35 Best ChatGPT Alternative AI for Research, Coding, & More

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These 35 Top ChatGPT alternatives are changing the game in creative research, data analysis, writing, math, and coding. Despite ChatGPT’s strengths, its limitations are noteworthy.

ChatGPT is great for content, but like writing blogs, social platform posts, articles, or ads with specific guidelines and keywords and quickly ranking high on Google, you need a better-specialized tool.

Some alternatives to ChatGPT have created custom products that could better meet your specific needs. If you want ChatGPT alternative free tools with custom features, your investigation stops here.

Explore new and amazing ChatGPT alternatives shaping the future of AI in 2024!

What Is ChatGPT Used For?

ChatGPT is a chatbot that talks like a human, using advanced AI technology. The model can answer questions and create different types of written content, like math, articles, coding, data analysis, essays, emails, and social platform posts.

How Does ChatGPT Work So Fast?

ChatGPT understands text using a neural network and uses that understanding to be excellent with words. It may sound complex, but it’s just about turning information into a code and back into its original form.

A neural network is an algorithm designed to replicate how brain cells communicate. Our brains learn from experience, and ChatGPT is prepared with human interactions to predict and understand language patterns.

How to Use ChatGPT?

The best way to use ChatGPT is as follows:

  1. Visit chat.openai.com, then login/sign up for free.
  2. Enter your request in the home page box.
  3. After ChatGPT replies, you can type a new question, get a new reply, copy the answer, or share it.

How Do You Cancel a Subscription to ChatGPT 4?

To cancel a subscription to ChatGPT 4:

  1. Open Google Play on your Android device.
  2. Ensure you use the right Google account for the ChatGPT Plus subscription sign-up.
  3. Go to Menu and select Subscriptions.
  4. Choose ChatGPT Plus.
  5. Cancel your subscription by tapping.

Why Look For ChatGPT Alternatives?

Because of some limitations in ChatGPT, users are searching for ChatGPT alternatives. These are:

  1. Free ChatGPT alternatives with ready-made features save you from having to do a lot of research and writing.
  2. Websites like ChatGPT quickly create articles about hot topics tailored to your brand, which is essential for businesses.
  3. Use the free ChatGPT alternative to apply your expertise and create content tailored to your brand, following your keywords, guidelines, and voice for better Google ranking.
  4. Some alternatives can quickly assess your content’s SEO score on Google and offer personalized tips for optimization strategies and keywords to ensure it ranks high on Google. In simpler terms, editors, in the alternative, let you edit on the screen to improve your content for better Google ranking.
  5. ChatGPT doesn’t provide a user-friendly chatbot solution for websites to handle visitor questions quickly.

Also, users are looking for alternatives due to restrictions in some countries. However, you can unblock ChatGPT for free.

So, sites like ChatGPT have become relevant.

What to Expect in a ChatGPT Alternative?

You can expect some features in a ChatGPT alternative:

  • No restrictions
  • Better results in math
  • Better writing, research, coding and data analysis.

What Is Better Than ChatGPT?

Are there any ChatGPT alternatives? There are 35 better and free ChatGPT alternate tools to check out.

  1. WolframAlpha
  2. YouChat
  3. Microsoft Math Solver
  4. Elicit
  5. Perplexity
  6. AutoGPT
  7. Amazon Codewhisperer
  8. GitHub Copilot
  9. Codeium
  10. Tabnine
  11. Codex
  12. AskCodi
  13. AskYourPDF
  14. ChatwithGit
  15. Noteable
  16. Bing Chat
  17. Google Bard AI
  18. OpenAI Playground
  19. NovelAI
  20. LaMDA
  21. Socratic
  22. NeevaAI
  23. Poe by Quora
  24. Megatron
  25. DialoGPT
  26. Bing Microsoft Translator
  27. Copy AI
  28. DeepL
  29. Bloom
  30. ChatPDF
  31. Scite.ai
  32. Character AI
  33. Chatsonic
  34. CoGram
  35. LLaMA

ChatGPT Alternatives for Math

Alternatives to ChatGPT when it comes to mathematics.

