unique and imaginative artwork using text prompts. It uses the advanced Stable Diffusion model to turn written descriptions into visual images.

How Does it Work

  • Input Text Prompt: Users describe the image they want.
  • Image Generation: The Stable Diffusion model processes the description and generates an image.
  • Review and Refine: The image is displayed for user review and can be refined further.
Creates unique and creative artworkImages may not always meet exact expectations
Easy-to-use interface with many featuresEthical and legal debates around AI-generated art


  • Free Plan: Limited credits for image generation
  • Paid Plans: More credits and additional features like higher resolution images and priority access


  • Prompt-based image generation
  • Art style and parameter selection
  • Image-to-image generation
  • Save and share images
  • Mobile app for Android and iOS

20. Runway

Runway AI is a robust tool enabling users to create, modify, and manipulate images and videos through artificial intelligence.

runway ai art generator

How Does it Work

Runway AI leverages large language models and generative adversarial networks (GANs) trained on extensive datasets to generate new content based on user inputs. It offers tools like Text-to-Image and Image-to-Image, allowing users to either create images from scratch or transform existing ones by describing their desired output in natural language.

The AI Training feature enables the creation of custom image generators using a small set of reference images, facilitating the generation of content with specific styles or themes.

Versatility in generating a wide array of image and video contentRequires a learning curve to effectively utilize and generate desired outputs
User-friendly interface with intuitive controlsResults may occasionally deviate from the user’s precise expectations


  • Runway AI offers a limited free trial. Paid plans start at $15 per month for individuals and $49 per month for teams. Additional charges apply for higher resolution outputs and increased usage limits.


  • Text-to-Image and Image-to-Image: Create and transform images based on text or existing images
  • AI Training: Develop custom image generators using reference images
  • Text-to-Video and Image-to-Video: Generate videos from text or images
  • Generative Audio: Incorporate dialogue and voiceovers using text-to-speech and lip sync
  • Frame Interpolation: Convert image sequences into seamless videos
  • Upscale Image: Enhance image resolution up to 4K

21. CF Spark

CF Spark Art is an AI-powered tool that turns text descriptions into artwork.

How Does it Work

Here’s how it works:

  1. Describe your desired image in a text prompt.
  2. Choose the image’s aspect ratio (like square or portrait).
  3. Click “Ignite” to generate 4 variations.
  4. Pick your favorite and click “Publish.”
Easy to use, no special skills needed.Requires a paid subscription after the free trial.
Generates multiple image variations.Quality may vary depending on the prompt.


  • Starts at $9/month, offering unlimited access, speed credits, and usage rights for personal, commercial, and print-on-demand uses.


  • Unlimited access to CF Spark Art and other AI tools.
  • Up to 1,000 speed credits for faster image generation.
  • Simultaneous image generation using speed credits.
  • Personal, commercial, and print-on-demand use rights for generated images.

22. DeepDream

Deep Dream Generator is an AI tool for creating unique artwork using text prompts.

How Does it Work

Deep Dream Generator uses deep learning to turn text prompts into images. Users provide a text description, choose a base image and model, and the AI generates the artwork.

Encourages creativity by letting anyone generate artworkRequires an account for the free version
Fun and easy way to experiment with AI art


  • The free plan has limited compute energy. Paid plans start at $9.99/month for more energy points and higher resolutions.


  • Create AI-generated art, photos, and digital paintings from text
  • Various art styles like realistic, anime, and street art
  • Edit images by changing the text prompt
  • Enhance image quality, faces, and resolution
  • “Evolve” feature to refine and add details

23. Getimg

Getimg.ai is an AI-powered platform offering various tools for image generation, editing, and customization. It’s designed to be user-friendly and powerful, making it ideal for both individual creators and professional teams.

getimg ai art generator

How Does it Work

Getimg.ai uses advanced AI models, including Stable Diffusion, to turn text descriptions into images. Users type a prompt, and the AI generates an image in seconds. The platform supports different styles, such as photorealistic, artistic, and anime.

A wide range of features for individual and professional usePricing might be an issue for users with extensive needs
Easy to use for both beginners and advanced users


  • Getimg.ai offers a free tier for generating up to 100 images per month without a credit card. For more usage, additional paid plans are available, but specific pricing details need to be obtained directly from the provider.


  • AI Generator: Create images from text prompts with over 60 community-trained models.
  • Image to Video: Convert images into 4-second video clips using AI motion enhancement.
  • Image Editor: Use AI tools for inpainting and editing to modify images.
  • AI Canvas: Expand images beyond their borders on an infinite canvas.
  • DreamBooth: Train custom AI models to generate personalized images like avatars or product shots.
  • ControlNet: Guide AI image generation using source images for precise outcomes.
  • API Access: Integrate Getimg.ai’s features into other applications with a flexible REST API.

