How to Make Chat GPT Undetectable (8 Best Methods to Follow)

how to make chat gpt undetectable

It becomes necessary to figure out how to make Chat GPT undetectable. Chat GPT content can be made undetectable by using simple techniques. But how do we write on Chat GPT so that AI-generated content is not detected?

The best way to create content is to write it yourself with the help of Chat GPT. That’s why we believe text generators can be useful. AI systems learn from a huge amount of information, helping readers to provide valuable answers to challenging questions. With some bypass technique, your content will be undetectable.

So, let’s get started on how to make Chat GPT undetectable and bypass this with simple methods.

Tips: students and content writers should avoid using Chat GPT’s generated content.

Use of Undetectable AI

AI-generated content, such as Chat GPT, goes against Google’s rules for website owners. Google will reject your AI content if it detects AI in it. 

Businesses need to create AI content that can’t be easily detected. AI-generated chat content is seen as spam because it makes people doubt if the content is real. So, companies should use a human tone, natural writing, and structured sentences to make the content seem like a person is writing it.

What Is Wrong With Chat GPT Content

Chat GPT makes content boring and uninteresting. It gathers a lot of information to give the most probable answer based on statistics. Basically, they make all writing look the same, creating generic content without the unique touch of human expression. Chat GPT can’t understand cultural nuances or use everyday language like humans do.

A Quick Guide on How to Make Chat GPT Undetectable

To make Chat GPT undetectable:

  1. Make brand-level clarity with focus.
  2. Use second-person POV in Chat GPT.
  3. Make chat GPT burstier.
  4. Use active voice in Chat GPT.
  5. Add perplexity to Chat GPT content.
  6. Add your viewpoint.
  7. Set a mood with emotional language.
  8. Use a content detector tool.

8 Steps on How to Make Chat GPT Undetectable

Here is a brief guide of eight key steps on how to make Chat GPT undetectable for content that closely resembles human writing.

1. Make Brand-Level Clarity with Focus

AI-generated text is easy to humanize if you follow the mainstream narrative. Let’s briefly discuss the brand rather than get into specific content details. Your content reflects your brand. Unless you’re working on the overall brand strategy, it’s hard to stay consistent with the details of the content.

Use a brand-focused content plan to make AI text more human.

  • A brand’s overall vision that guides content strategy.
  • Choose words and styles that reflect your brand in your content.
  • Your brand’s core values and what it stands against, adding emotional depth to your content.
  • Content is essential for strengthening a brand’s identity that showcases its unique benefits and helps in the company’s position.

If you understand these pillars, everything will align correctly. This method will make you less detectable and less visible to AI-generated content.

You will have less AI content for your brand once you understand it using Chat GPT. Next, write your content using the second-person POV in Chat GPT.

2. Use Second-Person POV in Chat GPT

While editing AI-generated content, we’ve seen bots often write sentences in the third person. Words like “them“, “his“, “her“, “him“, “they“, “it“, “she“, and “he” show that someone is talking about another person or thing, not themselves. The third-person view is about the user, not directly talking to them.

For example, “Business ideas generator benefits” is written in the third person in the image below.

text is in third person pov on how to make chat gpt undetectable topic
text is in third person pov | how to make chat gpt undetectable topic

To sound more yourself and less like an AI, replace “AI business idea generators” with “you” to say, “You often employ.” It sounds more like a regular conversation that way. Edit your AI-generated content as if you’re talking to someone right there with you. When you see sentences talking about the reader, use “you” language in the second person.

3. Make Chat GPT Burstier

Burstiness measures how spread out or uneven content is. In language, it means sentences can be short or long and simple or complex.

People often write with complex, long, and short, simple sentences, creating various styles. AI-generated text is usually more consistent.

Burstiness works in different areas, like:

  • Burstiness helps identify trends, forecast customer needs, and improve supply chain efficiency.
  • It helps predict market ups and downs, catch fraud and create smart trading plans.
  • It helps optimize resource distribution, pinpoint at-risk patients, and forecast disease outbreaks.
  • It can improve networks, improve data storage, and create new algorithms.

4. Use Active Voice in Chat GPT

Make your sentences more human by changing passive sentences to active ones. Using passive voice creates sentences that are more complex than needed. People don’t usually talk like that. For AI content to sound human, it should speak like a person, using an active voice.

Look at this example below, which is about the “AI search engine.”

passive voice to avoid on how to make chat gpt undetectable topic
passive voice to avoid | how to make chat gpt undetectable topic

If you spot “by“, it’s likely a passive voice. To use active voice, move the main person or thing doing the action to the front of the sentence and rephrase it.

active voice use to make chat gpt text undetectable
active voice use | how to make chat gpt undetectable

This instantly makes the sentence easier to understand. It sounds simpler and more direct, not like a robot wrote it.

5. Add Perplexity to Chat GPT Content

Making Chat GPT content harder to detect can be done by making it more confusing. Perplexity measures how hard it is to predict a text.

