40+ Best Midjourney Logo Prompts to Create Logos with Midjourney

midjourney logo prompts

You don’t have to spend lots of money to make a logo any more, thanks to the Midjourney logo generator. With the Midjourney logo prompts, you can quickly create a professional logo in no time.

People who start businesses and individuals who want to make money are using these amazing AI tools to save money and time.

In the fast-changing world of business today, it’s really important to create a strong brand image. Your logo acts like the face of the company and shows what your company is all about to everyone.

Introducing MidJourney, a revolutionary logo design tool powered by AI, changing how companies make their logos.

In this detailed guide, we explore the best Midjourney prompts for logos and how MidJourney creates unique logos using prompts.

Midjourney logo prompts let you easily make various logo designs with the same professional style used in their expert logos. Using the AI, you paste the logo prompts into the field.

What Is Midjourney?

Midjourney shows how AI makes images from text. It’s now a top choice for making AI art from prompts, alongside Stable Diffusion and DALL-E.

Unlike its alternatives, Midjourney is privately funded and keeps its code closed, making it unclear what exactly powers it. We know it heavily depends on machine learning and Stable Diffusion diffusion models.

If you use Midjourney for your logo design, the outcomes are surprising, impressive, and very realistic using the Midjourney logo prompts.

Advantages of Midjourney for Logo Designers

Midjourney AI software can quickly generate a wide range of original logo ideas, saving time compared to human designers. It lets you try out different logo styles like modern, classic, and creative designs.

It helps designers create logo ideas fast while working with clients.

The studio adjusts the design based on client feedback. It simplifies creating logo ideas, saving money and time for both the designer and the customer.

What Is the Best Logo Prompt Generator?

Midjourney is a top-notch AI logo maker for your industry. It uses AI to make one-of-a-kind designs that fit your brand in just a few seconds.

Create Logos with Midjourney

How to make a logo using Midjourney? Here’s a simple five-step guide that shows you how to create a logo in Midjourney.

Step 1: Make a Logo Concept

The initial step you do to make a great logo is to come up with a clear idea. This idea will be like a plan that helps you create the logo. You need to think about the kind of company you’re making a logo for and what announcement you want your design to send.

make a logo concept

For example, when creating logos for a fitness label that focuses on outdoor camps, think about using natural and energetic colors such as green to represent the energetic and nature-related qualities of your benefit.

Using pictures or colors that don’t make sense, like showing the gym indoors, might make people not understand what you’re trying to say and take their attention away from your main brand message.

Step 2: Open Midjourney

When you know what you want your logo to look like, you can make it a reality with Midjourney. To get started with Midjourney, go to their official website. Don’t worry if the website looks a little complex – it’s easy to use.

open midjourney

First, press the Sign In option to go to the Discord channel where they make logos. You can make a free Discord account if you haven’t any. After you log in, find the #newbies room.

The main command you tell the bot to do is /imagine, but other instructions like /blend can also help use pictures for ideas.

Step 3: Create a Prompt

After you come up with a clear idea, the next step is to crack that idea into directions that Midjourney’s AI can follow. These directions tell the AI how to make a logo using Midjourney you’re thinking of.

Imagine a Midjourney that helps you be creative. It lets you make logos using abstract designs, images, and text. Just remember, the AI strength does not always do what you want. You should try a few times to get the ideal design.

Don’t forget to change the size settings according to what you need.

Step 4: Logo Review and Editing

After Midjourney creates some logos for you using your prompts, review the designs. If you find logos you like but want to make small changes, you can use Midjourney to adjust or improve them.

Remember that the text style created by Midjourney might not look right and might need some changes. If you find a great logo design with bad text, don’t stress – you can improve it with different tools.

After you’ve made and fine-tuned your logo:

  1. Look at it one last time.
  2. Make sure it looks good, that the words and pictures are sharp and clear, the colors go together well, and all the important parts are just right.
  3. Save it.
  4. Make sure everything matches your brand.

Remember that a carefully designed logo can make a strong impact on the customers and take the brand to higher levels if you’re happy with the logo you’ve created using Midjourney; well done!

