6 Best AI Character Generators in 2024 (Tested and Compared)

best ai character generator

Best AI character generators quickly turn text into different types of characters using advanced technology.

These generators are great for making marketing materials, doing design work, and more.

We’ve picked and tried the 6 best AI character generators for you to test in 2024.

Here, we’ll check out how these generators work and show our favorites.

What Is AI Character Generator?

The AI Character Generator helps you unleash your creativity and give your characters fresh energy. The best AI character generator free and premium tools help you create amazing characters for better stories and games.

The Best AI Character Generators in 2024 [Free and Paid]

Here’s a list of our best AI character generators:

PlatformKey FeaturesPricing
Microsoft CopilotCreates great characters using DALL-E 3.

Simple chat and character editing.
Free AI character generator.

If you use Microsoft 360 and want free high-quality characters from DALL-E 3, pick this AI character generator.
Free for Microsoft 360 members.
The Pro plan is $20 a month.
Adobe FireflyProvides tools for making and changing characters.

Good characters, but not always accurate prompts.

Adobe Firefly AI generated characters are safer for commercial use regarding copyright.

Pick this AI character generator if you’re a creative pro who wants to effortlessly merge design and art.
25 credits per month.
Upgrade for more starting at $4.99/month.
MidjourneyFantastic AI characters quality.

Perfect for imaginative, challenging ideas.

A bit trickier to use than other best AI character generators.

Pick this AI character generator if you’re skilled in prompt crafting and want to make intricate and artistic characters.
Get a ChatGPT Subscription with the Plus plan starting at $20 per month.
Dream Studio (Stable Diffusion)Exceptional character quality.

Able to make realistic characters and produce art.

Easy-to-use interface for character customization.

Pick this AI character generator if you want a user-friendly tool with lots of customization options.
Costs around $1.18 (100 credits).
DALL-E 3Simple character editing.
ChatGPT integration.

Enhances your prompts automatically.

You must have a premium account of ChatGPT to use this AI character generator and want an easy way to make top-notch social site content, posters, or marketing materials.
ChatGPT plus: $20/month.
CraiyonFree access anytime.

Good for basic character requests.

The character quality is simple.

Pick this AI character generator if you want a free and fun tool to make AI generated characters quickly and easily.
Watch for free including ads or pay $5 a month for an ad-free experience.

1. AI Character Generator in Microsoft Copilot


Pros👍Great characters from DALL-E 3.

360 users get it free.

Enables character editing with Microsoft Designer.
Cons👎Only for pro design.

Isn’t great at making ultra-realistic characters.
Best for🔥A basic AI tool for making good characters and doing quick edits.
Price💰Free for Microsoft 360 members.

The Pro plan is $20 a month.

Microsoft’s AI character generator is in Copilot.

It’s easy and clear, giving great characters with DALL-E 3’s help.

Just like ChatGPT, type in the chat and ask for edits.

The tool gives ideas for modifications, making it easier for beginners.

microsoft copilot - best ai character generator

With Copilot, you can tweak AI-generated tools easily. Just click on what you like to modify, and you’ll be taken to Microsoft Designer.

Here, you put in text, erase the background, and include cool effects.

customize in microsoft designer - best ai character generator


The free version is for all Microsoft users. The paid or pro plan gives GPT-4 Turbo access and 100 boosts daily with Microsoft Designer for $20 per month.

2.  Adobe Firefly: AI Character Generator for Creatives


Pros👍Easy to use for everyone.

Adobe Creative Suite integration
Cons👎Advanced stuff can be tricky to learn.

The tool may not offer many options for advanced character changes.
Best for🔥Digital creators know Adobe apps.

Artists and designers making top-notch visuals.

Businesses and Marketers making their own content.
Price💰Monthly subscriptions with a free option that gives you 25 credits. Other plans begin at $4.99 per month.

Adobe has been using AI tools in its apps for a while.

In 2023, Adobe launched its first AI character generator called Adobe Firefly.

The Firefly AI model has cool features.

It not only makes characters but also adds cool text effects, changes colors in drawings, and blends other AI-made stuff into your characters.

adobe firefly - best ai character generator

Characters made by this best AI image generator can vary in quality.

But when used with Photoshop, the top character editor, it gets even better.

You can customize the character’s look using the easy interface.

customize character with adobe firefly character generator

In short, we made many great characters with Adobe Firefly.

On certain occasions, we needed to rephrase the AI prompt and provide additional information to achieve the intended outcomes.

Let’s see some examples.

The result:

ai generated character with adobe firefly

The result:

ai generated character with adobe firefly using prompt

Our overall assessment of this tool is that it has good potential.


The web option has a free plan with 25 credits per month. Paid plans begin at $4.99 per month and offer 100 credits plus watermark-free images.

3. Midjourney: Advanced Character Generation


Pros👍Detailed and artistic creations.

Lets you customize AI generated characters deeply.
Cons👎Can be hard to learn and set up.

Might cost a lot if you use it often, and there’s no free option.
Best for🔥Artists and illustrators looking for ideas or starting points.

