13 Free Zapier Alternatives in 2024 (Alternatives to Zapier)

zapier alternatives

Zapier helps users link apps, automate tasks, and boost productivity. Yet, several Zapier alternatives also provide impressive features, challenging Zapier’s dominance.

These tools automate tasks, saving you time and minimizing mistakes—Automate tasks like managing leads, running marketing campaigns and handling customer support with an automation platform.

Check out 13 free alternatives to Zapier in 2024 in this article.

What Is Zapier Used For?

Zapier helps users save time by automating regular tasks through Zap workflows. Link your applications and set up customized processes to boost productivity in all aspects of work.

Here are the key features of Zapier:

  • Connect 5,000+ apps (some may require payment).
  • Easy workflow editor (free).
  • Built-in Zapier apps (free).
  • Advanced features like conditional logic and multi-step workflows (Premium).
  • Team collaboration tools (Premium).
  • Extensive support is available for free.

Zapier Pricing

Zapier offers plans for individuals, professionals, and large teams. It can be free or up to $103.50 per month if paid yearly. Non-profit groups get a 15% discount too.

Why Look For Zapier Alternatives?

Here are some downsides of the Zapier tool.

  • Certain restrictions with the free plan
  • Technical problems
  • Integrations with third parties are not up to the mark
  • Limited complexity

What are the Best Zapier Alternatives?

Here are 13 free Zapier alternative tools to use for your business.

  1. For Lead Management: BizConnect and ClickUp
  2. For Sales Pipeline: EngageBay and Streak
  3. For Marketing Campaigns: Asana
  4. For Data Management: Talend and Looker BI
  5. For Project Management: Wrike and QuickBase
  6. For Incident Management: Jira Service Management and Uptime by Better Stack
  7. For App Integration: Make and IFTTT

Zapier Alternatives for Lead Management

Lead management programs help businesses identify, assess, and cultivate potential customers to turn them into unique opportunities. 

We checked 2,241 U.S. businesses to see how quickly they responded to a test lead generated online. While 37% replied quickly, 16% responded in a day, 24% took over 24 hours, and 23% didn’t respond. On average, companies that replied in 30 days took 42 hours to respond.

With the proper lead management program, your crew can quickly respond to leads and enhance lead capture, staying ahead of the game.

#1. BizConnect

BizConnect isn’t like other lead management programs or CRM. It’s a tool for scanning business cards and organizing a list of contacts. It’s a helpful tool for folks who often go to conferences and exchange business cards. 

bizconnect - zapier alternative

BizConnect simplifies card scanning and helps you build and organize several potential contacts effortlessly.

Pros and Cons

✅ Accurate scanning❌ While incredibly accurate, scanning can occasionally be slow
✅ Contact lists are simple to organize, maintain, and share with different team members
✅ Managers are able to make daily checklists and tasks
✅ Exporting lists to Microsoft Excel and Google Sheets is simple


  • Free

#2. ClickUp

ClickUp is an easygoing project management tool that can function as a customer relationship or lead management strategy. It’s one of the best Zapier alternatives for CRM options with easy setup, workflows, templates, and a modern, customizable design.

clickup - zapier alternatives

Use ClickUp to streamline your sales process, collaborate with your team, and work seamlessly with marketing and other departments to attract and convert leads. This system is perfect for bringing your teams together on one platform.

Pros and Cons

✅ Automation options❌ It could be too much for some users
✅ CRM flexibility
✅ Forms
✅ Customized dashboards
✅ A growing collection of CRM templates


  • Free

Sales Pipeline Alternatives to Zapier

A sales pipeline program helps a company manage and analyze potential customers as they progress through the sales process. 

It helps manage potential customers and track their progress in the sales process. Sales software helps monitor and enhance the implementation of sales agents by tracking and reporting.

Picking the right alternative to Zapier software can greatly boost the sales team’s success.

#3. EngageBay

EngageBay is a complete AI tool for sales, customer service, and marketing. Companies operate it to attract, interact with, care for, and turn potential customers into buyers.

engagebay - alternative to zapier

It provides various tools like social media and Email marketing, CRM, and lead capture for the entire process. There’s a tool to make landing pages, pop-ups, and web forms and link them to your preferred CRM and EngageBay.

