100+ Best Midjourney Prompts to Create Portraits, Anime, Style Prompts

best midourney prompts

Maybe you know the name Midjourney, but you haven’t really checked it out yet. With AI becoming more common, it’s important to find inspiration.

Midjourney is a progressive service that turns prompts into really detailed pictures with the powers of Stable Diffusion and DALL-E.

Let’s dive into some of the best Midjourney prompts that will help you get creative and let your imagination run wild! Let’s get started.

What is a Midjourney Prompt?

Midjourney prompts are like an artistic GPS, guiding AI in text-to-image tasks. They instruct AI on artistic needs, shaping the creative process like a skilled artist’s hand.

Midjourney Prompt Tips

The effective Midjourney prompt tips are:

  1. Keep it simple and specific.
  2. Describe subjects, styles, and compositions.
  3. Stay positive; avoid negativity.
  4. Experiment with parameters like aspect ratio and stylization.
  5. Try different prompts and reference images.

How to Write Midjourney Prompts?

How to prompt Midjourney with an image? To add a picture to a prompt, start typing /imagine like you normally would. To add an image’s URL, just drag the photo file into the box or copy and paste the URL within the box.

Midjourney Prompt Examples

midjourney prompt examples

Best Midjourney Prompts for Portraits

A list of the best Midjourney AI prompts for portraits.

1. Japanese Garden in Autumn

Try using an anime-like style to create a gentle and romantic atmosphere. Try to use bright colors to show the peacefulness and loveliness of the garden during fall.

japanese garden in autumn - midjourney prompts

Prompt: In autumn, a calm Japanese garden with a koi pond, tea house, maple trees, and falling leaves is depicted in a digital image with an AI art style.

2. Floating Island

Fantasy worlds are really amazing. Mix together parts of buildings with a special natural view to create a feeling of curiosity and old strength.

floating island - best midjourney prompts

Prompt: A high-fantasy art style depicts the magical geography of floating islands, magical artifacts, and ancient ruins boosted by Final Fantasy environments.

3. Haunted Elegance

Creating the right atmosphere is important for a scary gothic scene. To make something look spooky but classy, try using fog, shadows, and only one color.

haunted elegance - midjourney style prompts

Prompt: A digital painting of a gothic horror mansion on a hill with a full moon, fog, and shadowy figures reminiscent of Castlevania.

4. An Underwater Haven

Water effects and good lighting are really important when filming scenes underwater. Pay attention to how light filters through the wetness and how it affects the surroundings.

an underwater haven - prompts for midjourney

Prompt: A digital art style portrays a quiet underwater scene featuring a mermaid on the rock covered by fish and coral reefs. The focus is on water effects and on lighting.

5. Magical Forest

When making up a pretend world, you can use your imagination however you want. The forest will come to life when you add magical creatures and glowing elements.

magical forest - best midjourney prompts

Prompt: A colorful and playful forest full of magical creatures, a river, and glowing plants, painted in a style similar to video games.

6. City of Neon

The idea of cyberpunk is a great place to let your imagination run wild. Try to create a dark and dramatic setting by using bright neon lights with sharp contrasts and paying close attention to the little details in the tall buildings. Creating art is simple with Midjourney. You can use the results to create your stickers and t-shirts.

city of neon - midjourney prompt

Prompt: At night, a highly detailed digital painting of an innovative cyberpunk cityscape featuring neon-lit skyscrapers, a mixed crowd, and flying cars.

7. A Pure Nature

Capture the feeling of something being very fresh. Even a tiny drop of rain can show us a whole world inside it, and when we look closely, we can see how beautiful even the smallest parts of nature are. Taking close-up pictures, also known as macro photography, is something that Midjourney is good at.

a pure nature - midjourney prompts

Prompt: A raindrop on a leaf is captured up close, emphasizing its thought and the greenery surrounding it, making a pure atmosphere.

8. Market Colors

Get fully involved in the environment. Taking photos of a busy market with lots of textures and colors can be great.

market colors - midjourney prompt

Prompt: A photo of a bustling marketplace in Morocco featuring vibrant colors, rich textures, and a street vendor in the forefront.

9. Grace Over the City

Taking good action shots needs being able to capture the perfect moment with your camera. When a graceful ballet dancer is shown in a rough city setting, it can make a strong picture. This is perfect for decorating your home’s walls.

grace over the city - midjourney prompt

Prompt: An urban rooftop at dusk serves as the stage for a ballet dancer whose movements exude both grace and dynamic energy.