#1. WolframAlpha

wolframalpha - free chatgpt alternative

Chat isn’t good at math or logic, as it’s a language model. WolframAlpha is a great ChatGPT alternative for mathematics or calculation-related. Its user interface is bad, even in the premium version. So use the free option for a better experience.

GPT4 with WolframAlpha Plugin is good. You can try this.

Use ChatGPT to help with your math every day. You need GPT-4 with the WolframAlpha plugin. The math questions you give it don’t need calculus; they’re great at logical problems. It’s good at solving them and usually gets the right answer. WolframAlpha is also a great Homeworkify alternative for students.

#2. YouChat

YouChat uses GPT-3 from OpenAI. YouChat works like ChatGPT—just type in your message, and it’ll generate the text for you, similar to ChatGPT’s free service. If you type in math or any writing questions, the YouChat ChatGPT alternative will give you instant answers.

Because it’s unpopular, you can use this chatbot anytime, especially when many users are online. The chatbot is just as good as ChatGPT; it’s free and has no restrictions like ChatGPT.

#3. Microsoft Math Solver

Microsoft Math Solver makes learning math at home easier for students. Students can quickly check a problem, then decide to view a solution or observe a video to learn the skill, whether tackling homework efficiently.

This app and similar ones that solve math problems are great for studying independently. Be cautious, as not all results may be relevant to the skill. Without supervision, students might end up exploring the wrong path.

ChatGPT Alternatives for Research

Check out these ChatgptGPT alternatives free tools for your research.

#4. Elicit

elicit - alternative to chatgpt

Elicit is a helpful research assistant that uses advanced language models like GPT-3 to make research tasks easier.

Literature reviews are currently Elicit core workflow. When you ask a question, the app quickly gives you an overview of the best sources.

Elicit helps students and researchers find papers to note and discover future research directions. Elicit is currently free to use.

#5. Perplexity

Perplexity is the best option if you are looking for a free alternative to ChatGPT for research purposes. It provides features similar to ChatGPT, generating conversation-like content and responses.

Perplexity gathers information from places like Amazon, LinkedIn, and Wikipedia. It’s in beta, so it may occasionally copy information directly, resulting in plagiarism.

You can ask anything using Perplexity, but be aware it might present facts as is, possibly including plagiarism.

#6. AutoGPT

autogpt - chatgpt alternative

AutoGPT demonstrates how GPT-4 can independently connect its thoughts to achieve specific objectives. Simply ask AutoGPT how to boost your clinic’s marketing, and it will guide you by answering questions until it discovers a solution.

In our testing, these answers didn’t bring groundbreaking discoveries but demonstrated a solid, systematic approach.

AutoGPT can be expanded using plugins. AutoGPT is not a finished product, so it may encounter challenges in real-world situations, even ones that aren’t very complex.

ChatGPT Alternatives for Coding

If you’ve been creating codes with ChatGPT and are looking for the best ChatGPT alternatives, consider exploring the following AI:

#7. Amazon Codewhisperer

codewhisperer chatgpt alternative

Amazon created Codewhisperer, a special version of ChatGPT, for developers to find, understand, and fix code issues easily. It uses advanced technology to analyze code, spot patterns, and find mistakes.

CodeWhisperer is free for developers during the preview period.

#8. GitHub Copilot

A collaborative project between GitHub and OpenAI, GitHub Copilot uses AI to help users. Type and it helps with complete code lines in different languages. Copilot learns from GitHub’s public repositories.

It checks the code and gives suggestions for variable names and even the entire code based on what you’re working on. It creates code from regular language comments.

GitHub Copilot offers a free trial (30-day), but you must choose and subscribe to a plan (business or individual) after that to continue using it.

#9. Codeium

codeium - alternative to chatgpt

Codeium is the ChatGPT free alternative tool that uses AI to create code from written instructions or existing code snippets.

It works with 40+ coding languages. Codeium makes test-driven development easier. The enterprise program lets companies use Codeium on the servers.

