How to Make a Business Card Mockup Without Photoshop for Free

how to make a business card mockup

Promote your brand with a great business card mockup! If you want to show off your designs or are looking at how to make a business card mockup, Mockey is perfect for creating one.

What Is a Mockup Business Card?

A business card mockup shows how your design looks.

Simply put, it’s an image that displays your product’s appearance without needing to print it and hire models or photographers models for promotion. This gives you a real look at the business card design, saving you money and time before printing.

💡Tip: A business card mockup is an excellent way to showcase your designs online.

What Are the Advantages of Business Card Mockups?

A business card mockup is a great solution for small business owners on funding or professionals wanting to showcase their work effectively. Here’s how a mockup could help you best:

🎨Visualize Your Final Result

A business card mockup is great for seeing your design without printing it first.

💳Try Different Looks and Test Them

With a business card mockup, you can easily try out different designs before finalizing. For example, you can see how your colors will appear on the card and if the design is neat and professional. You can try out and fix issues as often as you need before choosing the final version of the business card.

💰Save Money and Time With Mockups

Since it’s all digital, you won’t have to spend much on reprinting. Plus, it’s more cost-effective than hiring models or renting a studio for business card photos.

⏰Time Management Made Easy

Mockups make it easy to show your designs. With Mockey, you can achieve professional results even without an expert. Our easy-to-use platform helps you on how to make a business card mockup in just four simple steps. Additionally, we provide many different business card mockup templates to experiment with.

Types of Business Card Mockups

The great feature of business card mockups in Mockey is that you can try 100+ templates to choose from to find one that fits your style, preferences, and needs. Check out this collection of business card mockups featuring some of our best designs from our extensive library.

How to Make a Business Card Mockup?

Making a business card mockup is not easy with Photoshop, even though it is a great business idea. That’s why Mockey has arrived.

You can easily create great-looking mockups that match your design with high resolution. Don’t share a picture of the business card design or employ a blurry cellphone photo. Display your commitment with a great mockup!

how to make a business card mockup in mockey
how to make a business card mockup in mockey

Mockey offers numerous excellent templates that can elevate your designs by providing context and a top-notch appearance, typically achieved by professional photographers. Let Mockey do the work and enjoy the rewards. It’s so simple! Let’s see how to make a business card mockup in just six steps.

  • Visit
visit mockey
visit mockey | how to make a business card mockup
  • Click on “Accessories” and select “Business card.”
click accessories to select business card category
click accessories to select business card category | how to make a business card mockup
  • Pick the best mockup template.
  • Tap “Design 1” and “Design 2” to upload your design.
upload your design
upload your design | how to make a business card mockup

Making a great business card mockup with Mockey is super easy! In seconds, get professional-looking results! Protect your company’s reputation by avoiding low-quality mockups!

Is Mockey Mockup Generator Worth It?

As a mockup tool, @Mockey is outstanding. Once you start designing on Mockey, you won’t want to get up once you sit down. The AI is useful and addictive at the same time. Don’t stop being creative, Mockey.

Make Your Business Cards in Seconds

Remember, Mockey is a product mockup generator, not a website mockup tool.

Use our customizable business card templates to create a stunning and professional mockup for your clients. 

However, we have covered how to make a business card mockup in the Mockey tool.

Choose from many templates to make your business cards easily. Need more help? Contact our Mockey team. Once your mockup is ready, open your store for free with Blinkstore.


How do I make my own mockup?

Use Mockey. Open it in the web browser or app. Choose a business card template. Check out our business card mockups with various layouts, styles, and designs. Upload the design. Customize it and download it in PNG format without any watermark.

How do I make a business card layout?

Open Mockey in the web browser or app. Choose a template to preview. Upload the design, customize the color and background and resize it. Lastly, download your business card mockup for free.

Does Canva do mockups?

As a user of Canva, you can make and utilize 2,500 mockups, but not for free. If you really want to use the vast collection of business card templates without spending a single penny, use the Mockey tool.

What is mock up format?

A mockup is a picture showing how a product or design looks and works. A mockup is like a preview of a product or design. People use it to show, teach, or advertise.

What is a mock up and how is it made?

A mockup is a picture of what a website or app will look like, but it doesn’t actually work. Mockups aren’t as finished as a real page and usually have temporary data.

Can I make business cards myself?

You can design business cards at home using Mockey, a free online tool. You can also use Microsoft Word templates made for your paper brand.

Can I make business cards on Canva?

Create a standout business card on Canva with a unique design. Pick from loads of professional templates, then download your custom cards.

What is the best free business card maker?

Mockey is the best business card maker for numerous reasons, such as a user-friendly interface, free customization, no premium plans, and no watermark mockups.

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