10. A Nostalgic Ride

Try creating a retro look by playing around with photography styles. Driving on Route 66 with classic cars can take you back in time.

a nostalgic ride - best midjourney prompts

Prompt: Route 66 and a vintage-style portrait of a car, with the result of photography and sandiness for a dreamy feel.

11. Dance of the Northern Lights

Being patient is very important when taking pictures of outdoor scenery. The perfect Northern Lights photograph is achieved using long exposures and multiple exposures. For more accurate results, try using the word “realistic.” It will make your outcome look more like real life.

dance of the northern lights - midjourney prompt

Prompt: A long-exposure shot of the Northern Lights over snowy Icelandic mountains.

12. Story of Wrinkles

Taking portraits is all about grabbing the essence of a person. Good lighting can help bring out the details and history in the face of an older person. The way Midjourney creates portraits is really amazing.

story of wrinkles - best midjourney prompts

Prompt: An older person with a high resolution that captures the skin, expressive eyes, and natural lighting.

13. A Delicate Beauty

Macro photography lets you explore the small things up close. Be sure to concentrate on taking a good picture of the small drops on the spider web. To get really clear and realistic images, try using “high resolution.”

a delicate beauty - midjourney prompt

Prompt: A close-up shot on a web with morning dew highlights the complex patterns, giving it a high quality.

14. New York Pulse

Black & white photos are really great and show what it’s like in the city. Midjourney is good at creating and improving architectural images.

new york pulse - midjourney prompt

Prompt: A black & white street photograph of a bustling New York in conjunction with the State Building, capturing the vivacity and frenzy of the city.

15. Futuristic City

Use your creativity to make futuristic landscapes. Add concept art and science fiction to imagine a new world.

futuristic city - midjourney prompt

Prompt: A futuristic cityscape featuring towering skyscrapers and flying vehicles inhabited by diverse robots and humans.

16. Abstract Geometry

Have fun exploring shapes and designs with Cubism. Try breaking down everyday objects into smaller pieces to see them in a new way.

abstract geometry - midjourney prompt

Prompt: A life painting with fragmented geometric shapes, multiple viewpoints, and muted colors, inspired by cubism artists Georges Braque and Pablo Picasso.

17. Seaside Sunset

seaside sunset - best midjourney prompt

Use the style to play with color and light. It’s great for grabbing quick moments, such as sunsets.

Prompt: A picturesque Italian coastal town with vibrant buildings and shimmering water reflecting the sunset, featuring dappled light and visible brushstrokes.

18. The Titans Clash

Use the Romantic movement to add excitement and emotion to the scene. Provide lots of details to make it more vivid for Midjourney.

the titans clash - midjourney prompt

Prompt: A knight battles a dragon on a wave’s roar below, inspired by Eugène Delacroix and Romanticism.

19. Abstract Expressions

Yes, the computer recognizes abstract paintings, too, and it might look the same as Jackson Pollock’s painting.

abstract expressions - midjourney prompt

Prompt: An abstract painting with brush strokes, vibrant colors, and dripping paint reflecting inner emotions, inspired by Jackson Pollock.

20. A Zen Garden

Keeping things simple can be effective, and Midjourney understands this, too. This design would make a great poster or t-shirt print.

a zen garden - midjourney prompt

Prompt: A peaceful Zen garden featuring cherry blossom, a koi fish, and a bridge.

carousel - midjourney prompt

Prompt: A vintage carousel spins under a starry sky, its colorful horses gleaming in the moonlight, while children laugh joyfully, reaching for the brass ring.

22. The World in 100 Years

the world in 100 years - midjourney prompt

Prompt: Futuristic cityscapes hover above lush greenery, flying cars zipping past towering skyscrapers, all under the watchful gaze of a vibrant sun.

23. Hatter in Wonderland

hatter in wonderland - best midjourney prompts

Prompt: The Mad Hatter, adorned in eccentric attire, presides over a whimsical tea party in a fantastical garden filled with oversized mushrooms and talking creatures.

24. Venice in a Carnival

venice in a carnival - best midjourney prompts

Prompt: Masked revelers drift along the labyrinthine canals of Venice, their elaborate costumes reflecting in the shimmering waters beneath ornate bridges.

25. The Ocean at Your Door

the ocean at your door - best midjourney prompts

Prompt: A cozy beach house nestled between swaying palm trees overlooks a pristine shoreline, where azure waves gently kiss the golden sands at sunset.