#10. Tabnine

Tabnine is a tool in your coding software that helps automatically generate code. It creates code using your past code and comments.

The free plan has restrictions and only gives brief code suggestions. The enterprise version offers extra features, allowing you to use Tabnine on your own servers or a VPC for added privacy.

#11. Codex

Codex is an AI tool from OpenAI that turns natural language into code when you describe a problem to it. This model runs GitHub Copilot. It learns everyday language and lots of code.

It can be used in your own apps and projects using the OpenAI API. While in beta, Codex is completely free.

#12. AskCodi

askcodi - chatgpt alternate

AskCodi helps developers create code faster with its user-friendly tool. It has apps for making various kinds of code. It works with 30+ programming languages. You can connect it with tools like PyCharm and VS Code.

AskCodi has workbooks that can make tests and write code explanations. AskCodi offers a free plan with minimal credits.

ChatGPT Alternatives for Data Analysis

Here are several ChatGPT alternates that can be used to analyze data.

#13. AskYourPDF

AskYourPDF turns PDFs and other files into a chat tool. It helps you understand and analyze data easily. AskYourPDF connects static PDFs with dynamic data inquiry using natural language.

AskYourPDF can pull out important information, condense long texts, and find document patterns. AskYourPDF saves time by automatically extracting and analyzing data from PDFs.

Also, It makes PDFs easier to access for people with reading difficulties or visual impairments. With the free plan, you can ask 50 questions daily, Upload 100 pages/document, and use the AskYourPDF extension.

#14. ChatwithGit

ChatwithGit is an excellent plugin that links you to GitHub’s code snippets, helping you discover useful examples, explore various methods, and effortlessly enhance your data analysis programming skills.

ChatwithGit uses ChatGPT’s AI power to understand your question and find the right code snippets for you. Narrow the search to find code that suits your data analysis by specifying the programming language.

ChatwithGit makes coding easier by giving you quick code examples, helping you solve problems faster, and boosting your data analysis productivity.

The ChatwithGit plugin is free to download.

#15. Noteable

Noteable is the ChatGPT plugin, which lets you easily create and handle data analysis in the chat interface. It’s a user-friendly tool for data exploration, analysis, and visualization, perfect for data analysts,  scientists, and anyone handling data.

Users can write and run SQL and Python code in ChatGPT, making it easy to do data tasks like cleaning and analyzing without using a different coding tool. Users can make detailed notes to explain their findings and add context to the data analysis.

Noteable provides a free option.

ChatGPT Alternatives for Writing

Picking the right ChatGPT alternative AI to generate AI content is similar to choosing the ideal swimsuit. Consider these best ChatGPT alternatives for writing to make the most suitable choice.

#16. Bing Chat

Bing Chat is a chatbot from Microsoft that helps with questions and content tasks using AI. It’s famous for being part of Bing search, combining chatbot features with search engine abilities.

It runs on the advanced GPT-4 model for advanced features and accuracy. It creates genuine answers, making user chats better. Supports many languages for users worldwide. Bing also has various chat modes for personalized interactions.

Bing Chat is free for Microsoft account holders.

#17. Google Bard AI

bard ai - chatgpt alternative

Google Bard AI is a chatbot anyone can use. You should have your own Google account, not the one you operate for work. You can sign up on bard.google.com to wait for access. Google usually approves it within a day. It’s 100% free.

#18. OpenAI Playground

This alternative to ChatGPT is like a trial version. OpenAI provides GPT-3 and other models for users to try out different uses. This AI tool isn’t for regular users, but it’s an excellent way to try out its advanced features without access to ChatGPT.

ChatGPT Alternative No Restrictions Tools

#19. NovelAI

NovelAI is the only ChatGPT alternative chatbot that can be used without restrictions. It’s a highly interactive writer, perfect for collaboratively crafting stories with AI. Write novels or short stories with Novel AI tools to create text tailored to your preferences. Make amazing images that go well with your text to boost your inspiration.

You can participate as a contestant to get the NovelAI gift key feature.

However, if you look at similar tools like NovelAI or NovelAI alternatives, you can get an even better tool than NovelAI and ChatGPT.

