12 Best Linktree Alternatives: Free and Cheaper Competitors

linktree alternatives

Linktree is a popular bio link app that many people use out of habit.

While it used to lack advanced features, it has recently improved with features like a tip jar, store requests, and integrations with platforms like Typeform and Spotify.

Users are looking for the best Linktree alternatives because the problem lies in its pricing. The free plan is limited, and even the cheapest plan at $5.49 a month doesn’t offer essential features like email list signups.

To access those, you’d need the Pro Plan at $9.49 a month. So, while Linktree has improved, its pricing may not be worth it for everyone.

Is Linktree No Longer Free?

Linktree is way too expensive, and it’s frustrating that Linktree raised their prices by 49 cents a month last year.

Initially, their plans were straightforward at $5 or $9 a month, but now with $5.49 and $9.49, it makes me question if that extra 49 cents is even necessary. It seems like Linktree is just trying to squeeze out more money from people.

So, this article talks about 12 Linktree alternative free and cheaper tools and explains what each one offers and prices.

What are Free Alternatives to Linktree?

Here are six free alternatives to Linktree.

Free AlternativesBest for
Stan Store (Free trial)Instagram
The LeapTikTok
BeaconsContent Creators
Campsite.bioContent Creators

What are Paid or Cheaper Alternatives to Linktree?

Here are six paid or cheaper alternatives to Linktree.

Paid AlternativesBest forPricing
BitlyBusinessCore: $8/month, Growth: $29/month, Premium: $199/month
CarrdBusinessPro Plan: Starts from $9/year
PushbioMusiciansMini: $4.99/month, Pro: $9.99/month, Agency: $39/month
LinkfireMusiciansStarter: $9.99/month, Pro: $24.99/month, Teams: $49.99/month

12 Best Linktree Alternatives Category Wise

A list of the best Linktree alternatives to consider for your bio links category-wise.

  1. For Instagram: Direct.me and Stan Store
  2. For Business: Bitly and Carrd
  3. For TikTok: Milkshake, The Leap, and Linkin.bio
  4. For Content Creators: Beacons, and Campsite.bio
  5. For Musicians: Pushbio, Linkfire, and Feature.fm

Linktree Alternatives for Instagram

Check out these two free Linktree alternatives for Instagram.

  1. Direct.me
  2. Stan Store

1. Direct.me

We’ll start with a Linktree alternative called Direct.me, which is perfect for beginners.

direct.me - linktree alternative for instagram

It lets you create a custom domain, completely customizable with your own background, profile image, button and icon colors, and even lets you upload your own icons.

select your background image in direct.me linktree alternatives

Plus, it has a handy pop-up feature that’s great for increasing conversions.

Things to Understand Before Using Direct.me

Let’s quickly show you how to customize your theme.

Go to “Edit Theme” and you can choose a theme or customize it.

edit theme in direct.me linktree alternative

We uploaded a background image and picked a white color theme. You can also change icon colors and social icon colors to match your brand.

For example, you can change all social icons to yellow. You can even change your avatar style.

click on avatar style in direct.me

Basically, we kept our layout options simple, with choices like circle, square, rounded, or hidden. Editing the profile on this Linktree alternative is easy.

We use the “manage page” option to add items. Mostly, we link URLs or create folders. Folders are great; they’re unique.

click on manage page in direct.me

For example, we have one called “free resources for influencers” where we put all my freebies. It keeps things organized and tidy for visitors.

free resources for influencers

You can even organize folders by affiliate links, making it easy to recommend products. So, the folder feature is really important. And, you can also sell stuff.

expanded free resources for influencers

The difference between the free and paid options matters here.

With this free Linktree alternative, you can sell directly, but they’ll take a cut from each sale. It’s not a big deal if you’re on a budget, though. They’ll show you how much you’ll get after their cut.

sell exclusice content

Note: Just remember, they do take a percentage. So, it’s an option, but keep that in mind.

Direct.me Key Features

  • Customize styling and themes
  • ✅ Monetization options
  • ✅ Detailed statistics
  • ✅ User-friendly

Direct.me Pricing

direct.me pricing
  • $15/month

People’s Queries on Direct.me

  1. What is Direct me used for?

Direct.me, a popular bio link tool, offers an app marketplace where users can upgrade their bio link page.

