40+ Amazing Macbook Sticker Ideas You Must Consider

macbook sticker ideas

Take your Macbook to the next level with custom Macbook sticker ideas that reflect your personality, passion, or sense of humor. A high-end laptop with a beautiful design is the Macbook. Your MacBook would benefit greatly from stickers. These laptop designs offer a variety of options, including sports, movies, and music. These are simple and easy to use, and they give your laptop an attractive and quirky style. We will cover 40+ amazing Macbook sticker ideas for you.

What Are Macbook Stickers For

A MacBook sticker is a decorative accessory that attaches to the laptop to express your fashion and personalize it. A laptop cover can protect the laptop against scratches and dust and comes in a variety of colors, shapes, and designs. Your laptop will stand out when you apply & remove MacBook stickers.

Does Apple Still Give Stickers

All Apple products, including iPhones, still come with stickers. The purpose of this is to create more visibility for the brand and support the company in a positive way. A single sticker is now included instead of two in the Apple box these days.

List of Macbook Sticker Ideas

Here is a list of Macbook sticker ideas.

  1. Rainbow Apple logo
  2. Batman
  3. Spider man
  4. Think outside the box
  5. Keyboard shortcuts
  6. Painting
  7. Cute cat
  8. Up decal
  9. Cookie cartoon
  10. Disney sticker
  11. Ice age
  12. Banksy
  13. Dog lac
  14. BBQ fire
  15. Montagnes
  16. Superhero Ironman
  17. Snorkeler
  18. Gold apple
  19. Dark knight saber
  20. Fruit sticker
  21. Joker
  22. Matte black logo
  23. Lego man
  24. Hipster glasses
  25. Gaming icons
  26. Newton’s law
  27. Forest skin
  28. Disney pooh
  29. Grey marble
  30. Space
  31. Anime
  32. Mountains
  33. Juice box
  34. Headphones
  35. Cinderella
  36. Michael jordan
  37. Pursuit hache
  38. Matrix effect
  39. Panda
  40. Brexit

Best 40+ Macbook Sticker Ideas

Here are 40+ Macbook sticker ideas you’ll love. All of the images in this post were found on Etsy.

rainbow apple logo - macbook sticker ideas

Adding a rainbow apple logo sticker to your macbook will add a splash of color and style to it.

2. Batman

batman - macbook sticker ideas

Get this cool and creative Batman sticker for your Macbook to show off your love for the Dark Knight.

3. Spider Man

spider man - macbook sticker ideas

Spice up your Macbook with a spider web sticker that shows off your love for Spider-Man and his amazing adventures.

4. Think Outside the Box

Look at this cute sticker:

think outside the box

5. Keyboard Shortcuts

keyboard shortcuts - macbook sticker ideas

This is one of the best Macbook sticker ideas. This keyboard sticker will help you access your favorite apps quickly and easily on your Macbook.

6. Painting


Paint your personality on your Macbook with these creative and colorful cool sticker ideas.

7. Cute Cat

cute cat

With this adorable cat sticker in a variety of shapes, sizes, and colors, you can spice up your laptop with a little feline flair.

8. Up Decal

Look at this Up sticker decal design:

up decal - macbook sticker ideas

Look at this cookie cartoon design:

cookie cartoon

10. Disney Sticker

disney sticker

Featuring your favorite Disney characters and scenes, these stickers will truly make your Macbook come to life.

11. Ice Age

ice age - macbook sticker ideas

Embrace the Ice Age on your MacBook with these prehistoric stickers.

12. Banksy

Banksy sticker design:


13. Dog Lac

dog lac

For MacBook Pro and Air, there are dog lac stickers.

14. BBQ Fire

bbq fire - macbook sticker ideas

This decoration features BBQ Cartoon stickers for MacBook laptops and Apple products.

15. Montagnes


Enjoy this stunning sticker representing alpine lakes, snowy peaks, and forest trails on your macbook.

16. Superhero Ironman

superhero ironman

Your Macbook will look great with this Ironman sticker if you love geniuses, billionaires, playboys and philanthropists.

17. Snorkeler

Here is a Snorkeler sticker:


18. Gold Apple

gold apple - macbook sticker ideas

An apple sticker that shines like a jewel will give your Macbook a touch of luxury.

