40 Different Types of Hoodies for Ladies and Guys

types of hoodies

Having different types of hoodies gives you many outfit options. Hoodies are super flexible clothes. You can dress them fancy or casual; they’re great for layering.

There are types of hoodies for ladies, guys, men, and women for every event, with various styles.

Wear the hoodie outside for coffee, with a friend on a walk, and at the gym.

Hoodies are sweatshirts with hoods. Anyway, look at the 40 best types of hoodies for ladies and guys to look for.

What Is a Hoodie vs Sweatshirt?

Though they’re similar, slight differences in how they work make one better for certain situations than the other. Both have long sleeves and offer full coverage, but there’s more to each than just that.

Knowing these distinctions might seem minor, but it helps us make the most of each knitted item’s style and usefulness.

First, let’s define hoodie vs sweatshirt. A sweatshirt is a basic, collarless pullover often worn for workouts. It’s a simple style without zippers or buttons.

The hoodie is mainly for keeping you warm and shielding you from the weather. This usually sets hoodies apart from regular sweatshirts: they’re made to deal with different weather conditions.

They usually come with pockets for the hands and strings to modify the hood size.

Hoodies are made for coziness, warmth, and a soft inside shielding you from the weather. While still comfy and warm, sweatshirts are usually lighter because they don’t have a hood.

What Are Hoodies Classified?

Typically, hoodies are jackets, jumpers, or sweatshirts with hoods. People usually wear this style casually or for sports, often with sweatpants. The clothing keeps you warm and comfy with cuffs and a snug waistband to hold in heat.

How Many Types of Hoodies Are There?

There are 40 types of hoodies, from oversized hoodies and crop hoodies to tech fleece hoodies and Neoprene hoodies, which are for ladies and guys or men and women for different occasions and seasons.

What Are the Types of Hoodies for Ladies?

Here are the 20 best types of hoodies for ladies or women.

  1. Zip-Up Hoodie
  2. Oversized Hoodie
  3. Pullover Hoodie
  4. Crop Hoodie
  5. Graphic Print Hoodie
  6. Longline Hoodie
  7. Knit Hoodie
  8. Tie-Dye Hoodie
  9. Cropped Zip-Up Hoodie
  10. Color Block Hoodie
  11. Embroidered Hoodie
  12. Fleece Hoodie
  13. Off-Shoulder Hoodie
  14. Hoodie with Lace-Up Detail
  15. Cowl Neck Hoodie
  16. Hoodie with Cut-Out Shoulders
  17. Raglan Sleeve Hoodie
  18. Velour Hoodie
  19. Sherpa-Lined Hoodie
  20. Hoodie with Mesh Panels

What Are the Types of Hoodies for Guys?

Here are the 20 best types of hoodies for men or guys.

  1. Performance Hoodie
  2. Tech Fleece Hoodie
  3. Tactical Hoodie
  4. Motorcycle Hoodie
  5. Windbreaker Hoodie
  6. Neoprene Hoodie
  7. Half-Zip Hoodie
  8. Scuba Hoodie
  9. Tech Stretch Hoodie
  10. Waffle Knit Hoodie
  11. Hoodie with Reflective Zippers
  12. Hoodie with Hidden Pockets
  13. Baja Hoodie
  14. Reflective Hoodie
  15. Hoodie with Elbow Patches
  16. Vintage Wash Hoodie
  17. Hoodie with Contrast Trim
  18. Hoodie with Faux Fur Lining
  19. Hoodie with Tactical Pockets
  20. Reversible Hoodie

40 Types of Hoodies for Ladies and Guys

Here are 40 types of hoodies suitable for ladies and guys with images.

1. Zip-Up Hoodie

zip-up type of hoodie

Zip-up hoodies are a sweatshirt with a zipper in the front. Many stores, like Amazon, H&M, and Abercrombie & Fitch, sell zip-up hoodies. These zip-up hoodies come in different styles, like half-zip and full-zip, with fabric linings such as Sherpa and faux fur. They’re usually sold at different prices to fit different budgets.

2. Oversized Hoodie

oversized types of hoodies

Oversized hoodies for ladies come in many styles and colors from various brands. These oversized hoodies are great for feeling warm and comfy at home. These hoodies come in different materials, from thick to light; you can pick what you like.

3. Pullover Hoodie

pullover type of hoodies for women

Pullover hoodies are like a sweater with a hood. It’s a clothing item you usually put on over the head, and it’s often bigger and more spacious than sweatshirts. Pullover hoodies are warmer and comfier than regular ones, so they’re a top pick for staying cozy. You can pair hoodies with jeans, dressy pants, or casual skirts.

4. Crop Hoodie

crop types of hoodies for ladies

Essential for busy girls, the Crop Hoodie has an edge finish and matching drawstrings. It’s super comfy with soft brushed fleece. Pair it with your chunky sneakers and leggings to finish your outfit.