24. Artbreeder

Artbreeder is a top-notch AI art generator that allows users to create unique and visually impressive digital artworks. Its easy-to-use interface, advanced features, and active community make it a valuable tool for both beginners and experienced artists interested in AI-powered image creation.

How Does it Work

Artbreeder uses advanced machine learning algorithms, specifically Generative Adversarial Networks (GANs) and Stable Diffusion, to generate and edit images. Users can upload their own images or start from scratch, using various tools to blend, edit, and refine their creations:

  • Composer: This tool lets users mix and match different images, shapes, and text to create new compositions, similar to a digital collage maker powered by AI.
  • Collager: Users can build images from simple shapes, textures, and other visual elements, ideal for abstract and surreal artwork.
  • Splicer: The main feature of Artbreeder, allowing users to “breed” or blend multiple images together to create unique hybrid artworks.
Easy-to-use interfaceLimited control over the final output compared to manual art creation
Extensive customization options


Artbreeder offers various pricing plans:

  • Free Plan: Access to basic tools and features, with a limit on the number of images that can be generated.
  • Paid Plans: Starting at $7.49 per month, offering additional features and higher limits.


  • Intuitive Interface
  • Customization Options
  • High-Resolution Downloads
  • Vibrant Community

25. Leonardo AI

Leonardo AI is a powerful tool for creating high-quality visuals for creative professionals and businesses. However, inconsistent results and the cost of advanced features might be drawbacks for some users.

How Does it Work

Leonardo AI uses advanced AI and deep learning to create high-quality images from text descriptions. It employs stable diffusion technology to produce clear and accurate images in various styles, including 3D, anime, illustration, and cyberpunk. Users can give detailed prompts to guide the image creation process. The app also provides features like image-to-image editing, upscaling, and background removal.

Generates professional-quality artwork and design assets using powerful AI models.The free version has limited features; paid plans are needed for advanced functionalities like content reference and multi-style blending.
Supports a wide range of styles and applications, such as character design, concept art, architecture, and product photography.


  • Leonardo AI has a free tier and paid plans starting at $15.99/month for the “Apprentice” level. Higher tiers offer more credits, higher image resolution, and premium features. Yearly subscriptions are available at discounted rates.


  • AI-powered image generation from text prompts
  • Image-to-image editing and enhancement
  • 3D texture generation
  • Animation and video creation
  • Transparency support for images
  • Collaborative tools for teams
  • Extensive library of pre-made assets and templates

Bonus Mention – Canva

Canva, an AI Art Generator free online software is a powerful tool that creates unique artwork from text prompts. It uses advanced machine learning algorithms like DALL·E by OpenAI and Imagen by Google Cloud to turn written descriptions into stunning images.

How Does it Work

Enter a text prompt describing the desired artwork. The generator analyzes the prompt and produces a corresponding image. Refine the image by specifying details like art style, color palette, and composition.

Produces high-quality artwork in seconds.The AI may reflect biases from its training data
Free to use, with a paid plan for extra features


  • Free plan: Generate up to 6 images per month.
  • Paid plans: Start at $12.99 per month, offering unlimited image generation, advanced editing tools, and high-resolution exports.


  • Versatile
  • Time-saving
  • Accessible

Bonus Mention – DeepAI

DeepAI is an AI-powered platform that creates unique, photorealistic images from text descriptions.

How Does it Work

DeepAI uses advanced AI models trained on large datasets of images and text descriptions. When you provide a text prompt, the AI analyzes the meaning and details to generate a unique image. Each generated image is original, as the AI creatively interprets the input text.

Enables new creative possibilities by turning text into visual art.Quality and accuracy depend on the complexity and specificity of the text prompt.
Generates unique images for each text prompt.


  • The basic plan includes 500 image generation calls per month. Advanced features, like Genius Mode images, API access, and higher limits, cost more. Users can refill their membership to continue using the service after reaching the monthly limit.


  • Photorealistic images
  • Customization
  • Commercial use
  • API access

AI Art Generator: Best 5 Key Features

Here are 5 key features of AI art generators to consider.

An AI art generator uses fancy algorithms to make amazing pictures. They can take all sorts of things as input, like pictures, words, or even just random things, and then they learn from other art to make their own unique and awesome artwork.

The AI art generator can transfer the styles of famous artworks or different artistic styles. So, if you have a picture and you want it to look like a famous painting or a specific kind of art, these programs can help you! They make it possible for you to create artwork that looks just like the work of famous artists or different art styles that you like.

AI art generator tools that let you be really creative! They give you a bunch of choices and things to try out, so you can make all sorts of amazing artwork. You can even change different settings to make the art look exactly how you want it.

