15 Best Adobe Illustrator Alternatives Free and Paid in 2024


Consider the top Adobe Illustrator alternatives if you don’t wish to pay for an Adobe tool subscription. Illustrator, part of Creative Cloud, is the go-to software for vector art, but alternatives to Adobe Illustrator will give you better features.🎨

Illustrator has been the top choice for graphic design, illustration, and digital art for a lengthy time, making it our preferred vector software in the best design software list. If you need Adobe Illustrator online alternatives, our reviewers have suggestions.

Whether you’re done with Creative Cloud payments or just want to try a new interface, this article helps you explore premium and free Adobe Illustrator alternatives.

We tested the competitors, considered feedback from designers, and evaluated each program based on features, versatility, user-friendliness, and resource utilization.

What Is an AI Adobe Illustrator?

Adobe Illustrator AI is a top graphic design software for creating logos, icons, and illustrations with precision. Create awesome designs for various purposes using typography, gradients, and 3D effects.

Create amazing illustrations that can be resized from your screens to Ad billboards and more by using color, shapes, and lines. Convey your message clearly with eye-catching designs.

Is Adobe Illustrator free?

To use Adobe Illustrator AI for free, just create an account for a free trial. Just go to Adobe Illustrator’s website and click “free trial.” Your profile will be charged for a paid subscription after the 7-day trial unless you cancel before it ends.

Why Look for an Adobe Illustrator Alternative?

Here are a few reasons to consider an alternative to Adobe Illustrator:

  1. Price: Adobe Illustrator software is in the Adobe Creative Cloud, which is pricey for small businesses or individuals. Cheaper illustration and graphic design options exist with substitute vector-based software.
  2. Versatility: Other options like OpenOffice and Vectr have more features than Adobe Illustrator.
  3. Materials: Adobe Illustrator alternative offers tools like tutorials, plugins, and templates to help users understand and get better.
  4. Compatibility: Best alternatives to Adobe Illustrator work on various systems like Linux, Windows, and macOS, giving users more choice in their OS.

Best Adobe Illustrator Free Alternative

Here are 9 free Adobe Illustrator alternatives for better design software.

  1. Vecteezy
  2. GIMP
  3. OpenOffice
  4. Inkscape
  5. Vectr
  6. Gravit
  7. DesignEvo
  8. Linearity
  9. Figma

Top Premium Adobe Illustrator Alternatives

Here are 6 premium Adobe Illustrator alternatives for better design software.

  1. Boxy SVG
  2. CorelDRAW
  3. Affinity Designer
  4. VectorStyler
  5. Sketch
  6. Corel VECTOR

15 Best Adobe Illustrator Alternatives (Rank Wise)

Here is a rank-wise brief guide to 15 premium and free alternatives to Adobe Illustrator for 2024.

1. Boxy SVG

Boxy SVG is an Adobe Illustrator alternative that is free on Linux, but with a paid plan, you can use it on any device through a Chrome extension.

boxy svg adobe illustrator alternative

It’s great for beginners due to its simple interface and focus on essential features. It’s simpler to use than Illustrator, and the easy interface is easy to learn.

Best Features

  • ✅Chrome extension
  • ✅Clip Art Library
  • ✅Google Fonts
  • ✅Over 100 keyboard commands


  • 💰$19.99

2. Vecteezy

Vecteezy Adobe Illustrator free alternative lets you make your own designs or pick from their collection of stock images. Its simple design and easy steps make it a handy software for those new to graphic design.

vecteezy - free adobe illustrator alternative

The free version with ads is available online, offering a user-friendly experience with plenty of choices for both beginners and experts. You must give credit when using the images. The Pro subscription gives you ad-free access to Vecteezy’s full collection of images and videos. 

It also includes commercial rights but with limited legal protection and downloads. Pro Extended offers unlimited downloads and extra-legal protection, and all versions come with a 7-day trial.

Best Features

  • ✅Millions of resources for free
  • ✅Simple for beginners 
  • ✅Suitable for experts
  • ✅Pay per download option
  • ✅Compatible with various formats


  • 💰Free
  • 💰Paid: $14/month


GIMP, or GNU Program, may not have advanced vector functions like Adobe Illustrator. Still, its third-party plugins and customizable interface make it a suitable replacement for Adobe Illustrator or Photoshop users.

GIMP is an open-source free alternative to Illustrator platform with advanced features, making it a strong design software for PC users.

Best Features

  • ✅Photo enhancement
  • ✅Adjust B&W photography
  • ✅Digital retouching
  • ✅Customizable interface
  • ✅Powerful filter


  • 💰Free

4. OpenOffice

OpenOffice is 100% free software like Illustrator for offices with no restrictions.💯 OpenOffice Draw product lets users easily make posters, diagrams, graphics, charts, and even 3D designs.

