9 Best New Social Media Platforms 2024

best new social media platforms

Lots of new social media platforms have appeared lately!

Check out the top platforms and sites, see which are growing fastest, which might beat the big ones, and which will be key in 2024. Get ready!

What Is the Name of the New Social Media Platform?

Here are the new and emerging social media platforms of 2024.

  1. Clubhouse
  2. Lemon8
  3. Mastodon
  4. Caffeine
  5. Yubo
  6. BeReal
  7. Anchor
  8. Damus
  9. Patreon

New Social Media Platforms By Monthly Active Users ( Rank-Wise)

Best New Social Media PlatformsMonthly Active Users
Yubo50 million
Caffeine35 million
BeReal21.6 million
Clubhouse10 million
Patreon8 million
Lemon84.25 million
Mastodon1.8 million

9 New Growing Social Media Platforms

Listed below are nine of the newest and fastest-growing social media platforms.

1. Clubhouse – Audio-based New Social Media Platform

If you’re using TikTok, you might know about Clubhouse. Launched in 2020, it has more than 10 million weekly users.

clubhouse - new social media platform

The clubhouse is an audio social media platform with chat rooms where users can easily listen to live talks by celebrities and influencers.

Clubhouse lets celebrities and influencers share info with their audience, who can talk back. Initially invite-only, it became open to everyone in 2021. Most users are aged 18 to 34.

Brands haven’t explored Clubhouse much yet, but as it grows, more business opportunities may arise. The chat rooms can help brands create suitable conversations and share important information.


  • Rooms: Clubhouse’s main feature is live audio chat rooms for users.
  • Events: Many conversations in the Clubhouse are spontaneous. Users can organize conversations by making events.
  • Clubs: Clubs are groups of people who regularly talk about a shared interest.
  • Backchannel: Backchannel is a messaging tool for individual or group text chats.
  • Wave: This lets users tell others they are ready for a private conversation.
  • Recording: It lets creators record full 30-second clips or full conversations.
Active Users10 million weekly users
Available devicesAndroid, iOS
Operating systemsAndroid 7+, iOS 13+
Size22 MB (Android), 80.6 MB (iOS)
Rating4.0/5 – 500K Rating (Play Store), 4.6/5 – 89K Rating (App Store)

2. Lemon8 – Combination of Instagram and Pinterest

Lemon8, one of the best new social media platforms by ByteDance, the company behind TikTok, shares content.

lemon8 - the new social media platform

It includes makeup, travel, fashion, food, pets, gadgets, and more.

It provides tools like filters, templates, fonts, and stickers to help creators.

Lemon8 launched in Japan (2020), then extended to the UK and the US in February (2023).

You can also add a Linktree or Linktree alternative link in your bio.


  • Make photo carousels
  • Editing tools ( Stickers, image retouching, text overlays, cutout tool, templates, product tagging)
  • Popular categories (Fashion, skincare, health, travel, food, fitness, makeup)
Active Users4.25 million active users
Available devicesAndroid, iOS
Operating systemsAndroid 7+, iOS 13+
Size65 MB (Android), 189.6 MB (iOS)
Rating4.5/5 – 98K Rating (Play Store), 4.7/5 – 200K Rating (App Store)

3. Mastodon – Best Facebook and Twitter Alternative

Mastodon, one of the new emerging social media platforms launched in 2016, underlines decentralization and data protection. Users can host their server instances and cultivate communities.

mastodon - One of the best new social media platforms

Mastodon lets you make text posts and share images, like other social media platforms, but it focuses more on letting you control your privacy settings.

Mastodon now boasts 5.8 million users globally, with 1.8 million active users monthly.

Mastodon is a popular choice for folks who care about privacy and want a smaller, friendlier alternative to big social media sites like Facebook.

It’s similar to Diaspora and Friendica but easier to use and has a lively community.

Mastodon is a new social media platform like Twitter.


  • Create text posts
  • Image sharing option
  • Strong privacy-conscious
  • Animated avatars and custom emojis
  • Microblogging
  • Customizable timelines
  • Polls
Active Users1.8 million active users
Available devicesAndroid, iOS, Windows, MacOS, Linux
Operating systemsAndroid 7+, iOS 13+
Size2 MB (Android), 50.6 MB (iOS)
Rating3.7/5 – 7K Rating (Play Store), 4.7/5 – 165 Rating (App Store)

4. Caffeine – Best Live Streaming Social Media Platform

Caffeine is a platform for live, interactive content about sports, gaming, and entertainment.

caffeine tv - One of the best new social media platforms

They create special content for gaming, sports, esports & live entertainment streamed on the platform.

Caffeine and Twitch teamed up with celebs like JuJu Smith-Schuster and Offset to throw pre-game parties for Super Bowl 2020.