  1. How much does Direct me cost?

Direct.me is not free. You must pay $19/month or switch to a yearly plan to get started.

  1. How do I get verified on Direct me?

The verification email is in your inbox (check the junk folder). Click “Verify Email” to activate the account right away.

2. Stan Store

Let’s talk about another one of the best Linktree alternatives for Instagram called Stan Store.

stan store - linktree alternative for instagram

It helps creators make money through their Instagram bio links.

Things to Understand Before Using Stan Store

Here’s our welcome dashboard where we manage our store’s buttons and links. On the left, we can edit them, and on the right, we can see previews in different formats. Some are simple buttons, while others collect names and emails or have an action button.

stan store welcome dashboard

Now, with the new setup for your store, there are various button options and layouts available.

However, compared to having a direct domain, the customization in site design is limited.

customize my store in stan store

Instead of full customization, there are templates and preset colors to choose from. We opted for their standard theme since simplicity is key, especially for those selling via their social media bio link.

templates of stan store linktree alternatives

Despite the simplicity, you can still personalize button colors.

Another great feature is their tool for growing your email list, eliminating the need for other tools.

We’re going to upload a freebie we created with a heading and subheading.

We chose the image and made it on Canva. After uploading, people can see the freebie. We include an email field for collecting addresses but skip asking for phone numbers.

By doing this, we build an email list, which is crucial. Building an email list is essential for influencers and for selling directly to your store.

On the right side, we’ve set up our influencer starter kit. It’s like a callout, not just a regular button. When someone clicks “get started today,” they’ll see my checkout page.

Here, they can set the price, upload the product, and publish it. Then, anyone who wants to buy can do so directly through Stan Store.

They just need to enter their name, email, and payment info, and they can download the product on their phone or laptop. No need for a Shopify or any other store – and Stan Store doesn’t take a cut.

Stan Store Key Features

  • Best for influencers
  • High-converting storefront
  • Free trial

Stan Store Pricing

stan store pricing
  • 14-days free trial
  • Creator plan: $29/month
  • Creator Pro: $99/month

People’s Queries on Stan Store

  1. What is a Stan Store?

Stan Store is an innovative e-commerce platform enabling you to sell products and services, and memberships right from your social media.

  1. How much does the Stan Store cost?

You can test Stan Store with 14 days free trial. After that, pay for Creator ($29/month) or Creator Pro ($99/month).

  1. Is Stan Store only for Instagram?

Stan Store is a fresh way for creators to make money by selling digital products, easily linking up with platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, and TikTok.

  1. Who owns Stan Store?

Jayhoovy, also known as John Hu, runs Stan Store as its CEO.

Linktree Alternatives for Businesses

Here are two free Linktree alternatives for businesses.

  1. Bitly
  2. Carrd

3. Bitly

The first Linktree alternative for business is Bitly. They’re known for shortening links, but they’ve recently expanded to offer a link-in-bio service as part of their regular account.

bitly - linktree alternative for businesses

Things to Understand Before Using Bitly

Most features are free, except for removing minimal Bitly branding and viewing click performance.

However, with the free plan, you still have a lot of customization options like changing the layout, and colors, adding images, and scheduling links.

Unfortunately, the link bio app from Bitly doesn’t allow you to add a thumbnail or any interactive features like a tip jar or email opt-in.

create a link in bio in bitly linktree alternatives

However, it’s straightforward to use. The downside is that you’re stuck using Bitly links, and the free version limits you to only 10 new links per month.

If you need more, you’ll have to pay at least $96 a year for Bitly’s premium plan.

If you’re already planning to pay for that service, then the link bio tool could be a good fit for you. But if you don’t need Bitly’s link-shortening service, it might not be worth it.

If you’re not a fan of Bitly, upgrading just for the new Link in bio feature might not be worth it.

Bitly Key Features

  • Link management
  • Retargeting links
  • Ranking Monitoring
  • Channel attribution

Bitly Pricing

bitly pricing
  • Core: $8/month
  • Growth: $29/month
  • Premium: $199/month

People’s Queries on Bitly


4. Carrd

If you want flexibility, check out Carrd. It’s a free landing page builder with lots of Links in bio templates.

carrd - linktree alternative for businesses

Things to Understand Before Using Carrd

You can tweak everything – colors, fonts, layout – thanks to its easy drag-and-drop Page Builder.

