Free Black Hoodie Template Front and Back to Download

black hoodie template

If you need a black hoodie template to display your logo or designs, take a look at this great collection of the top black hoodie templates on Mockey.

Hoodie designs are available in many colors; the popular color is, of course, black.

It provides a collection of free hoodie templates that you can download and use without any watermarks. They offer 50 top-notch black hoodie templates that you can use to create mockups. Ready to begin?

Free Black Hoodie Template With No Watermark

Mockey is a budget-friendly tool on the internet that makes good-quality mockups. Its USP is:

  • Generate high-quality mockups
  • All templates are free
  • Trendy and new designs
  • No sign-up is required
  • Download with no watermark

It is fantastic because even if you’re not skilled with Photoshop, you can use beautiful mockups. You can personalize them in your web browser and quickly download them. This video shows you how to create a custom mockup in minutes:

Next, we’ll check out some of the best black hoodie template designs.

List of Free Black Hoodie Template Designs

The following list contains free black hoodie templates.

1. Boy With a Black Hoodie at Beach

boy with a black hoodie at beach

On a sandy beach, a young boy wears a black hoodie to stay warm. As a cool touch, he wears a hat to shield his eyes from the sun. As he enjoys the view of the ocean, he feels the sea breeze ruffle his hoodie.

2. A Boy in Front of a Red Door

a boy in black hoodie template in front of a red door

With a round hat on his head, a young boy stands in front of a bright red door wearing a black hoodie.

3. Black Hoodie Back Side

black hoodie back side

Black hoodies have a plain, dark back without complex designs. With its minimalistic style, this black fabric bed provides a sense of understated elegance and versatility.

4. Girl Black Hoodie Template

girl black hoody template

A girl with flowing hair stands in nature wearing a black hoodie. She takes delight in the beauty that surrounds her and embraces the peaceful moment.

5. Old Man in Black Zip Hoodie Design

The classic design features an older man wearing a stylish black zip-up hoodie. The picture shows that he looks cool and comfortable.

6. Black Hoodie Skateboarder Design Template

This template shows a girl on a skateboard wearing a cool black hoodie. It has a fun and active look that shows off her love for adventure.

7. Boy Hoodie Template Black

boy hoodie template black

A boy enjoys spending time outside and feeling connected to nature. This hoodie represents how a boy can feel connected to the amazing things in the world.

8. Couple in Black Hoodie

A couple wearing the same black sweatshirts walk side by side, staying warm and looking fashionable together.

9. Girl Posing in Black Hoodie Template

girl posing in black hoodie template

A girl in a black hoodie is standing confidently in a garden. She looks comfortable, and the plants around her make it feel peaceful and natural.

10. Black Hoodie with Woman in an Urban

A lady in a black hoodie is standing in a busy city setting. She feels comfortable in her hoodie while there is a lot of activity in the city.

11. Zip-up Hoodie Model

If you want a sample design for a black hoodie with a zip-up, this template is a really good option. It shows a man with lots of tattoos on his arm. The background can be easily changed.

12. Teenager Posing at School

teenager posing at school

A student stands confidently at school wearing a black hoodie. The hoodie enhances his appearance with style and mystery.

13. Man Getting Surprised in Black Hoodie Design

There is no doubt that hiking companies are going to love this fantastic Black Hoodie template with Man receiving a surprise.

14. Cowboy Black Hoody Template

This is a template for a black hoody with a cowboy theme. The design features hats, boots, and horseshoes. It’s perfect for those who love the Western style.

15. Black Hoodie Back Side With Sea View

black hoodie template back side with sea view

The black hoodie features a stunning sea view on its back. The design captures the beauty of the sea.

16. Little Girl Hoodie Template Black Design

This black hoodie template is perfect for little girls. It’s simple, stylish, and versatile. Timeless design, versatile wear.

17. A Man Black Hoody Template PNG

Do you need a black hoodie mockup with an urban feel?  This template PNG is hard to beat.

18. Boy with Black Hoodie Design

boy with black hoodie design

This cute sample is great for people who make designs for boys or have made a logo for a business that focuses on children.

19. Customizable Background Template

customizable background black hoodie template

If you want a basic mockup, the customizable background of the black hoodie is a great option. You can change the background to your preferred color, transparent, or select the premade background after you’ve added your design.

20. Black & White Hoodie Template

Is there a template that includes two hoodies? This one is perfect. You can use the Black and white Hoodie Template to display various versions of your logo or design.

21. Black Hoodie Template With Man-Throwing Ball

This is a plain black hoodie with a design showing a man in motion throwing a ball. The basic style shows the spirit of being sporty and comfortable, which is perfect for people who love sports.

22. Dog with Man in Black Zip-up Hoodie

A man is wearing a matching black zip-up hoody carrying a dog. They look cozy together. The dog is cute, and the man seems friendly.

23. Black Hoodie Template Front and Back

You have the freedom to personalize the entire black hoodie design, both the front and back, exactly how you want it.

24. Man Exercising on Beach With Black Hoodie

A guy is exercising on the beach while wearing a black hoodie. He’s keeping himself healthy and enjoying the pretty beach scenery by working out and chilling in comfy clothes.

25. Football Theme Black Hoodie

This black hoodie has a design related to football, which looks really cool. It’s great for keeping cozy and displaying your passion for football with flair.

