Google Meet vs Zoom: 7 Reasons to Choose the Better Platform

google meet vs zoom

Google Meet vs Zoom: which is a better video conferencing tool? After trying both apps extensively, including exploring all the best features, we’ll talk about what each one does well and where it falls short.

Check out our quick comparison of Google Meets vs Zoom.

The Quick Verdict

Google Meet is better than Zoom because it offers a great free plan for individuals and paid plans for organizations. It’s user-friendly, with minimalistic settings and a simple interface. Plus, it has a mobile app that lets you launch polls and Q&A sessions, which Zoom doesn’t offer.

Zoom is better than Google Meet because it has better customization, private messaging, built-in emojis, advanced screen sharing, numerous integrations, and AI features compared to Google Meet.

Google meets vs zoom

This article will show Google Meet vs Zoom on:

  • Price Plan
  • Customization
  • User Interface
  • Host Management Features
  • AI Features
  • Integrations
  • Customer Reviews

First, an important question…

What Is a Google Meet?

Let’s begin with what is Google Meeting.

Google Meet is used for both video calls and meetings. The previous name of the application was Google Duo. Google Duo is now Google Meet. All Duo features stay. No payment is needed for the change. Your Duo history and contacts stay. Gmail Meet stays the same.

What Is Zoom?

Zoom is similar to Google Meet. Zoom lets you have video meetings and chats online from your computer or phone. Zoom lets people make virtual meeting rooms to talk to each other with video and audio. You can also share your screen, and files, and chat with everyone or privately during the meeting.

What Makes Google Meet and Zoom the Same?

Google Meet and Zoom share many similarities. 

Both offer free and paid plans, along with features like whiteboards, polls, breakout rooms, and chat. 

They also provide various video options and background settings, screen sharing, recording, and closed captioning. With user-friendly interfaces and numerous app integrations, they prioritize advanced security measures.

1. Google Meet vs Zoom: Pricing Plan

Let’s discuss Google Meet vs Zoom with a price comparison.

Google Meet Pricing Plan

Business Starter PlanBusiness StandardBusiness Plus
Priced at $6 per user/month, 100 participant video meetings, and 30 GB storage per user.At $12 per user/month, it offers more with 150 participant meetings, 2 TB storage per user, and meeting recordings.At $18 per user/month, targets larger organizations with 500 participant meetings, 5 TB storage per user, and advanced security features

Zoom Pricing Plan

Basic PlanPro PlanBusiness PlanBusiness Plus Plan
Licence count11-910-9910-99
Meeting lengthUp to 40 minutesUp to 30 hoursUp to 30 hoursUp to 30 hours
Meeting Participants100100300300
RecordingLocalLocal & 5GB cloudLocal & 5GB cloudLocal & 10GB cloud
WhiteboardLimited to 3Limited to 3UnlimitedUnlimited
SupportKnowledge baseZoom CommunityChatbotBasic + Web Tickets

Google Meet is the clear winner in terms of pricing because Google Meet’s pricing structure provides more value for essential features compared to Zoom’s paid plans.

However, you can look for Zoom alternatives that have a similar interface with a better pricing plan.

2. Google Meet vs Zoom: Customization

Next is the customization comparison between Google Meet vs Zoom.

Google Meet Customization

Enhance your Google Meet experience by changing backgrounds and adding visual effects. 

Google Meet Customization  - google meet vs zoom

You can blur your background or choose from options like immersive, static, seasonal backgrounds, or even upload custom images. Spice things up with special effects and filters too. 

Plus, you can tweak lighting, colors, and backgrounds to personalize your video. All these features are optimized for smoother performance, saving your device’s power while enhancing meeting quality. (source)

Zoom Customization

Zoom offers virtual backgrounds and video filters to enhance your video calls. Here’s how to access them:

  • Desktop App: Open Zoom, click on your profile picture, and go to Settings > Video > Virtual Background.
add virtual background - google meet vs zoom
  • Mobile App: Tap the three dots, and select “Background & effects” from the More menu.
zoom background and effect in phone

Setting up virtual backgrounds in Zoom is easy. 