5. Graphic Print Hoodie

graphic print hoodie for women

Styling graphic hoodies for a casual look is a breeze. Pair it with sneakers or denim for a cool vibe. Layer it over swimsuits, tank tops, or sleeve tees for a versatile style. Get creative, and who knows, you might start a new trend!

6. Longline Hoodie

longline hoodie for women

If you’re wearing a longline hoodie, pair it with slim joggers or jeans. You can also wear it with a stylish T-shirt, like a long sleeve or a tank top.

7. Knit Hoodie

knit type of hoodie for ladies

The Knit Hoodie has a cozy fit with textured fabric, a snug hood, and cuffed sleeves. This best type of hoodie keeps your kids warm this winter and can be passed down to siblings!

8. Tie-Dye Hoodie

tie-dye types of hoodies

Tie-dye hoodies are colorful hoodies made by applying dye in patterns. Tie-dye is a method of dyeing fabric to create vibrant designs.

9. Cropped Zip-Up Hoodie

cropped zip-up hoodie

Cropped zip-up hoodies are short, snug hoodies that zip up in the front. Traditional hoodies are typically longer and more fitted, ending somewhere below the waist or just above the hips compared to this style.

10. Color Block Hoodie

color block types of hoodies

A color block hoodie has two or more different colors in separate sections. These colors can be placed in different patterns like stripes. These types of hoodie materials are loved by everyone for any occasion, from casual hangouts to sports and outdoor fun.

11. Embroidered Hoodie

embroidered hoodie for women

Embroidered hoodies are hoodies with cool designs sewn onto them using thread. These types of designs can be simple or detailed and are added to give the hoodie a unique style or brand.

12. Fleece Hoodie

fleece different type of hoodie

Fleece hoodies are one of the unique and different types of hoodies for women. It is a cozy sweatshirt made from soft fleece that keeps you warm. It comes in different styles like pullover and full-zip, with pockets and a hood. People wear them outdoors, casually, or layered up in chilly weather.

13. Off-Shoulder Hoodie

off-shoulder hoodie

Off-shoulder hoodies are a style represented to be worn lower on the shoulders, giving a trendy and laid-back vibe. It has a neckline that sits below the shoulders, letting them show. People love this look for its relaxed and stylish feel.

14. Hoodie with Lace-Up Detail

hoodie with lace-up detail

Lace-up sweatshirts feature lacing on the sleeves or front of a hoodie.

15. Cowl Neck Hoodie

cowl neck types of hoodies

Cowl neck hoodies are hoodies with a fancy neckline you can wear as a folded down or hood for style.

16. Hoodie with Cut-Out Shoulders

hoodie with cut-out shoulders

This hoodie stands out with a stylish cut-out shoulder design in various colors.

17. Raglan Sleeve Hoodie

raglan sleeve type of hoodies

Raglan sleeves: Fabric runs from collar to underarm, creating a diagonal seam.

18. Velour Hoodie

velour hoodie for women

A velour hoodie is made from a plush, soft fabric called velour, usually a mix of spandex and polyester.

19. Sherpa-Lined Hoodie

sherpa-lined types of hoodies

This hoodie has a cozy sherpa lining for extra warmth and comfort.

20. Hoodie with Mesh Panels

different types of hoodies with mesh panels

A mesh hoodie is the best type of hoodie with breathable panels. It’s commonly worn during sports to keep you cool and comfy while active.

21. Performance Hoodie

performance hoodie for men

Performance hoodies are made for coziness, fashion, and layering, perfect for outdoor fun and evenings.

22. Tech Fleece Hoodie

tech fleece types of hoodies

This type of hoodie is made from Tech Fleece, a soft, stretchy, and breathable material. It’s usually a mix of cotton and polyester, meant to keep you warm and cozy. Plus, it’s tough, so it won’t easily get snagged or worn out when you wear it often.

23. Tactical Hoodie

tactical hoodie for guys

It’s crafted from special fabric that keeps you at just the correct temperature so you stay comfy and focused.

24. Motorcycle Hoodie

motorcycle types of hoodies

Motorcycle hoodies, or armored hoodies, is special clothing for bikers. It looks like a regular hoodie but has extra protection like armor and Kevlar in the back, shoulders, and elbows.

25. Windbreaker Hoodie

windbreaker hoodie for men

Remember, waterproof and windproof are not the same. Windbreakers are great for breezy days because they stop the wind from chilling you. Even on mild days, the wind can make you feel colder, so it’s smart to wear a jacket that blocks the wind. Some windbreakers protect from the sun, making them good for lightweight running jackets.

26. Neoprene Hoodie

neoprene hoodie

Introducing the Performance Neoprene Hoodie: a sleek, wind-blocking layer that keeps you warm on windy days. It’s tailored for a snug fit without extra bulk, with a hook hole. Perfect for extending your sessions, it’s a must-have for water enthusiasts.

27. Half-Zip Hoodie

half-zip hoodie for men

Half-zip hoodies are different types of hoodies with a zipper that goes halfway down the front.

