12 Free Stable Diffusion Alternatives for AI Art Generation in 2024

stable diffusion alternatives

The Stable Diffusion alternatives will generate better AI art based on your prompt. In the past year, you definitely heard a lot about different AI art generators in the news. Now, using AI is not limited to words. Stable Diffusion tools or similar websites make awesome AI art for professional or personal needs.

You know, No image generator is perfect. You might want another tool to make realistic images for some reason. Stable Diffusion takes a bit of time due to its complexity. Maybe you had trouble adjusting the settings to create good images.

We will understand what you should look for in those alternatives and the best and free alternatives to Stable Diffusion.

What Is a Stable Diffusion AI Image Generator?

Stable Diffusion is a versatile AI photo generator. It creates realistic pictures from prompts. It started in 2022, and you can use the Stable Diffusion model to make not just images but also animations and videos.

Stable Diffusion AI is a great alternative to DALL-E 2 and Midjourney for creating detailed images from text descriptions. Stable Diffusion is good at handling complex, diverse information, and that’s a big advantage. Look at this statistic of AI-generated images using AI art tools, including Stable Diffusion AI (in numbers).

number of ai-generated images in art generators
image source

Stable Diffusion is gaining popularity because it can create diverse and realistic results.

Why Do People Love Stable Diffusion?

Millions love stable Diffusion because it’s free and user-friendly. It works on regular graphics cards. Everyone can download any model and create their own images.

Furthermore, you can adjust key hyperparameters, like how much noise is imposed and how many steps you take to denoise. It has lots of guides and tutorials because of its active community.

What Is the Purpose of Looking at Stable Diffusion Alternatives?

The purpose of looking at the Stable Diffusion alternatives is because:

  • A lot of computer power is required to train Stable Diffusion effectively.
  • It takes time, and the results differ based on the data and settings.
  • Additionally, Stable Diffusion usually creates smoother results, but that might not be what you want in applications requiring more detailed outcomes.

What Should Stable Diffusion Alternative Models Have?

Before we explore Stable Diffusion alternate models, let’s discuss important factors to consider when picking an AI image generator.

  • Customizing options: A good tool helps you edit and tweak new images while being creative.
  • Faster results: Is the AI photo generator tool fast? Since the Stable Diffusion model is slow, any alternative AI should be faster.
  • Free: An alternative must be free to download AI images.
  • User-friendly: AI design tools must have a simple UI. Amazing features don’t count if the tool is hard to use.
  • A powerful community: Stable Diffusion has a big community on Discord and Reddit. Stable Diffusion alternatives should provide similar possibilities for making images and AI-based image editing.
  • Trustworthy AI: The tool should reliably make impressive visuals that fit the prompt.

Are There Any Free Stable Diffusion Alternatives?

Is there something better than Stable Diffusion? Yes, there are 12 better websites than Stable Diffusion to consider.

  1. Leonardo AI
  2. Hotpot AI
  3. Adobe Firefly
  4. Craiyon
  5. AutoDraw
  6. Invoke AI
  7. Playground AI
  8. Bing Image Creator
  9. Imagine AI
  10. Lexica
  11. WOMBO Dream
  12. Blue Willow

12 Free Stable Diffusion Alternatives to Create AI Images

Here are Stable Diffusion AI alternatives for creating realistic images.

1. Leonardo AI

The best Stable Diffusion alternative is Leonardo AI. Besides the free plan, this AI tool’s key feature is the high-quality and accurate results.

leonardo ai - stable diffusion alternative

Beyond a regular AI image generator, you can easily enhance your artwork by transforming existing images using the Image-to-Image feature. Join 1.5 million visionary minds, explore 100 million photos on Leonardo.Ai, and start making amazing art now!

Pros and Cons

✅ 150 tokens/day❌ It can be overwhelming for a beginner to learn all the features.
✅ It generates eight images at once
✅ Prompt magic
✅ Refinement tools
✅ Image Enhancement
✅ Artistic Control

2. Hotpot AI

Hotpot AI is a versatile tool that lets users explore various AI content creation tools without focusing on a specific aspect. 

hotpot ai art generator - stable diffusion alternatives

For those looking for a top-notch and one of the best Stable Diffusion alternatives, Hotpot AI is a better option that specializes in this service. It can fix blurry, damaged, or old photos to make them look better.