26. A Cloud with Planes

a cloud with planes - best midjourney prompts

Prompt: Fluffy clouds float lazily in the sky, pierced by sleek airplanes streaking across the horizon, leaving trails of white vapor in their wake.

27. Queen of Crows

Prompt: A mysterious figure cloaked in darkness commands a flock of majestic crows, their ebony feathers contrasting against a stormy, violet sky.

28. The Game Island

the game island - best midjourney prompts

Prompt: A vibrant island paradise boasts lush jungles, cascading waterfalls, and sandy beaches, where adventurers embark on quests amidst ancient ruins and hidden treasures.

29. Ship in Turmoil

ship in turmoil - best midjourney prompts

Prompt: A mighty vessel battles fierce waves and raging storms, its crew scrambling to secure rigging and helm as lightning cracks overhead.

30. Surrealism

surrealism - best midjourney prompts

Prompt: Bizarre landscapes meld reality and dreams, with floating islands, melting clocks, and twisted architecture defying logic in a kaleidoscope of surreal colors.

31. A Guitarist Playing on a Vibrant Stage

a guitar playing on a vibrant stage - best midjourney prompts

Prompt: Bathed in neon lights, a skilled guitarist captivates an enraptured audience on a vibrant stage, their fingers dancing effortlessly across the strings.

32. Dense Forest with Canopy

dense forest with canopy - best midjourney prompts

Prompt: Sunlight filters through a dense canopy of emerald leaves, casting dappled shadows on the mossy forest floor teeming with life.

33. Nature and Landscapes

nature and landscapes - best midjourney prompts

Prompt: Majestic mountains rise above tranquil lakes, verdant meadows stretch to the horizon, and cascading waterfalls merge with misty forests in a celebration of natural beauty.

34. Fantasy and Mythology

fantasy and mythology - best midjourney prompts

Prompt: Dragons soar over ancient castles, mythical creatures roam enchanted forests, and heroes embark on epic quests in a world where magic reigns supreme.

35. Website design

website design - best midjourney prompts

Prompt: Sleek interfaces and intuitive navigation merge seamlessly with stunning visuals, creating immersive digital experiences that captivate users and elevate brands.

36. Ultra Realistic Foods

Prompt: Succulent dishes glisten with mouthwatering realism, each detail meticulously crafted to perfection, tempting viewers to reach through the screen and take a bite.

37. Portrait Photography

portrait photography - best midjourney prompts

Prompt: Each portrait captures the essence of its subject, from the laughter lines etched on weathered faces to the sparkle of joy in youthful eyes, immortalizing moments in time.

38. Night Photography

night photography - best midjourney prompts

Prompt: Cityscapes come alive under a blanket of stars, neon lights painting the urban landscape in a mesmerizing tapestry of color and shadow.

Best Midjourney Prompt Guides for Anime Characters

A list of the best Midjourney AI prompts for anime characters.

39. Helmet Girl

helmet girl - midjourney prompt

Prompt: A woman is wearing a cyberpunk dystopia-style astronaut helmet with a 32k UHD display featuring dreamlike settings in amber and bronze and elements of woman core, gorecore.

40. Scarlet Peace

We found a really impressive artwork created by Midjourney AI. It looks almost real!

scarlet peace - midjourney prompt

Prompt: From an aerial perspective, a woman in a party costume is seen in water as her face is covered with red melted ice, in the style of experimental filmmakers such as Jennifer Rubell and Louise Bourgeois.

41. True Evil

true evil - midjourney prompt

Prompt: An oil painting done in trompe-l’oeil style with intricate, featuring wiccan, gothic, lithograph, macabre, and ornate elements of Evil.

42. Rainforest Tribe

If you want your Midjourney style prompts to glimpse good, use different words like styles, sizes and types of camera lenses.

rainforest tribe - midjourney prompt

Prompt: Above a pyramid, an ancient woman wearing a feathered headscarf stands prepared to strike.

43. Chameleon

To create really beautiful things, use this one of the best Midjourney prompts.

chameleon - best midjourney prompt

Prompt: A hyper-realistic, symmetrical close-up shot of a lizard in a jungle captured through an anamorphic lens.

44. Action Heroes

With this prompt guide to making superheroes look exciting, use angles and bright colors. Try different perspectives to create the action that stands out.

action heroes - midjourney prompt

Prompt: A dynamic action scene of superheroes with flying characters fighting in a comic book type, complete with dramatic angles and bold colors.