A higher perplexity makes the text harder to predict, making it less recognized as generated by AI.

Ways to make Chat GPT content more confusing:

  • Mix up your sentence types. Chat GPT is great at creating text that follows the patterns it learned from a huge amount of text data.
  • Use different phrases and words. Chat GPT excels at creating text that makes sense and is grammatically correct.
  • Share your thoughts and experiences. Chat GPT can’t create creative text or original content.

In simple terms, confusion is a useful measure for improving the accuracy of NLP models.

6. Add Your Viewpoint

Add your perspective, stories, or expertise to make AI content more human-like. Sharing your opinion on the topic adds a personal touch.

Show your expertise in the field by sharing your valuable opinions where they matter. Make it clear that you’re a real expert, not just a bot!

For example, we discuss how AI has changed the writing industry significantly. As professional writers, now’s the ideal time for us to share our personal experiences rather than discuss the overall condition of the industry. We need to share our own perspectives, not just repeat what others say.

We know a lot about this stuff, so how does this big change impact what we do?

Everyone’s views can add a personal touch to this content.

7. Set a Mood With Emotional Language

Emotion fuels human communication. Add feelings to your AI content to make it more interesting and relatable. Use excitement, frustration, passion, or humor when suitable.

Imagine you’re writing about AI art prompts. Share your love for exploring AI art; don’t just use prompts. Share how a special art made you feel alive to help readers relate to your excitement.

8. Use a Content Detector Tool

AI detection tools, like (not sponsored), are highly accurate in identifying AI-generated content and continue to improve.

contentdetector ai makes chat gpt undetectable | how to make chat gpt undetectable

How to Use Contentdetector AI Tool

To use

  1. Copy and paste your content on the official website.
  2. Click on “Analyze” and check your score.
  3. Remove or modify the highlighted text with a human touch.

This is the only way to remove AI-generated text if you have any.

But this suggestion isn’t perfect. Always use to check all versions of your content for plagiarism. 

Adjustments may be required to improve the strategy’s implementation for generating high-quality content that can bypass AI text detection.

Note: Also, you can compare your work with articles, websites, and books to check it. Find your work by searching for phrases or keywords. Remember to mention the source in the work if you see similar information.

That’s it. These are eight methods on how to make Chat GPT text undetectable.

How to Make Chat GPT Undetectable by Turnitin

Turnitin tool helps verify your work for originality to spot any similarities with existing content.

turnitin tool for chat gpt content undetectable
turnitin tool | how to make chat gpt undetectable

To make Chat GPT undetectable by Turnitin, mix human-generated and rewritten content. There will be no plagiarism content when the AI score is below 10%.

Keep In Mind While Writing With Chat GPT

Chat GPT can make content, but it’s not perfect. To avoid mistakes, keep these points in mind:

  • Consider Chat GPT as your “co-writer”: See Chat GPT as a teammate, not a substitute for creativity.
  • Take it as your first draft: Plan on making changes to Chat GPT content to personalize it and make it your own.
  • Verify your facts: Check Chat GPT information for accuracy to avoid mistakes.
  • The information must be recent: Check your result against recent data before training a Chat GPT model.
  • Bias-free algorithms: Carefully review AI content and consider how political, environmental, social, and cultural factors relate to your topic.
  • AI adds nothing: Chat GPT doesn’t bring new ideas to the discussion because it relies on existing information. There are even some Chat GPT restrictions. Human writing in AI content brings fresh perspectives and sparks interesting conversations.

The Most Common Uses of Chat GPT

Using AI content in universities and schools raises ethical concerns. Students use Chat GPT for essays, assignments, and homework. Using AI chatbots to create content is considered cheating by experts and teachers, leading to ethical concerns about students’ submitted work.

Many universities and schools use AI tools to check if content is authentic. Many don’t allow Chat GPT to be used on their grounds.

Why Is Human Writing So Unique

People’s writing is special and easy to connect with because it draws from shared experiences, expressions, and nuance that people can relate to.

Getting the writer’s “voice” right is what makes writing interesting. Write in a way that connects emotionally with the audience. Share your experiences, explain information clearly, and be critical – it helps readers connect with you.


To sum up, we have covered all the discussions, including how to make Chat GPT undetectable. Chat GPT is a helpful AI chat tool that creates content when you give it a prompt. Users must create articles in a method that AI-detecting tools can’t easily spot; otherwise, their work may be rejected.


Is Chat GPT detectable?

Using Chat GPT for your work can be caught by plagiarism checker Turnitin, and schools impose stricter penalties for using Chat GPT in writing assignments.

Universities can detect Chat GPT?

Most universities use plagiarism software Turnitin to check your work when you submit it for marking.

Has Chat GPT ever been detected being used?

Since Chat GPT was released, philosophy professor Darren Hick discovered a student submitting an essay created by the AI.

How accurate are AI detectors?

AI detectors examine text by checking for consistent patterns, like sentence length and predictable word choice. However, there is no guarantee of 100% accuracy in these tools.

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