  • Supports more than 900 PC games for streaming
  • Clean interface
  • Broadcast through phone directly
  • Strictly oppose bullying or hate speech
  • Creators make money from viewer “props” during live streams
Active Users35 million active users
Available devicesAndroid, iOS, Windows, MacOS, Linux
Operating systemsAndroid 7+, iOS 13+
Size37 MB (Android), 62.8 MB (iOS)
Rating4.0/5 – 10K Rating (Play Store), 3.8/5 – 9 Rating (App Store)

5. Yubo – Similar to Tinder and Omegle

Yubo, a live-streaming platform founded in France in 2015, emphasizes friendships and connection. It boasts 40 million users, mostly in the US and Canada. During the peak of COVID lockdowns, its daily users tripled.

yubo - One of the best new social media platforms

Yubo lets users make video chats where streamers chat with viewers. 

Users can also become friends and chat one-on-one. This platform is an Omegle alternative.

Yubo is a new social media platform that’s really teen-friendly, with a special community just for 13 to 17-year-olds. They’ve put a lot of effort into making sure it’s a safe place to hang out.

New tech checks age and a Safety Hub is open 24/7 for reports/questions. Content is watched by people and algorithms to keep things safe. Also, a pop-up warns if personal info like phone numbers is shared.

Yubo stands out for its focus on safety in a digital world where many new social media platforms can feel unsafe, especially for women.

It doesn’t do ads or brand deals, but it shows how users are demanding safer and more private spaces.


  • Live streaming
  • Swiping feature (Similar to Tinder)
  • Gender options
  • YuBucks (For transactions)
  • Add by Tag (Share interests)
Active Users50 million active users
Available devicesAndroid, iOS
Operating systemsAndroid 7+, iOS 13+
Size95 MB (Android), 177.2 MB (iOS)
Rating4.1/5 – 334K Rating (Play Store), 4.5/5 – 1.1K Rating (App Store)

6. BeReal – Best Snapchat Alternative

Younger folks prefer real over perfect pics now. BeReal, a new social media platform encouraging daily unedited uploads, is a hit among 18 to 24-year-olds, with over 20 million installs as per a Statista report from August 2022.

bereal - One of the best new social media platforms

BeReal, started in 2019 by ex-GoPro workers Kévin Perreau and Alexis Barreyat, only shows photos from your friends.

BeReal bans ads, so brands must get creative with marketing.

Chipotle shared a picture of a takeout backpack with a free meal code in May 2022. The very first 100 users who saw it got a free meal. All the codes were claimed in just 30 minutes, as reported by Morning Brew.


  • Daily notification: BeReal notifies users daily to post a photo of what they’re doing within two minutes.
  • Authenticity: This platform encourages users to share unfiltered, real photos to display their true selves to friends.
  • RealGroups: This feature enables users to make private groups with custom notifications, group chat, and private sharing.
  • Tagging
  • Behind the Scenes (BTS): This feature captures pre-BeReal moments in a video.
  • Realmojis: These are reaction emojis made with selfies.
  • Zero followers: Doesn’t display follower counts
  • Memories: Users can view past Memories, make a yearly video, and turn off this feature if they don’t want to save past posts.
Active Users21.6 million monthly active users
Available devicesAndroid, iOS
Operating systemsAndroid 7+, iOS 13+
Size34 MB (Android), 167.4 MB (iOS)
Rating4.4/5 – 293K Rating (Play Store), 4.8/5 – 14K Rating (App Store)

7. Anchor – Best Podcast Creation App

Anchor (Spotify for Podcasters) is a user-friendly podcast creation new social media platform for smartphones and the web. It simplifies recording and publishing podcasts, similar to how YouTube does for videos.

anchor - new and emerging social media platform

After signing in, just press the record icon to start your podcast.

Editing and polishing the podcast requires skill and patience. Anchor offers many editing features that you can use as needed, saving your work as you go.

You can also create a similar AI podcast here.

Anchor’s web platform provides podcast analytics, allowing you to track episode listens, downloads, average listening time, and playback details.


  • Dashboard
  • Monetization
  • Audience analytics
  • Customization
  • Distribution
  • Free hosting
  • Mobile ready
Active UsersNA
Available devicesAndroid, iOS, Web version
Operating systemsAndroid 7+, iOS 13+
Size66 MB (Android), 107.9 MB (iOS)
Rating3.7/5 – 79.2K Rating (Play Store), 4.8/5 – 4.1K Rating (App Store)

8. Damus – End-to-End Encrypted New Social Media Platform

Damus is a secure and new social media platform like Twitter, supported by Jack Dorsey.

damus - best new social media platform

Damus stands out for its censorship resistance, defying Twitter’s perceived limitations by avoiding algorithms and letting users explore based on their interests.

