GooGPT – ChatGPT and Google Search Combined


Use GooGPT for the ultimate search experience! The AI combines Google Search with ChatGPT to deliver real-time results. The best tool for those who seek faster, more accurate information, GooGPT.AI comes with exact locations and high speeds.

The ChatGPT AI chatbot will help you to improve the search experience and allow you to discover what you require faster and easier.

This tool is perfect for researchers, students, and anyone else needing reliable data.

What is GooGPT?

what is googpt

GooGPT allows users to integrate chatGPT with the Search engine for free. It was founded on March 13, 2023. GooGPT supports every major language. By using this, you will be able to find information much faster than by using Google’s traditional search engine.

How Does GooGPT Work?

GooGPT combines Google’s search technology with ChatGPT to offer enhanced answers and insights. 

When you search, you get standard Google results plus a response from ChatGPT. This integration provides more comprehensive and personalized answers. 

GooGPT uses advanced AI and search technologies to ensure high-quality results, overcoming obstacles like captchas and firewalls. It is free to use, with no hidden charges or need to sign up.

Best GooGPT Features

  • Use ChatGPT and Google Search simultaneously.
  • The GooGPT search engine is not confusing; it combines GG search with ChatGPT results.
  • Free with high speed
  • It has a free premium version of ChatGPT, which offers high speed.
  • Boost performance
  • No Captcha
  • You get search results in real-time, a firewall solution for maximum security, captcha-breaking and accurate location search results.

Download and Copy Feature

Let’s discuss this briefly.

If you want to collect huge amounts of information, the download & copy feature will come in handy for you. People can easily get data in a useful way, so they can look at it better and understand what it’s telling them. The feature makes sure that users receive the correct information they require when they need it.

The ability to copy & download helps users have more control over the information they’re collecting. They can save and arrange the data the way they like. This feature encourages user originality and makes searching more personal.

How to Use GooGPT?

You can take the steps to use GooGPT:

  1. Visit the website GooGPT.AI
  2. Enter a keyword or a question to search
  3. Look at the answers and talk with chatGPT for free.
  4. Save your search results.

Why Use GooGPT?

GooGPT AI provides users with suitable information based on questions or keywords. Users worldwide can use this AI in their native language regardless of where they live.

Currently, the tool is available in beta 1.0, and it is regularly up-to-date to ensure users get accurate information.

It uses algorithms to understand and work with human language. This helps people use the search engine more easily and find what they’re looking for faster.

Moreover, people can use it for free, which is great for professionals, researchers, and students who need trustworthy information fast.

Overall, this tool is for people who want detailed and correct search results about many different subjects and languages.

GooGPT Extensions

Let’s discuss a step-by-step guide to install both CRX and ZIP files.

turn on developer mode

Installing a CRX file with GooGPT search and GPT. Step-by-step guide:

  1. Download the CRX file.
  2. IMPORTANT: Sometimes, your web browser might prevent you from downloading or installing CRX files from sources other than the Chrome Web Store. In such cases, you might have to get the ZIP file.
  3. To access browser extensions, type chrome://extensions in the address bar.
  4. Turn on Developer mode.
  5. To add GooGPT Search and GPT CRX to your Extensions page, drag and drop it.
  6. Select the Add extension option to install.

Step-by-step guide:

  1. You can download the ZIP file. After that, extract it into any directory you choose.
  2. In the Chrome browser, head to chrome://extensions.
  3. Turn on Developer mode.
  4. Tap the Load Unpacked option.
  5. Please choose the directory where you have unpacked the ZIP file.
  6. Your browser now has the extension installed.

GooGPT New Name

The new name is GPTGO. It was previously known as GooGPT.

GooGPT Pricing

Google’s search is combined with Free ChatGPT’s AI to produce GPTGO, a free-of-cost tool. As well as it provides users with advanced features, downloading and copying tools. Search speeds are quick and reliable, and information can be searched effectively. 

Its seamless UI provides clever answers and diverse views of the facts you search for, and it is available as a mobile app.

GooGPT Mobile App

GPTGO (GooGPT) provides iOS apps called Go AI. Chat AI for Android. GPTGO provides iOS apps called Go AI. Chat AI for Android. In addition, users who don’t want to download the app can set GPTGO as a bookmark for easier access.

GooGPT Integrations

It provides many tools for developers. These tools help businesses create smart workflows and apps, and they can also make specific solutions to match what the business wants. Here are the integrations that GPTGO provides:

Developers can use APIs to show data and make integrations between different services. At the same time, UI toolkits help in making user-friendly interfaces.

The Google Workspace Marketplace offers many pre-made apps for businesses. These apps can help make work easier and automate different tasks, like managing shifts or keeping track of customer information.