19. Dark Knight Saber

dark knight saber

With Dark Knight Saber stickers, you’ll be able to unleash your inner superhero.

20. Fruit Sticker

fruit sticker - macbook sticker ideas

Show off your personality and style with a fruit sticker for your laptop.

21. Joker


Your MacBook’s Joker sticker will make the world know you’re not afraid to show off your dark side. This is one of the best trendy sticker designs.

matte black logo - macbook sticker ideas

Add an elegant touch to your Macbook with this sleek matte black logo.

23. Lego Man

lego man

Add a classic touch to your Macbook with this sleek matte black logo.

24. Hipster Glasses

hipster glasses - macbook sticker ideas

Get a hipster glasses sticker for your Macbook and adorn it with your style and personality.

25. Gaming Icons

gaming icons

Enjoy these cool and colorful icons of your favorite consoles, characters, and controllers to display your gaming passion.

26. Newton’s Law

Look at this Newton’s law sticker:

newton’s law - macbook sticker ideas

27. Forest Skin

forest skin

Natural-looking forest skin stickers for your Macbook will give it a more natural look. They feature realistic textures of moss, leaves, and wood.

28. Disney Pooh

disney pooh - macbook sticker ideas

This adorable Disney Pooh sticker is the perfect way to liven up your laptop.

29. Grey Marble

grey marble

Adding texture and elegance to your Macbook is easy with a grey marble sticker.

30. Space

space - macbook sticker ideas

This Macbook sticker set is a stellar way to explore the galaxy.

31. Anime


These anime Macbook stickers feature your favorite anime characters, scenes, and quotes.

32. Mountains


Get these stunning mountain stickers for your Macbook to show your love of nature and adventure.

33. Juice box

juice box - macbook sticker ideas

Make your macbook a little more colorful and fun with a juice box sticker.

34. Headphones


You can decorate your Macbook with these colorful and creative headphones stickers.

35. Cinderella

cinderella - macbook sticker ideas

Make your Macbook look like a Cinderella with these charming stickers.

36. Michael Jordan

Look at this Michael Jordan sticker:

michael jordan

37. Pursuit Hache

Here is a Pursuit Hache sticker:

pursuit hache - macbook sticker ideas

38. Matrix Effect

matrix effect

This stunning sticker creates an illusion of code raining down on your Macbook, which transforms it into a portal to the Matrix.

39. Panda


Take your laptop to the next level with this adorable panda sticker in a variety of sizes, shapes, and expressions.

40. Brexit

Here’s a Brexit sticker to check out.

brexit - macbook sticker ideas

That’s it. The following are some Macbook sticker ideas that we have covered.

Can I Put Stickers on My Macbook

Yes, you can put stickers on your Macbook. Your Macbook’s performance and functionality could be negatively affected if you cover ports, vents, or sensors with stickers. Additionally, you want to pick excellent stickers that are simple to remove and don’t leave any residue.

Mockup Generate With Your Sticker Ideas

Once you have Macbook sticker ideas, you can also use a powerful and user-friendly Mockup generator such as Mockey. With Mockey, you gain access to a plethora of features that assist in creating stunning product mockups, including an exclusive Macbook mockup option. With capabilities, you can effortlessly design and visualize your products.


In conclusion, exploring Macbook sticker ideas is a creative way to make your device more personal and unique. It is possible to make your Macbook a canvas for visual storytelling by carefully curating a collection of stickers that reflect your personal style. Take advantage of the perfect selection of stickers to turn your Macbook into a captivating work of art.

Take a look at this video tutorial on YouTube to see how you can make your MacBook stand out on Macbook sticker ideas.


Is it OK to put stickers on laptop?

There is no right or wrong way to put stickers on a laptop. However, they may damage the surface of your device or leave a residue. Stickers should be removable and compatible with your laptop.

Do stickers come off Mac?

Yes, stickers can come off Mac without leaving any residue. Peel off the sticker slowly after heating it with a hair dryer. Use rubbing alcohol or adhesive remover instead.

Why do companies put stickers on laptops?

Laptop stickers are commonly used to express personal interests, add creativity, make a statement, personalize work devices, conceal imperfections, and express personal interests.