15 HubSpot Alternatives That’ll Save You 3 Hours per Day

hubspot alternatives

Throughout our research, we have tried and compared 15 HubSpot alternatives. Some of these have better service-based business than HubSpot, while others were the real affordable.

Save your money by continuing to read on! This post will reveal the top alternative to HubSpot for user interface, lead forms, commerce hub, chatbots, and much more. 🔄

Why Are Users Looking for HubSpot Alternatives?

HubSpot CRM faces tough competition and another issue: Some advertised services are only available with paid plans.

HubSpot is famous as a marketing tool, but it’s pricey, especially for small businesses. Their onboarding fees alone can hit $12,000, making it unaffordable for many startups.

A costly tool like HubSpot has strong features but isn’t great for small businesses. So, many salespeople and marketers search for HubSpot alternatives.

This article will look at the top alternatives to HubSpot, discussing their strengths, target users, and pricing. We will compare all the competitors with HubSpot so you can understand which one to choose instead of HubSpot.

What to Expect in Hubspot Alternatives?

In terms of Hubspot alternatives, what should you expect?

  • Affordable CRM
  • Sales-focused CRM
  • Email marketing
  • Help desk service
  • Lead and contact management

Our Evaluation Criteria for Alternatives to HubSpot

After lots of research, we selected 15 HubSpot alternatives by evaluating:

  • 🤔 Why Choose the alternative
  • 🆚 HubSpot vs the alternative one
  • ➕➖ Pros and Cons 
  • 🆕 What’s new 
  • 💰 Pricing
  • ⭐️ Rating
  • 👍 What we liked

List of Best HubSpot Alternatives to Try In 2024

Check out the list of HubSpot alternatives for your business.

  1. Salesforce
  2. Marketo
  3. Mailchimp
  4. Zoho
  5. Pardot
  6. Pipedrive
  7. Zendesk
  8. Monday.com
  9. ActiveCampaign
  10. Constant Contact
  11. Klaviyo
  12. Hootsuite
  13. WordPress
  14. Act-on
  15. Eloqua

Discuss 15 Best HubSpot Alternatives Rank-wise

There are 15 best HubSpot alternatives ranked according to their performance.

1. Best Overall Salesforce

Salesforce is widely recognized as the top CRM provider around. It’s famous from these HubSpot alternatives for its strong community and leading role in customer relationship management. Originally designed for big companies, it now serves businesses of all sizes.

hubspot vs salesforce in hubspot alternatives

🤔 Why Choose Salesforce?

Unlike other Hubspot alternatives, Salesforce CRM offers many options to personalize and customize, letting businesses control how the system works and looks. We were especially impressed by how Salesforce automates workflows and integrates AI into CRM customization.

Certainly! Salesforce was among the first CRM platforms to allow third-party developers access. This means it has a lot of extra apps and customization choices compared to other providers. If you can’t find a feature you need within Salesforce, you can likely find an app for it. If not, a developer can make one for you.

🆚 HubSpot vs Salesforce

Take a look at this table comparing HubSpot to Salesforce.

Pricing Plan$0 (14 days free trial)$25/month (30 days free trial)
Email marketing
Lead management
Contact management
Built-in Automation

Is HubSpot better than Salesforce? Both platforms offer important CRM features like predicting sales, email marketing, and managing contacts and leads. Salesforce is great for customizing, analyzing, and using advanced features.

➕➖ Salesforce Pros and Cons

➕ User-friendly➖ Learning curve
➕ Easy customization➖ Expensive
➕ Feature richness➖ Sales
➕ Lead management➖ Missing features
➕ Integration➖ Limited customization

🆕 What’s New in Salesforce

  • Inline editing
  • Pipeline inspection
  • Einstein search
  • To-Do list
  • Flow builder canvas
  • Scoping rules
  • Dynamic forms and dynamic related lists
  • Page load prompts

💰 Salesforce Pricing

  • Starter Edition: $25/user/month
  • Professional Edition: $80/user/month
  • Enterprise Edition: $165/user/month
  • Unlimited Edition: $330/user/month

⭐️ Salesforce Rating

  • G2: 4.3/5 (19,487 votes)

👍 What We Liked about Salesforce

Salesforce tops for customizing and integrating CRMs now. This platform works well for medium to large companies who want a strong tool to handle and analyze opportunities and sales leads.