What Are Midjourney Logo Creation Prompts?

Midjourney tackles the power of AI to convert your text prompts into stunning visual logo creations. This AI image generator is ideal for making more generic logos.

Also, this tool is getting better fast, and entrepreneurs are finding ways to benefit from it.

List of Midjourney Prompts

Here is a list of Midjourney logo prompts to get you started.

  1. The Crescent Moon
  2. Adventures at Mount Peak
  3. The Firebird Studio
  4. The Butterfly Salon
  5. Photos of Safari
  6. QUANTUM Tech
  7. The Alpha Group
  8. The Zephyr
  9. Pinnacle Architecture
  10. Velocity Sports
  11. Eagle Eye
  12. Lionheart FC
  13. An Oak Brewery
  14. Space Tours
  15. Anchor Shipping
  16. A Turtle Tech Company
  17. A Bumblebee’s Garden
  18. Dessert Penguin
  19. Pizza Rocket
  20. The Owl Store
  21. Infinity
  22. Atomic Computing
  23. FitPulse
  24. Radiant Health
  25. The Vortex
  26. Ppaariile
  27. Omasnese
  28. Perthane
  29. Onnaton
  31. Vintage Emblem
  32. Nature Inspired
  33. Cultural Fusion
  34. The Dynamic
  35. Galactic Space Tour
  36. Logo of a taiwanese
  37. Letter A logo art
  38. Letter P logo
  39. Graphic logo of square
  40. Emblem for a university
  41. Houseplant emblem logo
  42. Fishing emblem logo

Best Logo Prompts for Midjourney

A guide to 40+ best Midjourney logo prompts.

1. The Crescent Moon

The first one of the Midjourney logo prompts IS “The Crescent Moon.” Create a logo for “The Crescent Moon” that shows the crescent moon and some bread to represent the idea of delicious, fresh-baked treats made at night.

the crescent moon - midjourney logo prompt

Prompt: Design a visual logo for “The Crescent Moon” featuring the crescent moon and a loaf of bread, symbolizing the idea of serving freshly baked, comforting treats every evening.

2. Adventures at Mount Peak

The second Midjourney logo prompt is “Adventures at Mount Peak.” Create a picture-based logo for “Mountain Peak Adventures” that shows a mount peak to represent adventure and exploration.

Prompt: Design a visual logo that represents the adventurous and exploratory nature of “Adventures at Mount Peak” by including an image of a mountain summit.

3. The Firebird Studio

Make a picture logo for “The Firebird Studio‘” with a firebird (like a phoenix) to show how music can make things new and powerful.

the firebird studio logo prompt for midjourney

Prompt: Create an image-based logo for “The Firebird Studio” that features a firebird (phoenix) symbolizing renewal and the profound effect of music’s power to bring about transformation.

4. The Butterfly Salon

The next best logo prompts Midjourney is “The Butterfly Salon.” Create a pretty picture logo for “The Butterfly Salon” with a lovely butterfly to show change and beauty.

Prompt: Design an image-based logo for “The Butterfly Salon” that shows a stunning butterfly to symbolize change and elegance.

5. Photos of Safari

Create a simple picture logo for “Photos of Safari” that shows the lens of a camera and either an African topography or the outline of a wild animal.

photos of safari - midjourney logo prompts

Prompt: Design an eye-catching logo for “Photos of Safari” that combines the lens of a camera with either an African topography or the silhouette of a wild animal.


Another logo prompts Midjourney is QUANTUM Tech. Create a logo with letters for “QUANTUM Tech.” Ensure the letters “Q” & “T” stand out to show that the company is good at solving tech problems.

Prompt: Design a logo that features the letters “Q” & “T” prominently, highlighting the advanced technological solutions offered by “QUANTUM Tech.”

7. The Alpha Group

Create a logo for “The Alpha Group” that focuses on “A” to represent the top-quality services the brand offers.

the alpha group - midjourney prompts for logos

Prompt: Create a letter-based logo highlighting “A” for “The Alpha Group,” focusing on expressing the company’s position as a boss in the financial services industry.