45. Knitting Grandma

knitting grandma - midjourney prompt

Prompt: A grandmotherly Fortune sits on the comfortable cosmic throne as she weaves the fate of someone together into a continuous collage of fate.

46. Shakespeare Reimagined

We found a really great play that’s like a new version of Shakespeare.

shakespeare reimagined - prompt for midjourney

Prompt: Shakespeare’s play features yellow mist with an atmospheric set design and acrobatics design.

47. Steampunk Cat

steampunk cat - midjourney prompt

Prompt: A steampunk cat, hyper-realistic, octane render.

48. Wild West Warrior

When creating a post-apocalyptic theme, use rough textures and include details like scars to show that the characters are surviving through tough times.

wild west warrior - midjourney prompt

Prompt: A digital painting of an apocalyptic warrior with war scars and weapons standing in the wasteland.

49. The Galactic War

To make a cool space battle scene, use bright colors for lasers and explosions to make them stand out. You also need to show the size of everything.

the galactic war - midjourney prompt

Prompt: A painting featuring intricate spaceships, explosions, and laser beams in an epic battle scene inspired by Star Wars.

50. A Mystery Woman

This style isn’t quite Baroque, so Midjourney might not work how you want it to. But it’s still a good starting point for creating characters.

a mystery woman - midjourney prompt

Prompt: A woman with an air of mystery sits on a gothic throne painted in the dramatic Baroque style with slight elements of magical realism and fantasy.

51. Scientist Inventor Steampunk

When making art for a steampunk tune, remember to pay close attention to the mechanical parts, such as leather and metal. Details are important!

scientist inventor steampunk - midjourney prompt

Prompt: A painting featuring the Scientist Inventor Steampunk with goggles, mechanical limbs, and a coat, with a guide on materials and textures.

52. Aquatic Wonders

Taking pictures from above with different lens sizes can create beautiful views. The Barrier Reef has many patterns and colors to capture, which makes it especially stunning when photographed from the air.

aquatic wonders - midjourney prompt

Prompt: An aerial shot of the Great Barrier showcasing the rich colors and intricate designs of the ecosystem, taken at 12mm for utmost clarity.

53. Hacker Boy

hacker boy - midjourney prompt

Prompt: A hacker boy with a laptop and a hoodie

54. Street Boy Racer

street boy racer - best midjourney prompt

Prompt: A street boy racer with a car and sunglasses

55. Demon Hunter

demon hunter - midjourney prompt

Prompt: A demon hunter with a sword and a crossbow

56. Egyptian Mummy

egyptian mummy - best midjourney prompt

Prompt: Flirtatious and terrifying, an Egyptian mummy emerges from a sarcophagus.

57. Ocean Conquering

ocean conquering - midjourney prompt

Prompt: A warrior riding on an enormous creature with wings lay wide, as seen from above.

58. Clan of Warriors

clan of warriors - best midjourney prompt

Prompt: A clan of warriors with armor and weapons.

59. Volumetric Moon Knight

volumetric moon knight - best midjourney prompts

Prompt: A celestial warrior bathed in ethereal moonlight, wielding voluminous power against cosmic adversaries in a surreal, otherworldly landscape.

60. Ethereal Bohemian Waxwing Bird

ethereal bohemian waxwing bird - best midjourney prompts

Prompt: A whimsical avian creature adorned with intricate patterns, embodying the free-spirited essence of bohemian culture amidst ethereal surroundings.

61. Animals and Wildlife

animal and wildlife - best midjourney prompts

Prompt: A stunning array of diverse creatures in their natural habitats, captured with vivid detail and reverence for the beauty of the animal kingdom.

62. Portraits and People

portraits and people - best midjourney prompts

Prompt: Lifelike portrayals capture the essence and emotions of individuals, each detail rendered with precision and empathy.

63. Abstract and Surreal Art

abstract and surreal art - best midjourney prompts

Prompt: Mind-bending compositions swirling with vibrant colors and surreal imagery, inviting viewers into a mesmerizing journey of the imagination.

64. Pop Culture and Fan Art

pop culture and fan art - best midjourney prompts

Prompt: Iconic characters and scenes from beloved franchises reimagined with creative flair, paying homage to the cultural phenomena that inspire.

65. Close-up Image of a Dinosaur Using a Computer

Prompt: A whimsical depiction of a dinosaur engrossed in modern technology, blending prehistoric charm with contemporary humor.

