30 Rising NFT Artists Of 2024 To Watch Out

rising nft artists

In 2022, the NFT market has become very popular, with rising NFT artists from many different fields getting involved in this new type of digital art.

Every day, more than 10,000 active wallets are involved in NFT transactions, including over 6,000 different buyers.

Here are some general statistics related to NFTs.

nft statistics

As we start 2024, the NFT market keeps surprising and inspiring us with emerging NFT artists. 

This article will look at the trending and rising NFT artists to keep an eye on in 2024.

What is an NFT Artist?

NFT (Non-fungible token) art refers to digital items kept on a blockchain that can represent various forms of art or physical objects. These can include digital drawings, books, poetry, music, or films. NFTs let artists sell or lease their artwork online.

Rising NFT Artists in 2024

Who is the most popular NFT creator on the Internet? If you are looking to buy and sell NFTs, consider these 30 rising NFT artists in 2024.

1. Beeple

beeple - rising nft artists

Beeple or Mike Winkelmann is a designer from Charleston, USA. He creates various kinds of art like short films, VJ loops, daily artworks, and VR/AR projects.

Beeple is well-known for working with big-name artists like Katy Perry, Eminem, Justin Bieber, Zedd, and One Direction. He also partners with major brands like Sony Pictures, SpaceX, Coca-Cola, Apple, Nike, Samsung, and NBC.

One of Beeple’s most famous NFTs is “Everydays: The First 5,000 Days.” It was sold in 2021, for about $69.3 million.

2. Pak

pak - rising nft artist

Pak‘s digital art piece, Merge, created a big buzz in the art world when it sold for an incredible $91.8 million on Nifty Gateway. This sale set a new record for the highest price paid for a work by a living artist.

However, whether Merge is the most costly NFT ever is still up for debate, as it depends on whether it’s considered a single piece.

This was unique because of its pricing model. Buyers could start purchasing the artwork at $299, but the price increased by $25 every six hours.

By the end of the sale, the total value of all tokens reached $91.8 million. In total, 28,983 art collectors bought 312,686 units of art or NFTs.


xcopy - top nft artists

XCOPY is a well-known NFT artist famous for creating eye-catching and fascinating digital art. You can find XCOPY’s work on nearly 20 different NFT marketplaces.

One of XCOPY’s most famous pieces, “Right-Click and Save as Guy,” sold for about $7,000,000 in 2021.

XCOPY, an artist whose identity is unknown, creates unique art that combines themes of death, chaos, and cryptocurrency in visually chaotic loops.

They started sharing their art on Tumblr, a once widely used social media platform, where they posted hundreds of their artworks.

4. CryptoPunks

cryptopunks - rising nft artists

CryptoPunks were pioneers in the NFT world and have become highly sought-after and valuable. They started as freebies, with fans only paying the gas fee, but since 2017, their worth has skyrocketed.

Two Canadian software experts from Larva Labs came up with the idea for CryptoPunks. They were inspired by many things, like the punk scene in London, the cyberpunk movement, and famous electronic dance musicians such as Daft Punk.

Some of its characters have been sold for millions of dollars. For example, CryptoPunk #5822 was sold for $23.7 million.

5. Robbie Barrat

robbie barrat - rising nft artists

Robbie Barrat, a young artist, has been using AI since he was 16. He mainly makes digital art, especially NFTs, by having AI programs compete against each other.

Robbie Barrat started working with NFTs in 2018 and has become the second-best-selling artist on SuperRare. He’s sold NFTs worth about $9 million altogether.

6. Tyler Hobbs

tyler hobbs - rising nft artists

Tyler Hobbs, a visual artist from Texas, mainly uses algorithms, paint, and plotters in his creations. He’s been very successful with NFTs, with his artworks selling for an average of $100,729.15. 

His highest-selling piece went for $122,421,149.94. His most expensive work is called “Incomplete Control.”

It’s about embracing imperfection and making space for mistakes. Hobbs’ NFTs are unique, resembling artworks in a museum. He mostly concentrates on creating visually appealing digital art.

7. Fewocious

fewocious - nft artists

Fewocious, also known as Victor Langlois, began making art when he was just 13 years old, in Seattle, Washington. He became well-known after he began selling his artwork on big online platforms like Nifty Gateway and SuperRare.

Fewocious created a really popular collection called “FEWO WORLD Open Edition” with Nike’s RTFKT. When you buy one of these NFTs, you also get a real pair of sneakers.

