12 InVideo Alternative Free Tools (Without Watermark)

invideo alternative

Check out these 12 free InVideo alternatives without any watermark!🎥 Each InVideo alternative has strengths and features, catering to various preferences and needs.

What is InVideo?

InVideo lets you easily make professional videos online. It has various editing tools, customizable elements, and templates for businesses and content creators.

Pros and Cons

Interface that is easy to useRestricted potential for advanced video editing on animated videos
A range of unique video templatesContent and templates can seem generic
Massive media library with excellent stock videosNeither a free trial nor a pricing plan that fits all budgets
Real-time collaboration


Try InVideo for free with a script generator and 6000+ templates. Small Business Plan: $15/month for entrepreneurs, influencers, and educators. For bigger teams and agencies, it’s $30 per month, billed annually at $360.

Is There a Free Alternative to InVideo?

Here are 12 free InVideo alternative tools to try.

  1. Clipchamp
  2. Pictory
  3. Heygen
  4. RunwayML
  5. Elai
  6. Hour One
  7. Colossyan
  8. Synthesys
  9. Canva
  10. Yepic
  11. Oxolo
  12. Placeit

12 Best and Most Free InVideo Alternatives Without Watermark in 2024

Here is a list of the 12 best and most free sites like InVideo in 2024 without a watermark.

1. Clipchamp

Clipchamp is an online video editor website like InVideo with multiple layers. It connects to online storage and makes video editing easy for users.

clipchamp - invideo alternative

Clipchamp works on Microsoft Edge and Google Chrome with Chromium. It’s a good video editor, but it could be even better by using cloud processing. Also, you can check Clipchamp alternatives for a similar or better experience.

Key Features, Limitations, Pricing, and Rating of Clipchamp

💡Key features🚫Limitations💰Pricing📝Rating
Small learning curvePriceyFreeG2: 4.2/5
Multi-layer video projectsDon’t work with Firefox
Drag-and-drop interfaceNo app for Android
Great stock libraries
Include content from anywhere

2. Pictory

Pictory is similar to InVideo tool that uses AI to turn your text into high-quality videos with voiceovers, music, and stock footage. It offers templates and editing tools and lets you add music, images, and text to the videos. Pictory provides useful video guides for all your needs.

Pictory is a flexible video tool for everyone. The design tool is useful for agencies, social platform managers, coaches, course creators,  marketers, bloggers, and YouTubers. Pictory makes it easy for creators to create interesting videos without needing to be on camera.

Pictory helps agencies and marketers make great videos for clients without needing pricey software or equipment. Pictory helps teachers and coaches make better videos for their courses. In short, Pictory is a good free InVideo alternative for making videos fast and easy.

Key Features, Limitations, Pricing, and Rating of Pictory

💡Key features🚫Limitations💰Pricing📝Rating
Generate videos from scriptsCertain voiceovers seem roboticFreeG2: 4.7/5
Generate videos from blogsFew options for customization
Auto Summarization and captionsHootsuite integration is limited to premium plans only
Provides a money-back promise

3. Heygen

Heygen (formerly Movio) is an easy-to-use app that lets you make professional-looking videos with real people quickly, without any editing expertise, shooting, or acting. It aims to simplify and make video generation available to everyone.

heygen - website like invideo

It provides features like a talking avatar synced to your words, editing features for clicking and typing, and over 60 AI avatars with different accents. You can make impressive 1080p videos right in your browser.

Heygen helps businesses, educators, and advertisers make captivating videos easily and quickly. The business is striving to make its video production software all-encompassing by adding full-body movement features.

The platform can be used for helping customers, corporate training, and other uses. It bills users depending on how long their videos are and how personalized they want them to be. It also provides free text-to-speech features like Synthesia.

