15 Trendy Discord Sticker Ideas to Consider

discord sticker ideas

Hi there! In today’s world of online communication, Discord sticker ideas can add some extra fun and personality to your conversations. 

If you want to make your Discord messages more interesting, we can help you. Whether you own a server or just want to try something new, we’ve got you covered.

This guide will show you lots of fun and cool stickers for Discord that you can use to express yourself and have fun with your friends on the app.

Let’s explore how Discord stickers can make your online chats more fun and memorable.

How Do You Get Better Stickers on Discord

If you want to improve the stickers you use on Discord, here’s what you need to do:

Join Servers with Sticker Communities

Search for Discord groups that center on stickers. These groups usually exchange exceptional and one-of-a-kind sticker collections. You can find servers on websites like Discord.me or Discordlist.net or use Discord’s own server search tool.

Use Sticker Bots

There are automated programs on Discord that can offer you different types of stickers. Sticker bots like Dank Memer, Mudae, or Pokecord have many stickers.

Explore Sticker Marketplaces

On some Discord servers, people can buy, sell, or trade stickers in special marketplaces. You can get really cool sticker packs in certain online places. But be careful when you trade and only use trusted websites to avoid getting ripped off.

Create Custom Stickers

If you want stickers that nobody else has, try making your own. On Discord, you can add your own DIY stickers to your group if you have permission. You can make them using programs like Photoshop or online sticker makers.

Support Creators

Lots of people who make things like art and videos sell stickers on websites like Patreon or Gumroad. If you help these people by buying their stickers, you can get really cute stickers and things that no one else can get.

Ask Friends

If your friends have cool stickers you haven’t seen before, just ask them where they got them or if they know of any good places to find stickers.

Participate in Events

Sometimes, Discord has events or offers that give away stickers for free. To keep up with new chances, check out the Discord blog or announcements in Discord.

Browse Sticker Stores

Some servers have sticker stores where you can buy stickers with Discord Nitro or server-specific currency. Check out these shops for cool stickers that match the server’s theme.

Keep in mind that the stickers on Discord might not all be very good. To find stickers you like, look around different places and groups. You might find really cool stickers for your server.

15 Best Discord Sticker Ideas in 2024

There are a lot of Discord stickers to choose from in 2024, but here are 15 of the best.

1. Hahaha

Hahaha, Discord stickers are a cool and funny way to make your chats more lively.

haha - discord sticker ideas
source | haha discord sticker ideas

2. Punch

Punchy stickers make your chats awesome by adding colorful and emotional expressions to your messages.

punch - discord sticker ideas
source | punch discord sticker ideas

3. Disappointment

Make some sad stickers for when you feel let down or disappointed. Use a droopy face and a deflated balloon to show how you feel.

disappointment sticker ideas
source | disappointment discord sticker ideas

4. Wanna Date?

Looking for love on Discord? How about a ‘Wanna Date?’ sticker to add a fun and flirty touch to your messages!

wanna date - discord sticker ideas
source | wanna date discord sticker ideas

5. Smugbob

Make your Discord chats more enjoyable and memorable by using funny Spongebob expressions and iconic moments.

smugbob - discord sticker ideas
source | smugbob discord sticker ideas

6. No Alive Chat?

Here’s a fun way to start chatting on Discord.

no alive chat - discord sticker ideas
source | no alive chat discord sticker ideas

7. Popcorn

How about using an image of a popcorn kernel with a surprised face or a bucket overflowing with popcorn to represent exciting moments in your server?

popcorn - discord sticker ideas
source | popcorn discord sticker ideas

8. Ok Freak

Show off your individuality with fun and unusual designs to spice up your conversations.

ok freak - discord sticker ideas
source | ok freak discord sticker ideas

9. Good Night

An idea for a “Good Night” sticker design could be cute emojis of sleeping faces, stars, and moons to send nice thoughts before going to sleep.

good night - discord sticker ideas
source | good night discord sticker ideas

10. Congratulation

Congrats discord sticker:

congratulation - discord sticker ideas
source | congratulation discord sticker ideas

11. Flooshed

Prepare to express strong feelings in your messages using blushing emojis with flushed faces.

flooshed - discord sticker ideas
source | flooshed discord sticker ideas

12. Frustrated

Do you want to use an emoji that shows you’re frustrated with tech issues? You could use one with a furrowed brow or a character banging their head.

frustrated - discord sticker ideas
source | frustrated discord sticker ideas

13. Love

Here is a cool and adorable sticker you can use on Discord to show your love.

love - discord sticker ideas
source | love discord sticker ideas

14. Cat Gun

Have fun with cute stickers of cats that can make your chats more playful.

cat gun - discord sticker ideas
source | cat gun discord sticker ideas

15. Pikachu Yeah

How about a set of stickers for Discord that have pictures of Pikachu on them? It could be really enjoyable!

pikachu yeah - discord sticker ideas
source | pikachu yeah discord sticker ideas

How to Get Funny Stickers on Discord

If you want to add funny stickers to your Discord messages, here’s what you can do:

  • Check out Emoji.gg for tons of stickers to use on Discord.
  • Check out the different sticker categories and look up “funny” to discover stickers.
  • Choose the sticker you prefer, then copy the image’s web address.
  • Click Server name < Server Settings < Emoji < Upload Emoji. You can add a custom emoji to your Discord server.
  • Paste the web link of that image and choose a name for it. Also, you can change how big it is and where it goes on the page.
  • You now have a funny sticker on your Discord channel! Just tap “Save Changes.”

Create Mockups with Discord Stickers

discord sticker ideas with mockey

Once you come up with Discord sticker ideas, you can use those stickers on your phone, laptop, or pretty much any other device you want. It’s a fun way to express yourself!

You can take a look at this mockup right above.

Additionally, you have the freedom to make and personalize these mockups using any products you like, and it won’t cost you a thing.

Because the Mockey tool is totally free to make mockups, and you won’t see any watermarks on your creations. You can download your mockups as many times as you like!

Feel free to use it without any concerns about your budget!


To put it simply, you can come up with any kind of Discord stickers if you use your imagination. 

Stickers can make your chats more fun by adding emotions, jokes, and references that are specific to your group. 

Try creating your own art or look at other collections to get ideas. Keep in mind stickers should encourage friendly communication and make people feel more connected. 

Use your creativity to create fun and engaging Discord stickers for better conversations.

You can also add furry art stickers that are trending right now.


What are sticker suggestions on Discord?

When you type messages on Discord, the app may suggest stickers for you to use. This is a helpful way to remember the awesome stickers you have available to use.

How do I make stickers on Discord?

To make stickers in Discord, you need to be a Discord Nitro member. To make your own stickers, go to the sticker section in your chat and choose “Create Sticker Pack.” Then, upload your images, make any necessary edits, and organize your stickers. Once done, you can use them in your conversations and share them with friends.

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