An AI art generator makes art that looks just like real paintings or photos! These special algorithms can copy the way artists paint with brushes, the way things feel when you touch them, and even how light shines on objects.

The AI art generator has an excellent UI that is easy to use. Artists can make art and see it happen right away! You can change things and add special effects with just a click and see how it looks right away. It’s like playing with art that moves and changes! Even if you’re not an expert artist, you can still join in.

The Benefits of Using the AI Art Generator

Using the AI art generator is beneficial for businesses, artists and creative people! These tools give you tons of benefits. They let you come up with endless ideas for your artwork and try out different styles and settings. You can get creative and explore all sorts of possibilities!

These tools let anyone make awesome art, even if they’re not good at drawing or haven’t had any training. You can use them to create beautiful pictures and join a community where artists help and inspire each other.

Where to Sell AI Generated Art?

Now that we have that covered, let’s dive into where you can sell your AI-generated artwork.

Here are the top marketplaces to sell your unique pieces.

One of the easiest ways to sell your art is through online marketplaces like Etsy, Amazon, or eBay. These platforms allow you to create your own store and sell your art to a global audience.

In art, NFTs are becoming more and more popular. These digital tokens allow artists to sell their unique pieces and retain ownership of their work. Platforms like OpenSea, Rarible, and SuperRare are great places to start if you want to sell your AI-generated artwork as NFTs.

While traditional art galleries may not be as familiar with AI-generated art, there are a growing number of galleries that specialize in digital and new media art. You can do some research to find galleries that may be interested in your work, and remember to reach out to them directly.

Platforms like Instagram and TikTok can be great places to showcase your art and reach potential buyers. Use relevant hashtags and engage with other artists in your community to increase your visibility.

Finally, don’t forget about the potential for commissioned work. Many businesses and individuals want to incorporate AI-generated art into their marketing campaigns or personal collections. Think about contacting potential clients personally to offer your services.

Use Best AI Art Generator to Unleash your Creativity

The AI art generator is a fascinating technology that has opened up new possibilities for artistic expression. While some argue that it takes away from the authenticity of art, others see it as a tool to enhance creativity and push the boundaries of what we can create. These websites will generate AI art with no watermark.

Who knows what incredible works of art we’ll see in the future, made possible by this innovative technology? The possibilities are endless, and it’s an exciting time to be a part of the art world.

So let’s embrace the AI art generator and see where it takes us on our creative journey.


Can you sell AI-generated Art?

Yes, you can sell AI-generated art. In fact, AI-generated art is already being sold at galleries, online marketplaces, and even auction houses.

How to make AI-generated Art?

You will need to use an AI art generator to make AI-generated art. There are many different AI art generators available, ranging from simple online tools to more advanced software programs that require some technical knowledge to use.

Who owns AI generated Art?

There is no owner of AI-generated art. Artwork is protected by copyright as soon as it is developed, giving the creator the authority to determine how it will be used.

Can I use AI-generated Art commercially?

It depends on a few factors, like the specific AI art generator you’re using and the terms of service of the platform you’re generating the art on.

How to make money with AI generated Art?

One way is to sell the Art as unique digital pieces through online marketplaces or your website. Another way is to license the Art to businesses, such as for use in advertisements or on products.

What Is the Best Free AI Art Generator?

These top 6 tools are the best Free AI art generators.

Illustration Generator by Icons8
Images ai
Dreams by WOMBO

What Is the Free Online AI Art Generator?

DALL-E 2, Images ai, and Craiyon are free AI art generators.

What Is the Best AI Art Creator?

NightCafe Creator gives you the ability to create AI art using algorithms and methods from text, images, or styles.

What Is the Best Realistic AI Image Generator?

Based on text or image prompts, Midjourney generates photorealistic images using Discord. Among AI art generators, it produces the highest quality images. If you’re looking for a generator similar to Midjourney, you should explore some Midjourney alternatives.

Which AI art generator is best?

The top AI art generators are Midjourney, DALL-E 2, and Stable Diffusion. They create high-quality images from text descriptions and provide many customization options.

Is there any free AI art generator?

Yes, there are many free AI art generators like Midjourney, DALL-E 2, Stable Diffusion, Recraft AI, PhotoSonic, and starryai. You can create unique images with these tools by just typing in a text prompt.

Can I use AI generated art for free?

No, using AI-generated art without permission can break copyright laws. Always get the right licenses or make your own original art to stay legal.

What AI makes the most realistic images?

The most realistic AI image generators today are DALL-E 2 by OpenAI, Imagen by Google, and Stable Diffusion. They can create very lifelike images from text descriptions with great detail and accuracy.

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