Key Features, Limitations, Pricing, and Rating of Heygen

💡Key features🚫Limitations💰Pricing📝Rating
Custom avatarsExpensive paid plansFreeG2: 4.8/5
Text-to-speechUsers may find the platform overwhelming and complex
FaceSwap or Deepfake AI image generatorAvatars look fidgety and awkward
Talking photo

4. RunwayML

RunwayML InVideo alternative is an online video editor that uses machine learning to make video editing easier. It provides various tools like color correction, VFX, compositing, and masking.

The software can do rotoscoping, has an Inpainting feature, and supports multiple video stream formats. RunwayML uses AI to analyze videos, enhancing their appeal by creating accurate depth maps for more realistic images.

This AI is for creatives and artists to unleash the creative power of AI. It lets users try and make advanced AI models for music, language, video, and image.

RunwayML is perfect for artists and creatives looking to add AI to their creative work. For instance, RunwayML can make music and visual effects by using your input or generate amazing digital experiences with the help of AI. It can be used in research and education, allowing academics and students to try out AI firsthand.

Key Features, Limitations, Pricing, and Rating of RunwayML

💡Key features🚫Limitations💰Pricing📝Rating
AI Magic featureNewbies may find it dauntingFreeG2: 5/5
Motion trackingBlog to video is not supported
InPaintingIt requires more learning than its alternatives
Video Editing
Green Screen

5. Elai

Elai InVideo alternative turns text into videos with real people, making content creation easy and engaging. It lets users pick AI avatars from collections or create custom ones using their own videos. Elai is available in 75+ languages, reaching a wide audience.

elai - invideo alternative

Elai is for anyone, whether you’re an individual or a business, looking to make polished videos without any prior experience. It helps turn text into cool videos for training easily. Elai simplifies making great videos for small businesses, marketers, and educators.

Key Features, Limitations, Pricing, and Rating of Elai

💡Key features🚫Limitations💰Pricing📝Rating
75+ languagesSome users who would like better font effectsFreeG2: 4.7/5
Custom avatarCertain languages may not be correctly pronounced by the avatar, which can be problematic
Huge library
User-friendly interface

6. Hour One

Hour One is another InVideo alternative tool that uses AI to help organizations effortlessly make exciting product videos quickly. Users can quickly create a video by choosing a character or theme and entering their text. It works seamlessly with OneDrive, Slack, and PowerPoint, making video generation and sharing easier.

Hour One AI is for organizations that want to make lots of impressive product videos easily. Perfect for businesses seeking a cost-effective and efficient method to create polished videos. If you market, run a business, or own a small business, this InVideo alternative without watermark AI can make your video output more efficient.

Key Features, Limitations, Pricing, and Rating of Hour One

💡Key features🚫Limitations💰Pricing📝Rating
Designed templatesLess realisticFreeG2: 4.5/5
Customization and brandingHour One invites can be challenging for some users
Integrate with various toolsNewbies may find it daunting
Output in seconds
100+ voices and languages
Human presenters (virtual)

7. Colossyan

Colossyan, an InVideo alternative free tool, is a video platform made for learning at work. It makes video creation easy and affordable for everyone by offering a user-friendly editor for studio-quality videos. People love Colossyan Creator because it lets them make high-quality content fast. 

colossyan - invideo alternative

Colossyan suits those who want to create powerful learning experiences, including business owners, content creators, and learning teams. It provides great service and keeps coming up with new features. Users like the product, but a few small changes, like handling symbols better, could improve it.

Key Features, Limitations, Pricing, and Rating of Colossyan

💡Key features🚫Limitations💰Pricing📝Rating
Over 50 AI avatarsLimited currency symbolsFreeG2: 4.7/5
CustomizationInability to include fade markers
PDF and PPT to video
Consistently releases new features
Easy editor
Studio-quality videos
Script assistant
Over 70 languages

8. Synthesys

Synthesys, one of the InVideo competitors, helps users make stunning videos for the brand using 480+ voices in over 140 languages. Perfect for ads, e-learning, and training.

Synthesys is perfect for anyone, from small business owners to freelancers, who wish to make impressive videos without the hassle of a studio. Synthesys is a great tool for content creators, trainers, and marketers, helping enhance your brand’s visual impact effortlessly.