Big sales team members will like the teamwork and evaluation features it provides.

2. Best Lead Management Marketo

Marketo is a smart marketing tool that works well with popular CRMs like Salesforce. Not only does Marketo allow you to manage leads, but it also allows you to map end-to-end consumer journeys from discovery to revenue generation.

hubspot vs marketo in hubspot alternatives

🤔 Why Choose Marketo?

Marketo is a solid mid-range marketing tool, ideal for medium-sized organizations with 100+ people. It’s robust without the high cost of tools like Eloqua, which can exceed $2,000/month.

Many well-known companies like Charles Schwab and Chrysler use Marketo, especially when they’ve outgrown their own marketing tools.

🆚 HubSpot vs Marketo

Take a look at this table comparing HubSpot to Marketo.

Pricing Plan$0 (14 days free trial)Custom-priced plans
Email marketing
Lead management
Contact managementCRM through MSD or SFDC
Built-in Automation

What is the difference between HubSpot and Marketo? Marketo is great for medium to big businesses with a CRM already.

➕➖ Marketo Pros and Cons

➕ User-friendly➖ Poor form builder and landing pages
➕ Great integration➖ Analytics and Reports are not good
➕ Quick setup➖ Pricey
➕ Excellent customer support

🆕 What’s New in Marketo

  • Dynamic chat
  • Self-service flow steps
  • Microsoft dynamic integrations
  • Filtering email bot activity
  • Email connection throttling

💰 Marketo Pricing

  • Visit Website

⭐️ Marketo Rating

  • G2: 4.1/5 (2,476 votes)

👍 What We Liked about Marketo

We liked Marketo for efficient lead management for smooth sales transitions. Marketo Engage integrates with your CRM, allowing marketing and sales teams to monitor customer interactions and organize sales-ready leads with custom scoring models.

3. Best Email Marketing Software Mailchimp

Mailchimp is a HubSpot alternative that allows you to connect with customers, clients, and others. We focus on managing contacts, creating attractive emails, and using automated workflows.

hubspot vs mailchimp in hubspot alternatives

🤔 Why Choose Mailchimp?

Mailchimp helps you make and handle email campaigns, web pages, and social media ads easily. It’s user-friendly, connects with many apps, and has lots of helpful tools.

Simply put, Mailchimp is great for small and medium businesses to handle their email and marketing easily.

🆚 HubSpot vs Mailchimp

Take a look at this table comparing HubSpot to Mailchimp.

Pricing Plan$0 (14 days free trial)$13/month (free trial)
Landing pages

What is the difference between HubSpot and Mailchimp? Mailchimp can be a great HubSpot alternative if:

  • You have a small budget.
  • You mainly do email marketing.
  • You want an easy solution without extra features.

➕➖ Mailchimp Pros and Cons

➕ User-friendly interface➖ Limited automation
➕ Advanced segmentation➖ Higher cost than HubSpot
➕ A/B testing➖ Limited customization
➕ Third-party integrations➖ deliverability issues
➕ Extensive customer support

🆕 What’s New in Mailchimp

  • Customer journey builder
  • Content optimizer
  • Advanced email analytics

💰 Mailchimp Pricing

  • $13/month (free trial)

⭐️ Mailchimp Rating

  • G2: 4.4/5 (5,157 votes)

👍 What We Liked about Mailchimp

We liked Mailchimp for creating personalized email campaigns to meet your business goals. Also, you can customize experiences for customers, boost sales and revenue, get powerful, user-friendly tools at a lower price, and easily automate, customize, and expand your marketing efforts.

4. Best User-friendly Zoho

Zoho is a tool for managing customer relationships, ideal for medium to large businesses.

Important features include managing contacts, sales processes, workflows, tasks, marketing campaigns, forecasting sales, customer support, inventory, and analytics. It also integrates smoothly with over 500 other business apps.

🤔 Why Choose Zoho?

Zoho CRM grows with your business and has a free plan that’s popular for tracking leads and managing contacts.

To get better features, you can switch to a paid plan. This gives you cool stuff like automating marketing tasks and keeping track of customer data.