8. The Zephyr

Design a logo with the letter “Z” that looks stylish for “The Zephyr” brand to match its modern and fashionable clothing.

Prompt: Design a stylish logo for “The Zephyr” that showcases a fashionable and modern-looking letter “Z” to represent the brand’s stylish and trendy fashion products.

9. Pinnacle Architecture

The next Midjourney logo prompt is Pinnacle Architecture. Design a logo for this that highlights the letters “P” & “A” and includes architectural elements.

pinnacle architecture - logo midjourney prompts

Prompt: Design a unique logo with the letters “P” & “A” for the “Pinnacle Architecture” that invests architectural features into the design to bring the company’s expertise in high-level design.

10. Velocity Sports

Create a logo for the “Velocity Sports” that uses the letters “V” & “S” to show speed and motion.

Prompt: Create a logo letterform for “Velocity Sports” that includes the letters “V” & “S” in a way that gives a sense of speed and motion.

11. Eagle Eye

Create a logo for this ‘Eagle Eye’ that shows the eye of an eagle and security to represent how the company keeps a watchful eye and protects.

eagle eye - midjourney logo prompts

Prompt: Design a logo that represents the “Eagle Eye” by including the eye of an eagle and a guard.

12. Lionheart FC

Another one of the Midjourney prompts for logos is Lionheart FC. Create a logo for this “Lionheart FC” that features a football and the face of a lion as the main parts.

Prompt: Design a logo for “Lionheart FC” that includes a football and the face of a lion to highlight the team’s bravery and sportsmanship.

13. An Oak Brewery

an oak brewery - midjourney prompt for logo

Prompt: Create a unique logo for this “An Oak Brewery” featuring a crown and an oak as major elements, highlighting the brand’s commitment to exceptional quality and deep-rooted tradition.

14. Space Tours

Create a special logo for “Space Tours” that combines stars and a spaceship to show that the brand offers exciting trips to space.

Prompt: Design a logo that represents “Space Tours” by including stars and a spaceship, highlighting the thrilling space travel experiences the brand offers.

15. Anchor Shipping

Create a logo for this ‘Anchor Shipping Co.’ that includes waves and an anchor, showing that the company is dependable in ocean shipping.

anchor shipping logo prompts for midjourney

Prompt: Create a unique logo featuring waves and an anchor for “Anchor Shipping,” highlighting the company’s trustworthiness in ocean transportation.

16. A Turtle Tech Company

The next Midjourney prompt for logo is “A Turtle Tech Company.” Create a logo with a turtle with fancy gadgets for “A Turtle Tech Company.”

Prompt: Create a character-based logo that features a turtle alongside advanced technology tools for “A Turtle Tech Solutions.”

17. A Bumblebee’s Garden

“A Bumblebee’s Garden” is a great Midjourney prompt for logo, with a nice bumblebee holding many flowers.

a bumblebee's garden - midjourney logo prompts

Prompt: Create a logo that represents the warm and inviting atmosphere of ‘A Bumblebee’s Garden’ by showcasing a cheerful bumblebee holding a bunch of flowers.

18. Dessert Penguin

One of the cutest logo prompts for Midjourney is “Dessert Penguin.” Make a logo with a pretty penguin happily eating an ice cream cone for “Dessert Penguin.”

Prompt: Design a charming penguin-themed logo for “Dessert Penguin,” featuring an adorable penguin savouring a cone to capture the brand’s playful and lovely nature.

19. Pizza Rocket

Pizza Rocket is the next prompt for logo in Midjourney. Create a special logo for “Pizza Rocket” that shows the rocket character bringing a pizza.

pizza rocket - midjourney prompt for logo

Prompt: Create a logo featuring the rocket character giving a piping hot pizza for “Pizza Rocket,” highlighting both swift service and mouth-watering cuisine.

20. The Owl Store

Create a logo for “The Owl Store” that shows an owl looking at a book to represent knowledge and wisdom.

Prompt: Design a logo for “The Owl Store” that portrays an owl engaged in a book, representing wisdom and the quest for knowledge.