Key Features, Limitations, Pricing, and Rating of Synthesys

💡Key features🚫Limitations💰Pricing📝Rating
Over 500 voicesApp failing and crashingFreeG2: 4.5/5
Saves money and timeShort videos can take hours to complete for some users
Produce natural and realistic voices
Import PDF and PPT
70 humatars

9. Canva

Canva isn’t for graphics—it’s a great InVideo.io alternative tool for making videos, perfect for social platforms and presentations.

canva - similar to invideo

Use Canva to make eye-catching videos for Instagram, even though Canva helps you make videos and generate AI thumbnails for your YouTube.

Canva is great for basic editing and graphic design, but it might not be as specialized in creating videos as InVideo.

Key Features, Limitations, Pricing, and Rating of Canva

💡Key features🚫Limitations💰Pricing📝Rating
Vast collection of templatesLess advanced featuresFreeG2: 4.7/5
User-friendly interfacePremium assets are not available in the free plan
Design teams can have multiple members
Feature-rich collaboration tools for teams

10. Yepic

Yepic Studio lets you create and edit videos in over 68 languages. It removes the need to find cameras, studios, crew, and actors by providing a choice of avatars for video use. Yepic Studio lets you easily make fun and varied videos with multiple avatars and lip-syncing.

Yepic Studio makes it easy for individuals and businesses to create high-quality videos without the usual complexities of traditional production. It is great for making videos in many languages and works with 68 different ones.

Key Features, Limitations, Pricing, and Rating of Yepic

💡Key features🚫Limitations💰Pricing📝Rating
Quality videosLimited avatarsFreeG2: 4.5/5
Lip-syncingSlow output
Multiple avatarsThere is a 2000-character limit for script input
Over 500 voices
Video chatbots
Talking photos

11. Oxolo

Oxolo InVideo alternative is a handy toolkit with an easy editor and lots of tools to make engaging videos. With the Oxolo AI video tool, you can quickly make numerous videos for your products or services, and the technology ensures important information stands out in your video.

oxolo - invideo alternative

Oxolo helps online sellers boost visibility and sales across different platforms. Oxolo is efficient and user-friendly with good quality, but it has limited personalization options and requires product links for making videos.

Key Features, Limitations, Pricing, and Rating of Oxolo

💡Key features🚫Limitations💰Pricing📝Rating
Stock videosLimited customization optionsFreeG2: No rating
50+ languagesOxolo may be difficult to use for businesses without product pages
25+ templatesThe Oxolo AI-generated content lacks creativity and a personal touch
16 actors

12. Placeit

Placeit is a great website like InVideo, ideal for making professional video ads, slideshows, branding materials, and promos online. Use Placeit’s customizable templates to personalize the content easily and match your brand.

Placeit is great for boosting your brand’s look with branding assets and video intros. However, there are free Placeit alternatives if you’d like a similar experience.

Key Features, Limitations, Pricing, and Rating of Placeit

💡Key features🚫Limitations💰Pricing📝Rating
Templates for video intros of all kindsLess editing featuresFreeG2: No rating
Options for easy customizationStock videos and templates may not be unique
Adobe Premiere and Photoshop integration

Choose From These InVideo Alternatives

These 12 top InVideo alternatives excel in AI-driven video creation, utilizing cutting-edge technology. Create personalized videos from text with these AI platform’s text-to-video technology.


What is better than InVideo AI?

Clipchamp, Pictory, Heygen, RunwayML, and Elai tools are better than InVideo AI.

Is there a free version of InVideo?

InVideos provides a basic free AI video maker online. Signing up and playing with it is free. You can make videos with a watermark without any charges. To unlock advanced features, like removing the watermark, upgrade to their paid plans.

Which is better Pictory or InVideo?

Pictory AI outshines InVideo with its speed, smoothness, and user-friendly interface, making it the top choice for crafting professional and effective videos.