50+ Cool Sticker Ideas You Need to Know (Trendy)

cool sticker ideas

Cool sticker ideas are sure to leave a lasting impression on your friends and family. You can have fun by putting stickers on your pet’s face everywhere you want, like on your items! Stickers can also be used to show what you believe in, like supporting a political group or letting people know there’s a baby in the car. If you’re not sure what stickers to make next, no worries! Take a look at the awesome list of cool sticker ideas to get your creative juices flowing, and have a blast making them!

How to Design Cool Stickers

To design cool stickers, you need to follow some basic tips:

  • Keep it simple and catchy
  • Make your stickers colorful and fun
  • Readable images and fonts
  • Personalize your stickers
  • Using a high-resolution printer or a professional service

What Are Some Cool Sticker Ideas

Here is a list of cool sticker ideas that are on trend.

  1. Stickers with personalized names
  2. Symbols of culture
  3. Fantasy and mythical creatures
  4. Designs inspired by graffiti
  5. Heroes from comic books
  6. Slogans for activism
  7. Sports mascots and logos
  8. Motivation for fitness
  9. Mindfulness imagery and yoga
  10. A zero-waste theme
  11. Blockchain and crypto icons
  12. 3D illusions
  13. Symbols of maker culture
  14. Devices and gadgets
  15. Watercolors and drawings
  16. Illustrated food and drink
  17. Botanical and plant minimalism
  18. Hobbies and crafts
  19. Diversity and inclusion
  20. Pet illustrations
  21. Social site icons and logos
  22. Portraits in minimalist style
  23. Characters from video games
  24. Cute and kawaii characters
  25. Zodiac signs and celestial bodies
  26. Typography with pop art
  27. Sci-fi and futuristic designs
  28. Geometric and abstract patterns
  29. Environmental activism and slogans
  30. Meme Culture and the Internet
  31. AR/VR themes
  32. Self-care and awareness
  33. Movie and TV characters
  34. Affirmations and inspirational quotes
  35. Band and music logos
  36. Galaxy themes
  37. Vintage and retro aesthetics
  38. Holographic stickers
  39. Travel destinations
  40. Eco-friendly symbols
  41. Nike trainer stickers
  42. Famous art
  43. Animal stickers
  44. Golden retriever design
  45. Creativity juice box
  46. Eat today?
  47. French fry waterproof
  48. Aquarium laptop decal
  49. Astronaut sticker
  50. Sprinkle stickers on the wall

Best Cool Sticker Ideas

Here is a list of the best 50+ cool sticker ideas you must know.

1. Stickers With Personalized Names

stickers with personalized names

Let’s talk about some awesome cool sticker ideas using personalized names! You can create stickers that have your own name or someone else’s.

  • One idea is to design a sticker with your name surrounded by beautiful flowers.
  • Another idea is to use a fancy, curly font for the name and add a cool pattern with shapes like squares and triangles.

Once you’re done, you can stick them anywhere you want and let everyone see your awesome creations!

2. Symbols of Culture

symbols of culture

Have you ever seen those cool Celtic knot designs? They’re fancy knots that Celtic people used a long, long time ago.

There’s this symbol called the Hamsa hand. It’s believed to bring good luck and protect against bad things. It has been used for ages.

So, if you’re interested, you can explore these symbol stickers.

3. Fantasy and Mythical Creatures

fantasy and mythical creatures

Make your phone, water flask, or laptop more magical. Here are some ideas:

  • Illustration of a dragon
  • Mermaid art
  • Gollum stickers

4. Designs Inspired by Graffiti

designs Inspired by Graffiti

Some companies even create their logos based on street art! You can try it, too, like making art using stencils inspired by Banksy or drawing colorful graffiti tags. It’s a fun way to get creative!

5. Heroes From Comic Books

heroes from comic books

This is one of the best and cool sticker ideas. Superheroes like Superman, Batman, and others can inspire us and remind us of our own heroic abilities. For example, you can have a Spider-Man pointing picture, a Wonder Woman emblem, or a Batman image.

6. Slogans for Activism

If you’re actively engaged in doing good through your actions, why not extend it to your words as well? Stickers provide an excellent way to express your commitment to the causes you care about. Here are some examples of stickers you can use to show your support:

These stickers serve as a way to communicate your dedication to important social causes. 

