18 Best AI Podcasts on Spotify, YouTube, and Apple for Your Business and Projects

best ai podcasts

What’s a more suitable way to spend your days than listening to podcasts about AI?

Buzzsprout reports that 90 million Americans listen to podcasts weekly, showing significant growth in the podcasting industry.

These best AI podcasts discuss how CIOs and CDOs work together, the impact of data and AI in business, and tips for using these technologies well.

Check out these 18 top podcasts on AI!

What Is AI Podcast?

AI podcasts dive into the world of AI, offering news, insights, and expert opinions. They’re great for AI fans and anyone wanting to keep up with the latest in the field.

Best AI Podcasts on Spotify

A list of the best AI podcasts available on Spotify.

1. Everyday AI Podcast

The Everyday AI podcast offers daily insights and a free newsletter to help people advance their careers with AI.

everyday ai podcast by jordan wilson

This is hosted by Jordan Wilson, a digital strategy expert with 20 years of martech experience.

They help you stay updated on AI trends to create your job faster and easier.

  • Host: Jordan Wilson
  • Episodes: 280+
  • Average Episode Length: 40 minutes
  • Rating: 4.6/5 (753 votes)
  • The Topics They Cover: They briefly cover various topics, including the new AI news from Google, Facebook, Microsoft, Adobe, and social media like Instagram, TikTok, and Snapchat, as well as software like ChatGPT, Gemini, and Midjourney.

2. AI Today Podcast

Ronald Schmelzer and Kathleen Walch, founders of AI at Cognilytica, discuss the new AI news on the AI Today Podcast.

ai today podcast

Talks on the latest AI tech and expert interviews, offering practical insights for real-world AI and tech problems.

  • Host: Ronald Schmelzer and Kathleen Walch
  • Episodes: 300+
  • Average Episode Length: 25 minutes
  • Rating: 4.3/5 (142 votes)
  • The Topics They Cover: Expert AI insights, Decision-making, and how AI can enhance customer service.

3. AI Rising Podcast

Join Mint’s weekly podcast! Analyst Jayanth N Kolla and Tech specialist Leslie D’Monte discuss AI’s impact with various experts from students to scientists.

ai rising podcast
  • Host: Jayanth N Kolla and Leslie D’Monte
  • Episodes: 29+
  • Average Episode Length: 35 minutes
  • Rating: 4.9/5 (9 votes)
  • The Topics They Cover: They discuss the impact of artificial intelligence with students, professionals, and experts from various fields.

4. The AI Daily Brief

A daily show about artificial intelligence, NLW covers everything from new and trendy AI tools like ChatGPT and Midjourney to how AI might change work and industries. It also dives into the big questions about advanced AI, like ethics and potential risks.

the ai daily brief - ai podcasts
  • Host: Nathaniel Whittemore
  • Episodes: 300+
  • Average Episode Length: 15 minutes
  • Rating: 4.9/5 (918 votes)
  • The Topics They Cover: The rise of AI tech, like ChatGPT, shows its impact on industry influence and user numbers.

5. The AI in Business Podcast

The AI in Business Podcast is for business leaders who want to discover AI opportunities, match AI with strategy, and get results.

the ai in business podcast

Every week, CEO Daniel Faggella chats with top AI leaders to explore how they use AI in big companies and startups.

  • Host: Daniel Faggella
  • Episodes: 700+
  • Average Episode Length: 20 minutes
  • Rating: 4.7/5 (54 votes)
  • The Topics They Cover: The podcast helps business leaders understand AI without needing tech skills. It gives tips on spotting AI chances, matching AI with business plans, and getting real profits.

6. Eye On A.I.

Eye on A.I. is a show about the latest in AI research, hosted by Craig S. Smith from The New York Times. Craig talks with experts who are shaping AI’s future, explaining how it impacts our lives.

eye on ai podcast
  • Host: Craig S. Smith
  • Episodes: 189+
  • Average Episode Length: 50 minutes
  • Rating: 4.6/5 (35 votes)
  • The Topics They Cover: The podcast talks about AI, its uses, problems, and what’s coming next. Guests like entrepreneurs and researchers share their thoughts and stories about it.

7. Data Skeptic

Data Skeptic started as a podcast in 2014. Now, after many interviews and millions of downloads, it’s a big deal in data science, AI, and machine learning.

data skeptic - best ai podcasts

Data Skeptic, a small consulting firm, also runs a podcast. Kyle is hands-on in every project, mainly in machine learning, cloud systems, and algorithms.