The whole collection, including both NFTs and sneakers, sold out in 7 minutes after it was released, making over $3.1 million.

8. Mad Dog Jones

mad dog jones - nft artist

Mad Dog Jones, also known as Michah Dowbak, is an artist who’s really big in the world of NFTs. In 2017, he began making NFTs but used to do other kinds of art like graffiti, music, and painting before that.

Mad Dog Jones blends cyberpunk and nature in his art, showing his passion for the outdoors while giving cities a new look. He’s known for popular NFT collections featuring Maroon 5, Chromeo, Conor McGregor, and Deadmau5.

9. Snowfro

snowfro - top nft artists

Snowfro, also known as Erick Calderon, is a rising NFT artist from Houston. He started Art Blocks, a project on Ethereum that makes special digital collectables using a complicated algorithm.

In addition to creating Art Blocks, Snowfro is well-known for his first project, Chromie Squiggle. This project has been displayed in many galleries, auction houses, art shows, and auction houses.

Calderon enjoys experimenting with different kinds of art, such as ceramics, 3D blocks, and LED art.

10. Ed Balloon

ed balloon - rising nft artists

Ed Balloon is famous as both an artist and a musician. His NFT collection features stunning stop-motion art and beautiful landscapes. These NFTs can captivate viewers and bring the artwork to life.

Ed Balloon regularly shares his thoughts and ideas on various crypto platforms and NFT.

11. Sasha Stiles

sasha stiles nft artist

Sasha Stiles brings a unique touch to her NFT art. She’s among the first rising NFT artists who mix poetry with art, making amazing images. In her pieces, you’ll find a cool mix of creative writing and coding.

Stiles is trying to make NFTs mean something new, and her art really inspires a lot of new artists. She makes NFTs using text that catches people’s attention and makes them think.

Sasha Stiles has helped mix AI with human feelings and thoughts.

12. Cath Simard

cath simard - rising nft artist

Cath Simard is known for blending imagination and reality to create amazing art.

Cath Simard explores different landscapes, takes amazing photos, and uses her creativity to turn them into NFT artwork.

She is well-known in the digital art world, and her work has inspired thousands.

13. Jack Butcher

jack butcher - rising nft artists

Jack Butcher creates striking geometric artwork that explores themes like psychology, philosophy, and personal growth. His work is notable for its innovative generative methods and bold prior colors.

After learning graphic design in Brighton, he launched his creative agency, Visualize Value and in 2022, began creating NFT art.

14. Daniel Isles

daniel isles - nft artist

Meet Daniel Isles, also known as Dirty Robot. He’s a highly skilled artist famous for his vibrant colors, unique characters, and sharp geometric shapes.

His art explores themes like technology, identity, and the future. He creates cohesive and impressive pieces using a color palette.

“The Art of Seasons” is an illustration that shows the spirit of every season in a fun way. And “Inner Demons” is a powerful self-portrait where the artist shares his personal struggles on canvas.

Born in England and raised in Japan, Isles entered the NFT world in 2018. His art promotes diversity and inclusion in the NFT community, inspired by Japanese culture, anime characters, and popular video games.

15. Iman Europe

iman europe - rising nft artists

Iman Europe is a very talented artist known for her bright and bold style. Her art uses lots of eye-catching colors, excellent shapes, and cool patterns. She often draws strong female figures in stylish poses, surrounded by abstract and geometric designs.

She’s doing really well in her NFT music world, mixing soul, hip-hop, and R&B uniquely. She’s making a big impact in Web3 music, showing she’s a true expert as a rising NFT artist.

16. Hackatao

hackatao rising nft artist

Do you know about Hackatao? They’re an awesome artist duo from Italy who are making a big impact in the Crypto Art NFT world. Their standout piece “Queen of Silence” got them noticed in the crypto community.

Their NFT artwork titled “Imago, 2k2 a.C.” sold for an astonishing $932,285.

Their portfolio has a variety of animated and still-image artworks with similar themes. Plus, they have this crazy piece titled “‘Kim Jong Un – “Dead and Alive” Edition,” sold for $360,000!

17. GaryVee

garyvee top nft artist

Gary Vaynerchuk, also known as GaryVee, is a super successful entrepreneur who runs VaynerX. He released his very first NFT collection called VeeFriends in 2021, which consisted of 10,255 tokens!

The main idea? Demonstrating how NFT technology can create value by building a close-knit group with real-world benefits using smart contracts.