OpenOffice follows international standards and is the first to use the ISO-approved Format as its default file format.

Best Features

  • ✅Page size: 300 cm by 300 cm (maximum)
  • ✅Smart connectors
  • ✅Dimension lines
  • ✅3D controller
  • ✅Clipart Gallery


  • 💰Free

5. CorelDRAW

CorelDRAW, a popular Adobe Illustrator alternative, debuted over 30 years ago. The app works on macOS and Windows, providing design options like Adobe but with an amazing interface and approach.

coreldraw adobe illustrator alternative

CorelDRAW costs less than Adobe Illustrator software but more than the other choices. It has a 15-day trial.

Best Features

  • ✅Compatible with various tools
  • ✅Multipage view
  • ✅Export several files with a single click
  • ✅7,000 clipart
  • ✅1,000 OpenType and TrueType fonts
  • ✅600 vector and fountain


  • 💰$22.42/month (Basic plan)

6. Affinity Designer

We think Affinity Designer is a great Adobe Illustrator alternative for all-around use. Introduced in 2014, Affinity Designer vector editor by the British company has gained popularity over time, and rightfully so. It’s powerful, full of features, and costs much less (one-time purchase at £48.99, with occasional discounts) compared to an Illustrator price.

affinity designer - free software like illustrator

Because it doesn’t have old code holding it back, the software runs faster than Adobe Illustrator, especially on the latest Macs. There are a few gaps outlined in the Affinity Designer, but overall, yes. Collaborating with Illustrator users is easy since Affinity Designer software can handle both importing and exporting AI & PSD files.

Affinity Designer has unique features not found in Illustrator, like switching between vector and raster workspaces in one tool, unlimited undo, and zoom of over one million. Get the complete Affinity Designer for just £19.99 on iPad, featuring tools for the Pencil.

Best Features

  • ✅Various features
  • ✅Support multiple platforms
  • ✅For professional designers
  • ✅Incredibly affordable one-time cost
  • ✅iPad friendly


  • 💰$54.99

7. Inkscape

Inkscape is an Adobe Illustrator alternative free tool for creating and editing vectors. It works on Linux, macOS, and Windows and supports various design formats like Illustrator’s AI, CorelDRAW’s CDR, and Boxy SVG. It works smoothly on basic computers.

It’s a handy tool for artists and designers, offering useful features for both technical illustrations and artistic. Open-source lets tech-savvy users tweak features and integrate the app with other software.

Best Features

  • ✅Open-source
  • ✅LPEs (Live Path Effects)
  • ✅Node editing
  • ✅Duplicate guides
  • ✅Hairlines and corners for technical designs
  • ✅Split-view and X-ray modes for freestyle drawing


  • 💰Free

8. VectorStyler

VectorStyler AI is a great alternative to Adobe Illustrator, and it looks like it’s growing. Its main appeal lies in its diverse scalable brushes and unique tools not found in other Illustrator alternatives, like a shape builder, blend tool, and pattern tool.

This Adobe Illustrator alternative works with Illustrator files and lets you import brush collections. We discovered the interface easy to use with lots of tools and filters. VectorStyler costs $95, which is double the price of Affinity Designer, our top pick for Adobe Illustrator alternatives. Additionally, VectorStyler lacks an iPad app and a broader range of compatible software.

Best Features

  • ✅Vector brushes in a large range
  • ✅User-friendly interface
  • ✅Support multiple platforms


  • 💰$95 (One-off payment)

9. Vectr

Vectr aims to be a user-friendly free Illustrator alternative. It’s free to download as a desktop app or use in your browser, perfect for beginners and anyone needing simple illustration and logo designs.

vectr adobe illustrator alternative

It can create shapes, use different design layers, and add text with other basic editing features. You can either save the designs online or export them to your device.

Best Features

  • ✅Quick vector editing
  • ✅Best for beginners
  • ✅Intuitive interface
  • ✅Each image URL can be shared with numerous people


  • 💰Free

10. Gravit

Gravit is an excellent free alternative to Adobe Illustrator, letting you explore thousands of UI designs, wireframes, mockups, vectors, and more with comparable power.

Like Adobe Illustrator software, Gravit Designer offers tools for creating vector graphics, such as pens, slices, lines, knives, and more. It also includes features like path editing, layers, live filters,   and additional functionalities to meet your design requirements.

Gravit has features like an SVG editor, cloud integration, and Boolean operations.