However, since it’s a full-on page builder, it takes more effort to maintain compared to other Linktree alternatives. With Carrd, you can pretty much do anything, and you even get a custom subdomain like crailer.card.co to host your landing page.

For just $19 a year, you can upgrade your website experience in multiple ways.

You can incorporate email list sign-ups, payment forms, or even link custom domains.

This package covers up to 10 websites. With this flexibility, you can create various landing pages or bio pages tailored to different accounts.

The best part is, that you’re not confined by the usual restrictions of a basic bio app.

However, using this advanced feature might require more time and attention to detail. It’s easy to unintentionally disrupt the flow of your page or make it look messy.

Create a Carrd account on their website. After verifying your account, follow these steps:

  • Design your page from scratch
  • Adjust the background
  • Set the layout
  • Add containers
  • Insert text
  • Include a call-to-action button
  • Include sections and publish your site

Carrd Key Features

  • Best customer support
  • Affordable
  • User-friendly
  • Supports mobile editing

Carrd Pricing

carrd pro plan
  • Pro Plan: Starts from $9/year

People’s Queries on Carrd

  1. What do people use Carrd for?

Carrd has your back for any page needs—personal profiles, email capture, you name it. It’s simple, responsive, and reliable.

  1. Can I use Carrd for free?

Carrd offers a free plan (up to three websites), or you can pay $19/ year (up to ten sites with your own domain. It’s affordable and lets you add audio, video, slideshows, galleries, and links to social media easily.

  1. Does Carrd allow NSFW content?

No, Carrd does not allow NSFW content.

  1. How much does a Carrd website cost?

Carrd offers three plans: Lite for $9/year, Standard for $19/year, and Plus for $49/year.

Linktree Alternatives for TikTok

Here are the three best Linktree alternatives for TikTok to consider in 2024.

  1. Milkshake
  2. The Leap
  3. Linkin.bio

5. Milkshake

The intriguing Linktree alternative for TikTok is Milkshake. Unlike others, Milkshake operates solely through its iOS and Android apps, without a web version. 

milkshake - linktree alternative for tiktok

Considering most social media activity occurs on phones, using a mobile app to manage your Link in Bio page makes sense for 3 out of 5 users.

Things to Understand Before Using Milkshake

Milkshake is user-friendly, with a concept called cards, which are like pages you can add to your website. 

You can have a single card like your bio page, or multiple cards users can swipe between. 

It provides detailed analytics on link clicks. While it’s basic and lacks interactive features like a tip jar or email list opt-in, you can customize colors, fonts, and layout for free. 

my links in milkshake linktree alternatives

There’s a paid plan for $2.99/month to remove ads, but they don’t restrict features behind a paywall.

We think this is a great option for people who want a free and easy solution to manage their online presence. 

Instead of starting from scratch, you can use existing websites. For example, if you already have a website, you can simply create a Link in bio page on it.

Milkshake Key Features

  • Affordable
  • Customizable looks
  • Milkshake insights
  • Card-based website structure

Milkshake Pricing

milkshake pricing
  • Paid plan: $2.99/month

People’s Queries on Milkshake

  1. Is Milkshake a website?

The Milkshake website is made on your phone using Android or iOS.  They help you connect your followers to everything you offer through your bio link.

  1. Which is better Linktree or Milkshake?

For most content creators, Milkshake is a better Link in bio tool and an excellent Linktree alternative. It’s free to use with all its features, and you just pay a little each month to remove Milkshake branding.

  1. Do you have to pay for Milkshake website?

The Milkshake website is not completely free. There is a paid plan of $2.99/month.

  1. Can I sell on Milkshake website?

Milkshake lets you transform your social site link into a website for selling and sharing.

6. The Leap

The Leap is a free Liktree alternative with a link-in-bio tool and an AI-driven product builder.

the leap - linktree alternative for tiktok

The Leap is made to boost sales. It helps you sell digital products right from the landing page, focusing on lead generation and product promotion.

This free alternative to Linktree AI tool makes it easy to turn your product ideas into reality, from mini-courses to guides and tutorials.

