100+ Amazing Bumper Sticker Ideas You Shouldn’t Miss

bumper sticker ideas

You are about to discover a collection of interesting, funny, and thoughtful bumper sticker ideas. Bumper stickers may seem edgy, but they’re an effective and versatile marketing strategy for business owners. 

You can increase the impressions and reach of your business with stickers for your cars, which act as moving mini billboards. Take a moment and imagine how many people you see every day in your car. 

Many people see these stickers on cars throughout the day, so they are underrated. Now, this article will cover 100+ bumper sticker ideas for your car. Let’s get started!

What is Bumper Sticker 

So, you know those stickers that people put on the back of their cars? Well, there’s a special kind called bumper stickers. They’re the ones that usually go on the bumpers or back windows of a car. Stick them on by peeling them off. 

Stickers for your cars are really cool because they don’t cost a lot. Making them is way cheaper than making big signs or putting ads on the internet. That means you can change them easily and you don’t have to spend any money on fixing them.

What Makes a Good Bumper Sticker

The best bumper stickers are those that express your personality or viewpoint clearly and concisely and catch other drivers’ attention. Some tips for creating a good bumper sticker are:

  • Easy-to-read fonts and bright colors.
  • Using a catchy phrase will help you convey your message.
  • Negative reactions may be triggered by offensive or controversial images or words.
  • Be creative and original!

List of Bumper Sticker Ideas

Here are some ideas for bumper stickers.

  1. Drive carefully
  2. Feminist
  3. Merge crying
  4. You’re insecure
  5. QR code
  6. Don’t honk at me
  7. Passenger princess
  8. Please be patient
  9. Bestie please
  10. Keep honking
  11. Ginger inside
  12. Silly goose on board
  13. Tell your cat I said pspsps
  14. Love your mother
  15. Vintage 1970s
  16. If you can read this
  17. How dare you
  18. Flower decal
  19. I stop for frogs
  20. Plaster bumper
  21. Anxious driver
  22. Color shifting
  23. Skeleton peeker
  24. 4 cute cats
  25. Frog decal car mirror
  26. Shenanigan enthusiast
  27. Galileo thought
  28. Eat the rich
  29. Tis but a scratch
  30. Froggy wizard
  31. Notice
  32. Mushroom
  33. How am I driving
  34. I eat asbestos
  35. No crossum possum
  36. Corn dog
  37. Accident hit
  38. Adventure paws
  39. Spring moves
  40. Wise frog
  41. Dinosaur
  42. 0 to 60 eventually
  43. Caution
  44. Opossum Cowboy
  45. Smudge the cat
  46. Windows icon
  47. I’m 70
  48. Vote sticker
  49. Quad roller skating
  50. I eat sand
  51. Howdy car
  52. Heart rainbow
  53. Light speed
  54. Peace sign
  55. Equality
  56. Coexist
  57. Funny cat
  58. Protect the oceans
  59. You are loved
  60. Holographic moon
  61. Kitty cat in windshield
  62. Astronaut cat
  63. My way
  64. I’m birding
  65. You grow girl
  66. Vancouver island
  67. Butters peeking
  68. Runs on sunshine
  69. Genome sequence
  70. Sunflower
  71. Ghostface in car mirror
  72. Cartoon decals
  73. Have a day
  74. Custom dog
  75. Do not
  76. Student driver
  77. Sapphic scissors
  78. Turtle saving season
  79. Bear paw
  80. Cowboy frog
  81. Baby yoda
  82. Blue rose
  83. Haunted
  84. Funny duck tape
  85. Make today a slay
  86. Vermont durable
  87. Everything is connected
  88. Explore
  89. Yoga meditation
  90. Yukon canada
  91. Underestimate me
  92. Got shrimp
  93. Bear with trees
  94. Astronaut dance
  95. Believe
  96. Stay positive
  97. Vegan
  98. Trash life
  99. Black pug
  100. Bat superhero

Amazing 100+ Bumper Sticker Ideas

Here are 100+ awesome bumper sticker ideas.

