9 Free Homeworkify Alternatives in 2024 (Tested & Compared)

homeworkify alternative

Homeworkify is one of several options; there are better and free Homeworkify alternatives.

Homeworkify isn’t always accurate in STEM subjects for some students.πŸ“š These new study tools help you learn better with personalized support. Discover the ideal homework assistant, whether it’s AI-generated problem solvers or tutor communities.

We’ll look at nine websites like Homeworkify, each with special features to assist students in their studies.

What is Homeworkify and How Does it Work?

Homeworkify is a learning platform with endless answers to academic questions. πŸ€– The platform is similar to a search engine for academic questions. Users can share question links and quickly get answers.

Homeworkify uses advanced technology to provide full explanations and answers for subjects like language arts, history, science, and math. Homeworkify helps students learn in their own way, making it personalized for each person. It aims to make learning more enjoyable, efficient, and available through its creative methods.

Homeworkify Features

Homeworkify features include:

  • Live Tutoring
  • Assist with Exam Preparation and Essay
  • Customizable options
  • Quizzes
  • Q&A forum
  • Homework scanner

Is Homeworkify Free?

There is a free version of Homeworkify, but a paid plan starts from $9.99/month.

Reasons to Look for a Homeworkify Alternative

Define your priorities for subjects, academic resources, and learning tools before choosing a Homeworkify alternative. Also, think about how well your chosen platform supports academic honesty.

Here are the major points to remember:

  • Standards for education: Make sure the platform follows the necessary education rules and meets all relevant regulations.
  • User-friendly UI: Choose a user-friendly platform for a smoother experience.
  • Connection with current tools: Choose an AI that works with your current tools, like your learning system and productivity apps, for a smoother experience.
  • Reviews and Pricing: Pick a budget-friendly option or free Homeworkify alternative that many users highly recommend.
  • Collaboration skills: Use a Homeworkify alternative that lets you work together with classmates and teams using shared documents and forums.
  • Security: Choose a secure option, particularly if you communicate sensitive information.
  • Compatibility: Choose a Homeworkify.net alternative that works on all your devices – phones and your favorite OS and browser.

Are There Other Websites Like Homeworkify?

There are nine free Homeworkify alternatives that offer similar services.

  1. For Free Textbook Solution: Crazy for Study
  2. For Free Collaborative Study: StudyBuddy
  3. For Free Quizzes: Quizlet and Quizplus
  4. For Free Educational Content: Khan Academy
  5. Free for science and math: Wolfram MathWorld
  6. For Free Q&A: Brainly
  7. For specific courses: Course Hero
  8. For Symbolic math solver: Symbolab

9 Free Homeworkify Alternatives to Explore

Check out these nine free Homeworkify alternatives to see if they meet your needs.

1. Crazy for Study

Ever get those really confusing questions that push you to pull your hair? Crazy for Study has fast answers, quicker than an energized squirrel on sugar. 

crazy for study - homeworkify alternative

Crazy for Study lets you quickly find solutions for many textbooks. Get quick answers to your academic questions, keeping you on track with your studies.

If you aim to master your textbooks quickly and effortlessly, Crazy for Study AI should be a great Homeworkify alternative.

Pros and Cons

βœ… Fast Academic Solutions❌ There are no offline options, like renting textbooks
βœ… Solutions from textbooks❌ Less depth
βœ… The key Source
βœ… 24Γ—7 help


  • Free

2. StudyBuddy

Picture having a study buddy that’s as easy to use as your video game. StudyBuddy is here to help! It’s a fun online space where learners can easily collaborate, work on group projects, connect on assignments, and engage in focused study sessions.

studybuddy - homeworkify alternative

This app cheers you on for teamwork, which is your key to a thrilling and effective learning journey.

Pros and Cons

βœ… Quality Tutoring❌ Limited features
βœ… Academic community
βœ… Peer Support
βœ… Easy to use
βœ… Look for local student
βœ… Mobile app for iOS and Android


  • Free

3. Quizlet

Use Quizlet to turn learning into a fun game with quizzes and flashcards. This AI tool is versatile for studying. It’s your key to acing the next test.

quizlet - homeworkify.net alternative

It’s like a super library for students. There are lots of study materials. Whether you want to ace history or algebra, Quizlet is your go-to. It’s like a brainpower cheat code!

Explore a collection of study materials created by fellow teachers and students.

Pros and Cons

βœ… Quick solutions❌ No live tutoring
βœ… Monitoring of progress❌ Inaccurate and shallow AI solutions
βœ… Easy-to-use interface that is suitable for beginners❌ Supports only English
βœ… Flashcards improve memorization


  • Free trial

4. Quizplus

Accessing a bunch of test banks and quizzes is like having a superpower toolkit ready whenever you need it. Quizplus isn’t just for studying; it’s like your own personal learning checkpoint. 

quizplus - homeworkify alternative

Quizplus helps you prepare for exams by making studying easier. It assists you in understanding your strengths and areas where you must focus more. It can be used to check your understanding.