Zoho CRM also works smoothly with other Zoho tools and apps like Mailchimp, Google Analytics, and QuickBooks.

🆚 HubSpot vs Zoho

Take a look at this table comparing HubSpot to Zoho.

Pricing Plan$0 (14 days free trial)$14/month (14 days free trial)
Purchase Commitment1-year commitment requiredCancel anytime
Inventory managementOn professional
Lead and contact management
E-Commerce IntegrationsShopify, BigCommerce, WoCommerceShopify, Zoho commerce

What is the difference between HubSpot and Zoho? Forbes Advisor chooses Zoho as the top pick for small to mid-sized businesses. It’s budget-friendly, has all the necessary features, and works well for various industries needing CRM software.

➕➖ Zoho Pros and Cons

➕ Free plan available➖ AI feature is for top tiers
➕ Affordable➖ Not compatible with the free plan
➕ Automation➖ Limited customization
➕ Multiple integrations
➕ User-friendly
➕ Mobile App
➕ Money back guarantee

🆕 What’s New in Zoho

  • SalesSignal notifications
  • Churn prediction
  • Customer service statistics
  • Enhanced Canvas views

💰 Zoho Pricing

  • Free
  • Professional: $23/user/month
  • Enterprise: $40/user/month
  • Standard: $14/user/year

⭐️ Zoho Rating

  • G2: 4.1/5 (2,592 votes)

👍 What We Liked about Zoho

We loved how easy it was to set up Zoho. Compared to other HubSpot alternatives we’ve tried, it’s much simpler to tailor to our needs. We were impressed by Zoho CRM’s user interface right from the start.

5. Best for Build Customer Journey Pardot

Pardot is a pricey but advanced tool for B2B marketing. It helps manage leads and creates interesting customer journey plans.

🤔 Why Choose Pardot?

Pardot is a great choice for B2B marketers who want strong lead nurturing and easy Salesforce integration, even on a tight budget.

Pardot shines as a HubSpot alternative due to its strong points:

Pardot’s powerful lead nurturing and seamless Salesforce integration make it stand out. It helps B2B marketers engage with prospects effectively throughout the buyer’s journey. 

🆚 HubSpot vs Pardot

Take a look at this table comparing HubSpot to Pardot.

Pricing Plan$0 (14 days free trial)$1,250/month (billed annually)
Email marketingLimitedUnlimited
Customer supportGet help through email, phone, and HubSpot CommunityEmail support responds within two days; Premium Success support is available 24/7 for an extra fee
Lead and contact management
E-Commerce IntegrationsShopify, BigCommerce, WoCommerceConnects with Salesforce Cloud and other online stores via Zapier

Which is better: HubSpot or Pardot? If your company uses Salesforce for CRM and wants a powerful tool to plan advanced marketing strategies, Pardot could be a good fit for you.

➕➖ Pardot Pros and Cons

➕ Salesforce integration➖ Learning curve
➕ Advanced lead scoring➖ Limited native CRM functionality
➕ Engaging in email marketing➖ Pricing tiers

🆕 What’s New in Pardot

  • Bulk action API
  • Object Folder Mapping
  • Account Engagement Optimizer

💰 Pardot Pricing

  • Starts from $1,250/month

⭐️ Pardot Rating

  • Not available

👍 What We Liked about Pardot

The great thing about Pardot is that it manages the beginning stages of sales. This lets you create paths for customers and organize how you turn website visitors into potential customers.

6. Affordable Lead Management Pipedrive

You can manage sales easily by tracking your pipeline, handling leads, and automating the sales process all in one spot with Pipedrive. Stay organized and efficient with integrated tools like dashboards, reporting, and automation, letting you focus on selling.

hubspot vs pipedrive in hubspot alternatives

🤔 Why Choose Pipedrive?

Pipedrive is an excellent CRM for small businesses and startups when it comes to HubSpot alternatives. It helps manage deals and sales pipelines effectively. Created by sales teams, it has all the necessary features to boost sales and business growth.

Consider how Pipedrive fits into your existing software setup when comparing CRMs. Pipedrive was rated the top choice for lead management by Software Reviews, based on its features, customer satisfaction, and vendor experience.

