15 Powerful AI Video Editing Tools You Need to Try In 2024

ai video editing tools

The improvement of artificial intelligence in 2024 allows users to create and improve their video-enhancing abilities we can not comprehend nowadays. It’s been projected that using 2024, this generation might trade the face of video modifying past you can imagine in terms of embedded innovative strategies and right visualization aside from what exists now.

New AI-powered video editing tools will permit creators to edit photos easily, practice results, make composites exchange color, and add portraits with a few clicks. As such these tools are in truth very intelligent and will revolutionize not only the creativity of professional editors but also enthusiasts – hobbyists. This article discusses 15 of the excellent and maximum user-friendly AI video editing tools to revolutionize everything in 2024.

These tools can automobile generate primitive cuts to smoothly reduce out objects, practice amazing computer graphics, restore shaky video pictures, and plenty greater – it all makes use of the power of AI so one can carry out uninteresting operations. It is thrilling to apply ultra-modern device learning and neural network technologies. By implementing these 15 AI video editing tools, editors will save excellent time plus energy; hence they can paint on innovative storytelling. These futuristic gear that would be the rollouts for video creators will make any creator in 2024 need to strive them so that you can take his content a notch better.

Why use AI Video Editing Tools?

AI video editing tools offer numerous features for creators to edit videos seamlessly. While video content material has endured developing exponentially throughout numerous social media and different platforms, the necessity for quick modifying at extraordinary maintenance is high. Human editors however cannot address the increase’s needs. AI equipment with abilities to analyze pictures, edit cuts, overlay pics apply results enhance colour and audio upscale resolution permit creators to produce in minutes what took hours. This turbocharges production and allows for one-of-a-kind styles of edits to be attempted, to make an improved final video.

The computerized capabilities do away with the technical drudgery, allowing artists to paint on tweaking creative decisions. As the technology for device studying turns into greater state-of-the-art, AI editing tools gradually turn out to be smarter through the years as nicely. Learn to adopt AI; adoption of this revolutionary generation is a need for all creators and teams who wish exceptional in addition to the amount of video content material they create. Such efficiencies shift useful resource use and render what had in any other case been unmanageable video workloads unexpectedly.

Are AI Video Editing Tools Free to Use?

Yes, some of the AI video editing tools are free to use, while others offer freemium features for creators for better results.

What Are Some AI Video Editing Tools?

Here is a list of the 15 best AI video editing tools to use:

  1. Movavi
  2. Synthesia
  3. Renderforest
  4. Eklipse.gg
  5. Descript
  6. Filomaro
  7. Adobe Premiere Pro
  8. InVideo
  9. Pictory
  10. FlexClip
  11. Wideo
  12.  Animaker
  13. Clipchamp
  14. Kapwing
  15. Lumen5
  16. KineMaster
  17. Shotcut

15 Best AI Tools for Video Editing

Here are the 15 best ai tools for video editing.

1. Movavi Video Editor – Best Overall

Movavi Video Editor is an easy-to-use desktop software for making videos. It offers two modes for video creation:

  • create movies automatically
  • create movies manually

A Quick Guide to Use Movavi Video Editor

This mode enables you to create themed movies automatically in 5 steps:

  1. Upload your files (photos and videos).
  2. Choose a template: Family, Memories, Travel, Love story, or others. Your choice will determine the transitions, titles, and music in your video. You can opt for the No Transitions theme and customize it as you prefer.
  3. Pick a soundtrack from the list or add your own.
  4. Preview your video. Insert text in the opening and closing titles, adjust slide duration, and fill the black bars.
  5. Export the results: Save, share online, or keep editing manually.

Still not get it? Check out this quick 5-minute video on how to make a video on Movavi video editor.

Video Editing in Manual Mode

The editing space is a multitrack where you can add up to 99 tracks for video, audio, and titles. The handy timeline marks the length of your video, and you can scale it up or down for more precise editing. Everything is done easily, thanks to the drag-and-drop controls.

You can see your results in the preview window, and you can adjust the quality of the video for the preview. You can also adjust the size, use guidelines, or capture screenshots.