Marketers who want top-notch visuals for their ads.

Creatives who need innovative storytelling and design visuals.
Price💰Get a ChatGPT Subscription with the Plus plan starting at $20 per month.

Midjourney is the best AI character generator, helpful for skilled users making AI prompts.

It was the first AI character generator to win an AI art contest, sparking controversy.

The platform provides various model options, image improvement features, and ways to adjust parameters.

Midjourney works only on Discord chat.

Users are required to understand multiple cues, as all character configurations must be entered into the cue itself.

For example, you have to describe the size and look of the picture in the best Midjourney prompts.

mention dimension in midjourney prompt
source: Nerds chalk

Alternatively, you can join a great community to learn and get inspired.

We’ve tested Midjourney for months, trying different character formats. Here are our major observations.

How about: A brave French girl from medieval times with brown hair, in a night scene with torchlight, like in a DreamWorks movie?

The result:

medieval girl midjourney prompt - best ai character generator

How about this: A cool fantasy comic character, charming and sneaky, getting ready to steal from a noble.

The result:

handsome rogue midjourney prompt

Midjourney is great for complex requests and detailed instructions which stand out as the best AI character generator.

We compared DreamStudio and Midjourney, two best AI character generators, side-by-side comparison.

The result? Midjourney is a bit harder to operate than DreamStudio.

But it provides great chances to make special characters.

Midjourney prompt: Studio Ghibli’s close-up of a boy fishing in a river, catching a fish and happy.

Dreamstudio prompt: Studio Ghibli’s close-up of a boy fishing in a river, catching a fish and happy.

Midjourney result:

midjourney ai character prompt

Dreamstudio result:

dreamstudio ai character prompt

Midjourney’s character looks more accurate and detailed than its rival’s.

DreamStudio’s character looks more similar to a drawing.

You’ll do great with either tool!

The top way to use any of these generators is by trying different prompts and experimenting.

Midjourney is renowned for its exceptional character referencing capabilities.

You can add characters to the prompts to make AI generated characters better.

You can employ the InsightFace feature to make AI-created characters of real folks.

These will shape how the task looks and feels.


The basic Plan of Midjourney is $10/month, enough for about 200 characters.

To get more characters, switch to the Standard Plan for $30, the Pro Plan for $60, or the Mega Plan for $120.

4. DreamStudio (Stable Diffusion): Outstanding character Quality


Pros👍User-friendly, no AI experience needed.

Quick and responsive, customizable.
Cons👎Not great for complex character needs.

Costs can go up with usage.
Best for🔥Educators


Content creators
Price💰Costs around $1.18 (100 credits).

DreamStudio by Stability AI operates the most recent Stable Diffusion model for creating characters.

This best AI character generator keeps improving since it’s open-source.

It can create all kinds of characters, from drawings to lifelike art.

Here’s how DreamStudio AI looks:

dreamstudio - best ai character generator

DreamStudio is user-friendly with lots of ways to customize it. You can pick:

  • Character styles
  • Set dimensions
  • Add negative prompts
  • Choose how many characters you want
  • Select the generation model
  • And add a seed for similar characters

Then, we tried DreamStudio for our review. 

We used some prompts to make AI characters and noted the outcomes.

DreamStudio makes really good AI characters. Some of them are really impressive!

Here are some examples.

Result 1:

ella character generated in dreamstudio - best ai character generator

Result 2:

liam character generated in dreamstudio - best ai character generator

Result 3:

maeve ai generated character in dreamstudio

This tool gives great characters without needing to know much about AI.

It could restrict marketing or design pros seeking advanced features.


Free to use.

DreamStudio charges users based on how much they use it. Users pay around $1.18 (100 credits).

5. DALL-E 3 – Generate AI Characters with ChatGPT Plus


Pros👍Free for ChatGPT Plus members.

Quick to use.

Easy to make changes.
Cons👎Less power over character creation.

May not meet advanced design needs.
Best for🔥Educators


Content creators
Price💰ChatGPT plus: $20/month.

DALL-E, created by OpenAI (the folks behind ChatGPT), pioneered AI character generation in 2022.

In short, as DreamStudio and Midjourney emerged, it fell behind due to poorer character quality and limited customization options.

DALL-E 3 is now on ChatGPT Plus. If you’re not subscribed, you can try it with Microsoft Copilot.

The latest version makes it more comfortable to create detailed characters with easy instructions.

It makes your AI character prompts better automatically.

For instance, we made a character from a basic prompt: Rambo in the woods, headband, big gun, South Park style.

dall e 3 rambo character

Here’s the real ChatGPT prompt:

chatgpt prompt for dall e 3

You can quickly make changes and generate new versions of your AI character using the chatbot.

We can request armor for our Rambo character, for instance.

Here you go:

dall e 3 rambo character with customization

Look! The tool altered the character, but it’s still pretty similar.

You can also request it to make more characters like that.

For example:

Result 1

jim carrey character in dall e - best ai character generator

Result 2

young woman character in dall e - best ai character generator

You can also ask it to make more pictures like that.