26. Tennis Theme Black Hoodie Design

tennis theme black hoodie design

Create a sleek, tennis-themed black hoodie featuring a stylish net pattern. Great for people who love sports, it provides both comfort and fashion while playing and in everyday life.

27. Boy in Cafe with Black Hoodie

A boy is by himself in a coffee shop, wearing a black hoodie. He drinks a warm beverage and thinks deeply, creating an interesting image of being alone.

28. Cat with Girl in Black Hoodie Mockup

The picture shows a cat with a girl wearing a cool black hoodie. This is a stylish design that shows off a love for cats and fashion.

29. Boy with Black Hoodie Template Front

boy with black hoodie template front

A little boy in a black hoodie is standing confidently in front of a rough wall made of bricks. He looks cool and stylish with his confident look and stance.

30. Kid Blowing Bubbles in Black Hoodie

Customize a template of a kid in a black hoodie blowing bubbles for fun.

31. Dancing in Black Hoodie Mockup Design

A girl in a cool black hoodie is dancing beautifully in a great design. The way she moves and the cool hoodie look really good together and catch people’s attention.

32. Man with Basketball in Hoodie Mockup

A man wearing a hoodie is holding a basketball in a mockup. The ball is ready to play, and the casual sweatshirt gives a sporty feel to the picture, making it great for displaying your designs.

33. Boy in Hoodie with Surfboard

A kid in a hoodie is holding a surfboard. He looks like he’s all set for a fun ocean adventure, wearing his comfy hoodie and ready to ride the waves.

34. Wearing a Shirt over a Black Hoodie

wearing shirt over black hoodie

Putting a shirt over a black hoodie adds an extra layer for warmth or style.

35. A Guy with a Zip-Up Hoodie

A man is wearing a warm and comfortable zip-up hoodie that looks good. The sweatshirt has a zipper on the front, so it’s simple to wear and remove. This is a comfortable and useful outfit for regular use.

36. Three Guy in Black Hoodie Template

Three people wearing black hoodies are standing together.

37. Round Hat Black Hoodie Template Back

round hat black hoodie template back

A person with a black hoodie and a round hat, seen from behind, can be used as a guide for creating designs or illustrations.

38. Young Boy in Black Hoodie Flying Drone

young boy flying drone in hoodie template black

A kid in a black hoodie is flying a drone really well. He moves the flying toy using a remote control, showing great skill and accuracy in his drone-flying journey.

39. Young Girl in Black Hoodie

young girl in black hoodie

A young girl wearing a black hoodie gives off a mysterious and cool vibe.

40. Man Cycling in Black Hoodie

A person wearing a dark sweatshirt is cycling. He rides his bike easily on the street, his clothes giving him a mysterious look as he leisurely travels through the neighborhood.

41. Man in Street

A man stands on the street wearing a black hoodie.

42. Girl in Black Hoodie Sitting in Stair

A young girl wearing a dark black hoodie is sitting quietly on a staircase.

43. Man Playing with Kid

A man is playing with a kid wearing a black hoodie. They are having a fun time playing and laughing together.

44. Black Hoodie at a Party

A man wearing a comfortable dark sweatshirt at a fun event.

45. Photography Style

photography style in black hoodie template

A guy in a black hoodie shows off his unique photography style, making them special and representing his own artistic ideas.

46. A Guy in a Black Hoodie while Hiking

A person wearing a dark hoodie is walking on paths in nature.

47. A Man with Beard in Black Hoodie Template

There is a guy with a beard who is wearing a black hoodie. He looks relaxed and cool.

48. Running Man in Black Hoodie Template

The man in the black hoodie is running fast at night, showing strong determination and dedication. The shadows move around him, reflecting how he keeps trying to succeed.

49. Guy Taking Selfie in Black Hoodie

A person with a black hooded sweater is using their phone to take a photo of themselves. He’s taking a picture of himself with a chill and laid-back attitude.

50. Girl in Black Hoodie Sitting on Couch

A little girl with a black hoodie is sitting comfortably on a cozy couch. She looks calm and comfortable, enjoying a peaceful break.

Easily Transparent the Background of Hoodie

transparent the background of hoodie

With ease, you can make the background of your black hoodie design completely transparent, ensuring top-notch quality.

Customize with Pre-made Design

customize with pre-made design

You can pick from lots of different designs to make your background look how you want. They have lots of pretty patterns. This feature makes your design special and customized to your own style and likes.

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You can download all these black hoodie template mockups very easily. There are no premium plans. It provides a wide range of high-quality mockups. What sets this service apart is that it’s completely free, allowing you to download as many times as you want, whenever you want.

We have also shown you some black hoodie front and back template designs that may interest you. There are different types of hoodie templates to decide.

Get your favorite black hoodie mockup today by visiting Mockey and downloading your mockup.

FAQs on Black Hoodie Template

What to wear with a black hoodie?

Wear a black hoodie, jeans, and sneakers for a relaxed style. You can wear it with black pants and boots, or put a leather jacket over it to make it look cool.

How to style a black hoodie?

If you have a black hoodie, wear it with jeans or sweatpants for a relaxed appearance. Include sneakers and additional hats or eye-catching necklaces to create a stylish and flexible outfit.