ChatGPT Alternatives by Google

Recently, Google started several conversational projects, mostly in research or testing. As their latest creation, Google has a new AI, a ChatGPT free alternative. We have discussed Bard AI in the above category, so let’s talk about the other two.

#20. LaMDA

The Google-developed LaMDA is an excellent ChatGPT alternative. It’s built with 137 billion+ settings and learned from 1.56 trillion words found on the internet and in conversations.

LaMDA is a game-changer in the field of language understanding. This tool understands how you talk and gives a smart and natural reply. LaMDA can answer follow-up questions well, making it a useful alternative to ChatGPT.

LaMDA learns to provide accurate and secure answers by practicing both generating and classifying information. Try out LaMDA on Google’s AI Test Kitchen by signing up and joining the waitlist.

#21. Socratic

socratic - chatgpt free alternative

Socratic helps students by giving them friendly, human-like answers with illustrations when they type in school questions. The app, found on the Play Store and App Store, lets juniors scan the worksheets for personalized answers. It won’t write stories or essays.

It answers questions with generated responses and includes helpful graphics for better understanding.

The first child gets Socrates for $4.99 a month, and additional children get 50% off!

ChatGPT Alternative for Search Engine

Imagine chatting with our search engines – wouldn’t that be awesome? Imagine saving time by easily finding what you require instead of searching through results.

Now, you can chat with search engines, like Google’s Bard and Microsoft Bing, just like talking to a friend. Check out this exciting alternative of ChatGPT that’s gaining popularity among conversational AI fans!

#22. NeevaAI

NeevaAI combines ChatGPT and additional language models for the accuracy and latest Neeva AI search engine information.

NeevaAI can quickly search through vast amounts of pages and provide a detailed response with relevant sources.

Neeva is definitely an AI search engine, but it’s not a full AI chatbot yet. Neeva ensures you browse without ads or trackers. Neeva has a $4.95 monthly subscription, but you can use the free option.

ChatGPT Alternative for Marketers

If you are a marketer and want a budget-friendly option instead of ChatGPT, check out the free alternative.

#23. Poe by Quora

Poe by Quora lets users use various chatbots to create content and answers. Users can use Dragonfly, GPT-4, Sage, and ChatGPT with Poe.

Try out different chatbots to find the one that suits you best. Quora says Poe is the quickest way to use ChatGPT and the only product that lets you access Claude, an advanced language model.

The cross-platform sync feature lets you chat seamlessly between your desktop and iOS, picking up conversations in real-time.

Sage is Poe’s most powerful writing assistant. Sage helps make your writing better by giving tips on style, syntax, and grammar. It points out texts and words for you to elaborate on in the writing.

ChatGPT Alternative by Microsoft

Microsoft has tried various AI models for conversational AI. We have discussed Bing, but there is another AI to look at:

#24. Megatron

Microsoft and NVIDIA created Megatron. It can do things like reading and understanding text, figuring out word meanings, predicting what comes next, making sense of language, thinking like common sense, and more.

To know the price for Megatron, you need to submit a collaboration request to Nivida Developers, the owner, as they offer different B2B solutions.

#25. DialoGPT

DialoGPT by Microsoft is a big chat model made for multi-turn discussions. It is a powerful tool for generating responses in conversations.

It learned from 147 million Reddit conversations that happened between 2005 and 2017. DialoGPT creates diverse and detailed phrases related to the prompt, similar to GPT-2. Microsoft says it is more chatty, lively, and fun, making it a good fit for your needs.

Since it’s a new release and a big language model, there’s no clear information on how much it costs.

ChatGPT Alternatives for Translation

Looking for a free tool like ChatGPT for translating any language? Check out these options:

#26. Bing Microsoft Translator

bing translator - chatgpt alternative free tool

Bing Microsoft Translator is a great option for translation studies, replacing ChatGPT. The features include text translation, speech translation, image translation, voice options, and link translation.

In short, it is a top choice for translations with its many features, versatility across content types, and smooth connection to Microsoft’s products.