This can help OpenAI users create characters faster and easier.

DALL-E 3 consistently provides top-notch, personalized characters.

Get ready to make adjustments and add more DALL-E prompts, as it might hallucinate sometimes.


ChatGPT plus: $20/month.

6. Craiyon: Create AI Characters for Free


Pros👍No experience is required.

Quick character generation for fun
Cons👎Characters lack detail.

Not suitable for professional-quality content.
Best for🔥Beginners
Price💰Watch for free including ads or pay $5 a month for an ad-free experience.

Craiyon was among the earliest AI character generators in 2022.

It makes characters from text using DALL-E Mini tech.

Here’s what the tool looks like:

craiyon - best ai character generator

 It’s a totally free AI character generator and works on desktops and Android!

Good prompts are key for great AI art. Using Craiyon helps you get better at making those prompts.

For instance:

We tested Craiyon with some prompts we’ve used before.

Look at this example:

The result:

craiyon ai generated character

The character is okay. You can operate the generator for basic tasks and learning.


The site gives free AI character creation but has ads. You may need to disable the ad-blocker to use it.

2 Other AI Character Generating Tools

We’ve talked about the 6 best AI character generators available.

But some lesser-known generators you might want to try.

These 2 tools can make digital posters, social media characters, and banners.


Canva is great for making eye-catching images for ads, social media, marketing, and beyond!

canva - ai character generator

The AI on the platform helps with layout, font combos, and character customizations.

This is perfect for people who aren’t design experts.


Canva has a free option, plus Canva Pro for $14.99 per month and Canva for Teams for $29.99 per month.


Snappa is a flexible AI character tool.

snappa - ai character generator

It makes eye-catching visuals for social media easy.

The tool is easy to use and has lots of templates.

It simplifies creating eye-catching images for Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.

Its AI ensures the social site graphics fit each platform’s needs perfectly.


Snappa is completely free for one person, but there are limits. You can upgrade to Pro for $10 per month or Team for $20 per month.

Mockey AI Image Generator

mockey ai image generator

Discover top AI image generator apps all in one spot, revolutionizing the internet with stunning image creations. Access 


Join the waitlist to get more benefits than others.

How to Make AI Generated Characters?

To make AI generated characters:

  1. Begin a new design project or open an old one. 
  2. You can also use apps like Stable Diffusion or DALLᐧE for AI-generated characters.
  3. Describe your character.
  4. Pick a style for your character, like Photography or Digital Art.

How Did We Pick These Best AI Character Generators?

Many AI character generators are available.

So, how did we pick the best ones for this guide?

We researched and picked the best AI character generators for 2024.

We checked their websites, user reviews, and forum discussions.

We tested every AI character maker for how easy it is to use, the quality of its results, the expenses involved, and how fast it works.

We listed every generator’s good and bad points, so you can choose the best AI character generator for your projects.

How Do AI Character Generators Work?

Character generators use patterns learned from many characters to create new ones.

Just type in the text describing what exactly you want. Make sure to include all the important details to be specific.

AI character generators use big datasets to train their brain.

These sets have lots of pictures and words together. When the model studies them, it learns how words match with pictures.

For example, it could figure out that when we say “blue,” it usually means certain numbers that stand for colors.

This process creates a big library of information inside the AI, which it then uses to make characters.

When you give a prompt, it doesn’t turn words into characters right away.

 It changes your words into numbers and begins with random numbers.

Then, it tweaks those numbers over and over using your best prompt and what it knows about characters.

How to Select the Best AI Character Generator?

Pick the best AI character generator by knowing what you need.

Do you require a basic tool for yourself? Or are you making ads? Maybe you need a pro tool?

Knowing what you want makes it easier to pick the right tool within your budget that gives you the quality you want.

Consider these points:

  • Is it user-friendly?
  • What’s the price?
  • What art does it make?
  • Are there limits?
  • Can you customize it?
  • Does it create good characters?
  • Does it have an editor?

Midjourney is great for design crews, while DALL-E 3 is perfect for making blog images.

Who Owns the Rights to AI-generated Characters?

Owning AI generated characters can be tricky. Usually, whoever uses the AI owns the characters. Check the generator’s rules carefully. Choose one where users keep complete ownership rights to dodge legal problems.


AI character tools make it easier to create amazing visuals and graphics, and they’ve opened up design to more people.

Using these tools, people of various ability levels can discover new aspects of their imagination. 

Every AI character tool has its own strengths. With plenty of choices, you’ll discover one that fits your needs.

If you need to make characters or social site graphics fast, there’s something for everyone.


What is the best character AI generator?

Microsoft Copilot, Adobe Firefly, Midjourney, Dream Studio, DALL-E 3, and Craiyon are the best character AI generators.

What is the best AI avatar video generator?

Synthesia is the best AI avatar video generator.

What is the best free AI writing generator?

ChatGPT is the best free AI writing generator.

Is there any free AI art generator?

Adobe Firefly, Dream Studio, and Craiyon are the best free AI art generators.