21. Infinity

The next prompt for logo in Midjourney is “Infinity.” Create a simple logo for the word ‘Infinity’ that uses the infinity sign to show limitless solutions and possibilities.

infinity - midjourney logo prompt

Prompt: Design a unique logo that represents the concept of “Infinity” by including an infinity sign to represent endless opportunities and solutions.

22. Atomic Computing

Design a unique logo for “Atomic Computing” inspired by quantum technology to show that it’s all about advanced technology.

Prompt: Design a unique logo for “Atomic Computing“, including a quantum-inspired idea to showcase the company’s advanced technology.

23. FitPulse

Create a unique logo for “FitPulse”, the best Midjourney prompts for logos using a positive pulse design representing energy and action.

fitpulse - midjourney logo prompt

Prompt: Create a unique logo for “FitPulse” that features a vibrant pulse shape, representing energy and continual motion.

24. Radiant Health

Make a special symbol for “Radiant Health” that shows good health and energy, using a design that looks like a shining sun.

Prompt: Design a unique logo for “Radiant Health” with a sunburst motif, representing the idea of vibrant well-being and energy.

25. The Vortex

Next, one of the Midjourney logo prompts is “The Vortex.” Create a simple logo for “The Vortex” that shows a swirling shape to represent creative ideas flowing.

the vortex - best midjourney prompts for logos

Prompt: Create a unique logo with an abstract vortex design for “The Vortex.

26. Ppaariile

Prompt: Create a clean and modern logo for a creative agency that features the letter ‘p’ in a unique shape and uses a single, bold color.

27. Omasnese

omasnese - midjourney logo prompt

Prompt: Describe a simple logo that represents a well-established and profitable brand.

28. Perthane

Prompt: The logo design should be simple and flat, and it should be suitable for showcasing on platforms like Dribbble, Pinterest, and Behance.

29. Onnaton

onnaton - midjourney logo prompt

Prompt: Create a minimalistic vector logo featuring a simple design with the letter O enclosed within a circle using clean, elegant lines.


The last one of the Midjourney logo prompts is “RACE IING.”

Prompt: Create a logo inspired by gaming aesthetics that features a glorious American Bald Eagle in flight, approaching the viewer with its splendid wings outstretched.

31. Vintage Emblem

Give a modern brand some old-school charm with cute vintage symbols. 

vintage cow emblem - midjourney logo prompts

Prompt: Vintage cow emblem in the field, retro and simple, with no detailed colors

32. Nature Inspired

nature inspired - logo prompts for midjourney

Prompt: Create a logo representing the soul of nature, drawing inspiration from its beauty and elements in a simple yet beautiful design

33. Cultural Fusion

cultural fusion - midjourney logo prompts

Prompt: Design a logo representing the mix of various cultures with symbols or motifs reflecting unity, diversity, and peace for “Cultural Fusion”

34. The Dynamic

“The Dynamic” is also an excellent prompt from all these best Midjourney logo prompts.

the dynamic - midjourney prompts for logos

Prompt: Create a logo for “The Dynamic” that symbolises energy and movement while maintaining an elegant and modern design

35. Galactic Space Tour

galactic space tour - midjourney logo prompts

Prompt: Create a sleek logo for “Galactic Space Tour,” featuring a spaceship orbiting a cosmic destination

36. Logo of a Taiwanese

logo of a taiwanese - midjourney logo prompts

Prompt: Design a logo for a Taiwanese brand featuring iconic elements like Formosan black bear and mountains

37. Letter A Logo Art

letter a logo art - midjourney logo prompt

Prompt: Create a modern, minimalist logo including the letter A with artistic flair and culture

38. Letter P Logo

letter p logo - midjourney logo prompts

Prompt: Design a smart and modern letter “P” logo with bold typography and minimalistic elements

39. Graphic Logo of Square

graphic logo of square - logo prompts midjourney

Prompt: Design a minimalist square logo with bold graphics encapsulating the core of your brand identity

40. Emblem for a University

emblem for a university - ai logo prompts of midjourney

Prompt: Design a classic emblem for a prestigious university, including traditional symbols and modern elements harmoniously

41. Houseplant Emblem Logo

houseplant emblem logo - midjourney logo prompts

Prompt: Create a minimalist emblem logo featuring a stylized houseplant, mixing grace and simplicity seamlessly

42. Fishing Emblem Logo

fishing emblem logo - midjourney logo prompts

Prompt: Design a fishing emblem logo featuring a stylized fish with a fishing rod against a serene backdrop

These 40+ prompts are the best Midjourney prompts for logo design.