Pros and Cons

✅ Simple UI❌ Produce inappropriate images with prompts
✅ Support several languages
✅ Variety of customization options
✅ Create high-quality images
✅ Expectation-matching images

3. Adobe Firefly

Adobe released Firefly, but it’s in the beta version. Firefly is the go-to solution for designers and creatives tackling complex tasks. After receiving input, it creates custom high-quality images based on user needs.

adobe firefly one of the - stable diffusion alternatives

Adobe Firefly can learn and improve from user feedback. Users can rate and give feedback on the tool’s results to make it better and more accurate over time.

Pros and Cons

✅ Saves time❌ Absence of Control
✅ Boosts creativity❌ Problems with Compatibility
✅ Improved quality of output

4. Craiyon

Craiyon is another one of the best Stable Diffusion alternatives. This tool creates images from text using DALL-E Mini technology. Craiyon allows you to create photos for free, unlike other AI generators. The tool has ad support. Don’t use ad-blockers to use this tool.

craiyon - alternative to stable diffusion

Practice improving your input skills with Craiyon to witness significant improvements in quality.

Pros and Cons

✅ Quick creation of images❌ Covered with advertisements
✅ Simple User Interface❌ No templates or style presets
✅Decent results
✅ POD services

5. AutoDraw

AutoDraw isn’t just for drawing—it showcases how AI can boost creativity. AutoDraw suggests cool clip art as you sketch. Easy design lets everyone start drawing right away. Besides drawing, users can also include shapes, text, and fills in their artwork. 

autodraw art generator - stable diffusion alternative

Finished doodles can be posted on social media, saved, or shared using a special link. AutoDraw works on phones, tablets, and PCs.

Pros and Cons

✅ Instant sharing❌ It lacks professional features
✅ AI-powered suggestions❌ Just makes simple drawings and shapes
✅Multi-Platform Connectivity

6. Invoke AI

Invoke AI boosts the efforts of marketers, designers, and artists—a workspace for creating, editing, and drawing. Invoke AI is designed for creative individuals, providing advanced AI positive and negative prompts beyond the basics.

invoke ai - alternatives to stable diffusion

Strong elements to protect ideas and follow the rules. It has workspaces for crews to think, make, and improve projects. Improve your ability to handle change through continuous training.

Pros and Cons

✅ Unified Canvas❌ Less originality
✅ High-Level Security❌ Unique touch is missing
✅Collaborative Setting
✅ Customization

7. Playground AI

Playground AI makes it easier to control and create images with AI.

playground ai - stable diffusion alternatives

Combine DALLE-2 and Stable Diffusion (1.5 and 2.0) with Playground AI filters for the look you desire.

Pros and Cons

✅ High-quality images❌ Limited customization
✅ User-friendly❌ Restricted integration
✅ Boost creativity

8. Bing Image Creator

Microsoft launched a chatbot that includes a cool feature called Bing Image Creator.

bing image creator - stable diffusion alternatives

You can create both images and text together using just one prompt. When you press “Customize”, you’ll be taken to Microsoft Designer.

Pros and Cons

✅ High performance❌ The language settings are inconsistent
✅ Faster result❌ Weird results
✅Microsoft tools

9. Imagine AI

Imagine the Stable Diffusion alternative turns your texts into excellent artwork. Just enter your prompt, pick a style from over 12 options, select the aspect ratio you want, and click “generate.” Watch a brief 30-second ad, and your image will be ready. 

imagine ai similar to stable diffusion website

This app allows you to mix up your photos! Pick an image, type in a prompt, select the strength and click generate. Explore inspirations on the homepage to learn how to use prompts effectively and achieve your results effortlessly.

