1000+ Discord Stickers to Download for Free in PNG

discord stickers

Want to give your Discord community some personality? Look no further than thousands of the best Discord stickers available to choose from!

These stickers can help bring life and character to your group chats and make them more engaging for everyone involved.

So why not give them a try and see how they can enhance your Discord experience?

Choose from the best Discord stickers and download them through this blog by clicking the download button for free.

Also, we will show you the best cute, anime, and funny Discord stickers for you. So, let’s jump in.

What Are Discord Stickers

Stickers are like big emojis in Discord, just like GIFs. You can’t put them next to words or on Discord statuses. 

A custom sticker can either be still images or animated, just like emojis. If you don’t pay for Discord Nitro, you can only use stickers on the server you’re on, not ones from other servers.

Are Discord Stickers Free

Thankfully, Nitro users can get the stickers without paying. You can get free cool stickers if you have a Nitro subscription. To use the stickers, head to the shop and click the “Free” option.

1. Meme & Funny Discord Stickers

Stickers with memes and funny messages for Discord.

gremlin punch anime sticker
Add some fun to your Discord messages with the Gremlin Punch Discord sticker! Show off your personality with this unique emoticon

doge - discord sticker
Have fun chatting with Doge Discord stickers. Use adorable Doge emojis to express yourself

love - discord stickers
Find a cute cat with a red rose Discord sticker – great for showing love and fondness

excuse me - discord stickers
Excuse me, it adds charm to your messages—express courtesy in style
sobbing - discord sticker
Find the Sobbing sticker to show your emotions. Add it to your server now for more expression
bored - discord stickers
Use a cute Sobbing Frog sticker on Discord to show your feelings and make your chats more fun

witty - discord stickers
Discover fun, witty Discord stickers! Make your server more fun with our assortment of creative, moving facial expressions

oh god please - discord stickers
Oh god, please stickers on Discord
witty laugh - discord sticker
Check out the funny Witty Laugh sticker on Discord to make your chats more fun! Enjoy some laughs with this sticker

nasty - discord stickers
Nasty Discord sticker! Spice up your conversations and show your personality in a new way

hi - discord stickers
Cat saying hi! Check out the Hi sticker for Discord that you can use during chats
meme trolololo
Find the funny ‘Trolololo’ sticker for Discord to make your chats more enjoyable.

For more funny or meme stickers for Discord, visit Stickers.gg, Discords.com, and Emoji.gg website.

How to Add Stickers to Discord

There must be a minimum of 2 server boosts on your server before stickers can be added. The initial step to do is to discover a cool sticker. We’ve already mentioned some top free Stickers available here. 

Once you’ve found stickers, head over to the server settings. There, you’ll find a section labeled “stickers.” Within this section, you’ll see a button that allows you to upload the new stickers.

Upload the photo to any website we have mentioned, and you’ll find a sticker you can use on your server!

2. Cute Discord Stickers

Check out a bunch of cute Discord stickers to add some fun to your group.

cute kitty love - discord stickers
Find cute cat stickers on Discord and use them to show your love for cats in a fun way

ok - cute discord stickers
Find a cute and charming Discord sticker saying OK that will add a sweet touch to your chats

follow me - cute discord stickers
Use the ‘follow me’ sticker on Discord to invite friends to join your server
rose - cute discord stickers
Use cute rose stickers on Discord to make your chats more charming

cute cat - discord sticker
Cute cat sticker for your chat

cute kid sticker for discord
Look at this cute children’s sticker for Discord to show your feelings

im - cute discord stickers
‘I’m Cute’ sticker on Discord – a sweet way to show your cuteness

cat hug - cute discord stickers
Cat hug sticker for your Discord chats. Download now for purr-fect conversations

puppy - cute discord stickers
Sticker with a cute puppy image for Discord

snoopy happy - cute discord stickers
Cute and happy stickers for Discord based on the cartoon character Snoopy

cute chick - discord sticker
Discord sticker with a cute chick on it

bruh - cute discord stickers
The cutest sticker for your Discord account, bruh

sad baby - cute discord stickers
Sticker with a cute picture of a sad baby on Discord
for you - cute discord stickers
Cute Discord sticker with the message “for you”
eating noodles cute cat - discord stickers
This one is a cute Discord sticker that depicts a cat eating noodles

For more cute stickers for Discord, visit Stickers.gg, Discords.com, and Emoji.gg website.

How to Use Telegram Stickers in Discord

This combination sets up a process that starts when something happens in Discord and then takes action in Telegram. Once you set it up and activate it, it will work all day, every day, for free.