VeeFriends is not like other projects. It’s about cool characters that Gary Vaynerchuk acknowledges and thinks others should too.

18. Dmitri Cherniak

dmitri cherniak rising nft artists

Dmitri Cherniak is a rising NFT artist who uses simple shapes, strong lines, and bright colors in his unique style. His artwork has a pixelated or retro feel and explores themes like technology, consumerism, and human identity.

There’s this artwork he made named “The Goose” that’s getting super popular. It’s part of his big project called Ringers.

Three Arrows Capital bought it for nearly $6 million in 2021. But now, in mid-June of this year, it sold for $5.4 million.

The Ringers collection is now worth more than $6.2 million! People really adore it, and having one is like showing off a badge of honor online. Plus, it seems like a great investment if you’re interested in getting into NFT art.

19. Jo-Anie Charland

jo anie charland

Jo-Anie Charland, also known as Baeige in NFT and crypto communities, is a talented 3D artist. She’s gaining recognition for pushing the boundaries of NFT art and bringing fresh perspectives. Her artworks draw heavily from her personal life, inspired by her dreams.

You’ll notice her NFTs show feelings and life experiences. If you’re into NFTs, you’ll sense strong emotions in her artworks, which use calm colors and striking displays.

20. Emonee LaRussa

emonee larussa top nft artist

Emonee LaRussa is a talented rising NFT artist who has won awards for her graphic designs. She makes NFT images that carry deep significance, and she’s known for creating the NFT for the Grammy Awards 2022.

Before this opportunity, LaRussa was already known as a popular NFT artist, but it really boosted her popularity in those circles.

21. Grant Yun

grant yun nft artist

Grant Yun from Milwaukee is making big waves in the art scene. He’s been passionate about art for a long time, and currently, he’s jumping into Web3 with almost ten years of digital portrait experience.

He has a style called “Neo-Precisionism,” which might sound fancy. Basically, it mixes ideas from old religious and philosophical theories from the 1900s and sets the stage for what digital artwork might be like in our futuristic world.

Grant’s work combines simplicity with a touch of the past – imagine old-school vibes with a modern twist. Plus, his piece “The Alien” sold for a huge $236,000 in 2022!

22. Trevor Jones

trevor jones rising nft artists

Trevor Jones is a talented rising NFT artist from Scotland who has been blending art and technology for more than a decade. People began to appreciate his impressive large oil paintings in 2012, and now he’s very successful selling NFT artwork.

Trevor started doing art twenty years ago. First, he did a basic art course, and then he got his Master’s degree in Fine Art from Edinburgh College and Edinburgh University of Art in 2003.

In the beginning, money was scarce, but TJ kept pursuing his passion. He made amazing art with bright colors, striking lines, and geometric shapes. His inspiration came from spirituality, technology, and nature.

23. Carolina Rodríguez Fuenmayor

carolina rodriguez nft artist

Carolina Rodríguez Fuenmayor, from Bogotá, makes incredible art with dreamy feelings and bright colors.

In her digital artworks, she often portrays faces covered by vibrant bursts, exploding flowers, and swirling patterns that seem to peek into the minds of the subjects and fill up their surroundings.

This cool Colombian artist, known as “alterlier,” makes art that shows the beauty in everyday life. Lots of people love her work!

If you need inspiration or want to decorate your space with something unique, check out Carolina’s Instagram.

You’ll find her amazing artwork there, and you can even buy prints or merchandise with your favorite designs.

24. Damien Hirst

damien hirst rising nft artist

Damien Hirst caused a stir in the NFT world with his cool project called “The Currency.” in 2021.

Picture vibrant colors, cool shapes, and big ideas about life, death, and reality. Maybe you know his famous pieces like the one with a shark in a tank named “The Physical Impossibility of Death in the Mind of Someone Living” which seem like colorful paint splashes.

25. Matt DesLauriers

matt deslauriers rising nft artists

Matt DesLauriers is gaining attention for his awesome computer-generated artwork that combines coding and creativity.

Based in the United Kingdom, his stunning piece “Meridian” shows off his skills. He’s highly regarded in the NFT community for his contributions to open-source programs and innovative approaches to coding for art.

Matt’s distinctive style catches attention with its vivid colors, simple shapes, and smooth lines. It brings back memories of the past and draws from things we adore like childhood nostalgia and popular culture.

26. James White

james white rising nft artists

James White, also known as Signalnoise, is a famous Canadian artist who creates colorful digital art with a cool 80s vibe.