Several Tabs for Editing

Movavi Video Editor offers several tabs for seamless editing:

  • Import: Add files from your computer, webcam, or microphone. You can put them directly into your project or save them for later in the Media Bin. Also, access built-in sounds, music, videos, backgrounds, and effects.
  • Filters: Choose from a wide selection of artistic effects, color filters, and adjustments.
  • Transitions: Smoothly connect clips with fades for a polished video.
  • Titles: Use templates to create credits, subtitles, or intros. Save your creations as samples.
  • Stickers: Add themed clip-art objects to your project.
  • Export: Save your work in various formats like MP4, MOV, or MP3. Optimize for your device or upload directly to YouTube, Google Drive, or Vimeo.

Key features

Movavi Video Editor provides various editing tools for both video and audio:

Video Editing

  • Color adjustments: easily with automatic filters and LUTs, or fine-tune manually for advanced adjustments.
  • Crop and rotate: Precision editing, reshaping frames, and perfect angles with crop and rotate features.
  • Overlay: Layer multiple visuals, graphics, and text.
  • Pan and zoom: Pan and zoom allows you to move the camera with two keyframes.
  • Stabilization: The stabilization feature is ideal for shaky clips, correcting camera movements effectively.
  • AI-powered motion tracking: Any object can be tracked and pinned to a clip using a motion tracking tool.
  • AI background removal: Use AI to remove background from videos.
  • Highlight and conceal: Make your presentation stand out by spotlighting or hiding elements.
  • Chroma Key: Replace or delete backgrounds effortlessly using Chroma Key effect in media.
  • Scene detection: Identifying transitions for efficient editing.
  • Logo: Brand your videos with personalized insignia.
  • Slow motion: Dramatically slow down footage with the Slow motion feature.

Audio Editing

  • Synchronization: Ensure all audio and video match perfectly.
  • Equalizer: Adjust different frequencies of audio to create a balanced sound.
  • AI noise removal: Automatically eliminate unwanted background noise from your audio clips.
  • Audio effects: Add various enhancements to your sound, like echoes or distortions.
  • Beat detection: Identify and synchronize audio effects or edits with the rhythm.
  • Studio-quality autocorrect: Professional-grade tools to fine-tune and enhance audio quality automatically.
  • Noise gate: Control when audio is allowed to pass through, reducing unwanted sounds.
  • Manual sound adjustment: Fine-tune audio settings precisely to your liking.
  • Reverberation: Add simulated echoes to create depth and richness in your audio.

Pricing (may vary; see product page)

  • $54.95 for a one-year subscription
  • $74.95 for a lifetime license

Trial Limitations

  • Watermark in output videos
  • 7-day trial period
  • It only saves half the length of an audio file when it is saved as an audio file.

2. Syntheisa: The Next-Generation Video Editing

Syntheisa - video editing ai tools

Synthesia AI video is a sort of virtual video created with the help of artificial intelligence (AI). This generation can generate sensible visible and audio content material that looks, sounds and acts irresistibly changed into created using a human. With the help of superior computer imaginative and prescient algorithms and natural language processing, synthesia. AI video can create movies with sensible characters, items, and environments. It can be applied in various industries like advertising, enjoyment, and education for developing enticing and interactive content. With its capacity to generate realistic content, the synthesia AI video has received a reputation in recent years and is expected to be part of a developing fashion in the future.

Check out our article related to Synthesia Alternatives.


  • Invite-Only Beta Program – Free
  • Commercial Release – Pricing TBD

Pros of using Synthesia 

  • Synthesia enables the introduction of thoughts-blowing artificial videos with AI-produced digital fashions acting and yielding real moves.
  • With proper automation, the platform automates 100% of the video process, saving a lot of time and cash spent.
  • It permits users to customize the digitalized characters, voices, and scripts for his or her wishes.
  • One of the best ai video editing tools

Cons of using Synthesia 

  • Sample records important for the right imitation of a character and their actions with the aid of Synthesia need to be many in addition to accurate.
  • If left uncontrolled, synthesisa movies can give rise to new forms of fraud and scam abuses plus political manipulation.
  • Synthesia may want to take away jobs for human presenters, voiceover artists, video manufacturers, and so forth. With the growth of AI over time.

3. Renderforest: The Stunning Video Creation

Renderforest - ai video editing tool

Renderforest is a platform for supplying wonderful video templates, animations, and pics for various functions, together with business organization, video advertising, social media, and more. With a full-size library of pre-made assets and clean-to-use tools, Renderforest allows users to create expert visuals without a prior revel. Users can customize the templates for the use of their branding and messaging. Additionally, Renderforest offers pricing plans: Standard and Business, both of which embody limitless access to the complete library and advanced talents like branding and customization options, check out our article related to Renderforest alternative.