Pros and Cons

βœ… Use AI to find answers in images, PDFs, and scanned papers❌ No online tutoring
βœ… Get personalized study materials for your specific course or school❌ Quizzes and limited course material
βœ… Learn more with regular quizzes❌ The textbook solutions do not answer unique questions


  • Free trial

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5. Khan Academy

Khan Academy provides free, high-quality education online for teachers and students worldwide. You can discover online courses and videos covering subjects like computer programming, math, economics, and history.

khan academy - website like homeworkify

This Homeworkify alternative platform lets you learn at your pace with a personalized approach. The platform watches what users want and adjusts content to help them learn better.

Khan Academy helps teachers improve their teaching with resources. Khan Academy offers Khanmigo, a self-learning feature. It helps learners as a teacher and supports teachers as an assistant.

Pros and Cons

βœ… Get access to course materials and educational resources from recognized colleges and universities❌ Limited focus on specialized topics 
βœ… Maintain a record of your classes and tasks❌ Absence of in-person conversations with teachers and experts
βœ… Study in the language of your choice❌ Lack of support for offline learning
βœ… With the use of professional resources, be ready for standardized exams like the MCAT, LSAT, and SAT, LSAT, MCAT❌ The platform requires tech-savvy learners to use it
βœ… Winning points and badges for being consistent


  • Free

6. Wolfram MathWorld

Wolfram MathWorld Homeworkify alternative is your go-to digital friend for solving tough scientific puzzles and math problems. It’s not the usual search engine AI; it’s definitely a magic book for science and math lovers.

wolfram mathworld - homeworkify alternative

Wolfram MathWorld isn’t about providing answers; it’s about the learning experience. It simplifies tough science and math puzzles by revealing their secrets one step at a time.

This Wolfram MathWorld AI is also a great alternative to ChatGPT.

Pros and Cons

βœ… Powerful computational tool❌ Not every question has an answer
βœ… Resolve Complicated Problems
βœ… User-friendly


  • Free

7. Brainly

Brainly software is a teamwork learning website where students help each other with homework and online lessons. Brainly lets people help each other with academic questions. Teachers and experts check the answers for correctness and quality.

brainly - homeworkify alternative

The platform teaches regular school subjects like history, science, and math, and also advanced topics from college and university, such as medicine, engineering, and law. The platform provides study guides along with a Q&A format.

Pros and Cons

βœ… Various topics to discuss❌ Answers may be misleading or incomplete, putting the accuracy at risk
βœ… Earn badges and rewards for participation❌ Academic subjects with fewer participants can have lower-quality answers
βœ… Experts and users rate answers❌ Answers may be subjective
βœ… Your choice of language
βœ… Multi-device access to the tool


  • Free

8. Course Hero

Course Hero is an excellent Homeworkify alternative, where users share 30 million+ resources and study materials. It provides guides, solutions, videos, notes and explanations for different subjects. 

course hero - website like homeworkify

The platform provides accounting, math, psychology, and economics learning materials. University students can get helpful advice and personal sessions on this platform.

Pros and Cons

βœ… Get study materials from prestigious colleges and universities across Europe, the UK, and the US❌ Supports only English
βœ… An interactive content library with a wide range of resources❌ Student access is limited due to some features being paid
βœ… Activity dashboard❌ Progress tracking not available


  • Free

9. Symbolab

Symbolab Homeworkify Alternative is a website that helps you with math problems by providing easy-to-follow solution guides. Solutions, in the formation of written or video guides, are helpful for learners and teachers globally. 

symbolab - alternative to homeworkify

This app helps teachers improve the classroom involvement of students. Teachers can make personalized tests and quizzes with it.

Pros and Cons

βœ… An easy-to-use interface makes navigation easy❌ Simplifies the process of copying an answer without knowing how to reach there
βœ… Use complex numbers, log equations, partial derivatives, and fractions❌ Lot of ads in the free plan
βœ… Mathematical concepts are easier with visual tools
βœ… Get multilingual support


  • Free

Bonus Mention

Here is a bonus mention alternative to Homeworkify to consider.

1. Chegg

Chegg is a well-known education AI that helps with homework and lets you rent textbooks. It has a big collection of online resources and tutoring services, too. It offers AI tools to help with writing, an internship and job finder, and support for exam preparation.

Chegg is an awesome Homeworkify alternative, offering homework solutions and clear answers for tough concepts. Great for early birds and night owls seeking learning experience!

Pros and Cons

βœ… Rent textbooks❌ Most free resources eventually charge
βœ… Q&A services❌ Limited online textbook availability
βœ… One-on-one with experts
βœ… Exam prep materials
βœ… Sale used textbook


  • Plan starts from $9.95 per month.

Summing Up

Instead of just using Homeworkify, try using different study tools to improve your understanding of any knowledge gaps. Get expert guidance to improve your studying. Homeworkify is a good start, but checking out other options can bring new ways to improve your academic journey.

There are others who struggle with homework. Use these free alternatives to Homeworkify to tackle academic challenges, meet your goals, and excel in learning. Make your future your own by choosing the right Homeworkify alternative.


Is Homeworkify safe to use?

Homeworkify is safe, reliable, and fast. Homeworkify’s app is available on Android. Get it on the Play Store for a user-friendly experience with easy functions.

How do I open Chegg Answers for free?

First, try the Chegg trial. Use Reddit and Discord. Unlock Chegg with a free AI toolβ€”access premium info. Try inspecting the element and browser extension.