This software is perfect for small companies looking to simplify their sales and marketing tasks.

Pros and Cons

✅ User-friendly platform for Email marketing❌ Few templates for landing pages
✅ Great customer support
✅ Page builder


  • Free version: Manage 500 contacts, send Emails, automate responses, build landing pages, use live chat, and access customer support features.

#4. Streak

The next free Zapier alternative sales pipeline program is Streak, which is meant to work seamlessly in Gmail. Streak lets you handle leads through every pipeline stage right from your inbox. Use tools like analytics, client management, and deal tracking to boost your deal-closing success.

streak one of the best zapier alternatives

Users can attach files and notes to contacts to keep important information handy. Streak enhances the team’s sales with features such as task management and Email templates. It includes visuals to spot trends and focus on leads that require attention.

Pros and Cons

✅ Mail Merge❌ Customer service
✅ Email opens notifications❌ Bugs
✅ Very customizable


  • Free version: Individuals can manage 500 leads and send 50 Emails daily using Mail Merge.

Tool Like Zapier for Marketing Campaign

A good campaign tool brings together tasks and gathers data in one spot. Choosing a bad tool can create problems like team isolation, complex processes, or wasting money on unused solutions.

We’ve explored top campaign management software used by global companies to help you choose the best one for your crew’s planning and execution needs. Here, we explain one platform that helps you pick the best option for your organization.

#5. Asana

Asana helps marketing teams work together by organizing projects, tracking goals and planning sprints. 

asana - zapier alternative

Asana doesn’t sync data between projects and risks duplicate data. It’s a useful tool for small teams to meet deadlines and track campaign progress easily.

Pros and Cons

✅ Task automation❌ It takes some time to master the software
✅ Real-time monitoring
✅ Huge Template Library


  • Free

Zapier Alternatives for Data Management

Data Management oversees the entire life of a piece of data, from its creation to retirement, tracking its changes within a company’s data streams. 

Big companies like Microsoft and Amazon have made tools to handle data for businesses. These products adapt to any business, letting them create a streamlined information system using their data.

Here are the top data management Zapier free alternatives available.

#6. Talend

Unified platform for handling data seamlessly across cloud and on-premise setups, covering integration, management, application linking, cloud storage, and data quality.

talend one of the free zapier alternatives

Talend turns data into insights for companies to make quick decisions and embrace a data-driven approach.

Pros and Cons

✅ Easily navigable Interface❌ Minimal technical support
✅ Quick deployment and installation
✅ Personalized code writing feature


  • A free trial is available based on a custom quote

#7. Looker BI

Powerful software for quickly exploring, analyzing, and sharing real-time business data. Looker BI collects and studies data from various sources to support informed decision-making.

Pros and Cons

✅ Simple data navigation and filtering❌ Slow
✅ Easy to integrate 
✅ Excellent user Interface


  • Free trials are available upon request.

Project Management Sites Like Zapier

Marketing project software helps track projects, execute, and teams plan and campaigns. It blends task management with features designed for marketing needs.

This software helps with planning, assigning tasks, managing resources, and tracking progress for marketing projects. Marketing tools make managing marketing projects easier by simplifying their complex and collaborative nature.

Here, we look at the top project management Zapier alternatives free tool for marketing agencies.

#8. Wrike

Wrike is the best alternative to Zapier, a top-rated platform that helps boost productivity and ROI by enhancing project management. You can easily customize everything to make your work more efficient. Wrike’s user-friendly Interface lets you interact with Gantt charts easily.

wrike - free zapier alternatives

Wrike offers expense and time tracking, project management, reporting, templates for marketing tasks, visual proofing, and resource management.

Wrike is user-friendly with a simple layout, making navigating through tasks, folders, and Spaces easy. Go from the main screen to activity stream, reports, calendars, dashboards, and timesheets.