See Also:

Pricing Plans:

  • Free version with watermark
  • HD Video – $9/month 
  • 4K Video – $39/month
  • Enterprise – Custom

Pros of using Renderforest

  • The process of using the software at Renderforest is remarkably agile as well, such that it becomes rather easy for both starters and professionals to work with.
  • It provides state-of-the-art templates, animation effects, graphics, icons and so much more to ensure that they give videos a professional touch.
  • The AI automatically animates assets to eliminate the efforts artists have to invest in ordinary animation.
  • One of the best ai video editing tools

Cons of using Renderforest

  • The capability to customize AI behavior or data input parameters is limited by rather basic presets.
  • The use of this type of content creation software gives a minimum number of assets as compared to full-featured creative suites which need some supplements from other sources.
  • The automated animation and logic are quite primitive compared to top AI video startups.

4. Eklipse

eklipse - ai video editing tool

With the popularity of live streaming on the rise, Eklipse.gg is an AI auto-editing software that converts your long-form content into short videos in seconds. 

The browser-based tool integrates into your streaming platforms and–with the help of elite AI technology–identifies your most epic gaming moments. 

Eklipse Studio, the platform’s custom editing tool, saves these VODs for later publication to social media platforms.

Users can customize these clips with captioning, music, stickers, and other images to create viral content in minutes. 

Eklipse shares these videos instantly to TikTok, Facebook/Instagram Reels, and YouTube Shorts so you can spend less time editing and more time gaming.

Pros of Eklipse

  • Generate in seconds
  • User-friendly interface
  • Auto-captions and channel stickers

Cons of Eklipse

  • Lacks some features

Pricing of the Platform

  • $19.99 per month or $149.99 per year

Visit: Eklipse.gg

5. Descript: Streamline Your Video Editing for Simplified Production 

Descript - ai tool for video editing

Descript is an effective all-in-one multimedia editor that makes improving as smooth as a Word document. Record, edit, combine, collaborate, and hold close your audio and video with Descript. In other phrases, Descript is an AI-powered video-enhancing platform designed to make video editing as easy as document modification. 

Pricing Plans:  

  • Free Version
  • Team Plan – $12 per user/month 
  • Enterprise – Custom

Pros of Using Descript:

  • Fast and accurate AI-powered transcription in 23 languages 
  • Intuitive editing through manipulating text transcripts  
  • Advanced functions like audio refinement and collaboration
  • One of the best ai video editing tools

Cons of Using Descript:

  • Requires stable internet connection
  • Steep learning curve to grasp all features
  • Lacks a few advanced modifying equipment specialists expect

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6. Filmora – Intuitive Timeline Editing That’s A Steal

Filmora - video editing ai tool

Filmora is a video modifying software program that lets users create, edit, and proportion motion pictures. It has a consumer-friendly interface and gives a range of functions such as trimming, cutting, and merging clips, including text, transitions, and filters, as well as audio-enhancing tools. Filmora is to be had for Windows and Mac, and there are also free and paid variations available.  

Pricing of Using Filmora

  • One-time perpetual license charge of $39.99

Pros of Using Filomara 

  • Easy to apply timeline modifying interface
  • Hundreds of animated titles, outcomes, filters
  • Audio separation gear
  • One of the best ai video editing tools

Cons of Using Filomra

  • Lacks sizable coloration grading and audio tuning tools
  • Maximum export decision 1080p
  • Limited advanced editing capabilities

7. Adobe Premiere Pro – The Video Editing Giant 

Adobe Premiere Pro - ai tool for video editing

Adobe Premiere Pro is an expert video-enhancing software program that lets users edit, beautify, and proportion motion pictures. It is part of the Adobe Creative Cloud suite of applications and is extensively used within the film and video manufacturing industry. Adobe Premiere Pro is the industry-popular professional editing software program utilized by video manufacturing teams globally.

