Oxolo AI Video Generation Tool for AI-Powered Video Creation

oxolo ai video generation tool

Are you looking for the best AI-generated videos for your products? Hold on! The advanced Oxolo AI video generation tool allows you to easily and rapidly create attractive product AI videos.

Making videos takes less time now, and it’s getting even easier. Join us as we explore the best way to use the Oxolo AI video generation tool and how it might transform your video creation process, making it easy for you to produce fantastic videos.

Now is the perfect chance to give Oxolo Review a try and transform how your industry shares information, thanks to the discount sale on the Oxolo AI video generation tool.

Yet, we should examine whether its basic traits turn Oxolo.AI into an effective and valuable tool with a deal. This research will help us investigate this further.

Forbes Led With Shocking Stats

Forbes declares video to be content marketing’s future:

  • Video is expected to make up over 80% of web traffic.
  • Including videos in marketing emails increases click-through rates by up to 300%.
  • 9 out of 10 customers found product videos helpful for buying.
  • YouTube’s mobile video-watching doubles every year.
  • Videos increase the likelihood of customers buying by 64%.
  • About one-third of the time people spend online is used for watching videos.

Brands Prefer Video Content

brands prefer video content
source | brands prefer video content

Right now, when people want to enjoy content, videos are their top preference. About 54% of viewers have said they’d like brands and businesses to create more videos for them to watch.

Is There an AI Tool to Create Videos

Oxolo AI video generation tool is the best AI tool for making videos. It can turn your scripts and storyboards into catchy videos using AI. It even creates voice overs that sound natural and has many other useful features.

What Is Oxolo AI Video Generation Tool

introduction to oxolo ai video generation tool
introduction to oxolo ai video generation tool

Oxolo is a fantastic AI video generator that revolutionizes the way you produce product videos. Using Oxolo, you can craft stunning videos within minutes, and you can expand the video marketing strategy.

They understand the challenge faced by small business owners, marketers, and online sellers who lack the time and resources to create complex videos. Yet, they want to effectively display their products using human emotion.

With the help of the Oxolo AI video generation tool, their goal is to completely transform how films are made and to simplify content creation and online marketing.

Oxolo started in 2020 (Hamburg, Germany). It grew fast and now has a skilled team of top scientists.

Pros & Cons

VersatilityLearning curve
Cost-effectiveInternet connection
QualityAI content
Easy UIURL Dependence
EfficiencyLimited customization

How to Use Oxolo AI Video Generation tool?

Here’s a quick guide on how to use the Oxolo AI video generation tool to boost your sales.

1. Enter the URL

Visit your online store. You can paste the URL of the product listing into Oxolo by copying it. They will make a short video script that highlights why your product is special.

2. Quickly Create Videos

Oxolo takes care of all the heavy work – writing, planning the story, and putting together suitable actors, music, and voice-overs. It creates a complete video in just a few minutes.

3. Final Touch

You’re the boss here! With the studio editor, you can easily change the images, voice, actor, or background blur of a video. Making the video script perfect is super easy.

4. Download

Please feel free to download this and post it on your website, product pages, or social media pages. Increase your revenue and SEO ranking.

Tips When You Showcase Your Product

  • Keep it short and to the point
  • Making brands more relatable
  • Increasing the rate of customer retention
  • Increase the ranking of your website
  • Maintaining user engagement

Features & Benefits of Oxolo

A maximum of 20 minutes for renderingEfficient Video Production
16 actorsImproved video quality
50 languagesEnhanced productivity
5 scenes maximum per videoBroader language reach
25 templatesFlexible customization choices
Upload your videos and imagesBranding opportunities
Logo and color brandingCompelling videos
Stock photosDiverse actors & languages access
SubtitlesSimplified method of editing videos
HD DownloadBoosted audience interest
Commercial licenseImproved visual storytelling
Analytical toolsDiverse uses in marketing and education
Easy-to-use studio editor
Copy the URL and paste it to make a video
Easy video updates

For Whom Is Oxolo AI Best

  • Advertisers and Marketers
  • Business owners and Entrepreneurs
  • Influencers and Content creators
  • Freelancers and digital agencies
  • E-commerce businesses
  • Sales teams
  • Product managers

Why Use Oxolo AI

why use oxolo ai video generation tool
why use oxolo ai video generation tool

There are many reasons why the Oxolo AI video generation tool is the right choice for you.

1. Affordable and Easy

Replace expensive video tasks such as hiring actors, writing scripts, and shooting footage with Oxolo’s easy-to-use AI video content at the click of a button.

2. Human Touch Is Unbeatable

Having a real person’s face with the product can really influence how people buy things. The AI-created videos have a big collection of genuine human emotions, so you can connect a friendly face with your brand.

3. Make a Video in Minutes

No need to wait a long time for the video content anymore. With Oxolo, you can have your product advertisement or video ready in just a few minutes.

The Real Traditional Video Production Costs

  • $250 per hour for an experienced video pro.
  • $100 per hour for a writer who can put your keywords on screen.
  • The cost of an actor is $500 per hour who can convey the proper emotions through your product.
  • $225 per hour for special effects.
  • Renting the studio costs $400 per hour.
  • $200 per hour for a skilled director in charge of the set.
  • $75 per hour for a skilled editing service.
  • $1,000 to rent a basic, high-quality recording kit for a day.