Best Features

  • ✅Supports multiple formats
  • ✅Dashboard navigation
  • ✅Offers quick and simple keyboard shortcuts
  • ✅Color customization
  • ✅A free collection of mockups and wireframes


  • 💰Free

11. Sketch

If you’re looking for a digital design program like Illustrator and use a Mac, Sketch is likely the best Adobe Illustrator alternative for vector drawing. Sketch, which was introduced in 2010, became the top choice for website and app prototyping due to its emphasis on icon design and UI.

sketch - free alternative to illustrator

It’s not as complete as Illustrator, so Sketch doesn’t have everything. You wouldn’t operate it for detailed drawings or art.

The license is $99 and includes free updates.

Best Features

  • ✅User-friendly
  • ✅Great for icon design and UI
  • ✅Best for designers


  • 💰$99

12. Corel VECTOR

Consider Corel VECTOR as a budget-friendly, web-based Adobe Illustrator alternative from Corel. Previously, Gravit Designer offered a free version.

Now, you need a paid plan at $69.99 per year; it’s more affordable than CorelDRAW AI and Illustrator. Corel VECTOR is easy to understand, and the program handles tasks from designing icons to creating animations and illustrations.

Best Features

  • ✅A decent collection of tools
  • ✅Suitable for Sketch files and AI
  • ✅Cheaper plan than CorelDRAW


  • 💰$69.99 (Yearly basis)

13. DesignEvo

Even though it’s free, this design tool is valuable. Start your design journey with 10,000+ templates on DesignEvo. Perfect the style, build the portfolio, and streamline your workflow for free, without pricey software.

designevo adobe illustrator alternative

Access free colors, fonts, and a simple logo editor on DesignEvo. After creating your ideal design, easily export it to your favorite cloud storage in high-resolution formats.

Best Features

  • ✅Simple and clean UI
  • ✅Drag-and-drop editor
  • ✅Customizable templates


  • 💰Free

14. Linearity

Linearity, downloaded six million+ times on your App Store, is praised for its user-friendly features. The auto-trace feature makes tasks easier, helping you accomplish your work more quickly.

Linearity includes limitless artboards, an advanced text editor feature with a PDF editor, custom fonts, and compatibility with keyboard, mouse, pen, Wacom pad, and touch. Its various import/export and integration options simplify transitioning between different design tools.

Best Features

  • ✅Figma designs support
  • ✅User-friendly
  • ✅Capable of exporting several file formats


  • 💰Free

15. Figma

Figma Adobe Illustrator alternative is a design app with all the features in one place, making it easy to create and prototype. You can use plugins to automate tasks, and the auto layout feature makes moving and resizing elements a breeze.

Use cloud software to create illustrations on the internet and easily share them with your team members.

Figma’s free plan is great for beginners or small teams. But if you’re an experienced designer or part of a larger team, you might want the Professional plan, which offers extra features such as unlimited plan history and team libraries. The professional plan starts at $12/month, and teachers and students get it for free. You can even check Figma alternatives.

Best Features

  • ✅Real-time collaboration
  • ✅Cloud based
  • ✅File sharing with collaborators is simple


  • 💰Free

Choose a Better Adobe Illustrator Alternative

For design and art, Adobe AI software isn’t the only option to fulfill your requirements and reach your goals. There are choices.

Before choosing software, understand what your company really needs. If you’re new to these tools, start with Adobe Illustrator free alternatives until you become more experienced, or your requirements surpass what the software offers.

Switching from paid tools like Figma or Adobe Illustrator to free alternatives like Boxy SVG can protect your money.


Is Figma an alternative to Illustrator?

Figma is a great Adobe Illustrator alternative for designing interactive interfaces, especially for UI & UX designers.

Which Illustrator software is best?

Adobe Illustrator is the top choice for creating digital illustrations and vector graphics. While it may not cover all types of digital craft, it’s the best for digital drawing and was recognized as the best graphics design editing program in 2018.

Can you use Adobe Illustrator on a tablet?

For Android and iOS, Adobe has a mobile app named Adobe Illustrator Draw. It lets you make vector designs and illustrations anytime, anywhere.

Is there a free Adobe Illustrator alternative?

Inkscape is a powerful open-source vector graphics tool and a free Adobe Illustrator alternative for professional and semi-professional designers.

Is there a free version of Adobe Illustrator?

Illustrator is only available through a Creative Cloud membership. There are two types of plans: Single App and Multi App. Single App plans include Illustrator only and Multi App plans include more apps. 

Is Inkscape as good as Illustrator?

In the Inkscape vs. Illustrator debate, your choice depends on your needs. Inkscape is free and great for beginners, while Illustrator offers more features and support for professionals.

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