Pricing of using Adobe Premiere Pro:

  • $20.99 per month with an annual plan, billed every year
  • Additional cloud garage charges can also apply above 20GB

Pros of using Adobe Premiere Pro:

  • Advanced gear for multi-cam, audio, titles, photographs, and consequences-enhancing
  • Integration with different Adobe apps like Photoshop and After Effects
  • Support for VR and HDR video
  • One of the best ai video editing tools

Cons of using Adobe Premiere Pro:

  • High mastering curve as compared to simpler kapwing alternatives
  • No perpetual license choice – subscription only
  • Hardware/gadget requirements at the disturbing side

8. InVideo – Online Editing Automated With AI

InVideo - ai tools for video editing

InVideo is an effective online video creation platform that allows users to create, edit, and edit professional-looking movies with no previous enjoyment. With InVideo, users can get admission to a large sort of templates, effects, and features to create attractive films for numerous functions, which include enterprise, education, and enjoyment. 

Pricing of Using InVideo:

  • A free model with a watermark
  • Premium plans from $7 to $20 in keeping with the month

Pros of Using InVideo:

  • 8000+ customizable templates
  • 100,000+ videos, images, audio files
  • Animated factors, transitions, results & more
  • One of the best ai video editing tools

Cons of Using InVideo:

  • Maximum 1080p HD export best
  • Limited manual timeline editing controls

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9. Pictory: The Perfect Picture Video Editing Software

pictory - ai tools for editing videos

PICTORY AI is an effective video recognition and e-mail parsing software that uses machine getting to know to generate customized AI-assisted video replies to your emails. It allows you to store time by automating the system of responding to emails with pre-recorded or generated films. PICTORY AI allows you to create and customize video templates, and it can robotically transcribe and translate spoken words into text. It can also integrate with your e-mail client and be used to categorize and tag emails for a smooth right of entry.  

Pricing of Using Pictory:

  • Free Version – Basic Features
  • Paid Version – Pro Features – $19/month
  • Enterprise Version – custom pricing

Pros of Using Pictory:

  • Browse and select from a set of customizable templates to feature a touch of modern flair on your movies.
  • Witness your video edit come to existence with Pictory’s real-time previews, taking into account quicker iterations and finalization.
  • Invite group individuals or users to collaborate on video initiatives, streamlining the evaluation procedure.
  • One of the best ai video editing tools

Cons of Using Pictory:

  • Currently, Pictory’s media library is constrained, making it difficult to find the exact content wished for a project.
  • Pictures export are limited, which can limit the distribution of completed videos.

10. FlexClip: Power Up Your Video Production

FlexClip - online ai tool for video editingg

FlexClip is a powerful video creation tool that lets users create professional-grade films speedy and without difficulty. The platform offers a huge range of capabilities and customization options, consisting of text, pics, and animations. With its user-pleasant interface and intuitive drag-and-drop device, FlexClip is ideal for people and businesses alike. Whether you want to create an advertising campaign, occasion video, or personal project, FlexClip is a flexible tool that will let you obtain your creative goals.

For example, you are using Omegle. Although Omegle is shut down, let’s say you are using Omegle alternative tools for your video chat. You can record your best moments, merge these clips into a separate video, and add some filters, styles, and memes using this video editing software.

Some YouTubers are uploading these types of videos to get attention from viewers.

Pricing Plans:  

  • Free version with watermark 
  • Premium – $9.99month
  • Business – $19.99/month 
  • Enterprise – Custom 

Pros of Using FlexClip:

  • FlexClip gives professionally designed video templates for quite a few niches to expedite video creation.  
  • Teams can make use of shared cloud folders to facilitate collaboration during the video production way.
  • Gain treasured perception into target market engagement with demographic analytics round video views and traveler assets.
  • One of the best ai video editing tools

Cons of Using FlexClip:

  • FlexClip adds a watermark to films made using the free model. Upgrading gets rid of this.  
  • While offering a free plan, the skills are restrained in comparison to the paid plans.

11. Wideo: The Simple, Professional Video Creation

Wideo - best ai tools for video editing

A Wideo is a form of video that is created using an internet site or software application designed mainly for video creation. These systems make it smooth for users without considerable video enhancement to create outstanding motion images. Videos may be used for various functions, which consist of promotional films, tutorials, product demos, and more.  