AppSheet is a tool that lets you make workflows and apps without needing to know how to code. It helps businesses create their own solutions without requiring coding skills. Businesses can become more efficient and productive with AppSheet.

GPTGO Apps Script helps developers easily make automations and low-code apps. This tool lets businesses automate more tasks and create their own solutions easily and quickly.

This AI helps businesses by connecting with Google Sheets to show live analysis and better ways to display data. By working together with tools like Data Studio, Looker, and Big Query, companies can make quicker decisions and work more efficiently.

It helps you easily add labels and show detailed previews from preferred apps. This is great for companies that want to exchange information between teams and rapidly understand various projects.

This AI helps companies easily share apps within their organization. They can use features like installing apps for the whole company and making lists of approved apps so their teams can use the tools they need.

GPTGO gives admins the power to decide who can use certain apps and how those apps are shared within the company. These controls make it easier for businesses to handle their apps and maintain a high level of efficiency when using them.

Successful App Integrations

GPTGO made businesses better at getting things done by making solutions that fit exactly what they needed. Let’s check out some examples of how businesses succeeded:

  • Adobe
  • SADA
  • Asana
  • DocuSign

Benefits of Using GooGPT

Here are the key benefits of using GooGPT:

  1. Enhanced Search Performance: Combines Google and ChatGPT for accurate and fast results.
  2. Integrated ChatGPT Query Feature: Provides direct answers alongside search results for a complete response.
  3. No Account Needed: Accessible to everyone without needing a ChatGPT account.
  4. Universal Accessibility: Works on any device with a web browser.
  5. Accuracy Assured: Uses real-time APIs from Google and ChatGPT for reliable results.
  6. Comprehensive Search Results: Offers detailed results by integrating Google search and ChatGPT.
  7. Privacy-Centric: Ensures user actions are anonymous and protected.
  8. Universal Compatibility: Compatible with all web browsers and devices.

Pros and Cons of GooGPT

Answering complex questionsPrivacy concerns
Code generation support
Translate text in multiple languages

GPTGO Alternatives

6 best alternatives to GPTGO.

1. AI Chat

ai chat

This chatbot uses GPT to automatically answer specific questions from customers. It works quickly and accurately whether people are using a PC, mobile, or the SDK. AI Chat makes conversations better and can make customers happier.


AI LILI stands out as a unique AI tool created to bring your NFTs to life. Their platform employs a special AI model to craft custom responses using advanced AI. This lets you engage with your favorite NFTs in ways that were previously impossible.

3. Abstract


Abstract has created a tool called GPT Service that uses AI. This tool makes talking on Twitter easier. It uses smart technology to help you answer many questions at once in a natural way. 

Instead of spending a lot of time replying to messages on social media one by one, this tool does it automatically. This saves a lot of time and effort when managing social media IDs.

4. AI Picasso

ai picasso

AI Picasso makes stunning artwork without any difficulty. It uses Stable Diffusion to turn text into images. This means anyone, even if they’re not an artist, can make incredible art instantly. 

A great feature is that it can also finish parts of pictures based on what the user wants.



AiBert is a creative language model that uses techniques from OpenAI to help businesses make better content and work more automatically. 

AiBert is made to save a company’s resources and time by quickly making it similar to the language of humans that fits clear writing styles.

6. AICogni


Using ChatGPT’s power, AiCogni can offer easy-to-understand answers to hard questions and generate expert-level content. Professionals and students find this tool highly valuable. AiCogni isn’t just for language and writing. 

It can also help with programming, syntax, and getting data. The AI helper listens to your voice and is easy for anyone to use, even if you’re not good with technology.


ChatGPT combined with Google search is called GooGPT! Rather than Google searches, ChatGPT returned results with our answers, which made them more accurate and clearer. Using this AI, users can find more answers by combining the search results from Google with the free ChatGPT search engine. It was created to provide better and more accurate results on many different subjects and languages.


What makes GPTGO different?

GPTGO is different from others because it uses ChatGPT to give better answers. It uses OpenAI’s smart language model to make responses that seem more like what a person would say, so it gives really detailed information.

Does GPTGO provide real-time results?

Absolutely Yes. GPTGO is made to give you search results super quickly. It uses advanced technology, so you get the latest information from the internet.

Does GPTGO have advanced search features?

Yes! GPTGO provides features that make searching better. These features let you do advanced filtering, organize them by importance and date, find images and videos, and more. The goal is to give you a really good and flexible search experience.

Is GooGPT free?

GooGPT comes at no cost; you have the freedom to use Google search alongside an unlimited premium account of chatGPT without paying anything.