Types of Logo for Midjourney Logo Design Prompts

The result mostly relies on what you put in, but you can begin with a basic prompt like (type /imagine first).

The AI gets better when you provide it with more data. In this article, We’ll explain how to type better logo design Midjourney prompts.

Please remember that Midjourney isn’t great for adding text, so you should use Canva or Adobe Illustrator to put text on your designs or make them look better.

Before using logo Midjourney prompts, remember:

1. Choose a Logo Type

To start, choose the logotype, and remember, MidJourney isn’t great with text.

But utilize it to make logos with letters, logos with mascots, logos with symbols, and pretty much any picture-based logo.

Different kinds of logos have their pros and cons. You’ll have to choose the logotype that suits your needs.

harley davidson logo for midjourney logo prompts
harley davidson logo example | logo design prompts midjourney

The initial kind of logo is known as an Emblem logo. This logo style primarily relies on a crest or symbol, often including text.

Companies such as cars, schools, the military, and government often use emblems. They do this to show that they have a long history, follow old customs, and have power.

If you need some ideas, the logo of Harley Davidson is likely the most well-known symbol.

mascot logo - midjourney logo prompt
mascot logo example | prompts for logo design midjourney

The second kind of logo is called a mascot logo. It’s a logo with a cute cartoon character or an animal in it.

Mascots make the brand feel friendlier and more memorable, and this makes people like the brand even more.

You can often find this kind of logo in companies about entertainment, food, and sports.

lettermark logo
lettermark logo example | midjourney prompt for logo design

The third example is a lettermark logo that uses fancy letters or more than one letter.

Companies usually make their logo special by using the first letter of their name or initials uniquely and distinctively.

Big businesses that work in different industries and areas use this kind of logo.

Japanese Logo

japanese logo

Prompt: Create a minimalist Japanese logo featuring traditional elements like cherry blossoms, waves, or kanji characters

Minimal Line logo

minimal line logo

Prompt: A minimalist logo using simple lines to get your brand’s qualities effectively and elegantly

Gradient logo

gradient logo

Prompt: Create a modern gradient logo that seamlessly combines colors to evoke a sense of depth and culture

Abstract logos

abstract logo

Prompt: Create an abstract logo capturing dynamic energy through fluid lines, vibrant colors, and geometric precision

2. Artistic Movements/Genres

Various art types can evoke various emotions, and if you mention them when describing what you want, you can have your logo designed with a specific mood in mind.

If you want your brand to have a classic and nostalgic style, you can use keywords like “retro” and “old-school.” You can also get more specific by mentioning a particular style, such as Psychedelic Art, for instance.

Pop Art

pop art logo
pop art logo example | logo design prompts midjourney

Popular culture imagery is a characteristic of Pop Art. This style uses ads, comics, and regular objects, usually drawn brightly and colorfully.

Whether you use Pop Art or any of those styles we discussed earlier, it will surely make people who remember the 1950s feel nostalgic and interested.

De Stijl

de stijl logo
de stijl logo example | logo design midjourney prompts

The De Stijl movement is known for using basic shapes like squares and rectangles, straight up-and-down and side-to-side lines, and only a few main colors.

The question you just read can lead to some great outcomes. We enjoy using this style for creating logos.

When creating a logo inspired by the De Stijl style, the AI will aim to incorporate shapes such as lines, squares, and rectangles, along with primary colors in addition to black and white.

Psychedelic Art

psychedelic art logo
psychedelic art logo example | prompts for logo design midjourney

Psychedelic art is known for its vivid and vibrant colors, abstract and strange pictures, and dreamy feel.