The Leap’s free and easy-to-use digital product builder helps you transform digital products into a lead magnet, boosting the email list and increasing your earnings.

Also, the Leaps lets you gather emails with a subscription format and provides audience analytics to help you make products your supporters will love.

Things to Understand Before Using The Leap

With unlimited links, you can easily direct visitors wherever you need them to go. 

Their integrated online storefront enables seamless selling of digital products and secure payment processing through Stripe. 

Utilize their AI-powered digital product builder for intuitive creation, while also collecting valuable visitor emails to expand your subscriber base.

Detailed analytics provide insights into sales and leads, and soon, native email functionality will be available. 

The Leap Key Features

  • Email collection
  • Unlimited links
  • Online storefront
  • Excellent analytics

The Leap Pricing

  • Free

People’s Queries on The Leap


7. Linkin.bio

Later’s Linkin.bio tool transforms your TikTok bio into a page displaying multiple links.

linkin.bio - linktree alternative for tiktok

You can showcase everything in one spot – your website, blog posts, products, social links, and more with Linkin.bio!

Things to Understand Before Using Linkin.bio

With this platform, you get endless links to share, making it easy to direct your audience wherever you want. 

Plus, you can make your landing page uniquely yours by playing around with colors, fonts, and buttons. 

Keeping track of clicks on each link helps you understand what’s working best. 

Even better, you can turn your TikTok posts into links that lead directly to products, making it convenient for your followers to shop. 

And if you’re using Later to handle your TikTok accounts, you can seamlessly integrate your Linkin.bio landing page right from the Later dashboard, streamlining your workflow.

Linkin.bio Key Features

  • Customizable features
  • Easily convert to shoppable links
  • Track clicks
  • Unlimited links

Linkin.bio Pricing

  • Free

People’s Queries on Linkin.bio


Linktree Alternatives for Content Creators

There are two best Linktree alternatives for content creators that you should consider.

  1. Beacons
  2. Campsite.bio

8. Beacons

Beacons is relatively new but quickly gaining traction, especially among influencers and even AI influencers. On the other hand, Link Tree has been around since 2016 and is widely used by both influencers and big brands.

beacons - linktree alternative for content creators

Things to Understand Before Using Beacons

The main difference between Beacons and Linktree is customization.

With Beacons, you can create multiple pages within one link, giving you more control over your content. Plus, you can even add a custom domain to your page. Linktree, on the other hand, offers simplicity and a wide range of pre-designed templates.

Beacons might be better if you’re focused on monetizing your social media presence, while Linktree is a solid choice for influencers and brands alike.

As for pricing, Beacons has a free plan and an entrepreneur plan with extra features, while Linktree offers four plans ranging from free to premium with additional perks like advanced analytics and custom backgrounds.

Ultimately, Beacons could be one of the best Linktree alternatives for content creators.

Beacons Key Features

  • Custom domains
  • Variety of templates
  • Course builder
  • Analytics
  • Unlimited links

Beacons Pricing

beacons pricing
  • Free plan available
  • Paid plan: $10/month

People’s Queries on Beacons

  1. What is Beacons AI for?

Beacons.ai is an AI link hub for social media marketing and a link in bio.

  1. Do you earn money with Beacons?

The simplest way to earn from the Beacons page is by including a Support Block. Visitors can support you through Stripe or PayPal without any fees from Beacons.

  1. Is Beacon AI safe?

The beacon is completely safe to use.

  1. Is Beacon free to use?

There is a free plan available to use Beacons.

9. Campsite.bio

Campsite.bio is a great alternative to Linktree for making a Link in bio page that turns followers into users.

campsite.bio linktree alternative for content creators

Things to Understand Before Using Campsite.bio

This platform lets you customize your Link in bio page easily, and then share it with the followers quickly.

With Campsite.bio, make a page that looks good on any device.

This alternative to Linktree offers 18 themes for organizing your bio to match your brand.

You can quickly add links, groups, social accounts, dividers, and titles as required.

If you don’t like any of the built-in themes, you can make your own.

Campsite.bio Key Features

  • Email collection
  • Easy customizable
  • Link retargeting
  • Google Sheets and Mailchimp integration
  • Unlimited links

Campsite.bio Pricing

campsite.bio pricing
  • Free plan available
  • Paid plan: Starts from $7/month

People’s Queries on Campsite.bio


Linktree Alternatives for Musicians

Listed below are three Linktree alternatives that musicians may find useful.