White’s NFTs on platforms like Foundation and SuperRare, featuring collaborations with Nike, Lego, and Metallica, showcase his skill in mixing popular culture references to create captivating visual art.

27. Justin Blau

justin blau rising nft artists

Justin Blau, also known as 3LAU, was a pioneer in the music world for combining NFTs with blockchain tech.

3LAU’s NFT sales topped $12.7 million, with $11.6 million from one album and $1.33 million from shared artwork. His unique approach made waves in both the NFT and music worlds.

28. Amrit Pal Singh

amrit pal singh nft artist

Amrit Pal Singh, one of the rising NFT artists, creates NFTs in a style called “toy face“. He transforms famous characters from movies, history, and popular culture into simple toy versions.

He’s changing up Van Gogh and Daft Punk in cool new ways, pushing what people can do with art in NFTs.

29. Jose Delbo

jose delbo rising nft artists

Jose Delbo, a comic book artist, joined the NFT world a bit later but still made a splash. His comic NFTs surged in value since 2020, now averaging $2,884.53 each.

Collaborating with Trevor Jones, his art has generated more than $8 million, making him an important figure in the NFT market.

30. Summer Wagner

summer wagner top nft artists

Summer Wagner takes photos that look dreamy and strange. They utilise Adobe Lightroom to adjust the colors and lights, making the pictures even more magical with soft colors and shadows.

Soon after entering the world of NFTs, they became one of the most liked rising NFT artists. Their art is meant to be understood in different ways, and people find it either spooky or beautiful, making them one of the trendiest NFT artists around.

What Kind of NFT Art Sells Best?

Rising NFT artists often launch a bunch of unique digital items all at once, which they call an “NFT collection”. These types of collections include similar-looking items with some differences on each one.

A lot of times, avatars have different looks like expressions, clothes, or items, making each one unique. And now, let’s check out the best NFT collections.

A. CryptoPunks

cryptopunks top nft artists

Made up of 10,000-pixel heads, among the earliest NFTs to become popular. Now, they’re widely loved artworks. Each one is different, and they have a nostalgic vibe, reminding people of the internet in the late 90s, which makes them even more appealing.

B. Azuki

azuki nft art

The Azuki has 10,000 anime-style avatars that are super popular NFTs. They got famous through people talking about them, influencers liking them, and just a lot of excitement about the project.

Also, people were excited because the creators planned to make a detailed metaverse with stories and backgrounds.

C. Bored Ape Yacht Club

bored ape yacht club nft art

The Bored Ape Yacht Club, also known as BAYC, is a well-known NFT collection. Even people outside the NFT community recognize it, thanks to celebrity support and its unique monkey avatars.

BAYC tokens also give you access to an online club and real-life events, making owning them feel like being part of a community.

D. Otherdeed

otherdeed nft art

The folks who made Bored Ape Yacht Club are also behind Otherdeed, which is all about virtual land. If you had a Bored Ape Yacht Club item, you could get your hands on a part of the virtual map through Otherdeed. Other pieces of the map were given out differently.

Since Bored Ape Yacht Club was super popular, Otherdeed quickly became the top NFT collection.

E. Pudgy Penguins

pudgy penguins nft art

Pudgy Penguins is a bunch of really cute penguin avatars wearing all sorts of fun outfits. They’re popular with NFT fans, and now the creators are thinking of bringing them into the real world. People love the look of these penguins, but they also enjoy being part of the community that loves them.

Early NFT Art and Its Evolution

NFTs, which started on the Internet, have a tricky history to trace. Unlike many other art forms, they’re super new, only kicking off in 2012. The first recognizable NFT wasn’t created until May 2nd, 2014.

Since then, NFTs have gone from being a small part of the internet to a big part of our digital lives. Now, even in AI podcasts hosts are discussing NFTs. Let’s look at the first NFT artworks and how they changed the art world.

A. “Rare Pepes” and “Spells of Genesis” – (2014 – 2016)

The Counterparty platform, which works on the Bitcoin blockchain, allowed the creation of digital assets like NFTs. It led to projects such as “Rare Pepes” and “Spells of Genesis,” which proved how NFTs could be used for digital art and collectibles.

B. CryptoPunk – 2017

In 2017, John Watkinson and Matte Hall, software developers, made CryptoPunks. They got the idea from cyberpunk style and London’s punk scene. Since then, lots of other NFT art projects have been inspired by it.

