16 Best Remini Alternative Websites for PC, Android & iOS

remini alternative

Remini is a fantastic app with an amazing photo enhancer. Many Remini alternatives can enhance photos and offer additional editing features.

People enjoy using Remini’s various features to quickly improve blurry and restore old photos. But right now, users are looking for additional features for their photos.

We’ll suggest 16 top paid and free Remini alternatives for better image quality. Now, use them for your photos.

What is Remini AI?

Remini AI makes your photos better with smart technology. Many people love the one-click fix for blurry and old photos. Remini AI enhancer enhances faces, transforms appearances, adjusts colors, and improves overall detail quality.

People love the adorable baby pictures created by Remini’s baby generator. But Remini’s app and web have only a few basic functions, so the photo editor isn’t fully equipped. The Remini app falls short of meeting our image editing needs.

Pros and Cons of Remini

The pros and cons are:

✅ Baby generator❌ Photo editing is lacking
✅ Excellent AI enhancer
✅ Manage your photos with a click

Is There Anything Better Than Remini?

There are 16 free and paid Remini alternatives to consider.

  1. For Unblur & Sharpener – Snapseed and PhotoSuite 4
  2. For Denoiser – Topaz and ON1 NONOISE
  3. For Old Photos Restorer – FixMyPics and Colorize
  4. For Image Enlarger – HitPaw and Luminar Neo
  5. For Color Fixer – Color.io and Fotor
  6. For Face Enhancer – VSCO and FaceApp
  7. For Background Enhancer – StockPhotos Upscaler and Vance AI
  8. For Video Enhancer – AVC Labs and PixOp

16 Top Remini Alternative Websites in 2024

Here are the 16 best alternatives to Remini by 2024.

1. Snapseed – Unblur & Sharpener APP

Snapseed Remini alternative, a cool free app from Google, has 29 easy-to-use filters and tools for editing. Once you open your photo, choose a filter or use tools to edit it. Basic tools like Crop and Tune Image are available, along with advanced options like Tone Curve and White Balance.

To make your photos sharper:

  1. Go to the “Tool” and pick Details.
  2. Select Sharpness or Structure.
  3. Tap the adjustments symbol, and boost sharpness by swiping right across the picture for better edges.

Adjust the Structure slider in Snapseed, increasing its value until you achieve the desired result. Experiment with the Structure and Sharpness sliders to find your preferred look.

2. PhotoSuite 4 – Unblur & Sharpener APP

PhotoSuite 4 provides basic Photoshop-style editing effects like Sharpening, Shadows, Highlights, Contrast, and Exposure.

At first, the app can seem confusing. For instance, finding tools like Shadows and Sharpen Highlights takes time.

The effects are good, so it’s worth learning the tool. You can enhance your images significantly. The tool is great for overall changes, and you can use masks and layers to overcome limitations and add specific effects.

PhotoSuite 4 is free to use and has basic features. You can buy extra tools and effects like Clone brushes and Heal and presets for more advanced editing.

3. Topaz – Denoiser App

Topaz Remini alternative excels as noise reduction AI by automatically removing digital noise from grainy places while preserving fine details.

topaz labs - remini alternative

To remove noise and sharpen, adjust two sliders. Denoise AI offers extra features, such as a low-light mode and masks for applying effects selectively, with no need for Photoshop.

4. ON1 NONOISE – Denoiser App

ON1 NoNoise Remini alternative is our new favorite tool for reducing photo noise in the latest noise reduction program test.

Its AI is just as good as its competitors but does more than remove noise. It has tools to enhance RAW files completely.

5. FixMyPics – Old Photos Restorer App

FixMyPics is one of the alternatives to the Remini professional app that restores your old photos, giving them a fresh look. Whether they’re black & white, blurry, or scratched from decades ago, this app revitalizes them for a brand-new appearance! 

Revive your old photos with FixMyPics! Remove scratches, reduce noise, and bring them to life with colorization. Transform black & white images into vibrant HD photos effortlessly.

6. Colorize – Old Photos Restorer App

Revive the old black & white photos with the Colorize app! It automatically adds vibrant colors in seconds, perfect for bringing life to vintage wedding or childhood pictures.

colorize - alternative to remini

Your restored photos will look better, and you can transfer them directly from the app.

7. HitPaw – Image Enlarger App

HitPaw Remini alternative enhances your photos instantly with a single click, improving quality and resolution, reducing noise, enlarging, and enhancing details. It has four models for general, denoising, face, and colorizing tasks, making it great for photo editing. It’s user-friendly and secure and processes images locally without uploading them to the server.

Enhance multiple photos together with Batch Processing, available on macOS, windows, and Android. AI Face Enhancer improves facial appearance; Denoise Tool removes image noise, and Colorize brings black & white photos. Enlarge & Upscale increases photo resolution for larger prints—an all-in-one tool for simplicity and efficiency.

8. Luminar Neo – Image Enlarger App

Luminar Neo‘s Upscaler uses advanced technology to enhance and enlarge images with impressive accuracy. It intelligently analyzes and improves each pixel, preserving detail and clarity in enlarged photos. The user-friendly interface enables easy adjustments and provides real-time previews.

luminar neo - remini alternative

See changes instantly with Real-time Preview. Enlarge photos 6X with AI Upscaling, maintaining natural quality. Use Machine Learning to create high-resolution photos by enlarging and filling gaps.