🆚 HubSpot vs Pipedrive

Take a look at this table comparing HubSpot to Pipedrive.

Pricing Plan$0 (14 days free trial)Starts from $9.90/month (14 days trial)
User-friendlyComplexVery easy
Email marketing
Lead and contact management
E-Commerce IntegrationsShopify, BigCommerce, WoCommerceZapier interfaces for e-commerce

Why is Pipedrive better than HubSpot? If you lead a small or medium sales team and want an affordable CRM that covers the basics, Pipedrive is your top choice.

➕➖ Pipedrive Pros and Cons

➕ Managing contacts and accounts➖ Limited customization
➕ Collaborating on activities and deals with your team
➕ Setting up reminders for sales tasks
➕ Visualizing sales pipelines easily
➕ Tracking important metrics and generating reports
➕ Forecasting sales and revenue
➕ Integrating with over 300 other tools through the Pipedrive Marketplace

🆕 What’s New in Pipedrive

  • Auto-fill docs
  • eSignatures (allow customers to sign documents digitally, no printing needed)
  • Gdrive integration

💰 Pipedrive Pricing

  • Starts from $9.90/month (14 days trial)

⭐️ Pipedrive Rating

  • G2: 4.2/5 (1,751 votes)

👍 What We Liked about Pipedrive

Pipedrive is simple to use, and customised, and ensures good performance. It’s simple to set up and customize right from the main interface.

7. Best Customer Service Zendesk

Zendesk, one of the HubSpot alternatives, offers various tools like customer engagement programs, sales and employee, live chat, email marketing, and helpdesk.

hubspot vs zendesk in hubspot alternatives

🤔 Why Choose Zendesk?

Zendesk is an excellent choice for big businesses and support teams instead of HubSpot. 

It has tools like self-help options, a knowledge base, and chat software. Zendesk helps support teams handle their tasks smoothly by managing tickets. 

These tickets are automatically assigned to agents based on skills and can be updated as needed.

🆚 HubSpot vs Zendesk

Take a look at this table comparing HubSpot to Zendesk.

Pricing Plan$0 (14 days free trial)$19/user/month (14 days trial)
User-friendlyComplexVery easy
Email marketing
Lead and contact management
Third-Party IntegrationsAPI-enabled and Pre-built integrationsAPI-enabled and Pre-built integrations
E-Commerce IntegrationsShopify, BigCommerce, WoCommerceZapier interfaces for e-commerce

Which is better: HubSpot or Zendesk? Zendesk is cheaper and better for customer service than HubSpot.

➕➖ Zendesk Pros and Cons

➕ Reliable customer support➖ Limited features
➕ Custom ticket fields for collecting information
➕ Customized themes
➕ Community forum for discussing solutions
➕ Control over the look of your knowledge base

🆕 What’s New in Zendesk

  • Bots and automation
  • Zendesk suite
  • Workforce management

💰 Zendesk Pricing

  • Foundational Support: $19/agent/month
  • Suite Team: $49/agent/month 
  • Suite Growth: $79/agent/month 
  • Suite Professional: $99/agent/month

⭐️ Zendesk Rating

  • G2: 4.3/5 (5,811 votes)

👍 What We Liked about Zendesk

Businesses prefer Zendesk software as a HubSpot alternative for customer service because they’re trusted experts, empower customers to excel in CX, and offer a reliable and easy-to-use platform, leading to great ROI.

8. Best Project Management Monday.com

Monday.com simplifies work for teams by offering tools to manage projects, collaborate easily, and streamline workflow.

hubspot vs monday.com in hubspot alternatives

🤔 Why Choose Monday.com?

Monday.com CRM is a top pick for small businesses seeking an affordable and user-friendly solution. Our experts rate it 4.6/5, praising its customization options and flexibility, surpassing HubSpot’s 4.4/5 score in this area.

Monday.com gets top marks (5/5) for value for money as a Sales CRM. But it only gets 3/5 for sales features compared to HubSpot, which scores 4/5.

HubSpot’s sales CRM scalability scores higher (4.3/5) than Monday.com (2.3/5). Monday.com offers team communication features like “@ing” team members on tasks and emails.

Unlike other HubSpot alternatives, it’s easy to set up your CRM system with just a few clicks. Plus, it provides a mini dashboard for each contact in your database, ideal for sales teams.

