17 Best ElevenLabs Alternative Free and Paid Tools in 2024

elevenlabs alternative free and paid tools

There are 17 best ElevenLabs alternatives that can help you find seamless technology solutions that will match your business and personal needs.


AI has revolutionized the way we read text and create natural-sounding audio. If you’re looking for a voice generator for your content creation or an AI tool for your business, you’ve come to the right place.

ElevenLabs developed a voice generator platform specifically designed for content creators, content developers, and businesses. 

Their goal is to provide top-notch voice overs without the need to hire voice actors. The great thing about it is that there are alternatives to ElevenLabs as well. So, let’s dive in and find out what the contenders are.

What Is ElevenLabs AI?

ElevenLabs, a software company, has made an advanced TTS software. ElevenLabs has harnessed the power of AI to create high-quality speech in multiple languages.

What makes their technology unique is the emotional intelligence that’s built into the AI, which allows the synthetic voice to express feelings and nuances, just like a human voice.

Why to Look for an ElevenLabs Alternative?

While there are many advantages to using ElevenLabs, here are the most common problems users have encountered:

  • Accents are bad: Some users have mentioned that some of the accents, such as the German accent, lack authenticity, which can be a problem for regional content creators.
  • No single sign-on (SSO): This limits the ability of businesses or larger teams to manage multiple accounts easily and reduces user experience.
  • ElevenLabs struggles with longer content: While it works well for short voiceovers, it seems to struggle with longer content, which could limit its usefulness for longer stories.
  • Pronunciation problems: Although ElevenLabs tries to provide the correct phonetic spelling, sometimes the AI mispronounces the word, impacting the quality of the content.
  • Abuse policy: One of the most common issues with the platform’s abuse policy is that the “abuse buster” automatically kicks in even when the user is not following any terms and conditions, resulting in unnecessary downtime.
  • Expensive: The downside of character-based billing is that it is expensive.

What to Expect in an ElevenLabs Alternative?

ElevenLabs alternatives should have the following eleven features.

  1. Free Trial
  2. Total Voices
  3. Voice Cloning
  4. The number of supported languages
  5. Real-Time Collaboration
  6. Adding Media to Voiceover Should Possible
  7. Text File Import into Studio
  8. Voice Changer
  9. Chrome Extension
  10. Rights to Commercial Use
  11. API

List of Best ElevenLabs Alternatives Text-to-Speech Software

Here is a list of the best ElevenLabs alternatives that will let you convert text into speech.

  1. Descript
  2. Listnr
  3. TTS Reader
  4. NaturalReader
  5. Speechify
  6. Voicera
  7. Bark
  8. Amazon Polly
  9. Play.ht
  10. Lovo
  11. Murf AI
  12. Synthesys
  13. Respeecher
  14. Speechelo
  15. Resemble AI
  16. Clipchamp
  17. Coqui TTS

17 Best Free and Paid ElevenLabs Alternatives in 2024

This section will discuss the 17 best Eleven Labs alternatives free and paid tools in 2024 rank-wise including the key features, pros and cons, and pricing.

#1. Descript

descript - elevenlabs alternative

Descript is a game-changer ElevenLabs alternative for every aspect of podcasting. One of the best features is called Overdub. With Overdub, you can create text-to-speech or high-quality voice replicas of yourself. By paying to Descript, you not only unlock this option, but you also get access to a bunch of other great tools like remote capture, video editing, and screen recording.

Descript Pricing

  • $144/annually

#2. Listnr

listnr - elevenlabs alternative

Listnr has more than 900 voices in over 142 languages, making it easy to find the right one for you. Some of Listnr’s best features include:

  • Voice changer
  • Text-to-speech converter
  • Human-like voices
  • Voice cloning
  • YouTube video enhancement tools

Listnr Pricing

  • $9/month

#3. TTS Reader

tts reader - elevenlabs alternative

TTS Reader is a text-to-speech (TTS) tool that allows text documents, including PDFs, Web pages, e-books, and anything else. TTS Reader is an online reader that converts web pages to spoken words, text-to-audio files, ebooks to audiobooks, and much more. TTS Reader is a free ElevenLabs alternative for people who are better at listening than reading.

You can use TTS Reader offline. The TTS Reader supports a wide range of languages. Additionally, TTS Reader comes with a Google Chrome extension, which makes it easier, faster, and more convenient to consume online content.

TTS Reader Pricing

  • Free

#4. NaturalReader

naturalreader - elevenlabs alternative

NaturalReader is a TTS program that converts any text into speech. It can be used to read emails, eBooks, Google Docs, PDFs, and more. NaturalReaders is an Elevenlabs free alternative that is available as an app and a Google Chrome extension.

This means that NaturalReaders can be used anytime, anywhere, to read any text aloud, including news articles and web pages.

NaturalReader supports a wide range of voice types, including friendly, sad, happy, angry, and encouraging. This allows you to create engaging audio that grabs the listener’s attention.

NaturalReader Pricing

  • Free

#5. Speechify

speechify - elevenlabs alternative

With Speechify, you can transform text into speech and generate high-quality voice overs in multiple languages and different accents. Speechify also comes with an AI voice cloning tool that can clone voices in minutes.

In addition, Speechify VOD Studio offers advanced functionality and granular editing options, allowing you to adjust your pronunciation and tone of voice. For a similar UI experience, you can choose from Speechify alternatives.

Speechify Pricing

  • $288/annually

#6. Voicera

Voicera is available for $9/month and supports 10 languages. You can easily attach audio to blogs with Voicera. Voicera is perfect for WordPress and HTML sites. What makes Voicera unique is that you never lose your Voicera voicing credits. Voicera was also created for SEO.

