How to Get a Free NovelAI Gift Key (Complete Guide)

novelai gift key

We will show you how to get a free NovelAI gift key so you can use this helpful writing assistant without paying anything.

There are some methods to obtain NovelAI gift key codes. Also, this article will tell you how to sign up for NovelAI if you want to keep using it after your gift key runs out. Let’s begin!

What Is NovelAI Gift Key

NovelAI gift Key allows one person to give another person a one-month subscription as a present. You don’t need a current subscription to purchase NovelAI gift keys for someone else.

Streamers sometimes share NovelAI free gift key during their streams, but it’s tricky to predict when they’ll do it because they inform the giveaways while they’re live.

The reason users are looking for Novel AI gift keys is because this AI makes writing like humans do, helping anyone create great literature, no matter their skill.

Get NovelAI Gift Key Codes Free in 7 Steps

Here are 7 steps that will help you get Novel AI Gift Key Codes for free.

Step 1: Go to the NovelAI Website

novelai website

To begin your journey towards receiving the NovelAI gift key free, start by going to the NovelAI website. 

You can achieve Novel AI free gift key codes by launching your favorite browser and entering “NovelAI” in the search box. Make sure you use the official link to stay safe and make sure everything is real.

Step 2: Log In or Sign Up

novelai login

If you already signed up for a NovelAI free account, just log in. If you haven’t, you’ll need to make one. 

Typically, you’ll need to give your email address and create a password. Be sure to use a real email because that’s where you’ll get important updates and messages about your account.

Step 3: Explore NovelAI

explore novelai

First, take some time to check out NovelAI and learn about its features before getting your free gift key. 

You can try out the free trial to see how NovelAI works. It has different writing modes, like creating content and writing stories.

Take some time to try different things and make content to see how it can help your writing projects.

Step 4: Watch Out for Promotions

Sometimes, NovelAI has special deals where they give away free gift keys. To find out about these, check their website, social media, or emails. You can use features like NovelAI image generation or telling your friends about NovelAI to get a gift key.

Step 5: Join the NovelAI Community

Getting involved with the NovelAI community is a good way to know about free gift keys. You can do this by joining their forums, following their social media, and talking with others about writing and AI. 

Sometimes, people in the community share tricks to get a free gift key, and NovelAI might give special deals to people who are active.

Step 6: Join NovelAI Newsletters

You can get free gift keys by joining NovelAI newsletters. People who subscribe often get special deals and gifts. Just remember to check your email often for any offers.

Step 7: Be Patient

Getting a gift key for NovelAI might take some time and effort. These keys are really popular, so they may not always be easy to get. Just keep trying, stay involved with the community, and make the most of any special events that pop up.

Alternative Way to Get Free NovelAI Gift Keys

An alternative way to get a gift key NovelAI is to use the following method.

1. Participate in Contests

contest submission on novelai

One way to get involved is to enter contests put on by NovelAI or their partners. Typically, these contests include tasks like writing stories, making images, or offering opinions on the service. 

People who win these contests get prizes like NovelAI gift keys or other cool prizes. To learn about these contests, you can either follow NovelAI on social media or check their updates regularly.

Next will be to use the referral link for Novel AI gift keys.

use referral link for novelai

Another option is to use referral links that are created by people who already use NovelAI. A referral link is a unique web address you can give to your friends or people online.

If anyone uses your referral link to join NovelAI, both you and the new user will receive a free gift key for NovelAI. You can make your own referral link for referrals by visiting the NovelAI website and copying the link from there.

You can also find out how many folks have clicked your referral link and how many gift keys you’ve received.

You can get a free NovelAI gift key and dive into all the fantastic service features by employing these two methods.

Purchase NovelAI Gift Key

You can buy Novel AI key using a credit card, Google Pay or Apple Pay.

To buy a NovelAI Gift Key:

  1. Tap or select the Gear symbol.
  2. Select the “Account” option, and then choose “Purchase New Gift Key.”
  3. When you buy a Gift Key, you’ll get a code that anyone you give it to can use. The Gift Key has the same benefits as the ones you can buy for yourself.

Can You Use NovelAI for Free

You can access NovelAI for free, but there are certain restrictions. Free plan features include:

  • Each story segment should be 1000 words.
  • Three stories, three worlds
  • AI models up to 3
  • Edit and format basic text.
  • Share your stories

To access extra features and advantages, you can switch to a paid subscription, which begins at $4.99/month or $49.99/year. By upgrading to the paid plan, you will have access to the following features:

  • Segment stories with unlimited words
  • Unlimited stories
  • Use all AI models
  • Edit and format advanced text
  • Various formats for exporting

Subscription Plans

novelai price plan

NovelAI has special units called Anlas, and these are only used for creating images.

1. Tablet: $10 per month

  • Generating unlimited text.
  • AI can store about 4096 characters, which is roughly equal to 500 words.
  • 1,000 anlas for creating art, resulting in about 200 images.

2. Scroll: $15 per month

  • Generate unlimited text.
  • AI can store about 8192 characters, which is roughly equal to 1000 words.
  • 1,000 anlas for creating art, resulting in about 200 images.

3. Opus: $25 per month

  • The AI storyteller is better than these above plans.
  • Generate unlimited text.
  • AI can store about 8192 characters, which is roughly equal to 1000 words.
  • 10,000 anlas for creating art, resulting in about 2000 images.
  • Creating regular images doesn’t use up Anlas, so you can generate as many as you want without any limits.


Keep in mind that NovelAI keeps getting better because the people who make it are always working to make it even cooler. 

Whether you love writing, are a student, or are just really into it, this AI tool can help you get better at writing and being creative. 

If you do these steps and stay involved in the NovelAI community, you’ll have a better chance of getting a free NovelAI gift key and using this awesome AI writing helper to its fullest.


How do I get a gift key for NovelAI?

You can buy NovelAI Gift Keys using your Google Pay, Apple Pay, or credit card.

How much does NovelAI image cost?

The Tablet plan is $10 a month and includes 1000 Anlas. The Scroll plan is $15 a month and gives you 3000 Anlas. The Opus plan costs $25 a month and offers 10,000 Anlas.

How can I use a coupon or promo code on NovelAI?

Copy your discount code, go to NovelAI’s website, paste the code during checkout, and see if it works for savings.

How do you get free NovelAI free anlas?

Get a monthly subscription for $10 and receive free 1000 Anlas. You can add 2000 more Anlas for $3.79.

How to get NovelAI for free?

To try out NovelAI for free, go to the site and click “Start Writing for Free” to begin a fresh story. To keep your work, sign up for a free trial. With a free account, you get 6,144 tokens, which can hold about 24,500 characters.

How to set up a NovelAI API key?

To get the NovelAI API key:

Click the gear icon.
Choose Account in User Settings.
Click Get Persistent API Token.
Copy the NovelAI API token.