🆚 HubSpot vs Monday.com

Take a look at this table comparing HubSpot to Monday.com.

Pricing Plan$0 (14 days free trial)$30/month – billed annually (14 days trial)
User-friendlyComplexVery easy
Email marketing
Lead and contact management
Third-Party Integrations

➕➖ Monday.com Pros and Cons

➕ Value for money➖ Overwhelming integrations
➕ Sales-specific features➖ Inadequate customer support
➕ Customization
➕ easy to use

🆕 What’s New in Monday.com

  • Auto assign
  • SuperMail
  • Automatic CSV import
  • Itemplate wizard

💰 Monday.com Pricing

  • Basic: $12/user/month
  • Standard: $17/user/month
  • Pro: $28/user/month

⭐️ Monday.com Rating

  • G2: 4.7/5 (10,584 votes)

👍 What We Liked about Monday.com

Monday.com makes teamwork and project management simple. It offers customizable dashboards, task lists, and tons of features to suit any project.

9. Best Automation Activecampaign

ActiveCampaign is a SaaS tool for automating SMS and email marketing campaigns and building workflows without needing to code.

🤔 Why Choose ActiveCampaign?

ActiveCampaign is a great marketing tool from Chicago. Its standout feature is its automation, which lets you set up follow-up campaigns easily.

We appreciate features like lead scoring and their user-friendly drag-and-drop pipelines.

If you only need email marketing, Marketing Lite is $39/month with top-notch features. Sales Plus at $23/month offers deals and contact management.

ActiveCampaign offers Marketing and Sales plans, with deep data integrations for ecommerce from platforms like WooCommerce and Shopify.

Their reporting is more comprehensive than HubSpot’s, including automation, contact trends, and e-commerce reports.

ActiveCampaign also syncs calendar tasks from Google, Outlook, and Apple Calendar into your CRM.

🆚 HubSpot vs ActiveCampaign

Take a look at this table comparing HubSpot to ActiveCampaign.

Pricing Plan$0 (14 days free trial)$30/month – billed annually (14 days trial)
User-friendlyComplexVery easy
Email marketing
Lead and contact management
Third-Party Integrations

If you want excellent email marketing, go for ActiveCampaign.

➕➖ ActiveCampaign Pros and Cons

➕ Automation➖ No free plan
➕ Lead/contact scoring➖ Basic templates
➕ Landing page editor➖ No stock image library
➕ Sync calendar task➖ Limited dashboard customization
➕ Affordable starter plan

🆕 What’s New in ActiveCampaign

  • New EU data centre
  • Automatic deal task assignment

💰 ActiveCampaign Pricing

  • Lite: $30/month
  • Plus: $49/month
  • Professional: $149/month
  • Enterprise: $259/month

⭐️ ActiveCampaign Rating

  • G2: 4.5/5 (11,033 votes)

👍 What We Liked about ActiveCampaign

You can make almost anything, and it’s priced competitively. They’re now a top email marketing choice, and rightfully so.

10. Best for Newbie Constant Contact

Constant Contact makes effective email campaigns to turn leads into clients easily. Users can choose email templates from its dashboard.

hubspot vs constant contact in hubspot alternatives

🤔 Why Choose Constant Contact?

Constant Contact tool helps small businesses and beginners by making things easier. It’s great for event organizers too, because it has special features and can handle event payments.

As a top email service we’ve checked out for HubSpot alternative, it delivers emails reliably to avoid spam. Pricing is good for beginners but can get pricey for bigger audiences.

🆚 HubSpot vs Constant Contact

Take a look at this table comparing HubSpot to Constant Contact.

HubSpotConstant Contact
Pricing Plan$0 (14 days free trial)$12/month (Free trial)
Customizable fields
Real-time Analytics
Engagement tracking
Template Management
Email marketing
Lead and contact management
Third-Party Integrations

Constant Contact tool users love its great email templates and an easy-to-use email builder. Your choice between the two depends on your specific needs and how experienced you are in digital marketing.