7. Sports Mascots and Logos

sports mascots and logos

Check out these awesome affiliations in the sports world:

8. Motivation for Fitness

These stickers are not only for coaches; they can add some enjoyment and motivation in a way that you won’t forget. Here are a couple of cool sticker ideas:

9. Mindfulness Imagery and Yoga

mindfulness imagery and yoga

Are you into spirituality? Or maybe you just love learning from the ancient wisdom of the East? Well, here’s something cool for you:

10. A Zero-Waste Theme

a zero-waste theme

Are you super careful about wasting things? Well, Make the most of this opportunity by sharing your favorite sticker ideas! Check out these ideas:

11. Blockchain and Crypto Icons

blockchain and crypto icons

Have you heard about DeFi? If you’re all into that crypto and totally loving it, you can show off your love for everything with these awesome stickers for your laptop or car.

12. 3D Illusions

3d illusion cool sticker ideas

You can play around with optical illusions and weird shapes.

13. Symbols of Maker Culture

symbols of maker culture

Show off your creativity and passion for DIY projects with these stickers featuring symbols of maker culture, such as gears, tools, circuits and robots.

14. Devices and Gadgets

devices and gadgets stickers

Are you a total, all-out, super-duper tech enthusiast? Well, then, you absolutely gotta display that passion on the stickers!

15. Watercolors and Drawings

watercolors and drawings

If you really love drawing and making pictures, it’s super important to give that passion some attention. Stickers are the perfect thing ever to express your artistic side!

16. Illustrated Food and Drink

illustrated food and drink cool sticker ideas

You like food; we like fancy food. You enjoy it; we live for it! Your next design should be inspired by your love of food and good living.

17. Botanical and Plant Minimalism

botanical and plant minimalism

Are you good at growing plants? You can make awesome stickers that go perfectly with your green thumb! Check out these cool sticker ideas for people who love plants just like you do!

18. Hobbies and Crafts

hobbies and crafts

Let’s share your awesome interests with everyone! We have got some super cool sticker ideas for all your favorite hobbies and crafts. Check these out:

19. Diversity and Inclusion

If you really believe in being friendly and accepting of everyone, you can encourage others to get along nicely by using a sticker that shows your message.

20. Pet Illustrations

pet illustrations cool sticker ideas

We’re totally crazy about pets, and we’re proud of it! Show your love for our amazing doggies and kitties with these awesome stickers.

21. Social Site Icons and Logos

social site icons and logos

The username and these can be mixed or used separately. Just like when you play around with your Instagram account, you can add the Instagram logo to make it look even cooler. And when you’re on Reddit, you can put a sticker of your avatar next to your username. It’s like having your own special badge!

22. Portraits in Minimalist Style

portraits in minimalist style cool sticker ideas

Line art! It’s totally in style and fun. It’s the perfect chill vibe for stickers on water flasks or cars.

23. Characters From Video Games

characters from video games

Playing video games can be a super important and fun part of life. It can even shape who you are as a person! That’s why it’s awesome to give some love to your favorite video game icons and characters by making cool stickers with them.

24. Cute and Kawaii Characters

cute and kawaii characters

These cool and cute sticker ideas make your life extra cute by adding the Kawaii figures! They’re super adorable and will bring lots of happiness to your day!

25. Zodiac Signs and Celestial Bodies

zodiac signs and celestial bodies

If you’re someone who loves looking at the stars, enjoys reading about the zodiac signs, or just really likes things that have to do with space, then you’re in for a treat with these awesome cool sticker ideas!

26. Typography With Pop Art

typography with pop art cool sticker ideas

If you want your design to stand out, try cool ideas like:

27. Sci-Fi and Futuristic Designs

sci-fi and futuristic designs

If you’re into geeky stuff, check this out:

28. Geometric and Abstract Patterns

geometric and abstract patterns

These things can be really fun to use when you want to make your items look cool and special. So, try using the following:

29. Environmental Activism and Slogans

environmental activism and slogans

Show off your super Earth-loving spirit by sticking something like this on display:

30. Meme Culture and the Internet

meme culture and the internet

It’s time to show off your favorite memes! Stick them up somewhere cool, and let’s get creative!

31. AR/VR Themes

Do you really love the metaverse? Well, now you can express it with stickers that have things like:

A drawing of virtual reality goggles and an awesome scene from an interactive game using augmented reality!