Voicera Pricing

  • $9/month

#7. Bark

Bark is a free ElevenLabs alternative, your one-stop shop for music and voice creation. There’s no cost to get started, and you can choose from 100+ voice presets. Bark can handle text in multiple languages. Bark can also generate singing voices, not just talking ones.

Bark Pricing

  • Free

#8. Amazon Polly

amazon polly - elevenlabs alternative

Amazon Polly uses deep learning to synthesize natural speech. This makes it easy for businesses and creators to turn articles into audio.

With SSML tags, you can modify the sentence structure, emphasis, and intonation of your speech output.

This alternative to ElevenLabs now supports an AI speech library of more than 47 female and male text-to-speech voices in 24 languages.

It also includes an API that allows businesses to integrate directly into their apps.

Amazon Polly Pricing

  • Free

#9. Play.ht

play.ht - elevenlabs alternative

Play.ht is an online voice generator that converts text into expressive speech.

You can pick from an expanding library of over 907 AI voices that have human-like intonations in over 142 languages & accents.

You can also add pronunciation, speech styles, or SSML tags to your audio.

Play.ht Pricing

  • Free

#10. Lovo

lovo - elevenlabs alternative

Lovo‘s voice generator is the most innovative text-to-speech solution due to its capability to create emotive voices such as hesitating, screaming, drunken tone, crying, etc. The platform supports 100+ languages with 500+ voices and allows you to customize pronunciation to improve your piece.

Lovo Pricing

  • Free trial

#11. Murf AI

murf ai - elevenlabs alternative

There are a few features and functions that differentiate Murf from the rest of the ElevenLabs alternatives. First, Murf can generate speech within minutes. Second, Murf’s AI voice is realistic and natural.

In addition, the tool allows you to personalize your voiceover by setting the pitch, increasing or decreasing volume, increasing or decreasing speed, and increasing or decreasing emphasis.

Thirdly, Murf offers AI-generated voice for eLearning, advertisements, audiobooks, IVR, and video games.

Murf AI Pricing

  • $26/month

#12. Synthesys

synthesys - elevenlabs alternative

Synthesys’ voiceovers are rich in detail, capturing the nuances of human intonation and emotion. But what really sets them apart is their dedication to authenticity. 

Synthesys’s voiceovers are very close to the real thing. That’s thanks to deep learning.

Synthesys Pricing

  • $23/month

#13. Respeecher

respeecher - elevenlabs alternative

Respeecher is an Eleven Labs alternative voice-over platform that specializes in the cloning and reproduction of real human voices. Unlike traditional text-to-speech AI platforms, you can use Respeecher to make script changes during the innovative process without having to re-record from the source. You can directly speak into your microphone, upload your audio files, or use the web app. In exchange, you get an accurate cloned voice.

Respeecher Pricing

  • $45/month

#14. Speechelo

speechelo - elevenlabs alternative

Speechelo has 30 voices available for a $97 one-time license. It has 24 languages available. You can add breathing & pauses to voiceovers. It also has three tones: Normal, Joyous, and Serious. It has fewer features than other alternatives to Eleven Labs platforms, but the lifetime license makes Speechelo stand out.

Speechelo Pricing

  • $97 – one time

#15. Resemble AI

resemble ai - elevenlabs alternative

Resemble AI is available in 60+ languages and has a built-in Deepfake detector. It is well-suited for voice cloning, voice changing, and emotion control. It costs $0.006/second for longer projects.

Resemble AI Pricing

  • $0.006/second

#16. Clipchamp

clipchamp - elevenlabs alternative

With 170 voices available in over 70 languages, Clipchamp’s unique element is its ability to generate captions for Instagram girls or boys. If you’re looking to enhance your voiceovers, you’ll love having a real-time speaking coach provide you with feedback. Even though competitors and Clipchamp alternatives cannot provide you with video templates, Clipchamp does.

Clipchamp Pricing

  • $119/year

#17. Coqui TTS

Coqui TTS is an Eleven Labs free alternative and Python library that converts text-to-speech. It supports hundreds of text-to-speech models.

Coqui TTS Pricing

  • Free

ElevenLabs Subscription Cancelation Procedure

If you don’t find ElevenLabs to be right for you, you can withdraw your subscription in a few simple steps.

To cancel your subscription to ElevenLabs:

  1. Log in to ElevenLabs.io
  2. Select your profile in the upper-right corner of the screen and choose “Subscription
  3. Scroll to the bottom of the screen and click on “Manage subscription.”
  4. Navigate to “Manage subscription” and click on “Cancel subscription.”


ElevenLabs is one of the best TTS tools known for the high-quality AI voices, ease of use, and clean design, but ElevenLabs alternatives have the advantage over the text-to-speech software because they provide all the features ElevenLabs has and more flexibility.

These 17 paid and free ElevenLabs alternatives aren’t just text-to-speech tools, these are multifaceted tools. Not only can you convert text to voiceover, but you can also change gender, clone voiceovers, and start from scratch with voice-over videos.


What is better than ElevenLabs?

Descript, Listnr, TTS Reader, NaturalReader, and Speechify tools are best ElevenLabs alternatives.

Is there a free version of ElevenLabs?

TTS Reader, NaturalReader, Bark, Play.ht, and LOVO are free versions of ElevenLabs.

How to get ElevenLabs voice cloning for free?

Create your account for free to get started. Create AI voice audio right away with the Speech Synthesis feature. Create voice characters from scratch or clone them with VoiceLab.

What is the difference between Speechify and ElevenLabs?

With the help of sophisticated AI algorithms, ElevenLabs analyzes text contextually to deliver natural-sounding speech that conveys the right tone of voice. Speechify is focused on delivering natural-sounding, high-quality voices.