➕➖ Constant Contact Pros and Cons

➕ User-friendly➖ Bad customer support
➕ Template Library➖ Average Email template quality
➕ Email editor
➕ Segmentation
➕ Analytics
➕ Integrations

🆕 What’s New in Constant Contact

  • Docked toolbar
  • Sign-up landing pages
  • Spring templates

💰 Constant Contact Pricing

  • Lite: $12/month
  • Standard: $35/month
  • Premium: $80/month

⭐️ Constant Contact Rating

  • G2: 4/5 (5,764 votes)

👍 What We Liked about Constant Contact

We liked Constant Contact for its easy-to-use interface. It’s intuitive and has unique features, such as automatically importing the logo to emails. The learning curve isn’t steep compared to other marketing platforms.

11. Best Personalized Email Campaigns Klaviyo

Klaviyo is one of the HubSpot alternatives for e-commerce, but it’s costly for small businesses.

🤔 Why Choose Klaviyo?

With Klaviyo, you don’t need to worry about handling your marketing to boost sales. The platform includes features like product recommendations, Back in Stock and special coupons to boost your sales.

🆚 HubSpot vs Klaviyo

Take a look at this table comparing HubSpot to Klaviyo.

Pricing Plan$0 (14 days free trial)$0/month
Free Plan
Personalized Email campaignsGoodAdvanced
Template designs
A/B testing
Contact management
Conversion tracking
E-commerce integrationsShopify, BigCommerce, WoCommerceShopify and Magento

Klaviyo is excellent in personalized email campaigns which stand out from other HubSpot alternatives.

➕➖ Klaviyo Pros and Cons

➕ Extensive third-party integrations➖ Steep learning curve
➕ Responsive email templates
➕ Supports list segmentation

🆕 What’s New in Klaviyo

  • AI-generated email
  • CDP and reviews
  • AI for sign-up form

💰 Klaviyo Pricing

  • Free ($0/month)
  • Email ($45/month)
  • Email + SMS ($60/month)

⭐️ Klaviyo Rating

  • G2: 4.6/5 (1,028 votes)

👍 What We Liked about Klaviyo

What we liked about Klaviyo is that it stands out for its strong segmentation tools apart from personalized email campaigns. They help brands reach the correct customers with tailored messages based on their email interactions, website visits, and purchases.

12. Best for Social Media Hootsuite

Hootsuite is a tool for managing social media. It helps plan, schedule, and share posts. It also monitors performance and can do basic task management.

🤔 Why Choose Hootsuite?

Hootsuite not only helps create good content but also makes it easier to connect with your audience. With its unified social inbox feature, you can keep track of every message across different social platforms at once.

🆚 HubSpot vs Hootsuite

Take a look at this table comparing HubSpot to Hootsuite.

Pricing Plan$0 (14 days free trial)$22/month (30 days free trial)
Customer supportAdvancedAdvanced
Social media analytics

When it comes to analyzing social media performance, audience, competitors, sentiments, and brand perception, Hootsuite excels.

➕➖ Hootsuite Pros and Cons

➕ Wide social media coverage➖ Pricey
➕ Automated posting
➕ App directory
➕ User-friendly

🆕 What’s New in Hootsuite

  • Inbox enhancements
  • Advanced analytics
  • New homepage

💰 Hootsuite Pricing

  • $22/month (30 days free trial)

⭐️ Hootsuite Rating

  • G2: 4.2/5 (4,162 votes)

👍 What We Liked about Hootsuite

When it comes to social media-related features, we recommend you go for Hootsuite as it gives extensive features among all these HubSpot alternatives.

13. WordPress

Over 800 million websites run on WordPress, making up 43% of the internet. It dominates the CMS market with over 63%, more than 10 times ahead of its closest rival.

hubspot vs wordpress in hubspot alternatives

🤔 Why Choose WordPress?

WordPress is free software that anyone can use, share, or customize.

If you use WordPress for your website, remember it’s not the host. You’ll need to find a good web host yourself.

If you’re into customizing and willing to pay for top-notch security, go with WordPress for an open-source experience.

🆚 HubSpot vs WordPress

Take a look at this table comparing HubSpot to WordPress.