It quickly imports RAW images, uses easy one-click presets, and accesses strong extensions.

9. Color.io – Color Fixer App

Color.io, a free alternative to Remini app, not only has impressive features but also provides a user-friendly interface. To correct photo colors, just go to the official page, sign in, and start enhancing your photos.

Even though it’s free, the image quality remains unaffected, and the format stays the same. The occasional ads in the free plan are not a big deal, especially if you want to try out the high-quality free color correction tool.

10. Fotor – Color Fixer App

Skip the hassle of trying numerous AI color correction software—Fotor, an excellent photo editor, elevates image quality with its user-friendly interface.

fotor - alternative to remini

No matter how faded your photos are, Fotor quickly restores their colors. It can even add color to black & white photos and enhance specific parts with vibrant colors.

See Also: Fotor alternatives

11. VSCO – Face Enhancer App

VSCO Remini alternative is famous for photo editing, but it also has great filters to make your face look better. VSCO filters enhance your photos with a stylish and artistic flair. The app lets you easily change filter strength to create the look you want.

Besides filters, VSCO also has simple tools to adjust things like brightness, contrast, and color intensity. Instagram and photographers’ fans love VSCO for its simple design and great filters.

Choose from various filters to match your style, get automatic suggestions, and easily create your unique looks for quick and convenient use. Use preset features to quickly edit any image with consistent settings, making it ready to share in seconds.

12. FaceApp – Face Enhancer App

FaceApp became popular for its amazing AI features, and the standout tool clears skin flawlessly. With the FaceApp tool, you can easily erase acne, blemishes, and imperfections from the face instantly. The app has cool features like making you look younger, changing your gender, and trying on makeup.

FaceApp’s skin-clearing feature quickly gives you flawless and smooth skin in photos, adding to the entertaining features. With Impression, users can choose various beauty filters for their selfies.

FaceApp enhances photos by adding makeup and natural adjustments, like face slimming and lip plumping, for a more beautiful look.

13. StockPhotos Upscaler – Background Enhancer App

StockPhotos Upscaler excels at improving and enlarging images. This Remini alternative online tool costs $0.1 for each improvement. You can test it for free to check its quality beforehand. We tested it with fuzzy pictures, and it didn’t work well.

upscaler - remini alternative

StockPhoto Upscaler AI is user-friendly and has outstanding features. You can easily scale images from 2x to 8x. You can fine-tune the enhanced result by specifying smoothing features.

You can pick from these three ways to improve images:

  1. High-quality
  2. Remove imperfections
  3. Smooth out

This is to avoid mistakenly removing things from pictures with no issues, for example.

You can enlarge the image to 800% of its original size, which is fantastic and significantly improves low-detail images.

Currently, the StockPhotos Upscaler tool is impressive.

14. Vance AI – Background Enhancer App

Vance AI is one of the Remini alternatives’ unique tools that enlarges your images by 800%. Turn blurry pictures into sharp ones! Vance excels at upscaling images and can also enhance anime visuals. This tool excels at enlarging tiny anime images. It enlarges anime pictures by 16 times, making it simple to turn small ones into wallpapers.

Try it for free without signing up. Try out the image enlarging with the trial. The only problem is the watermark on the improved image.

The free version shows you what the product is like. If you need advanced features or use the service frequently, consider upgrading to a premium plan.

15. AVC Labs – Video Enhancer App

AVC Labs is the next up for top AI video enhancement. It offers various video tools, such as reducing noise, removing blur, and restoring details and colors in the videos. It has a user-friendly dashboard, perfect for video enthusiasts and beginners.

avc labs - remini alternative

AVC Labs has an AI tool that can fix blurry faces and restore lost details, like eyelashes, using smart face detection. It’s great for improving and enlarging old videos, perfect for restoring home movies or classic films.

If you love movies or want to restore old home videos, the AVC Labs Remini alternative for PC is a great pick. You can pay either $39.95 per month or a one-time payment of $299. AVC Labs doesn’t provide video enhancements in bulk, so professional video editors should consider other options.

16. PixOp – Video Enhancer App

PixOp is an AI design tool in the cloud that improves videos with advanced features. This Remini alternative enhances video quality without requiring heavy software installation. It beats competitors with its color grading and noise reduction tools.

PixOp can handle many types of video formats seamlessly. They are working on extra features like Face Forward to improve faces in the videos. It smoothes pixels, adjusts colors, enhances lighting, and more.

Those seeking a cloud-based way to improve and upgrade videos will like PixOp’s features.

Summing Up

This article suggests 16 best Remini alternatives for enhancing photos with AI. Improve your photos effortlessly with enhanced AI features, restoring blurry and old pictures to High definition with just a click. Check out Remini AI alternatives online now!


Is there a free version of Remini AI?

Snapseed, PhotoSuite 4, AND Vance AI are Remini free alternatives.

Which is the best AI photo enhancer?

VSCO and FaceApp apps are the best AI photo enhancers.

What is the best photo enhancer app?

Snapseed, VSCO and FaceApp are the best photo enhancer apps.