Pros and Cons

✅ Pre-built templates❌ Absence of a note-taking device
✅ Custom forms ❌ Absence of a conversation feature
✅ Outstanding Gantt charts
✅ Time tracking
✅ User-friendly project portfolio management
✅ Visual proofing


  • Free plan

#9. QuickBase

QuickBase is flexible and easy to use, fitting well into any business. You can do automation and integrations and create apps for the marketing team easily with the no-code builder. This helps reduce manual work and maintain consistency in the tasks.

quickbase site like zapier

When creating a workflow, set clear regulations and the most promising practices for managing tasks. This will allow your team to follow common processes easily.

QuickBase offers certification programs and learning resources to help users get the most out of the applications.

Pros and Cons

✅ Template Library❌ Bad user Interface
✅ Team collaboration
✅ Mobile app
✅ Data encryption
✅ Data reporting and syncing


  • Free trial (30 days)

Zapier Alternatives for Incident Management

An incident management program allows IT teams to quickly deal with and fix unexpected issues and plan outages. Apps for incident management make it easier for IT experts by putting all the information in one place. This helps work together on problems, keep tabs on incident information, and automate regular tasks.

Let’s explore the open source Zapier alternatives incident management systems in more detail.

#10. Jira Service Management

Jira Service Management is a free alternative to Zapier, which provides incident management features like on-call alerting and incident swarming.

jira service management zapier alternative

Basic features include do-it-yourself options, handling tickets, customizable processes, and tracking and analysis tools. You’ll have to choose the Premium plans to unlock advanced incident management parts like incident investigations and advanced alerts in Jira.

Pros and Cons

✅ 250GB storage❌ Interface is ordinary
✅ Customizable queues❌ Little challenging to configure
✅ No restrictions for customers
✅ Configurable workflows
✅ Unlimited notifications


  • Cost: $0/month (for three agents)

#11. Uptime by Better Stack

Uptime is for monitoring and managing your system and handling incidents. It has various functions like sending alerts through multiple channels, monitoring websites, tracking incidents over time, combining information, analyzing post-incident details, managing error logs, and providing historical reports.

uptime by better stack zapier alternatives

Uptime lets you customize notifications and prioritize features through its user-friendly Interface. 

It automatically checks in multiple places to ensure an incident is real before sending signals, avoiding false alarms. After confirmation, the system notifies the appropriate agent through Email or SMS.

Pros and Cons

✅ Email alerts❌ Little clumsy
✅ Unlimited calls
✅ Custom subdomain
✅ Incident Timeline
✅ GDPR-compliant


  • Cost: $0/month

Zapier Alternatives for App Integration

Your technology stack would not be complete without a data integration program. It helps different software talk to each other smoothly.

Picking the correct Zapier alternatives data integration software is similar to selecting business partners. It should know what you need, be dependable, and be friendly.

#12. Make

With Make, explore visual integration. This special tool works with 500+ apps, allowing you to easily create intricate workflows with a user-friendly, attractive design. 

make website like zapier

It responds instantly to events with no delay. Though it might take some time to learn, it offers a high level of customization to enhance the business processes.

Pros and Cons

✅ Visual builder❌ Limited features in the free plan
✅ 1000+ services and apps
✅ Trigger events in real-time
✅ GDPR-compliant


  • Free

#13. IFTTT

IFTTT makes automation simple. This special tool lets you easily make automated workflows, called “applets,” for over 600 apps and services.

ifttt - zapier alternative

Easy for beginners and a gateway to advanced business automation.

Pros and Cons

✅ Supports 800+ apps and services❌ Limited features in the free plan
✅ Applets automate simple workflows❌ Designed for simple workflows
✅ Easy to learn


  • Free

Summing Up

Ultimately, you understand what’s most useful for your company. Though Zapier led the way, in 2022, the choices for automation and integration solutions have expanded as the business continues to grow. 

Whether you want lots of options or a specific plan for a few apps, the perfect choice is available at the right price. Fortunately, lots of these Zapier alternatives offer free trials, allowing you to explore and discover the integration software that suits you and your budget.


Is Zapier the best automation tool?

Zapier is a popular automation software because it makes no-code automation easy for everyone. The user-friendly has 6000+ integrations and a workflow builder.

What is the Microsoft equivalent of Zapier?

Microsoft Power Automate is the equivalent of Zapier.