  • Host: Kyle Polich
  • Episodes: 100+
  • Average Episode Length: 40 minutes
  • Rating: 4.8/5 (162 votes)
  • The Topics They Cover: The Data Skeptic Podcast talks about data science, stats, AI, and more. They use critical thinking and science to check facts and methods. Each season, they chat with experts to dig deeper into their topic.

8. Lex Fridman Podcast

Lex Fridman, a famous AI interviewer and researcher, hosts deep conversations with influential figures in AI. His podcasts explore topics like intelligence, love, power, and consciousness.

lex fridman podcast on ai

Lex Fridman’s podcast isn’t just about AI; it covers various life topics with guests from diverse backgrounds. His reputation in AI ensures insightful interviews with experts.

  • Host: Lex Fridman
  • Episodes: 430+
  • Average Episode Length: 2 hours 10 minutes
  • Rating: 4.9/5 (72.7k votes)
  • The Topics They Cover: The Lex Fridman Podcast talks about AI, self-driving cars, science, tech, and education.

Best AI Podcasts on YouTube

Here are the best ArtIficial intelligence podcasts on YouTube that you should check out.

1. This Day in AI Podcast

The “This Day in AI Podcast” hosted by Michael and Chris Sharkey talks about how AI is shaping technology and society in one-hour episodes.

this day in ai podcast
  • Host: Michael and Chris Sharkey
  • Episodes: 64+
  • Average Episode Length: 1 hour 20 minutes
  • The Topics They Cover: They talk about AI trends like GPT-4o, Google I/O AI recap, ChatGPT Voice, and more.

2. AI For Humans

The “AI For Humans” podcast, hosted by Kevin Pereira and Gavin Purcell, is a YouTube show about AI. It’s easy to understand and interesting. 

ai for humans - best ai podcasts on youtube

They want to make AI less confusing for everyone and talk about the latest topics in the AI world.

  • Host: Kevin Pereira and Gavin Purcell
  • Episodes: 232+
  • Average Episode Length: 50 minutes
  • The Topics They Cover: This podcast talks about AI topics in a fun and easy way. They’ve discussed Meta’s AI Llama 3, Deepfakes, and ChatGPT in recent episodes.

Best AI Podcasts for Apple Users

Here are some of the best AI podcasting for Apple users.


All-In with Chamath, Jason, Sacks & Friedberg is a famous podcast by industry veterans 

all in - ai podcasts on apple
  1. Chamath Palihapitiya
  2. Jason Calacanis
  3. David Sacks, and 
  4. David Friedberg

covering economics, politics, technology, social issues, and more.

They often invite notable guests like Stanley Druckenmiller and Sheryl Sandberg to communicate their insights.

  • Host: Chamath, Jason, Sacks & Friedberg
  • Episodes: 194+
  • Average Episode Length: 1 hour 30 minutes
  • Rating: 4.4/5 (5.8K votes)
  • The Topics They Cover: GPT-4, Google AI, industry impact, challenges for Apple/Google, vertical AI startups, job automation, TikTok ban, Bitcoin rise, leaders’ competency, AI data use, gene editing, capitalism ethics, and Hosts’ self-described gambling habits

2. The Artificial Intelligence Podcast

The Artificial Intelligence Podcast is a well-known show covering news and trends in AI, Data Science, and Machine Learning making it a great resource for staying updated on AI.

the artificial intelligence podcast
  • Host: Dr. Tony Hoang
  • Episodes: 621+
  • Average Episode Length: 3 minutes
  • Rating: 4.9/5 (7 votes)
  • The Topics they Cover: AI’s societal, work, tech impacts, ethics, applications, experts’ insights.

3. AI Stories

The “AI Stories” podcast is hosted by Neil Leiser, chatting with top experts in AI, ML, Deep Learning, and Data Science.

ai stories - best ai podcasts
  • Host: Neil Leiser
  • Episodes: 47+
  • Average Episode Length: 1 hour
  • Rating: NA
  • The Topics They Cover: MLOps and LLMOps, Career Development and Advice, AI Applications and Success Stories, Industry Trends and Future Directions, and Personal Stories and Experiences.