32. Self-Care and Awareness

self-care and awareness

Do you know how lots of people these days are dealing with anxiety and feeling down? Well, it’s always a great idea to spread some positivity and support, not just for yourself but also for others. Let me give you a few fun suggestions:

33. Movie and TV characters

movie and tv characters cool sticker ideas

Instead of spending too much money on expensive items, why not create your own fan gear? Let’s start with stickers featuring all your favorite characters, like the ones everyone always loves:

34. Affirmations and Inspirational Quotes

affirmations and inspirational quotes

Is it a cheesy saying or something really important for life? You know, those quotes that can go on a cool sticker for your toy car or a fancy picture on your bedroom wall.

35. Band and Music Logos

band and music logos

You’ll get a great conversation starter and a favorite band too!

36. Galaxy Themes

galaxy themes

This theme is loved by fans of Doctor Who, Star Trek, Star Wars, and anyone who enjoys sci-fi! It’s as endless and awesome as outer space, and you can let your imagination run wild with it.

37. Vintage and Retro Aesthetics

vintage and retro aesthetics

Get ready to feel the awesome vibes of the 90s or whichever decade you love the most! We’re talking about awesome pictures that totally represent that time. Here are some ideas:

38. Holographic Stickers

holographic cool sticker ideas

We have written about holographic tote designs in the sticker design ideas article. Well, how about we come up with some awesome new ideas for holographic stickers? Here are some:

39. Travel Destinations

travel destinations cool sticker ideas

Lots of people really like the idea of going on exciting adventures. They even put stickers on their cars to show how much they love adventure! You can also express your warmth for traveling in all sorts of ways.

40. Eco-friendly Symbols

eco-friendly symbols

If you’re already doing your bit to help the planet, how about spreading some inspiration with a cool nature-friendly design? Think of it like this: you can come up with awesome ideas for “green” stickers!

41. Nike Trainer Stickers

nike cool sticker ideas

Stick these Nike trainers on your shoes and run faster than ever with style and boost.

42. Famous Art

famous art stickers

Decorate your walls, laptops, and notebooks with famous art stickers.

43. Animal Stickers

animal stickers

Animal stickers are fun and cute. They can make any page look bright and lively.

44. Golden Retriever Design

golden retriever design

A fluffy friend with a sunny smile A golden retriever sticker to brighten your style.

45. Creativity Juice Box

creativity juice box

Stick these colorful labels on your drink and unleash your imagination with every sip.

46. Eat Today?

Here is the sticker:

eat today cool sticker ideas

47. French Fry Waterproof

french fry waterproof

Do you love fries so much that you want to stick them everywhere? Get these awesome French fry waterproof stickers and show your passion for potatoes!

48. Aquarium Laptop Decal

aquarium laptop decal

Transform your laptop into a colorful underwater world with these aquarium-themed decal stickers. Choose from various designs of fish, coral, seaweed and bubbles to create your own aquatic scene.

49. Astronaut Sticker

astronaut sticker

Stick these stickers on your stuff and feel like an astronaut in space. Also, these stickers are called Cricut stickers.

50. Sprinkle Stickers on the Wall

sprinkle sticker on wall

She loved to sprinkle stickers on the wall to make her room a colorful wonderland.

We have taken the sources of all these images from Etsy and Freepik.

What Can You Do With Cool Stickers

Personalizing your belongings and expressing yourself with cool sticker ideas is fun and creative. These stickers are great for decorating laptops, phones, notebooks, water bottles, skateboards, helmets, guitars, and even skateboards. The cards and invitations can be used for craft projects, invitations, scrapbooks, and more. It’s easy to find stickers that match your style and mood. You can add some flair to your stuff with cool stickers, whether you want to show off your favorite band, cartoon character, quote, or emoji.

To Conclude

This list of 40 cool sticker ideas will help you get started or explore sticker making further. Discover the perfect designs to show off your individual style as you take advantage of the fun and inspirational cool sticker ideas offered.

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What are cool sticker ideas?

These top 5 are cool sticker ideas.

Pet photos
Vegetables and fruits
Fantasy stickers
Comic books

Why Gen Z loves stickers?

Gen Z loves stickers because they are a fun and easy way to express their personality, interests, art, and activism. Stickers are also great for branding and marketing their own ventures.

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