A Step-By-Step Guide to Using Google Bard AI in 2024

google bard ai

Google Bard AI makes searching more immersive and interactive. Google altered how we find information online.

This article covers the Google Bard AI Generative tool Experience, explaining how to use it, its limits, people’s queries and what the future holds for Google AI Bard.

What Is Google Bard AI?

Bard AI is a chatbot made by Google. Bard learns from lots of words and code. So it can write, translate languages, create content, and give you helpful answers.

The Google Bard AI chatbot is being developed but could become a strong entertainment, communication, and education tool. It can make interactive lessons, tailor individual content, or assist with customer support.

How to Access Google Bard AI?

To access Google Bard AI:

click on google bard ai website
  • Click “Sign in” using your Gmail account. Next, click “Try on” and agree to the privacy policy.
click sign in option to access google bard ai
click sign in option to access google bard ai
  • After signing in, you’ll find a space to type your prompt.
enter your prompt in box
enter your prompt in box
  • Ask your queries using natural language.
  • Press the “arrow” option. You can also use the microphone.
click the arrow button
click the arrow button
  • Next, Bard will show you the response.
prompt response in google bard ai
prompt response in google bard ai
  • You can tell Google AI Bard what you think using the feedback option.
feedback in google ai bard
feedback in google ai bard

What Are the Benefits of Google Bard AI?

Bard can do lots of tasks, like:

  • Use prompts carefully
  • Providing detailed and helpful responses to all kinds of questions, even tough or unusual.
  • Creating various creative text types, such as letters, emails, music, scripts, code, poems, etc.

See what Bard AI can do:

  • Generate content: Create innovative text types, such as letters, emails, music, scripts, code, poems, etc.
  • Answer your questions: Bard can provide helpful answers to any challenging or unusual question.
  • Translate languages: Bard can speak 100+ languages.
  • Generate innovative text formats: Bard can create various types of content, such as scripts, music, and more.

How Does Google Bard Work?

Google Bard got a big language model called Gemini in December 2023.

Gemini AI and its predecessors, PaLM 2 and LaMDA use a neural network developed by Google in 2017. Google released the Transformer architecture, which became the foundation for various generative tools like GPT-3 in ChatGPT.

Bard simplifies search by focusing on natural language questions instead of keywords. It explains the answers instead of just listing them. It’s made to assist with additional questions and a new search feature. Bard lets you share conversations and double-check generated results for accuracy.

The initial Bard used a lighter LaMDA model, needing less computing power to handle more users simultaneously. Using the PaLM model makes Bard respond more visually to user questions. Bard includes Google Lens, allowing users to upload images and written prompts. Adding Gemini makes thinking and planning smarter and more advanced.

Who Can Access Bard Google?

You need to be 18+ and have your own Google account. Bard is in 230+ countries and speaks 40+ languages.

What Are the Limits of Google Bard?

Like other chatbots, Bard needs training to provide accurate answers, as seen in its initial demo, where it struggled with incorrect information. Training AI never stops; it requires a lot of computing power because there’s always more to learn.

Is Google Bard AI Free?

Google usually doesn’t charge customers for its services, except for the cloud business. Bard AI will likely be part of Google’s regular search so people can use it for free.

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Is ChatGPT Better Than Google Bard?

Google AI Bard and ChatGPT are chatbots that use machine learning and AI to talk with people using natural language. Both use LLM (machine learning tool) that generates conversational text.

ChatGPT creates new content using AI. It can, for example, write an AI thesis. Google Bard also does, but it has a slightly different purpose.

ChatGPT can also assist in improving searches. Microsoft agreed to pay $10 billion to use ChatGPT in Bing for more conversational results, like Google Bard, in January 2023. This means different AI search engines can use ChatGPT, but Bard is only for Google.

ChatGPT’s responses use information until April 2023, while Google Bard relies on the latest data. For OpenAI ChatGPT to work well, it must provide answers using current information, not old data. ChatGPT can look up information on the internet if you ask, even though it has a limit to the training data.

Sometimes, Chatgpt goes down for hours, which is not good for users. As a result, ChatGPT users are shifting to the Google Bard AI chatbot.

AI Detection Tool Feature

OpenAI knows plagiarism can be an issue with ChatGPT, so they provide a tool for teachers to notice students for homework cheating. We don’t know if Bard has a plagiarism checker yet. Bard often mentions and shares links to other sources in their answers. Bard AI double-check feature looks up information on Google that matches its content and gives you the source link.

What Is the Equivalent of Google Bard?

ChatGPT didn’t just appear out of nowhere. Chatbots existed for a long time, but they were less flexible before. Several startups are developing chatbot technologies like ChatGPT, but none have gained as much attention. Bard faced some competitors when it was released, including:

1. Quillbot

Quillbot AI is a great alternative to ChatGPT for creating AI content. It helps you rephrase the content and generate a better sentence or paragraph for your blog post or article. 

However, if you look at similar paraphrasing tools like Quillbot or a better QuillBot alternative, HIX.AI produces better paraphrases.

2. Bing

Microsoft, partnering with OpenAI, will provide AI-powered search similar to Google’s Bard, understanding and responding to natural language questions. When you search, you get regular Bing results and a GPT-4 generated answer. You can also talk to the AI about what it says.

3. Jasper

The Jasper Chat tool for AI-generated text is designed for businesses to make brand-focused content and engage with customers. It lets creators choose writing style and SEO keywords for their content.

4. ChatSonic

ChatSonic, a powerful AI chatbot, uses Google Search and WriteSonic to let users talk about any topic, generating images or text. It is free, but a monthly plan is needed to access all features fully.

5. YouChat

German search engine You.com has an AI chatbot called YouChat. YouChat gives answers and shows where the information is sourced so people can check it themselves.

A Future for Google Search in AI

Google Bard AI and other tools highlight how AI is becoming increasingly vital in search. As AI gets better, search results will become more interactive and personalized. Using AI will help Google understand users better, give more correct answers, and create immersive experiences.


Google’s AI-driven search is changing how we use search results. Google Bard and AI Search let you tell stories and find search results in a fun and interactive way. Although AI tools have some limits, there’s exciting potential for AI in search systems. Try the amazing AI search and see its incredible power for yourself!


Is Google Bard AI available for use?

Google Gemini AI, a new feature, is now available to use.

What is Google Bard AI used for?

Bard lets you share chats and double-check information for accuracy. Bard can use Google apps like Docs, Gmail, hotels, flights, and YouTube to access and manage your content.

How do I use Bard Google AI in mobile?

To use Bard AI on mobile, visit the official website and sign in with your Gmail. In the prompt box, write your queries. To add a picture, click on Upload image if you want. Lastly, click on submit.

Is ChatGPT better than Google Bard?

Regarding Google Bard vs ChatGPT generative AI, Bard is better at giving answers with useful details.

When was Google Bard released?

On March 21, 2023, Google introduced Bard, which is an AI chatbot.