  1. Pushbio
  2. Linkfire
  3. Feature.fm

10. Pushbio

Consider Pushbio, a great Linktree alternative for musicians. The platform offers tools to help musicians thrive online.

pushbio - linktree alternative for musicians

Things to Remember Before Using Pushbio

Musicians can share links from Apple Music and more streaming platforms.

You can also easily set up links for events, social media, tours and offline content.

Pushbio also lets musicians sell merchandise to boost their earnings.

For top-notch analytics, trust the data from Google Analytics and add tracking pixels, including Facebook’s.

This makes sure the landing page gives you lots of useful data.

Pushbio Key Features

  • Generate QR code
  • Custom branding
  • Digital cards
  • Analytics

Pushbio Pricing

pushbio pricing
  • Mini: $4.99/month
  • Pro: $9.99/month
  • Agency: $39/month

People’s Queries on Pushbio


11. Linkfire

Linkfire is a top choice for musicians looking for an alternative to Linktree.

linkfire - linktree alternative for musicians

Things to Remember Before Using Linkfire

It’s a flexible platform for creating endless bio links for music stuff like fan rewards, playlists, tour tickets, releases, and more.

Access 250+ music services with auto-scanning for new releases, saving you time on manual updates.

It starts at $9.99 per month with a free trial.

Smart links are capable of tracking direct streaming attribution.

Linkfire Key Features

  • Smart links
  • Customizable
  • Analytics
  • Apple podcasts integration

Linkfire Pricing

linkfire pricing
  • Starter: $9.99/month
  • Pro: $24.99/month
  • Teams: $49.99/month

People’s Queries on Linkfire

  1. What is Linkfire used for?

Linkfire helps artists and labels share music easily, using smart links for fans to listen to on streaming services.

  1. Who is the founder of Linkfire?

Lars Ettrup and Jeppe Faurfelt started Linkfire in Denmark, to make music marketing easier for the industry and help fans find music more easily.

  1. Where is Linkfire headquarters?

Linkfire headquarters is in Copenhagen, Denmark.

  1. How do you create a Linkfire?

To make a content link on Linkfire, hit the “Create link” option at the top right of the dashboard, pick “Content” as the link type, and hit “Continue”. After that, just paste the place you wish to link to.

12. Feature.fm

Feature.fm is a great alternative to Linktree for artists.

feature.fm - linktree alternative for musicians

Things to Remember Before Using Feature.fm

It allows you to make bio links so that fans across all major platforms can engage with the music.

Starting at $19/month, it allows you to run ads on platforms such as Audiomack and Deezer, helping you reach more people.

Using the Facebook Pixel helps gather audience data for coming retargeting.

Feature.fm Key Features

  • Music smart links
  • Customizations
  • Analytics

Feature.fm Pricing

feature.fm pricing
  • Free
  • Artist: $19/month
  • Pro Artist: $39/month

People’s Queries on Feature.fm

  1. What does Feature.fm do?

Feature.fm website’s Marketing Suite lets you make catchy landing pages to promote your music across different platforms.

  1. Is Feature.fm worth it?

If you advertise often and can afford a monthly subscription, Feature.fm is an excellent choice.

To Conclude

Once you’ve built up your social site to reach new people, boost brand recognition, and drive sales, safeguard your efforts by transferring your audience from apps to your email list.

Use one link on your social media bio to guide followers to important places for your business, like your mailing list and online store.

However, we have covered the best Linktree alternatives for Instagram, TikTok, businesses, content creators, and musicians.


Is there a better option than Linktree?

Use Milkshake or Carrd instead of Linktree for a better Instagram bio: the clickable, shareable, and optimized landing page.

Is there a free version of Linktree?

Stan Store, The Leap, Linkin.bio, Beacons, Campsite.bio, and Feature.fm are free Linktree alternatives.

Is Linktree or Beacons better?

Linktree is a link-in-bio software, while Beacons adds post trackers, audience analytics, email marketing, etc. Linktree has more suitable analytics and integrations, but Beacons offers more creator features for free.

Is link in bio free?

Every Link in Bio tool is free, unlike Linktree.