Pricing and Plan of Oxolo AI

Make the most of Oxolo AI video generation tool’s amazing offer! With the incredibly low one-time membership costs, you can start a limitless adventure of endless creativity.

The 1st Plan offers you a special deal: for just $49.00, you’ll have access to all the features of Oxolo for your entire life. This means you can enjoy everything that Oxolo has to offer.

Get the best of both plans and enjoy incredible flexibility by buying the top bundle for only $149.00.

They also have a higher-priced option at $249 that provides many more choices for people who want to achieve even greater success.

Using Oxolo, choose the perfect Plan that matches what you require and the money you’re willing to spend. Take this amazing opportunity to discover and develop your artistic talents even further using Oxolo.

Special Deal: @25% off on Oxolo AI

We are pleased to tell you about an offer of a promo code for 25% off your first three months of Oxolo when you sign up for a beta version. The discount code OXOLO25 must be used in order to get the discount.

Oxolo AI Customer Review

People have praised Oxolo AI because it’s easy to use and can make videos look really good. With the Oxolo AI video generation tool, you can easily change your videos by adding images, text, pictures, effects, and colors. The algorithm it uses also helps make the videos better and more interesting for people to watch.

Oxolo AI has consistently received high ratings, with an outstanding score of 4.8/5 stars. This shows that its users are very satisfied. People like the pre-designed templates it offers, and they can also easily change them to match their own brand’s look and message.

Oxolo AI Alternatives

These are the 6 best Oxolo AI video generation tool alternatives.

  1. Ssemble
  2. Syllaby
  3. Vimeo AI
  4. Yepic
  5. Vidds Editor
  6. Synthesia

1. Ssemble

ssemble alternative to oxolo ai

The first alternative to the Oxolo AI video generation tool is Ssemble. This AI tool is for editing videos online. It comes with special AI features that make it easier for people to create unique videos. 

Some of the features it can do include cutting and trimming videos, adding extra videos on top, turning videos around, putting subtitles on videos, generating subtitles automatically, inserting text and pictures into videos, including audio, adding watermarks, saving YouTube videos, and making tutorial videos without any cost.

2. Syllaby


Using social media for the business can be challenging, but it’s essential. With Syllaby, you can quickly learn how to plan content for your social media. 

It helps you discover the major questions your users ask online, even on platforms like YouTube and TikTok, which work like search engines. 

By using these ideas, you can make videos that people are already looking for. This way, you can turn more people into potential customers!

3. Vimeo AI

vimeo ai oxolo alternative
vimeo ai

The popular Oxolo AI video generation tool is Vimeo AI. The Vimeo AI lets users easily create and customize videos using AI. It has features like a smart script maker, a teleprompter, and a cool text editor. 

You can also create video scripts super fast from nothing using AI, use a teleprompter to speak perfectly, and cut out any text you don’t want. The Vimeo app also helps you record videos with a teleprompter, edit with AI, and share them from anywhere.

4. Yepic

yepic ai
yepic ai

A quick and easy way to make professional-quality videos is to use Yepic Studio, an advanced video design tool powered by artificial intelligence. You can make these videos quickly, and you don’t need costly studios, AI avatar, or cameras.

Key features:

  • Smart Video Making
  • Video Lip-Sync Translator
  • Live Voice Dubbing
  • Yepic API
  • Personalized content
  • Versatile apps’
  • Happy Customer Reviews
  • Partnering with CVSSP

5. Vidds Editor

vidds alternative to oxolo ai video generation tool
vidds ai

Vidds is an easy-to-use alternative to Oxolo AI video generation tool for editing videos online. It helps people make really good videos without much effort. There are lots of different styles and ways to edit in Vidds.co.

6. Synthesia

Make AI videos with just text with Synthesia.io. Create interesting videos for learning and welcoming customers without using audio gear, cameras, or actors. Synthesia’s free demo turns text into videos at no cost. You can check better tools than this if you want similar to Synthesia or Synthesia alternatives.


The Oxolo AI video generation tool provides a special sale offer along with a fantastic AI video creator. The advanced technology allows you to create impressive product videos in just minutes. These videos will impress your viewers and also save you resources and time. With Oxolo, you can easily make stunning videos.

However, we have covered how to use features, pricing, and alternatives of the Oxolo AI video generation tool.

Don’t miss out on this amazing opportunity. Get results from your product videos by making them captivating.

FAQs Oxolo AI Video Generation Tool

Is there an AI that generates videos?

Using the Oxolo AI video generation tool, you can make videos by uploading them in your script and using a text-to-speech element. Then, the tool will create a video in less than five minutes.

How to generate free AI video?

To generate free AI video:
Choose your template
Select the AI avatar
Enter your text
Download and share

How to use AI video generator?

Just type your text, pick a template and avatar, and see Oxolo AI make an amazing video in less than 5 minutes. Also, you can personalize it by adding music, using different photos, uploading your photos, and creating subtitles.

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