1. Drive Carefully

drive carefully - bumper sticker ideas

2. Feminist

feminist - bumper sticker ideas

3. Merge Crying

merge crying

4. You’re Insecure

you’re insecure

5. QR Code

qr code

6. Don’t Honk at Me

don’t honk at me

7. Passenger Princess

passenger princess

8. Please Be Patient

please be patient

9. Bestie Please

bestie please - bumper sticker ideas

10. Keep Honking

keep honking

11. Ginger Inside

ginger inside

12. Silly Goose on Board

silly goose on board

13. Tell Your Cat I Said Pspsps

tell your cat i said pspsps

14. Love Your Mother

love your mother

15. Vintage 1970s

vintage 1970s - bumper sticker ideas

16. If You Can Read This

if you can read this

17. How Dare You

how dare you

18. Flower Decal

flower decal

19. I Stop for Frogs

i stop for frogs

20. Plaster Bumper

plaster bumper

21. Anxious Driver

anxious driver

22. Color Shifting

color shifting - bumper sticker ideas

23. Skeleton Peeker

skeleton peeker

24. 4 Cute Cats

4 cute cats

25. Frog Decal Car Mirror

frog decal car mirror

26. Shenanigan Enthusiast

shenanigan enthusiast

27. Galileo Thought

galileo thought - bumper sticker ideas

28. Eat the Rich

eat the rich

29. Tis but a Scratch

tis but a scratch

30. Froggy Wizard

froggy wizard

31. Notice


32. Mushroom


33. How am I Driving

how am I driving - bumper sticker ideas

34. I Eat Asbestos

I eat asbestos

35. No Crossum Possum

no crossum possum

36. Corn Dog

corn dog

37. Accident Hit

accident hit

38. Adventure Paws

adventure paws - bumper sticker ideas

39. Spring Moves

spring moves

40. Wise Frog

wise frog

41. Dinosaur


42. 0 to 60 Eventually

0 to 60 eventually - bumper sticker ideas

43. Caution


44. Opossum Cowboy

opossum cowboy

45. Smudge the cat

smudge the cat

46. Windows Icon

windows icon

47. I’m 70

I'm 70 - bumper sticker ideas

48. Vote Sticker

vote sticker

49. Quad Roller Skating

quad roller skating

50. I Eat Sand

i eat sand

51. Howdy Car

howdy car

52. Heart Rainbow

heart rainbow - bumper sticker ideas

53. Light Speed

light speed

54. Peace Sign

peace sign

55. Equality


56. Coexist

coexist - bumper sticker ideas

57. Funny Cat

funny cat

58. Protect the Oceans

protect the oceans

59. You are Loved

you are loved

60. Holographic Moon

holographic moon - bumper sticker ideas

61. Kitty Cat in Windshield

kitty cat in windshield

62. Astronaut Cat

astronaut cat

63. My Way

my way

64. I’m Birding

I’m birding - bumper sticker ideas

65. You Grow Girl

you grow girl

66. Vancouver Island

vancouver island

67. Butters Peeking

butters peeking

68. Runs on Sunshine

runs on sunshine - bumper sticker ideas

69. Genome sequence

genome sequence

70. Sunflower


71. Ghostface in Car Mirror

ghostface in car mirror - bumper sticker ideas

72. Cartoon Decals

cartoon decals

73. Have a Day

have a day

74. Custom Dog

custom dog

75. Do Not

do not - bumper sticker ideas

76. Student Driver

student driver

77. Sapphic Scissors

sapphic scissors

78. Turtle Saving Season

turtle saving season

79. Bear Paw

bear paw - bumper sticker ideas

80. Cowboy Frog

cowboy frog

81. Baby Yoda

baby yoda

82. Blue Rose

blue rose - bumper sticker ideas

83. Haunted


84. Funny duck Tape

funny duck tape

85. Make today a Slay

make today a slay - bumper sticker ideas

86. Vermont Durable

vermont durable

87. Everything is Connected

everything is connected

88. Explore

explore - bumper sticker ideas

89. Yoga Meditation

yoga meditation

90. Yukon Canada

yukon canada

91. Underestimate Me

underestimate me - bumper sticker ideas

92. Got Shrimp

got shrimp

93. Bear with Trees

bear with trees

94. Astronaut Dance

astronaut dance - bumper sticker ideas

95. Believe


96. Stay Positive

stay positive

97. Vegan

vegan - bumper sticker ideas

98. Trash Life

trash life

99. Black Pug

black pug

100. Bat Superhero

bat superhero - bumper sticker ideas

These are 100+ bumper sticker ideas. These images were also sourced from Etsy.