Pricing Plans:

  • Basic – $19 in keeping with month
  • Pro – $49 according to month
  • Enterprise – Custom pricing

Pros of Using Wideo:

  • Browse and select from a collection of professionally designed templates to provide your motion pictures with a refined, expert appearance.
  • Access and are seeking Wideo’s massive library of inventory media assets, which include snapshots, films, and tunes, without delay in the platform.
  • Invite organization people or clients to collaborate on video tasks, leaving comments and remarks to streamline the evaluation device.
  • One of the best ai video editing tools

Cons of Using Wideo:

  • Wideo’s video editor lacks a few advanced functions, including shade grading and visual outcomes, discovered in more complex video modifying software.
  • Wideo’s animation library is confined, making it hard to create complicated, kinetic animations.

12. Animaker: The Animated Video Production

Animaker - best ai tools for video editing free

Animaker is a cloud-based animation software program used for creating 2D animations, explainer movies, infographics, and extras. With its smooth-to-use interface, Animaker lets users create animations and not use an earlier revel in. It has a library of customizable templates and property, making it an exceptional tool for small corporations and marketers. Animaker moreover integrates with advertising marketing and collaboration equipment which include HubSpot, Vimeo, and Google Drive. You can also add free Hubspot alternatives.

Pricing Plans:

  • Free Version 
  • Personal – $39/month
  • Business – $69/month
  • Enterprise – Custom

Pros of Using Animaker:

  • Access Animaker’s huge library containing over 1 million energetic assets – characters, scenes, audio, and extras to supplement your films.  
  • Invite team members to collaborate on video duties, with abilities to go away timestamps and comments properly within the editor.
  • Gain actionable insights into viewer demographics and engagement metrics to optimize your video method.
  • One of the best ai video editing tools

Cons of Using Animaker:

  • Animaker’s free version consists of a watermark, that requires an upgrade to remove.
  • With robust features for specialists, the platform can have a steep getting-to-know curve for beginner users.
  • Freemium version limitations.

13. Clipchamp – Cloud Video Creation With Unlimited Asset 

Clipchamp - ai video editing tools

Clipchamp is an internet video-enhancing device that lets users to trim, cut, crop, and blur their motion photographs. It also offers functions like including textual content overlays, historical beyond tunes, and sound results. Clipchamp is loose to apply, but it additionally offers a paid model with extra features. The platform is offered from any web browser and can be used for each private and industrial business enterprise that makes use of it. Clipchamp is an effective cloud-based absolute video editor that stands as a hit kapwing alternative for beginners to professionals

Pricing of Using Clipchamp

  • Free version with watermark
  • Premium plans from $4.99 – $29.99 consistent with month

Pros of Using Clipchamp 

  • Access to over 200 transition, impact, and title alternatives
  • Advanced shade, audio, and snapshots controls
  • Supports 4K decision & 360-diploma video
  • Unlimited video and audio tracks
  • One of the best ai video editing tools

Cons of Using Clipchamp

  • The free version has a watermark
  • Maximum decision 1080p on general money owed
  • Limited superior audio and color tuning

14. Kapwing – The Browser-Based Video Toolkit 

Kapwing - best free ai tools for video editing

Kapwing is a video-enhancing tool that allows users to add text, pictures, and effects to their videos. It is a free web-primarily based platform that has a person-pleasant interface and additionally helps GIF creation. Kapwing offers lots of pre-made templates and additionally allows for the customization of motion pictures. It has functions that include voice-to-textual content conversion, computerized captions, and the potential to extract audio from movies. With Kapwing, customers can create movies for social media systems which include Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube. 

Pricing of using kapwing:

  • Free version with watermark export
  • Premium plans $10-$20 in line with month

Pros of using kapwing:

  • Animated scenes, templates, subtitles
  • AI-powered tools like object monitoring
  • 2 million+ inventory media factors incorporated
  • Robust descript alternative sharing integrations
  • One of the best ai video editing tools

Cons of using kapwing:

  • The maximum decision is capped at 1080p
  • Limited advanced color, audio, and portrait tuning
  • Some users report the platform can be buggy or crash times.

15. Lumen5: The Powerful Tool for Effortless Video Creation

Lumen5 is an AI-powered video advent platform that lets users easily create expert-searching videos from text, photos, and track. It offers a drag-and-drop interface, an extensive range of templates, and a library of royalty-free music and sound results. Lumen5 is designed for small businesses, entrepreneurs, and content creators who need to provide tremendous video content material while not having advanced technical abilities.  