66. Mesmerizing Stock Images

mesmerizing stock images - best midjourney prompts

Prompt: A captivating collection of images ranging from breathtaking landscapes to intricate textures, each imbued with a hypnotic quality.

67. Girl with Pink Hair

girl with pink hair - best midjourney prompts

Prompt: A kawaii anime girl with bubblegum pink locks, radiating innocence and charm against a backdrop of vibrant hues.

68. Anime Tattoo Bright Ink on a Young Woman

Prompt: Intricate anime-inspired tattoos adorning the skin of a young woman, each design vibrant with color and symbolic meaning.

69.A Cute Chibi Magical Girl

a cute chibi magical girl - best midjourney prompts

Prompt: A delightful chibi rendition of a magical girl, exuding sweetness and whimsy with her petite stature and enchanting powers.

70. Futuristic Mecha Robot

futuristic meca robot - best midjourney prompts

Prompt: A sleek and imposing mecha robot from the distant future, bristling with advanced weaponry and futuristic technology.

71. Male Panda with White Hair

male panda with white hair - best midjourney prompts

Prompt: A majestic male panda with snowy white fur, his wise and gentle demeanor captured in a serene bamboo forest setting.

72. Dragon Ball Z

draggon ball z - best midjourney prompts

Prompt: Iconic characters from the Dragon Ball Z universe are locked in epic battles, each frame pulsating with energy and intensity.

73. Solitude

solitude - best midjourney prompts

Prompt: A solitary figure amidst vast and desolate landscapes, conveying the introspective solitude of the human experience.

74. Boat on River

boat on river - best midjourney prompts

Prompt: A tranquil scene of a boat gently gliding along a serene river, surrounded by lush greenery and reflected sunlight dancing on the water’s surface.

75. The Earth Element

Prompt: Elemental forces at play, depicting the raw power and beauty of the earth element in its various forms, from rugged mountains to fertile plains.

Midjourney Style Prompts

The Midjourney Style Prompts are listed below.

76. Art Deco

art deco - best midjourney prompts

Prompt: Explore the sleek lines and geometric shapes of Art Deco, evoking elegance and modernity in architectural and decorative designs from the Roaring Twenties.

77. Pointillism

Prompt: Dive into the world of Pointillism, where intricate images emerge from countless tiny dots, showcasing the mastery of color and light.

78. Cubism

cubism - best midjourney prompts

Prompt: Experience the fractured perspectives of Cubism, as Picasso and Braque revolutionize art with their abstracted forms and shattered realities.

79. Pop Art

Prompt: Embrace the vibrant energy of Pop Art, celebrating mass culture and consumerism with bold colors and iconic imagery.

80. Psychedelic 

pshycedelic - best midjourney prompts

Prompt: Take a trip through swirling colors and distorted forms in Psychedelic art, capturing the spirit of the counterculture movement of the 1960s.

81. Impressionism 

Prompt: Step into the fleeting moments of Impressionism, where light dances on canvas, capturing scenes with loose brushwork and vibrant color.

82. Fauvism 

fauvism - best midjourney prompts

Prompt: Feel the raw emotion of Fauvism, where artists unleash bold and vivid colors to express their inner passions and sentiments.

83. Glitch Art 

Prompt: Enter the digital realm of Glitch Art, where technical errors become aesthetic elements, challenging our perception of perfection.

84. Trompe L’oeil 

trompe loeil - best midjourney prompts

Prompt: Marvel at the optical illusions of Trompe L’oeil, where paintings mimic reality so convincingly they seem to leap off the canvas.

85. Chiaroscuro 

Prompt: Explore the interplay of light and shadow in Chiaroscuro, as artists masterfully depict form and depth through dramatic contrasts.

86. Minimalist 

Prompt: Discover the beauty in simplicity with Minimalist art, where less is more and every element serves a purpose in its purest form.

87. Flat Design 

Prompt: Enter the world of Flat Design, where clean lines and vibrant colors create minimalist digital interfaces with maximum impact.

88. Surface Detail 

Prompt: Delve into intricate Surface Details, where textures and patterns add depth and richness to artistic compositions.

89. Halftone 

Prompt: Experience the captivating effect of Halftone, where images are composed of tiny dots, creating shades and gradients with precision.

90. Grid 

Prompt: Get lost in the orderly structure of the Grid, where lines intersect and define space in a geometrically pleasing manner.

91. Guilloché Patterns 

Prompt: Admire the intricate elegance of Guilloché Patterns, where delicate lines intertwine to form mesmerizing designs.