Pros and Cons

✅ No skills required❌ Ads
✅ Faster result❌ When creating artwork, free users must watch an ad.
✅Download multiple variations

10. Lexica

Lexica AI, one of the free Stable Diffusion alternatives, uses advanced algorithms, making it simple for users to create different visuals. Even without specific prompts, the tool can cleverly generate high-quality content for users to expand upon. 

lexica - stable diffusion alternatives

The home page shows that the algorithms can easily create and display various styles. Save time with the Lexica AI app! The tool has advanced technology and a user-friendly interface, making art creation easier.

Pros and Cons

✅ Creativity enhancement❌ Less additional features
✅ Accessibility

11. WOMBO Dream

Create stunning digital art from words with the magic of AI! Enter a prompt, choose a style, and see WOMBO Dream – bring your picture in seconds! Create stunning art without brushes or pencils.

wombo dream - stable diffusion alternative

WOMBO Dream has got 140+ Million application installs so far. Try various patterns, textures, and colors until you find the perfect style.

Pros and Cons

✅ Edit with text❌ Lots of Ads
✅ Various art styles❌ Time-taking process
✅Fully secure
✅ New features are constantly added

12. Blue Willow

If you’re new to AI-generated images, try BlueWillow. Access BlueWillow on Discord.

blue willow - stable diffusion alternatives

BlueWillow is a good way to start learning about AI.

Pros and Cons

✅ Easy to use❌ Less realistic images
✅ Unique images
✅ Creativity

That’s it. These 12 best and free Stable Diffusion alternatives to try according to your needs.

How Text-To-Image AI Tools Impacting Industries?

Technology that turns words into images changes the AI game, creating visuals from simple text. The software uses deep learning to turn text into pictures, boosting our imagination. The creative field is changing because of text-to-image tools in these ways:

  • Exciting ideas for content advertising: Companies use AI-created images and text for social media and marketing, providing fresh options for marketing.
  • Better Design Potential: Text-to-image generators help designers visualize ideas in web design.
  • Improved uniqueness: Tools that create images from text make new and unique visuals possible. They eliminate the need for technical work in generating images.
  • Content creation: AI can automatically generate articles, blogs, and social site posts using large-scale language.

In simple terms, text-to-image AI generators are spreading creativity and making fresh ways to express ideas. They’re boosting productivity and offering more options to professionals and businesses.

Choose From These Stable Diffusion Alternatives

Stable Diffusion is common, but there are other ways to create AI art with the best prompts. Use Stable Diffusion alternatives to integrate AI into your innovative process easily, using the trending AI art generators to craft images that fascinate your audience.


What is an AI Image Generator?

AI image generators use trained neural networks to make realistic pictures from text input.

Is Stable Diffusion Legal?

Stable Diffusion allows users full rights to use any photos generated from the AI model as long as the content is legal and non-harmful.

Why is Stable Diffusion better than Midjourney?

Learning Stable Diffusion is more challenging but offers greater customization than Midjourney. Both models create art using image prompts, but Stable Diffusion goes a step beyond.

Does Stable Diffusion allow NSFW?

In AI art, one of the more common questions is whether Stable Diffusion can generate NSFW content. Certainly, yes! Stable Diffusion is open-source, and its active community collaborates to make it happen.

Is Dall E better than Stable Diffusion?

Stable Diffusion aims for realistic images, but faces look slightly messed up, while DALL·E 3 creates more abstract visuals. DALL·E 3 produces less stereotypical effects and feels better aligned.

What was the matter with the Stable Diffusion controversy?

The artists, Karla Ortiz, Kelly McKernan, and Sarah Andersen, claim that these companies violated the rights of thousands of artists by using AI generators that were trained on billions of images taken from the internet without the actual artist’s permission.

What is the best model for Stable Diffusion?

Deliberate, Protogen, Modelshoot, and AbyssOrangeMix3 are the best models for Stable Diffusion.

What AI model does Stable Diffusion use?

Stable Diffusion uses a U-Net model. U-Net is a type of neural network designed for cutting-edge medical image analysis, particularly for detailed segmentation tasks.

Is stability AI the same as Stable Diffusion?

Stable Diffusion was created and supported by Stability AI, a startup company. The CompVis group of Munich released the model’s technical license.

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