Once you have bumper sticker ideas, then you can use a mockup generator like Mockey. This tool is 100% free and generates a mockup without any watermark.

You don’t need to use Photoshop. You can create mockups without the Photoshop tool.

The Top 6 Reasons to Use Bumper Stickers

If a company has lots of vehicles, like cars or trucks, they can get some advantages by putting stickers on them. These stickers help spread their messages and special deals quickly, just as fast as their vehicles zoom around! Even businesses like hotels, restaurants, and places that offer services can use these things to make their business even better. Think about the following ten uses for bumper sticker ideas.

1. Keep Distance From Cars

You know how driving can get really boring and sometimes it’s really hard for drivers to pay attention all the time? There’s this trick that can make people on the road be nicer to you! You just need to stick some stickers on your car, and magically, the roads become safer and less crazy.

2. Bumper Sticker Ideas for Business

You can put these bumper sticker ideas on cars, and they’ll have your tagline, slogan, or logo on them. It’s a clever way to catch people’s attention and make them remember your business. So if you want to impress potential customers, just get some awesome car stickers and make your business stand out!

3. It Shows Your Values

Imagine if you had a cool sticker with a secret saying that only certain people understand. Lots of people who like the same things as you would notice it and want to be your friend. When a company shows they care about the things you care about, you’re more likely to buy items from them.

4. Support Their Cause

These cute sticker ideas aren’t just for sticking on things and looking awesome. They can actually help you get people excited and involved in what you believe in! Let’s say you have a group or organization that helps others, like a non-profit. Well, stickers can be a helpful way to spread the word and get support.

5. They are Informative

Stickers are awesome for spreading the word. Just make sure your design matches the message you wish to share. Let’s say you want to give a special message to your readers, like a warning. Well, you can make it stand out by printing it in bright yellow or ink or even putting it on a background of those colors. That way, when people see it, they’ll know right away that there’s something important for them to pay attention to.

6. Identification

It can be easy to get confused and lose track of your own car. Then you have to spend a bunch of time searching for it, which is no fun at all. You can make your car special and easy to find by sticking some awesome custom bumper sticker ideas on it. That way, you’ll save yourself a ton of time and frustration because your car will stand out from the rest.


In conclusion, bumper sticker ideas are effective at conveying messages, promoting causes, and sparking conversations. People are able to express their values, beliefs, and humor while driving. We have covered 100+ bumper sticker ideas for your business. Make your own bumper sticker that captures your imagination, and let the streets hear your message.

Also, if you have bumper sticker ideas or want to make bumper stickers, then you can look at this tutorial video.


What can you do with bumper stickers?

The following uses are possible for bumper stickers:

Personality, opinions, or humor
Supporting a cause, a charity, a political party
Promoting a business, or a product
Decorating your car and making it stand out

How to customize a bumper sticker?

Design your bumper sticker using Fotor or Canva. Design your own template. Put graphics and text on your sticker to make it your own. Print and enjoy!

Where should I put a bumper sticker?

Depending on what surface you want, you can apply bumper stickers to your bumper, trunk lid, doors, or rear window. You should avoid placing it on windshields, side windows, or rearview mirrors if they may obstruct your vision.

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