92. Celtic Maze 

Prompt: Navigate the twists and turns of a Celtic Maze, where intricate knots and loops symbolize eternal journeys and interconnectedness.

93. Glassmorphism 

Prompt: Experience the ethereal beauty of Glassmorphism, where translucent layers create depth and dimension in digital design.

94. Morphism 

Prompt: Explore the transformative nature of Morphism, where shapes and forms evolve and shift, blurring the boundaries of reality.

95. Bauhaus 

Prompt: Step into the innovative spirit of Bauhaus, where art, design, and craftsmanship converge to shape the modern aesthetic.

96. Art Nouveau 

Prompt: Embrace the organic forms and flowing lines of Art Nouveau, inspired by nature and characterized by its graceful curves.

97. Baroque

Prompt: Enter the grandeur and opulence of the Baroque era, where art and architecture dazzle with elaborate ornamentation and dramatic flair.

98. Postmodernism 

Prompt: Explore the deconstructive tendencies of Postmodernism, where irony and pastiche reign supreme, challenging traditional norms.

99. Industrial 

Prompt: Immerse yourself in the sleek and functional aesthetic of Industrial design, where form follows function in the modern world.

100. Cyberpunk 

Prompt: Dive into the gritty, neon-lit streets of Cyberpunk, where high-tech meets low-life in a dystopian future ripe with intrigue and rebellion.

101. Sci-fi 

Prompt: Embark on a journey to distant worlds with Sci-fi art, where imagination knows no bounds and futuristic landscapes unfold before your eyes.

102. Naturalistic 

Prompt: Experience the realism and detail of Naturalistic art, where artists meticulously capture the beauty of the natural world with lifelike precision.

That’s it. These 100+ Midjourney prompt guides can help you generate the best AI images for sure. These best prompts for Midjourney assistance will also give images better than other Midjourney alternatives.


In summary, here are some of the best Midjourney prompts while testing out the anime AI art generator or AI avatar generator website like NovelAI during our journey. Every picture is unique. Some were created in Midjourney V5, while others used the Niji mode with character-specific and anime models.

Feel free to experiment with different combinations of styles to create the perfect AI-generated art. Use these 100+ best Midjourney prompts to continue improving your masterpiece.

FAQs on Best Midjourney prompts

Is Midjourney down?

We check if Midjourney is working by looking at its status code. If the code is between 400 and 500, like the “not found” error with a 40 code, we say the site is not working.

What are some good Midjourney prompts?

Japanese Garden in Autumn, Floating Island, Haunted Elegance, Helmet Girl, and Scarlet Peace are some good Midjourney prompts.

How do I improve my Midjourney prompt?

Use Accurate Grammar
Be specific
Use easy language
Give reference

How to get Midjourney to write text?

Begin your sentence with the prompt
Repeat your text in the prompt 
Write using quotation marks
Keep it short
Choose your font
Use specific words
Maintain generating variations
Use a photo with the text in your prompt

Why is Midjourney so much better?

Midjourney is a tool that is easy to use and makes good pictures quickly. It’s great for people who use Discord a lot and want to try it out quickly.

How to get photorealistic Midjourney?

Use a 6:9 aspect.
Include lighting type
Add 80mm
Use –testp
Use masculine names and feminine names

How much does Midjourney cost?

Midourney plans range from $10 a month to $120 a month, with yearly options too. Each plan includes access to our member gallery, Discord, and commercial usage terms.

How to create Midjourney prompts?

Just type /imagine followed by your prompt for Midjourney to create. It takes about a minute, but then the bot will reply.

How to subscribe to a plan in Midjourney?

Go to Midjourney.com/account, sign in with your Discord, and pick a plan that works for you.

Can you use Midjourney for free?

Starting June 2023, Midjourney isn’t free anymore. You can choose from different subscription plans, starting at $10 a month or $96 a year. With any plan, you get access to the Midjourney member gallery and Discord.

How to get into Midjourney?

Join Discord and Midjourney, then accept the invite to the Midjourney Discord channel. In the #newbies channel, type /subscribe. Choose your Midjourney plan, then return to Discord and use /imagine to create images. Finally, edit and upscale your images.

How to Master Midjourney Prompts?

To Master Midjourney Prompts, Start with a simple plan. Add flair and important words. Learn aspect ratios well. Get creative with advanced options. Highlight your work with emphasis. Try Remix mode for more creativity. Add color to your ideas.

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