1. Choose the integration you want.

2. Set up the New Message trigger.

  • Link your Discord account.
  • Adjust the Channels settings.
  • Configure the discordApphook.

3. Setting up “Send a Sticker”:

  • Link your Bot account.
  • Set the Chat ID.
  • You can choose to specify a File Name if needed.
  • Add the Sticker you want to send.
  • Optionally, input the Message ID.
  • Optionally, customize the Reply Markup as desired.

4. Start the workflow.

5. Check your setup by sending a test event.

6. Activate the trigger.

3. Anime Discord Stickers

Free Discord Stickers featuring anime characters.

tysm - anime discord stickers
Discord sticker featuring Tysm anime character

demon - anime discord stickers
An anime demon discord sticker for your discord account

creepy - anime discord stickers
There’s nothing creepier than a creepy anime sticker on Discord
waifu - anime discord stickers
The Waifu anime Discord sticker is the perfect gift for anime fans

okay girl - anime discord stickers
This is a sticker for the Okay Girl anime Discord server

pikachu lifting - anime discord stickers
The Pikachu lifting anime Discord sticker is a great way to spread the word

luffy creepy smile - anime discord stickers
There is a sticker for the Discord server that depicts a creepy smile of Luffy

cash - anime discord stickers
Anime cash Discord sticker for your Discord channel

For more anime stickers for Discord, visit Stickers.gg, Discords.com, and Emoji.gg website.

How to Use Whatsapp Stickers on Discord

You can’t upload WhatsApp stickers on Discord, but you can use Discord stickers on WhatsApp.

You can add your own stickers to a server where you’re an admin or moderator. However, you have to use a VPN account.

For this demonstration, use ExpressVPN. This company provides fast connections in more than 90 countries worldwide.

Just follow these easy steps:

  1. Create an account on the order page.
  2. Install ExpressVPN on your Mac or Windows computer.
  3. Complete the prompts within the app.
  4. Click on “All Locations” or “Recommended” to find a Canadian server.
  5. The server can be connected by clicking the Power tab.

How to Copy Stickers in Discord

In Discord, you can copy stickers for reuse or sharing with friends. Following these methods will help you to copy stickers in Discord directly:

  1. Locate the Sticker
  2. Right-click (or Long Press)
  3. Save the Sticker
  4. Access the Saved Sticker
  5. Use the Copied Sticker

How to Use Discord Stickers

Many people on Discord like to use stickers to show their reactions to messages in chat groups. Stickers can be fancier and have more details than regular Discord emojis because they’re bigger.


discord pc
  1. Either open the Discord app on your computer or visit the Discord official website and sign in
  2. Once you’re in, find the server or chat where you want to send your sticker and click the button that says Stickers.
  3. Go to the expanded menu and find the sticker you’d like to use. If you have a Nitro subscription, you can also use different servers.
  4. Choose the sticker you’d like to use. 
  5. Once you add it, it will be on its own line, and you won’t be able to add text alongside it.

Android / iOS

discord app
  1. If you are using iOS or Android, open the app.
  2. Head to your Server where you want to send your sticker.
  3. Finally, just tap the emoji box to bring up the emojis.
  4. Go to the emoji tray and click on the Stickers.
  5. To use a sticker, find it and tap it.

Create Mockups with these Discord Stickers

create mockups with mockey for discord stickers

You can also use these Discord stickers on your phone, laptop or any product, and we know you love that. Before that, you need to create mockups for this. It would help if you use a free tool like Mockey to create mockups.

For that, visit Mockey, go to the Sticker category and upload your design. Select any template and customize this. Lastly, download the mockup with no watermark.


In conclusion, we’ve highlighted some awesome Discord stickers available for you to grab from their website.

You can check out these sites to download the stickers or join their servers.

You need to come up with your own Discord sticker idea if you want to create a personalized sticker.

Furthermore, we’ve answered all the questions people or users had about this topic.


How do you get stickers on Discord?

If you’re on a computer, click the sticker icon. It’s the one that looks similar to Smiling Square, and you’ll find it with the GIFs and emojis. If you’re using a mobile device, first tap the emoji option and then go to the Stickers button.

How to do stickers on mobile Discord?

Adding stickers to your mobile Discord is easy:
1. Update Discord App
2. Access a Chat
3. Open the Message Box
4. Access Stickers
5. Browse Stickers
6. Select a Sticker
7. Send the Sticker
8. Adjust Sticker Size (optional)
9. Confirm Your Message