You have default options like videos and images, just click on your choice in the menu. 

Want something personal? Upload your own images or videos by clicking “Change Virtual Background” and selecting “Add Image” or “Add Video”.

Do you have a green screen? Choose the “Green Screen” option to let Zoom swap it out for your virtual background.

zoom green screen - google meet vs zoom

To use video filters in Zoom, go to “Video Filters” in settings or “Background & Filters” in the app. You’ll find options to improve your video quality and choose fun filters to match your mood or occasion.

Zoom’s user-extensive customization options, including easy access to virtual backgrounds and video filters, outshine Google Meet.

3. Google Meet vs Zoom: User Interface

Next will be a user interface comparison on Google Meet vs Zoom.

Google Meet & Zoom User Interface

Google Meet, like other Google services, strives to ensure a smooth user experience. For Gmail users, initiating a meeting is easy with the option conveniently available on the Google Workspace toolbar.

google workspace - google meet vs zoom

Before our meeting, the platform noticed it was dark around us and suggested brightening our video. It also reminded us to check our video and audio, even showing a quick playback to ensure we looked and sounded good, and suggested styling our hair.

capture and diagnose - google meet vs zoom

We start a quick Zoom meeting first to make sure we look good, then join the main one. Google wins for understanding users’ small but crucial needs.

Google Meet offers easy access to live transcription and closed captioning. With just a click on your main control panel, you can turn it on or off. We tried it and found it highly accurate, even adjusting punctuation to match our tone and speed.

Meet’s settings are more straightforward than Zoom’s. Google Meet offers a straightforward interface with clear options and categories, whereas Zoom can feel overwhelming with its extensive menu.

google meet general setting - google meet vs zoom

Zoom’s interface:

zoom general setting - google meet vs zoom

Zoom’s many settings might seem daunting, but they match its advanced features. For instance, you can add extra cameras to the meeting and show their view when you share a screen.

zoom advanced screen sharing - google meet vs zoom

Google Meet only lets you share your entire screen, a browser tab or a window.

meet screen sharing - google meet vs zoom

Google Meet fits smoothly into Google Workspace, making it easy for Gmail users to start meetings. It not only recommends video upgrades but also reminds you to check audio and video, even suggesting styling tips.

4. Google Meet vs Zoom: Host Management Features

Next, compare the host management features in Google Meet vs Zoom.

Remember when during the pandemic days, random people crashed private video calls, making a mess? That’s why video conferencing security matters.

video call security - google meet vs zoom

When it comes to Google Meet vs Zoom privacy, both excel with real-time encryption. Google Meet goes further by encrypting stored meetings in users’ Google Drive accounts. Zoom now provides end-to-end encryption for all users, a feature they initially misrepresented.

Zoom faced backlash for updating the terms to permit AI training with customer data. After receiving criticism, Zoom reversed this decision.

Despite controversies, Zoom offers hosts robust security features like profile restrictions, password protection, and waiting rooms, where hosts can approve users before they join calls.

zoom security - google meet vs zoom

Zoom hosts various in-meeting controls such as muting participants’ audio or video. 

With added security features, Zoom can handle 1,000 participants/calls, similar to Google Meet. This is crucial because dealing with a large number of people increases the risk of issues.

Overall, Zoom’s extensive security features and handling of large participant numbers make it a preferred choice for host management over Google Meet.

5. Google Meet vs Zoom: AI Features

Let’s discuss the AI features between Google Meet vs Zoom.

Google Meet & Zoom AI Features

In 2023, Google and Zoom unveiled an AI assistant for meeting. These assistants, Duet AI (Google) and AI Companion (Zoom), can send automatic meeting summaries via email. Plus, they jot down notes during meetings, providing a recap for latecomers.

Google promotes Duet AI’s skill to make AI background photos from user cues.

duet ai google workspace - google meet vs zoom

By the way, Mockey is going to launch a background image remover feature for free. Stay tuned!

Duet AI helps you in meetings when you can’t make it, by delivering your message and sending a recap afterward. It also provides real-time translated captions, making it easier for global teams to collaborate and communicate effectively.