28. Scuba Hoodie

scuba types of hoodies

The hood’s high neck defines it as Scuba. The pants match the hoodie, which has been around forever, so they’re named together.

29. Tech Stretch Hoodie

tech stretch types of hoodies

The Tech Stretch Hoodie is a sleek new bike safety jacket. It’s made for casual wear off the bike while delivering top-notch safety.

30. Waffle Knit Hoodie

waffle knit hoodie

The Waffle Hoodie wins in a hoodie showdown! It’s comfy and stylish all day, made with cozy cotton cashmere and a waffle texture. The ultimate favorite hoodie!

31. Hoodie with Reflective Zippers

hoodie with reflective zippers

This hoodie has a warm hood and two pockets to keep your hands cozy in the cold mornings.

32. Hoodie with Hidden Pockets

types of hoodie with hidden pockets

A Hidden Pocket Hoodie has secret pockets for storing wallets, phones, or gadgets. These pockets are hidden so no one can see them from outside, keeping your stuff safe and out of sight.

33. Baja Hoodie

baja type of hoodie

A Baja jacket, also called a Mexican Baja hoodie or sweatshirt, is a Mexican-style hoodie with a big pocket in the front and openings on the sides. It’s usually made of a rough wool fabric called “jerga.”

34. Reflective Hoodie

reflective hoodie

Reflective materials usually have tiny glass beads or mini prisms coated on them. These prisms or beads, often white or silver, reflect light to where they came from. They’re arranged in a certain way on the clothing to ensure they’re visible.

35. Hoodie with Elbow Patches

different type of hoodie with elbow patches

In the past, academics and scholars wore leather elbow patches to protect their clothing while they wrote and read for long hours. This helped prevent the fabric from wearing out quickly due to rubbing against desks and tables, offering a stylish and durable solution.

36. Vintage Wash Hoodie

vintage wash hoodie for men

The Vintage Wash Hoodies are great for vintage-style fans. Made from ringspun cotton, it’s sturdy yet soft. With double-needle seams for additional durability, this hoodie keeps you warm in the cold.

37. Hoodie with Contrast Trim

hoodie with contrast trim

A Contrast Trim Hoodie is a trendy pullover with a different color at the hem, cuffs, and bottom. These types of hoodies are made of high-quality materials like cashmere or wool and come in various styles and colors. It’s stylish and comfy, perfect for casual or active wear.

38. Hoodie with Faux Fur Lining

A faux fur-lined hoodie is a hoodie with fake fur on the inside. It keeps you warm and feels snug. The outside is often made of polyester, hemp, or cotton. The inside has faux fur of these different types of hoodie fabric for warmth and comfort.

39. Hoodie with Tactical Pockets

hoodie with tactical pockets

The Tactical Hoodie has top-notch pockets strategically positioned for easy access. It has chest pockets, a zipper hand for bigger items, and a slot for a pen or sunglasses on the arm.

40. Reversible Hoodie

A reversible hoodie with two distinct looks in one hoodie. A solid color side and a colorblocked side create two different looks. A lightweight cotton mixture material and ultra-soft terry cloth create the ideal mid-weight hoodie.

What Are Different Types of Champion Hoodies?

Champion has sweatshirts and hoodies for all tastes. Some popular hoodie styles include:

  1. French Terry
  2. Soft Touch
  3. Classic Fleece
  4. Powerblend®
  5. Reverse Weave®

Champion’s sweatshirts and hoodies are created of comfy fabrics like soft, high-pile, and thick fleece, featuring the Champion logo.

Why Are Champion Hoodies So Expensive?

Champion makes better clothes than many other sportswear brands. Because of the trendy Hypebeast streetwear movement, it’s super popular.

How Mockey Can Help?

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What are different types of hoodie fabric?

Wool, Nylon, Spandex, Fleece, French Terry, Cotton, Jersey, Polyester, and Sweatshirt knit are different types of hoodie fabric.

What are different types of hoodie hoods?

Cropped Hoodie, Baja Hoodie, Buttoned Hoodie, Pullover Hoodie, Fleece, Classic hoodies, Sleeveless Hoodie, Asymmetrical Hoodie, and Cardigan Hoodie are different types of hoodie hoods.

What type of fabric is used for hoodies?

Hoodies are usually made from denim or cotton, but cotton is more popular. Cotton is easy to clean and keeps you warm while allowing your skin to breathe. However, go for a high-quality fleece fabric for extra warmth, much better than cotton.

What type of hoodie should I get?

Oversized hoodies are comfy, letting you move easily and stay warm. Slim hoodies fit snugly but still let you move. They’re stylish with soft joggers or jeans, which you can get in many colors and designs.

What is hoodie style called?

The Classic Pullover Hoodie is one of the best hoodie styles, usually made of cotton or polyester fleece. It has a front pocket and an adaptable hood with a drawstring.

What is a zip hoodie called?

A zipper hoodie is known as a zip-up hoodie, whereas a pullover hoodie is known as a pullover hoodie. Zip-up hoodies have zippers, while pullover hoodies do not.

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