Pricing Plan$0 (14 days free trial)Free
Customer supportAdvancedAdvanced
Traffic increaseExcellentExcellent
Pre-built themes

➕➖ WordPress Pros and Cons

➕ Flexibility and customization➖ Learning curve
➕ SEO plugins
➕ Community support

🆕 What’s New in WordPress

  • New site editor
  • Improved pattern management
  • Top toolbar

💰 WordPress Pricing

  • Free

⭐️ WordPress Rating

  • G2: 4.4/5 (2,518 votes)

👍 What We Liked about WordPress

WordPress is great for blogging because it’s more flexible, customizable, and has a bigger community of bloggers and developers than HubSpot CMS.

14. Range of Features Act-on

Act-On CRM boosts sales by providing smart insights and seamless integration with Salesforce. It helps identify and prioritize the best leads, ensuring sales teams reach out at the perfect moment for maximum impact.

🤔 Why Choose Act-on?

If you value smart marketing tips for improving CRM, social media, and search strategies, then this pricey automation software is worth considering.

🆚 HubSpot vs Act-on

Take a look at this table comparing HubSpot to Act-on.

Pricing Plan$0 (14 days free trial)$900/month
Email marketing
Landing pages/forms
Contact management

➕➖ Act-on Pros and Cons

➕ User-friendly templates➖ Interface could have been better
➕ Easy to set up
➕ Flexibility

🆕 What’s New in Act-on

  • Marketing automation updates

💰 Act-on Pricing

  • $900/month

⭐️ Act-on Rating

  • G2: 4.1/5 (1,017 votes)

👍 What We Liked about Act-on

We liked Act-On because it offers many tools for marketing, like generating leads, nurturing them, managing social media, creating content, segmenting data, and scoring leads.

15. Best Asset Management Eloqua

Eloqua is a tool by Oracle that helps B2B marketers run marketing campaigns and generate sales leads. Eloqua sends ads to phones, videos, email, and search results. It helps boost sales and understand customers better.

🤔 Why Choose Eloqua?

Oracle Eloqua provides advanced tools for creating campaigns, scoring leads, gaining real-time insights, utilizing intelligence, and integrating with sales tools.

🆚 HubSpot vs Eloqua

Take a look at this table comparing HubSpot to Eloqua.

Pricing Plan$0 (14 days free trial)$2000/month (No free trial)
Email marketingGoodBetter
Lead and contact management

Eloqua mostly does email marketing.

➕➖ Eloqua Pros and Cons

➕ Integrations➖ Expensive
➕ Well-designed design builder➖ Slow implementation time
➕ HyperSite builder
➕ Reputation

🆕 What’s New in Eloqua

  • Guided campaigns
  • Redwood experience

💰 Eloqua Pricing

  • $2000/month (No free trial)

⭐️ Eloqua Rating

  • G2: 3.9/5 (612 votes)

👍 What We Liked about Eloqua

Is Eloqua like HubSpot? When it comes to HubSpot alternatives, Eloqua helps you easily understand and handle your assets. Better digital asset management helps you find and use suitable assets faster, time-saving and getting more value out of them.

That’s it. These are the top HubSpot alternatives to consider according to your needs.

Which HubSpot Alternatives to Use for Small Business?

First, think about what your industry needs for its daily tasks. Do you need help with managing contacts, sending emails, nurturing leads, providing customer support, having live chat, managing sales pipelines, or updating content?

Consider your abilities honestly, as limitations tend to reveal themselves eventually. How much time and effort can you dedicate to tasks like troubleshooting and onboarding?

Consider what financial investments are appropriate for your business presently and in the future. By considering these factors, you’ll get a clear idea of choosing the best free HubSpot alternatives.

However, we have covered in detail the 15 best HubSpot alternatives for your small business in 2024.

FAQs for HubSpot Alternatives

Who is HubSpot biggest competitor?

Who is HubSpot biggest competitor? Salesforce, Marketo, Mailchimp, Zoho, and Pardot are the top five HubSpot alternatives.

Is HubSpot better than Pipedrive?

Pipedrive is easier for small businesses or startups because it’s simpler to use with it’s features you need in a CRM. You can start using it right away without needing much training.

What is better Mailchimp or HubSpot?

Choose HubSpot for big businesses, and Mailchimp for small budgets focusing only on email marketing.

Is HubSpot an alternative to Salesforce?

Yes, HubSpot is an alternative to Salesforce.

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