Free Forever Without Midjourney Promo Code (2024)

midjourney promo code

Right now, there isn’t any Midjourney promo code available. We looked everywhere.

If you’re using Midjourney to make art, and you’ve used up your 25 free queries, then you can’t use Midjourney anymore. This article delivers a step-by-step guide on using Midjourney for unlimited queries and graphics without a Midjourney promo code.

First, we’ll provide you with some Midjourney AI promo codes. Plus, we’ll share details about the free trial, some misconceptions about promo codes, and Midjourney tips for maximizing a premium subscription.

How Do I Get a Valid Promo Code?

Let’s discuss where you get the promo code for Midjourney.

1. On the Website Itself

You can find a promo code directly on the Midjourney tool itself. They usually share new discount codes on their site. Also, joining the Midjourney email list helps you stay informed about new Midjourney promo codes.

2. In Aggregator Tools

The Techbargains website collects discount codes from different places, including Midjourney. Searching for the “Midjourney AI promo code” might bring good deals on this website.

3. In the Social Media Platform of Midjourney

Facebook and Twitter are commonly used to share the latest promo codes. Stay updated on these social media platforms for important announcements.

4. Other Websites

DealNews and similar websites provide valuable Midjourney promo codes. They often share new promo codes, which can help anyone looking for discounts.

How to Add Midjourney Promo Code?

To add promo code in Midjourney:

  • Log in to the site.
sign in to midjourney for midjourney promo code
  • Select the plan.
select your plan for midjourney promo code
  • Enter and apply the code.
click on add promotional code to apply midjourney promo code
  • Check the savings.
  • Finish off your purchase.

Use only one code per purchase. If you want to use more, consider making separate transactions.

List of Midjourney Promo Codes

Here is a list of Midjourney subscription promo codes that might work.

  1. Bunny
  2. Machine
  3. Dream
  4. Imagine
  5. Holiday
  6. Thanksgiving
  7. Blackfriday
  8. Algorithm
  9. Trial
  10. Annual

If these Midjourney promo codes did not work, there is no need to be disappointed. We offer a way to use Midjourney for free forever.

Quick Guide to Use Midjourney for Free

Here is a quick guide on how you can use Midjourney for free.

  1. Log out from the old Midjourney account.
  2. Create an account on
  3. Join Discord with that account.
  4. Enjoy Midjourney free for a lifetime.

How to Use Midjourney for Free Lifetime? (Brief)

In brief, we will show you how to use MidJourney for a lifetime without a promo code for Midjourney or paying or using fake emails.

Step 1: Log Out From the Old Midjourney Account

To start, you need to sign out of your previous account by clicking the small gear button. At the bottom, click “Logout.”

log out from the old midjourney account

Step 2: Create an Account on

  • Once you’ve signed out of your old account, it’s time to create an email for your new account.
  • Open a fresh tab, type “,” and press Enter.
  • When you visit the Proton website, simply press the button that says “Create a Free Account.”
create a free account on the proton website
  • Wait for a moment, then pick a free account by clicking on “Get Proton for Free.”
click on get proton for free
  • Wait a moment, wait a bit more, and now, choose any username you’d like.
  • Next, be patient because the most exciting part is about to happen. You can confirm your Proton account in two ways: by verifying your email and completing the reCAPTCHA. We’ll use a simple thing called reCAPTCHA. No need for an email; just click the checkbox. We think using Human Recaptcha is the best and easiest way.
  • Pick any name you like for your display.
  • Now, this part has some extra details. You can either ignore it or provide any random recovery email to continue.
  • Just wait a little, and we’re ready to go! “Hello to ProtonMail! Simply click “Next” a few times, follow the prompts, and you’ll be ready to start. Here’s a look at the ProtonMail interface. website interface

Step 3: Join Discord With That Account

  • First, copy the email address. Next, head over to Discord and select the Register option. Then, click on “Continue.” Complete your CAPTCHA process.
click on register option on discord
  • Now verify your account by returning to the website and opening your inbox. You can see a message for verification of your account. Then, click on verify mail and boom.

Step 4: Enjoy Midjourney Free for a Lifetime

Now, type any prompt for AI art, and Midjourney will generate the best images for you for a lifetime.