Damus is exclusively on iOS devices, free to use, ad-free, and lets users gift.


  • Censorship resistant
  • End-to-end encryption
  • No login requirements
  • Bitcoin lightning network support
  • Real-time data queries
Active UsersNA
Available devicesiOS. MacOS
Operating systemsiOS 13 or above
Size20.1 MB (iOS)
Rating5/5 – 16 Rating (App Store)

9. Patreon – Best for Content Creators

Patreon has 8+ million monthly users.

patreon - new social media platform

Patreon became popular in the last few years despite starting in 2013.

This new social media platform lets creators and brands make special content for their followers.

Creators on Patreon provide monthly subscriptions with access to various bonuses and content, divided into different membership tiers.

Brands and freelancers often use Patreon to manage podcast and content subscriptions.

This is one of the best new social media platforms that help creators earn money from subscribers with easy navigation for managing content and subscriptions.


  • Creator analytics
  • Membership tiers
  • Direct support
  • Creative freedom
Active UsersOver 8 million monthly users
Available devicesAndroid, iOS
Operating systemsAndroid 7+, iOS 13+
Size29 MB (Android), 68 MB (iOS)
Rating3.7/5 – 99.6K Rating (Play Store), 4.7/5 – 795 Rating (App Store)

What Is the Fastest Growing Social Media Platform in 2024?

Last year was crazy for social media, with lots of new ones popping up. Guess what? BeReal was the fastest-growing social media platform in 2023 and also growing rapidly in 2024. 🥳

In 2022, the raw, unfiltered social platform BeReal became a sensation, with a huge 313% increase in usage from May 2022 to January 2023. 

What’s remarkable is that it’s all organic growth – the platform remains free and ad-free, without any monetization.

Which Platform is Losing Steam in 2024?

Twitter saw a big drop in usage (-17% YoY), while Twitch also fell (30% YoY), despite lower investment by social media marketers in 2021.

Clubhouse-like platforms gained popularity during the pandemic’s onset in 2020 but have since seen a slowdown in growth compared to other platforms.

In 2022, social media marketers were big on Clubhouse. But by 2023, it dropped to fifth place in their investment priorities.

Who will Replace TikTok in 2024?

These days, TikTok is super popular, but it faces criticism too, with lawmakers in many countries wanting to ban it due to security worries. So, is there something else on the horizon to take its place?

In short, there’s no better option than ByteDance’s main app, TikTok. It’s loved by everyone, including brands and regular users, and it’s the best platform for creators to make money. Pretty impressive for what used to be a spot for watching funny videos, right?

Who will Replace Twitter in 2024?

Recently, X, or maybe Twitter if you prefer, has been shaky. Since Elon Musk took over, investors and advertisers have been uncertain about the platform. People, including brands and regular users, are seeking alternatives. But, are there any good ones?

No other platform has replaced Twitter completely. An app like Damus could be similar, but they’re smaller and exclusive.

How to Create a New Social Media Platform?

How to start a new social media platform? Follow the steps:

  1. Look into why making a social app is a good idea financially.
  2. Decide what kind of social app you want to create.
  3. Figure out who your app is for.
  4. Choose how you’ll make money from your app.
  5. Come up with what makes your app special and plan how to attract users.
  6. Decide what features your app will have.
  7. Find the right way to develop your app.
  8. Pick the technology you’ll use to build your app.
  9. Get started on making your app.
  10. Start telling people about your app.
  11. See how your app is doing and learn from it.
  12. Plan what comes next for your app.

How Valuable Are New Social Media Platforms in 2024?

In 2024, lots of new social media platforms focus on content creators making big money, with Instagram and YouTube still bringing in hefty returns for advertisers.

Looking forward, stay sharp in 2024. Keep up with new social media technology and AI trends to avoid falling behind.

However, we have covered the 9 best new social media platforms in 2024 and beyond for you.


What’s next after Instagram?

People keep predicting Instagram’s demise, but we still see it thriving. New features like Meta Verified and Threads are keeping both regular users and businesses engaged.

What is the biggest social media platform in 2024?

Meta’s Facebook is the biggest and oldest social media platform, with over 3.049 billion monthly users.

What is Gen X’s favorite social media?

Generation X favors Facebook the most among social media platforms, with 74% using it. Overall, 64.7% of them are active on social media. Instagram is used by 23% of them, while YouTube is regularly used by 36%.

What is the newest social media platform?

Clubhouse, Lemon8, Mastodon, Caffeine, Yubo, BeReal, Anchor, Damus, and Patreon are the newest social media platforms.

What is the hottest social media right now?

In 2023, Facebook remained the hottest social media platform in the USA with 2.9 billion monthly users.

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