Pricing Plans:

  • Free Plan (Limited Features)
  • Pro Plan – $29/month (RSZ)
  • Growth Plan – $49/month (More RSZ)
  • Enterprise Plan – Custom

Pros of Using Lumen5:

  • Lumen5 boasts an intuitive and visually appealing interface that makes video advent a breeze for novices and professionals.
  • Browse a huge style of professionally designed templates and without problems customize them to suit your brand and messaging.
  • Access a large library of inventory motion pictures, photos, audio, and greater right away inside Lumen5, streamlining your video manufacturing approach.
  • One of the best ai video editing tools

Cons of Using Lumen5:

  • While presenting a free plan, Lumen5’s capability is limited, encouraging users to upgrade to full abilities.
  • Due to its robust function set, Lumen5 may additionally require greater time to grasp for beginners.
  • Limited control over the editing process

Bonus Mention

Here is a bonus mention of an AI video editing tool to consider.

KineMaster: Power Up Your Mobile Video Production

KineMaster - video editing ai tools free

KineMaster is a popular video-enhancing app developed by Daumin Software Corporation. Some of its superior functions include coloration correction, audio modification, and the ability to add text, pics, and other factors to videos. KineMaster is free to download, but users can choose the top-rate model with extra capabilities for a month-to-month subscription.  

Pricing Plans:

  • Free restricted model 
  • KineMaster Pro – $4.99 in keeping with the month

Pros of Using KineMaster: 

  • KineMaster offers multi-layer timeline change for seamlessly blending visuals, overlays, audio, and extra within a consumer-friendly interface.
  • Browse and comprise a diverse array of visual and audio residences into motion pictures through KineMaster’s included asset maintenance. 
  • As a cellular-first answer, KineMaster permits editing movement images on iOS and Android smartphones and capsules.
  • One of the best ai video editing tools

Cons of Using KineMaster:

  • KineMaster’s paid subscription unlocks extra features and gets rid of watermark requirements.
  • Primarily a mobile software, KineMaster presently offers restricted video-enhancing competencies on computer devices.

Shotcut – Free Open-Source Functionality

Shotcut - how to edit videos with ai

Shotcut is an open-source video modifying software program that lets users trim, crop, and arrange video clips. It offers a range of capabilities including transitions, filters, and outcomes, as well as the potential to export in numerous document codecs. Shotcut is to be had for Windows, macOS, and Linux and is free to download and use. It is known for its person-pleasant interface and powerful editing talents.

Pricing for Using Shotcut:

  • 100% free and open supply

Pros for Using Shotcut:

  • Support for 4K+ resolutions and 21:9 ratios
  • Advanced audio filters like noise discount
  • Hardware encode/decode acceleration
  • Customizable interface with portable panels
  • One of the best ai video editing tools

Cons for Using Shotcut:

  • Overwhelming interface for beginners.
  • Limited inventory media options


AI video editing tools are a revolution that will fundamentally change the process of making videos in the next few years. They automate activities such as editing cuts, applying effects, and improving quality that otherwise would detract from inventiveness in a creator’s mind. Although, relatively new to the scene changes are taking place at supersonic speed as machine learning technology develops and these tools will become even ‘smarter’ with time. Nevertheless, care has to be taken not because this technology will result in problems of abuse and interference with jobs.

With time creators learn how to use tools and eventually, their effectiveness in productivity is done vertically. The future of the automated customer experience video is indeed promising. Companies that invest in these revolutionary tools will have a robust competitive advantage.

FAQs on AI Video Editing Tools

Q1. What are the benefits of AI in video editing?

A1. AI can shoot, break into a scene, and add effects/graphics to enhance the efficiency of cutting footage. Moreover, it offers such features as color correction air lighting stabilization up quality for better results in time savings activities analysis editing, etc best storyboarding launchpad dashboards publisher fit weevil tools.

Q2. Are the AI video editors free?

A2. Some of the AI editing tools are free but, most advanced features usually cost.

Q3. What risks exist that can become apparent with AI Synthesia video?

A3. Abuse for fraud, fake news, and so on; displacement from the work of human creators.

Q4. What does an AI video editor NOT do?

A4. Replace human creativity, understanding, and artistic direction when editing video.

Q5. Other emerging technologies are brought up by the author, and one such is AI video editing. How fast can this technology grow?

A5. However, the situation will change drastically when machine learning datasets grow exponentially and also increase compute power.

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