This look is usually linked to taking mind-altering drugs and shows the way these substances can make your thoughts and perceptions all twisty and open up in strange ways.

3. Use Famous Designer Names

You can make the A.I. copy a specific look or style from logo designers by mentioning their names.

Pablo Picasso

pablo picasso logo
pablo picasso logo example | midjourney prompt for logo design

Pablo Picasso is a well-known artist who created art in many different styles.

Piet Mondrian

piet mondrian logo example
piet mondrian logo example | midjourney prompts for logo design

Piet Mondrian is a helpful suggestion. At the same time, it may produce similar outcomes as using the De Stijl movement in the prompt.

Paul Rand

paul rand lion logo
paul rand lion logo example

Paul Rand’s work is known for its simple and minimalistic style. In the example below, Rand’s approach is reflected in the stylized and simplified lion’s head.

4. Artistic Technique

Use artistic techniques using the Midjourney logo prompts.

Outline Technique

A simple yet effective logo design approach is using outlines. Using the outline result is great for adding pseudo-3D features to designs without adding complexity like shadows or gradients.

Prompt: Create a basic diamond logo using simple lines and vectors, without any detailed realism

Gradient Technique

Additionally, logo designers frequently use gradients, blending colors gradually from light to dark or transitioning between different colors. 

Prompt: Create a basic diamond logo with a gradient technique using simple lines and vectors, without any detailed realism

Gradient methods can enhance your logo with a stylish touch. The logo of Facebook and Instagram is a well-known example of using gradients.

Screen Print Technique

You can employ the screen-print strategy for your logo design using Midjourney logo prompts, where layers are stacked to create designs, often used for items like t-shirts and bags.

Prompt: Create a basic diamond logo with a screen print technique using simple lines and vectors, without any detailed realism

It’s known for bold, clean designs and vibrant colors, making it ideal for logos too. The screen printing option is great for mass-producing items such as t-shirts, ideal for launching a unique clothing brand.

How Can My Midjourney Logo Prompts Be Better?

For better logo design prompts, being willing to explore is important. When you begin, not knowing what you want in your pictures can feel a bit scary.

Sometimes, having too many choices can make it difficult to imagine even simple ideas. So, start with simple ideas to make it easier to get started.

  1. A useful suggestion is to keep adding new ideas to your starting point. When you bring in new elements to your initial idea, you open up more possibilities for creativity to make your exploration method better.
  2. Improve your image searches using different styles, colors, lighting, and settings. Adopt these additions to get the results you want.

You can also look for the best drawing prompts for your kids and students.


And that’s the way to create a complete logo using Midjourney with Midjourney logo design prompts.

Midjourney V3 was a mysterious puzzle. It didn’t always do what we expected, so we had to make many adjustments to our instructions to get the results we desired.

V4 provides outcomes very close to what we wish without much tweaking. With V5, things become even more realistic.

As AI design tools and Midjourney get better, this craze will keep going. We’re looking forward to seeing designers from all fields use these tools in their work.

However, we have discussed the 40+ best Midjourney logo prompts that can help you. If you are looking for discounts on Midjourney, don’t forget to use the Midjourney promo code.

If you are still looking for a better tool than Midjourney, you can check Midjourney alternatives.


Can you use MidJourney for logos?

Midjourney is great for making logos because it helps you easily create a fantastic logo.

Can MidJourney do graphic design?

Midjourney, with assistance from other tools, can help you make detailed mood boards that show your design ideas and guide your design choices.

How to add text to Midjourney?

To create a memorable logo that grabs attention, follow these steps:
Please keep it simple.
Make it easy to remember.
Pick the right colors.
Make sure it can be resized.
Use the same design consistently.

How to use Midjourney for logo design?

To use Midjourney for logo design:

Select logotype
Name artistic styles
Include famous designers
Explain technique
Specify what to avoid

How to prompt Midjourney to make a logo?

Select letter mark logos for your company, featuring either the full name or its initial letter. Specify your preference in the brief, such as a simple, serif font, or vector logo.

What makes a good logo design?

A good logo is unique, suitable, functional, visually appealing, and effectively communicates the intended message.

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