4. Acquired

The Acquired AI generated podcast delves into the tales of top companies in business and tech.

acquired - podcast about ai

David Rosenthal and Ben Gilbert host a podcast discussing the history, techniques, and key points that led to the success of big tech startups.

  • Host: David Rosenthal and Ben Gilbert
  • Episodes: 190+
  • Average Episode Length: 3 hours 30 minutes
  • Rating: 4.8/5 (1.8K votes)
  • The Topics They Cover: It talks about lots of different things, like how Microsoft started and how LVMH grew, to help people understand how these companies came to be.

5. Intel on AI

The Intel on AI podcast interviews top AI experts.

intel on ai podcast

Past guests include US Congresswoman Robin Kelly, who covered AI policy and ethics, and Terah Lyons, who spoke about policymakers’ roles in AI development.

  • Host: Amir Khosrowshahi
  • Episodes: 100+
  • Average Episode Length: 40 minutes
  • Rating: 4.9/5 (13 votes)
  • The Topics They Cover: AI in academia, ethics, policy, entertainment, and scientific research.

6. How AI Happens Podcast

 The “How AI Happens” podcast showcases experts and practitioners discussing the latest in AI.

how ai happens podcast

The podcast helps you understand the latest and toughest parts of AI, directly from the experts.

  • Host: Ryan Chacon and Neil Sahota
  • Episodes: 38+
  • Average Episode Length: 25 minutes
  • Rating: 5/5 (10 votes)
  • The Topics They Cover: Teaching machines to smell, solving business problems, insights from AI experts, and discussions on AI innovations.

7. Talking Machines

“Talking Machines” AI business podcast offers insights into machine learning through expert interviews, industry news, and answers to your questions.

talking machines - best ai podcasts
  • Host: Katherine Gorman & Neil Lawrence
  • Episodes: 110+
  • Average Episode Length: 38 minutes
  • Rating: 4.6/5 (140 votes)
  • The Topics They Cover: Google Flood Forecasting Project, responsible AI publication, and speech recognition challenges for people who stutter.

8. The TWIML AI Podcast

The TWIML AI Podcast is a top podcast about AI with Sam Charrington hosting. It gathers experts and ideas from the ML/AI world.

twiml podcast on ai
  • Host: Sam Charrington
  • Episodes: 704+
  • Average Episode Length: 48 minutes
  • Rating: 4.7/5 (400 votes)
  • The Topics They Cover: Machine learning, AI, deep learning, language processing, neural networks, computer and data science, and more.

How Get Involved With AI Podcast?

To dive into AI podcasts:

  1. Listen up: Start by checking out AI podcasts to see what’s out there.
  2. Pick your favorite: Find a podcast that matches your interests and skills.
  3. Get smarter: Keep learning about AI through articles, courses, and events.
  4. Tech up: Learn about tools that can help with podcasting, like editing and transcription software.
  5. Connect: Join communities to meet others interested in AI podcasts.
  6. Make your own: If you’re passionate about AI, think about starting your own podcast to share your expertise.

How to Create a Podcast With AI?

Here’s how to make a podcast with AI:

  1. Pick a topic and make an outline.
  2. Use ChatGPT to write your script.
  3. Turn the script into audio with tools like Amazon Polly or BeyondWords.
  4. Edit the audio with AI tools like Descript.
  5. Share your podcast on platforms like Buzzsprout for everyone to hear!


Podcasts are awesome for staying updated with lots of info and news!

These best AI podcasts for beginners keep you updated on the latest news, developments, and essential tools for your daily tasks.


Can AI make a podcast?

AI makes podcasting quicker; minutes instead of hours or days. Plus, it’s more accessible for everyone to create audio content.

What is podcastle AI?

Podcastle makes podcasting easy for everyone. It uses AI to turn text into audio quickly, with clear voices and no background noise.

Can AI transcribe a podcast?

Quickly and easily get text versions of your podcast episodes with a free AI-powered tool. No need to spend hours transcribing manually – just upload the podcast file and let the tool do the work for you.

How to learn AI podcast?

To learn AI through podcasts, start with beginner-friendly ones like “A Beginner’s Guide to Artificial Intelligence” for an overview. Explore popular podcasts like “The AI Podcast” for expert interviews. For a technical dive, try “Talking Machines”. Consider societal impact with “In Machines We Trust”. “The Bot Canon” offers a creative angle. Subscribe, listen regularly, and seek clarity over jargon.

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