C. Everydays: The First 5000 Days – 2021

Beeple’s digital art collection “Everydays: The First 5000 Days” set a new record by selling for $69 million at a Christie’s auction. Also, Jack Dorsey’s tweet was sold as a digital collectible for $2.9 million. These big sales show that NFTs are becoming even more important in the digital art world.

How do NFTs Work?

NFTs are like special digital tokens on a computer system that keep track of transactions. Each token has its own special code that makes it different from the rest. This code helps people easily trade them and prove they’re the real deal.

The worth of an NFT depends on how many people want it, just like regular assets. You can buy and sell NFTs on different websites, and the biggest one is OpenSea. Most NFTs are made and stored using Ethereum, which is a popular blockchain tech.

In 2022, the number of people in America who own NFTs doubled to 9.3 million, as per data from Grandviewresearch.com.

How Can You Buy an NFT?

Before you start buying NFTs, remember there are risks involved. Since NFTs are unique and not regulated, there’s a chance of scams. Make sure you research the market well and watch out for scams. Also, remember that NFT values can change a lot.

But if you’re still interested, here’s how you can buy NFTs:

Step 1: Get a Crypto Wallet

To keep your digital assets safe, you need a crypto wallet. There are two kinds: software wallets, which you install on your computer or device, and hardware wallets for storing your keys. Hardware wallets are safer, but software ones are simpler. Just pick the type that meets your security needs.

Step 2: Find and Pick an NFT Marketplace

Now, you need to sign up on a platform where you can trade NFTs. Some well-known ones are OpenSea and Nifty Gateway. Look into these and other platforms to see which one fits what you’re looking for, like features, charges, and help available.

Step 3: Link Your Wallet to the NFT Market

Once you’ve picked a marketplace, connect it to your crypto wallet. This connection lets you explore NFTs and buy them. Just follow the marketplace’s instructions to link the wallet properly.

Step 4: Browse and Choose Your Favorite NFTs

After connecting your wallet, you can begin exploring the NFTs available in the marketplace.

Step 5: Buy or Bid on an NFT

Once you find an NFT you like, bid on it or buy it right away, depending on what the marketplace offers. Bidding lets you compete with others to get the most suitable price while buying it immediately gives you instant ownership. Just follow the marketplace’s steps to finish the transaction.

Step 6: Store Your NFT

After buying an NFT, go to the crypto wallet. Make sure to keep your NFTs safe. Think about using encrypted storage or hardware wallets to guard your digital investments.

How to Become a Rising NFT Artist?

There’s no specific way to become a rising NFT artist. Since the NFT space is new and changes quickly, an NFT artist needs to stay flexible and keep up with new trends.

You don’t need to follow the trends in the NFT market. Try to be as authentic as possible. Amazing digital artwork can benefit NFT artists to stand out with impressive ideas.

Rising NFT artists often specialize in certain types of digital art. This helps them get better and create higher-quality work. For example, some might do generative art, while others prefer AI photography.

NFT art needs to evoke strong emotions and create a lasting impression on collectors, compelling them to buy the digital art.

  • NFTs are one-of-a-kind digital assets that can represent art, physical items, and more.
  • Their popularity is growing quickly, with many new artists joining the scene daily.
  • Several rising NFT artists have already made outstanding works, and many more are likely to become household names.
  • To buy or sell NFTs, you need to set up a cryptocurrency wallet and link it to an NFT trading platform.


Now you have learned about top rising NFT artists and related topics. You’ve seen some visionary artists of our time. You can explore more about these trending artists and their impact on the NFT world.

These rising NFT artists are the ones to watch. We hope their work reaches new heights and inspires people everywhere.

FAQs on Rising NFT Artists

Do NFT artists make money?

NFT artists can earn money by selling their digital art as NFTs on online marketplaces. When somebody buys an NFT, the artist gets paid, but a portion is taken out for marketplace fees.

How many NFT artists are there?

In 2021, over 3,500 rising NFT artists created more than 427,000 new NFTs, increasing the total to over 1.6 million.

How much do NFT artists make?

NFT developers can earn between $200 and over $1 million. This wide range is due to various factors and opportunities in the NFT space. Artists usually charge $1,000 per NFT they sell, while developers can earn over $100,000 a year by working with smart contracts.

Who is the richest NFT artist?

Pak is a rising NFT artist who’s been leading the way in digital art and crypto media for more than twenty years. Their NFT called “Merge” sold for $91.8 million, breaking the record for the highest-priced NFT art ever sold in Dec 2021.

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