AI Companion of Zoom is like a helpful meeting assistant compared to Duet AI. It allows participants to ask custom or preset questions.

zoom ai companion - google meet vs zoom

Overall, the choice between the two depends on specific needs in terms of AI features, with Google Meet’s Duet AI excelling in visual customization and language support, while Zoom’s AI Companion prioritizes interactive engagement.

6. Google Meeting vs Zoom: Integrations

Google Meet connects with more than 200 apps, like:

  1. ClickFunnels
  2. Eventbrite
  3. Evernote
  4. FreshBooks
  5. HubSpot
  6. PayPal
  7. Slack
  8. Square
  9. Trello
  10. WordPress
  11. Write
  12. Zapier and more.

Zoom boasts 1500+ app integrations, including:

  1. Calendly
  2. Chili Piper
  3. Classpro
  4. Dropbox
  5. Kahoot
  6. Pardot
  7. Paycor Recruiting
  8. Salesforce
  9. Stripe
  10. Teamplify
  11. Zendesk Notifications
  12. Zapier and more.

Zoom is the clear winner because it has more than 1500+ integrations.

7. Google Meets vs Zoom: Customer Reviews

Lastly, talk about the customer review between Google Meets vs Zoom.

Forbes picked Google Meet and Zoom as the best video conferencing platforms. People always argue about which one’s better, but these two always come out on top.

Customer review websites like G2, Trustpilot, and Capterra show what real Google Meet and Zoom users think.

Most Zoom users like it, finding it easy to use and great for sharing screens. However, some have issues with audio and not-so-great customer support on paid plans.

Many Google Meet users love it for being easy to use, with great audio and video quality, and seamless integration with other apps. Some complain about slow loading and screen sharing issues.

To Conclude

Choosing between Google Meet and Zoom isn’t straightforward; they’re quite similar.

Zoom works great for big groups like companies and schools because it can handle lots of people, has lots of useful features for sharing and presenting, and gives hosts control over meetings.

Google Meet is great for anyone, especially for small groups who want an easy and affordable conferencing option.

If you find that Zoom does not meet your needs, consider exploring other Google Meet alternatives.


Is Google Meet free?

Is Google Meet free and unlimited? With a Gmail Account, you can host a video meeting for free with up to 100 people for 60 minutes each. And if it’s just a one-on-one or mobile call, no time limit.

Is Zoom free?

If you’re just doing one-on-one meetings, Zoom’s free Basic plan works fine. But for group meetings, it’s limited to 40 minutes.

How long is Google Meet free?

Google Meet is free for 60 minutes.

Is Google Meet better than Zoom?

Google Meet and Zoom both work on security. Meet has end-to-end encryption, making it pretty secure. Zoom had some security problems but fixed them. Both can be safe if you set them upright, but Google Meet’s encryption might make it a bit safer.

What do you call Zoom and Google Meet?

Google Meet and Zoom are popular video conferencing tools with features for remote collaboration and virtual meetings. Google Meet is linked with Google Workspace, making it easy for those aware of Google’s tools to use.

Is Google Meet secure?

Google Meet has safeguards against meeting hijacking. It keeps your meeting data secure, whether you’re changing backgrounds, conducting polls, or recording sessions.

Which is safer Zoom or Google Meet?

Devoteam G Cloud says Google Meet is safer than Zoom. While it encrypts messages, it doesn’t operate end-to-end encryption like Zoom does. Messages are only encrypted between your Google servers and device, not directly from sender to receiver.

Is Google Meet free after 1 hour?

In Google Meet’s free version, group calls with 3 or more people are limited to 60 minutes, but one-on-one calls can go on for 24 hours.

Is Google Meet free in India?

You can use Google Meet for free in India, but to access premium features, you’ll need to subscribe to Google Workspace, starting at $6 per month.

Why Google Meet is the best?

Google Meet is great for small groups and folks who like easy video calls linked with Google Workspace. Zoom suits big groups needing tight security and more control for hosts.