Tip: When creating images, don’t be concerned if you come across this message (shown in the picture below).

free trial extreme demand

Just follow these steps and try again after 24 hours.

That’s it. Follow these methods and use Midjourney for free forever without the Midjourney promo code. Create unique art with this AI art generator.

20% Off Plan Without Midjourney AI Promo Code

No Midjourney subscription promo code is available for signing up with a premium Midjourney account right now. If you want to spend less, go for the yearly plan and get a 20% discount.

Plus, with an annual plan, you’ll secure the current price if this tool increases subscription rates later. Due to the high demand for Midjourney, they might need to increase prices to protect extra expenses.

With the Basic Plan, which is $10/month, you can create about 200 images. It’s around 5 cents for each image.

A basic plan will be the best Midjourney plan for you. We’ve found that using 200 images/month is enough to try out this tool and create AI images for different projects.

With the premium plan, you get complete commercial rights with the license.

Other Midjourney Savings Strategies

Here are some tips to save money by using Midjourney.

1. Pay Attention to Prompts

Being more specific in your Midjourney prompts can affect how many tries it takes to acquire desired results.

2. Purchase Fast Hours

If you need more Fast Hours, buy extra for $4 each. This could save you money if you sometimes need more Fast Hours than your existing plan includes.

3. Switch to Relax Mode

Choosing Relax Mode lets you create more photos without using lots of Fast Hours.

What Are Some Misconceptions About Midjourney Promo Codes?

Watch out for common mistakes and misunderstandings:

1. Specific Region

Some codes only work in certain countries or areas.

2. Expiry Date

Often, promo codes have an expiration date. Before your Midjourney promo code expires, be sure to use it.

3. Particular Circumstances

Some Midjourney promo codes only work for certain conditions or are for new users only. You can check the T&C of promo codes.

4. One-Time-Only

Some codes can only be used once.

Cheaper and Better Alternatives to Midjourney

There are cheaper and better Midjourney alternatives that you can choose from.

1. Stable Diffusion

Stable Diffusion is the text-to-image generator that comes closest to Midjourney. Midjourney is private and expensive, while the Stable Diffusion tool is free and open to everyone. We’ve used this tool before, and it quickly creates images. Use in a better way of Stable Diffusion prompts to generate excellent AI images.

2. Leonardo AI

Leonardo.Ai text-to-image model is trending and currently better than Midjourney. It’s not for everyone; only a few chosen users get early access. You can join the Discord server to see how well it creates detailed images. We noticed that this AI design tool excels at creating flawless human faces, especially with clear eyes.

3. Bing Image Generator

Microsoft added image generation to Bing, not just on the website alone. Create pictures using prompts in Bing Chat. After generating 25 images each day, the results take longer. While it may not excel in creating realistic human faces, it’s generally effective at rapidly generating AI images.

4. Adobe Firefly

Adobe launched a creative AI model named Firefly to compete with Midjourney. Like Midjourney, type prompt; this tool will show you four images with different versions. In our tests, it quickly made images and handled landscapes and different ideas quite well. But for people, it doesn’t look as realistic as Midjourney.

5. Blue Willow

Blue Willow, a unique option to Midjourney, has 300 million users. It’s free and funded by user donations. Join its Discord server for image generation and input your prompt for an instant image. We tested some prompts and got good images. We liked that this tool quickly creates images in just a minute, even with many users. In short, try Blue Willow—it’s a great free option compared to Midjourney.

Summing Up

Learning Midjourney’s rates and using free forever without promo codes will save you money on the AI journey. Always check for promo codes on different platforms and review the T&C regularly. With this understanding, you’ll be more ready to explore the AI world with Midjourney.


What is the Midjourney subscription discount?

Midjourney offers four subscription levels. Choose monthly or yearly and save 20% with the annual plan. Every subscription comes with access to the member gallery and other commercial usage terms. Subscribe to get your own link for subscribing.

Which one is promo code?

Promo codes are mixtures of numbers and letters online shops provide to boost sales on their site as part of a larger marketing plan. A promo code discount can apply to specific items or your entire purchase.

Is there a promo code that works?

The coupons in a coupon database are printable or digital and include rebates. Find deals faster by searching for a store, product, or brand. Start by searching the coupon database.

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