#27. Copy AI

Many users prefer Copy AI over ChatGPT for translations. People usually find it useful for general translations. It employs smart language tools.

Copy AI, like ChatGPT, uses language models to understand and translate complicated sentences. It can do more than just translate—it can create content, write marketing copy, and more.

Pay 49 USD each month for unlimited access to all features.

Consider these factors to decide if Copy AI fits your translation requirements.

#28. DeepL

deepl - chatgpt alternative

Explore DeepL, a rising translation tool making waves in language translation. DeepL stands out because it uses the neural network.

DeepL’s translation is better because it understands whole sentences, making the translations sound more natural, unlike other systems that focus on individual words.

This method helps DeepL understand and translate complicated sentences with many parts and tricky grammar.

It quickly and accurately translates, thanks to deep learning techniques.

#29. Bloom

Bloom, an open-source AI, was created with the help of a team of over a thousand AI experts and is considered a top site like ChatGPT. Bloom can create text in 46 languages. Bloom can handle new text tasks by seeing them as chances to create content, even if it hasn’t been trained for them.

Bloom has a free starter pack, and the premium plan costs $33 per month.

ChatGPT Alternatives to Healthcare

Look at these alternatives in the field of healthcare.

#30. ChatPDF

This tool reviews PDF files. Once you upload the file, ChatPDF will study it, ask any questions, and your chatbot will find answers.

#31. Scite.ai

scite ai - chatgpt alternatives free

This Brooklyn startup revolutionizes research using Smart Citations, offering a new way for researchers to grasp the evidence and context from cited articles.

It has studied 1.2 billion citations from 180 million datasets, preprints, book chapters, and articles.

ChatGPT Alternative No Login

Here is a tool similar to ChatGPT, but you can use it without logging in.

#32. Character AI

Character AI is all about creating AI personalities. Like ChatGPT, this platform brings AI characters to life for engaging conversations. This alternative lets you talk to different personalities, such as Mario and Sam Altman.

Character AI tool is a playful chatbot built with neural language for fun conversations. Enjoy chatting with random people and diverse characters, including real and fictional ones!

The character AI tool is free, and you can use it without Signing up. Also, try to avoid NSFW content from Character AI. For that, you can try Character AI alternative tools.

ChatGPT Alternatives for Productivity

Explore productivity boosting with these conversational tools!

#33. Chatsonic

Boost your Slack experience with Chatsonic, an amazing chatbot that adds excitement to your conversations! This AI does it all – generates real-time data and follows voice commands.

Chatsonic Bot boosts teamwork by sending clear polls and messages for fast team feedback. It uses AI to create graphs and images that help you understand complex topics in messages.

Get this free Slack bot now and upgrade later. Plus, it unlocks over 80 writing features.

#34. CoGram

cogram - alternative to chatgpt

CoGram, your private virtual conference assistant, automatically takes notes securely. Stay on top of important tasks effortlessly with Cogram—track action items, outline meetings, and sync crucial information to the CRM.

Save time transcribing and extracting key facts from public webinars and call recordings. Takes detailed notes, quickly identifies tasks, and summarizes meetings effectively.

Schedule Cogram AI to join meets via your Calendar. You can use CoGram for fifteen minutes for free. For ongoing use, contact them for custom pricing based on your meeting needs.

Upcoming ChatGPT Alternative

Here is a list of upcoming alternatives to ChatGPT.

#35. LLaMA

Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook’s co-founder, just revealed LLaMA. BARD and free chatbots like ChatGPT from OpenAI have sparked a lot of thrills in the artificial intelligence community.

It’s a set of language models ranging up to 65 billion parameters.

Summing Up

Although ChatGPT is an assertive chatbot AI, there are other great options for content creation and automating customer service. Other chatbot options listed here have special features that make them excellent tools for ChatGPT. Make sure to research and find what suits you best.


Who is the founder of ChatGPT?

Sam Altman is the founder of ChatGPT.

Is Claude better than ChatGPT?

Claude is safer and better than ChatGPT because it has stricter restrictions on its language models.

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